Recommended Books About Modafinil and Other “Smart Drugs”

Modafinil and other smart drugs are becoming popular all over the world. These drugs are widely used in various cases. It has been favored by executives, astronauts, students, and the military among other professionals as a way to fight sleepiness and fatigue. Healthy people use it to feel more alert, enhance vigilance and perception.

Best modafinil and smart drugs books

Is modafinil, the smart drug, suitable for you?

Are you filled with curiosity about these highly potent and well-tolerated meds? Well, it’ll be useful then to discover the best books about these nootropics and related topics to acquaint with modafinil’s cognitive-enhancing effects.

Modafinil Bookshelf

We have compiled an in-depth recommended reading list of useful books and topics. Looking for the right book about modafinil from an online bookshelf? Check out the list below and choose the best source for yourself.

  1. Modafinil: The Real Limitless NZT-48 Drug for Concentration, Confidence and Laser Sharp Focus. Carter Coombes, 2014, 54 p.
  2. Efficacy of Modafinil and Caffeine to Counteract Temazepam-Induced Sleepiness During Military Missions. W.A.A. Klöpping, 2015, 54 p.
  3. Modafinil: Sharp Your Focus, Improve Concentration and Unlock Hidden Potential of Your Brain. Robert Weisman, 2015, 35 p.
  4. PROVIGIL: (Modafinil) A User’s Guide Based on My Experience with the Ultimate Energy Pill. Ryan Seager, 2013, 19 p.
  5. Doctors Guide on Modafinil. Dr.Rahul Sharma, 2018, 12 p.
  6. Modafinil, The Enhancer Adding 30% to Your Life, Wake Up the Genius Inside You. Dr. Spencer William Brown, 2014, 53 p.
  7. Modafinil Report. ModafMan, Duane D. (Editor), 2014, 17 p.
  8. Modafinil: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide. ModafMan, G. J. Blokdijk, 2018, 148 p.
  9. PROVIGIL (Modafinil): Treats Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea, and Shift Work Sleep Disorder. James Lee Anderson, 2015, 50 p.
  10. Modafinil. Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn, 2012, 76 p.
  11. Tao of Modafinil – Build the Best Version of Yourself – Smart Drugs – Nootropics. David Branson, 2016
  12. Modafinil: Unlock the Potential of Your Brain. Logan Lewis, 2019, 59 p.
  13. Modafinil as an Aid to Reduce Tobacco Use and Abuse. Joseph Parampathu, 2016, 20 p.

Nootropics (“Smart Drugs”) Bookshelf

Nootropics can do a lot for us by enhancing our brainpower. Are you interested in acquainting yourself with how these “smart drugs” reward your cognitive function and its other beneficial effects? Well, here is a comprehensive recommended reading list of scrutinized best books.

  1. The Everything Guide to Nootropics: Boost Your Brain Function with Smart Drugs and Memory Supplements. Evan Brand, 2015, 288 p.
  2. The Genius Within: Smart Pills, Brain Hacks and Adventures in Intelligence. David Adam, 2018, 336 p.
  3. Nootropics: Everything You Need to Know About Brain Enhancing Supplements. Justin Dallas, 2015, 44 p.
  4. Smart Drug Dictionary: Index of Nootropic and Cognitive Enhancing Substances. Donovan Roebuck, 2013, 339 p.
  5. Head First: The Complete Guide to Healing and Optimizing Your Brain with Nootropic Supplements. David Tomen, 2017, 600 p.
  6. Smart Drugs II: The Next Generation. Ward Dean, John Morgenthaler, Steven Wm. Fowkes, 1993, 287 p.
  7. Nootropics: Unlocking Your True Potential with Smart Drugs. Nootropics Zone, 2017, 117 p.
  8. Smart Drugs and Nutrients: How to Improve Your Memory and Increase Your Intelligence Using the Latest Discoveries in Neuroscience. Ward Dean, 1992, 224 p.
  9. Nootropics for Newbies. Rob Carmichael, 2016, 99 p.
  10. Nootropics: Everything You Need to Learn About Nootropics. Frank Letterman, 2016, 26 p.
  11. Nootropics: Modafinil, Methylphenidate, Nootropic, Adderall, Vasopressin, Atomoxetine, Sulbutiamine, Selegiline, 5-Hydroxytryptophan. Books LLC, 2011, 60 p.
  12. Nootropics: Discover 10 Natural Organic Nootropic Herbs to Enhance Brain Performance and Function. David Stiltz, 2015, 17 p.
  13. Smart Plants: Power Foods Natural Nootropics for Optimized Thinking, Focus Memory. Julie Morris, 2019, 320 p.
  14. Nootropics: A Beginners Guide Who Want to Hack Their Brain. Erik Smith, 2015, 25 p.
  15. Nootropics: The Anxiety Edition: A Guide to the Cognitive Enhancers, Supplements, and Brain Drugs that Calm a Worried Mind. Leo Doran, 2016, 32 p.
  16. Nootropics: Hack Your Brain with Smart Drugs and Supplements. Ryota Cahal, 2015, 33 p.
  17. Nootropics and Smart Drugs: Build a Stronger Faster Brain Using Natural Supplements. C.A. Thompson, 2016, 32 p.
  18. The Nootropic Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About Nootropic. Adrian Hudson, 2016, 78 p.
  19. Nootropics: Boost Your Brainpower, Increase Your Memory, IQ, Happiness Level, Cure Anxiety and More. William James, 2015, 30 p.
  20. The Ultimate Nootropics Guide: Master Smart Drugs and Biohacking for Optimal Performance. Harry Singer, 2015, 17 p.
  21. Brain Supplements: Everything You Need to Know About Nootropics to Improve Memory, Cognition and Mental Performance. Brian Hadora, 2014, 66 p.
  22. Best Nootropics to Look Younger. Justin Dallas, Cognitropics Dot Com, 2018, 13 p.
  23. Memory Boosters: How to Improve Memory with Nootropics, Supplements and Natural Foods. Wilhelm J. Madgikal, Cognitropics Dot Com, 2014, 33 p.
  24. Genius in a Bottle: Unlock the Limitless Power of Your Brain with Nootropic Supplements and Drugs. Benjamin Kramer, 2014, 82 p.
  25. Smart Drugs: The Truth About Nootropics. Colin Willis, 2015, 87 p.
  26. Nootropics: Smart Drugs, Boost Your Brainpower, Increase Your Memory, IQ, Happiness, Cure Anxiety and Much More. Lyla Woods, 2017, 19 p.
  27. Nootropics: The Best Supplement to Stop Aging, Improve Cognitive Function and Memory. Lyla Woods, 2017, 23 p.
  28. Nootropics and Smart Drugs: Level Up Your Mental Capacity! Rick Fordell, 2017, 30 p.
  29. The 10 Most Effective Smart Drugs and Nootropics: Supplements for Concentration, Memory and Alertness. George Bell, 2016, 16 p.
  30. Nootropics: The Memory Enhancer Edition. Leo Doran, 2016, 41 p.

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