ModafinilStar Review: Stay Far Away from This Vendor

Among the online Modafinil vendors, we have to admit that this one is the worst.

There are several factors that lead us to this conclusion, including shady business practices, confusing payment schemes, and a large number of bad reviews.

The company has since tried to dilute these bad reviews with bribed reviews. ModafinilStar advertises free Modafinil to those willing to upload user reviews online.

Overall we give this vendor a 1 out of 5 rating.

For those of you who want to jump straight to the point and are seeking a good alternative supplier, check out

So far, we’ve been unable to find a genuine bad review on the company, and are a huge fan of their business structure, payment options, discount options, and product selection.

We believe is going to be the next big Modafinil vendor online, especially with the number of issues coming from other leaders in the industry like ModafinilStar and ModPharma.


Who Is ModafinilStar?

ModafinilStar is an online Modafinil vendor. They sell the standard 4 Modafinil and Armodafinil generics (Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, and Waklert), as well as Piracetam (100mg and 800mg), and Modafinil MD.


Although we are unsure who owns ModafinilStar, we noticed something interesting during the review process:

The domain used by has been listed for sale since 2017.

This is a curious move that may be an indication that they are planning to close their doors. It’s also possible that they’ve sold their domain to scammers. This would make sense given the number of complaints that have developed around the ModafinilStar brand in recent months.


What Products Do They Sell

One plus to note is that ModafinilStar has the best product range in its class. They sell the same generics offered by most of their competition, along with the addition of Piracetam, and Modafinil MD.

Products Include:

    • Modalert 200
    • Waklert 150
    • Modafil MD 200
    • Piracetam 1200, 800
    • Modvigil 200, 100
    • Artvigil 150


Do They Offer Discounts?

ModafinilStar offers 3 types of discounts in their online store.

The first discount is a 20% discount on any orders made with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

A further discount is given to returning customers who enter their last order ID while they complete their payment.

The last discount is for anybody who orders Modafinil from them and leaves a 5-star review (with screenshot proof). This has created a ton of fake reviews online as people are taking advantage of the offer for free Modafinil.

This may seem like a good marketing concept, but it generates distrust in the company as people begin to realise that the reviews aren’t genuine.

They used to do a good job covering up all of the negative reviews left about the company, but as the volume of complaints pile up, the shady business practices are coming to the forefront among the international Modafinil community (more on this below).

Some users have since edited their reviews when this review deal was not honoured. It seems the program is beginning to backfire.  


Why We Don’t Recommend ModafinilStar

After a thorough investigation into what ModafinilStar has to offer, what the community is saying about them, and how their business is structured, we’ve decided that ModafinilStar is best avoided.

A great alternative is


1. Too Many Popups On Their Website

Website design is an important consideration when reviewing a company that operates exclusively online.

The website is the interface the customer uses to order their products. If this isn’t easy to manage, if it’s confusing, or if it’s even remotely frustrating to navigate, the user experience isn’t going to be good overall.

When trying to surf the website, the bottom half of the page keeps filling up with order notifications informing us about other orders that are currently being made. On top of this, Pop-Ups are constantly fighting for my attention on the screen.

We have yet to meet someone who appreciates getting fed Pop-Ups constantly throughout their online shopping experience.

Not impressed ModafinilStar!


2. There’s A lot Of Negative Customer Reviews

One of the best sources of information on nootropics (including Modafinil) is

The owner, Dan, wrote an article in 2017 warning his readers to stay away from ModafinilStar. He reported that a lot of customers were emailing him to say that they received bad batches of Modafinil from this supplier.

In this post, he provides a number of examples of customers writing to him asking him to inform his readers that ModafinilStar is sending poor quality and often completely inactive Modafinil to their customers.

One such user even reached out to the company for a refund and all he got was a note saying that they were aware that their modafinil was weaker than their competitors.

This is a red flag in terms of customer service.

Knowingly ripping your customers off is a terrible business practice and anybody conducting business in this way should be avoided.



There are plenty of other bad reviews on this company as well. A quick search on Reddit brings up more complaints and warnings to other customers than we can count.

Many of them report ModafinilStar as a scam, taking their money without fulfilling their orders:


Other people report similar issues.



Even those paying with cryptocurrencies are noticing charges without any confirmation of their order being made and a complete disconnect with customer support staff.


Some people are upset that they advertise 100% refunds on products but don’t always follow through.




Other online review services are reporting many of the same issues.



3. Fake Reviews

Other people are beginning to pick up on some of the shady business going around with this company. Many of their positive reviews seem too good to be true, especially when you consider the number of people who are reporting terrible customer service practices and business practices akin to spam.


If you try emailing the company yourself, you’ll find it’s nearly impossible to get a response.



Further down, in the comment section of this post, a helpful Reddit user identifies why this is happening.



That makes a lot of sense when you consider the inconsistencies with reviews of the company. They either have 5 out of 5 stars or 1 out of 5 for delivering fake products, taking payments without delivering the product, and a number of other issues.

It seems as though they’re paying for positive reviews with free Modafinil.

Although this may be a good marketing ploy, it’s still spam, and it’s highly unethical. It doesn’t take long before people begin realising that the company lacks integrity and eventually seek alternatives for their Modafinil.

The only problem is that until this happens, countless more Modafinil users will be ripped off in the process.



A Trusted Source For Modafinil Online

We don’t expect ModafinilStar to be around much longer based on the growing outcry of customers within the nootropics community. Hints are also given by the fact that their website is listed for sale.

Even if they were to stick around for another decade, we recommend staying as far away from this vendor as possible.

Our favourite source for Modafinil online is

They offer many of the same products, discounts, and delivery guarantees, along with free shipping, and solid customer service.

Visit to learn more about why we believe this company is taking over the market in a good way.

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