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Where to Buy Modafinil in Bulgaria in 2024

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What is modafinil? Is it safe? Before making an informed decision on buying certain potent drugs, people need to know that some countries have different drug importation regulations that may restrict the use of some medications.

Where to Buy Modafinil in Bulgaria

Like what Bulgarians need to know about modafinil dosage, benefits, safety, and where it can be sourced online – the best nootropic vendor for modafinil and other related drugs.

This is what we cover in this guide – depicting the use of modafinil, the interest of Bulgarian residents in this drug and most importantly, where and how to buy a nootropic in this country. Given are the pointers serving as the ultimate guide – what you need to do until you get modafinil on your hands while living in Bulgaria.

What Is Modafinil Drug?

Certain research says it’s a cognitive-enhancement drug, while others praise it as the ultimate productivity drug that helps keep going on complex tasks that in the end, ultimately boosts their productivity.

Like what most people say about Modafinil – “brain booster drug” or a memory-enhancing drug, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize these benefits. However, it only approves it as wakefulness-promoting medicine – as the ultimate potent remedy for excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and shift work disorder (SWD).

In the same manner, many physicians are prescribing modafinil for patients who do not suffer from one of these conditions, but exhibit similar symptoms. It’s being prescribed to patients for off-label or lifestyle uses, including chronic fatigue syndrome, major depressive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), Alzheimer’s disease, depression, multiple sclerosis-induced fatigue, cognitive impairment in schizophrenia, methamphetamine abuse, age-related memory decline, apathy in the elderly, jet-lag, fatigue and other related conditions due to its ability to improve concentration, focus & restore wakefulness among other modafinil benefits.

Modafinil White Drugs

And that’s not all! Research depicts that this medicine has other impressive benefits outside sleep-related conditions. Dubbed as the world’s first safe “smart drug”, it’s a safe drug used off-label as a cognitive-enhancer & productivity booster [1].

Modafinil’s effective mechanism of action binds to certain neurotransmitters that play a major role in decreasing the adequate production of dopamine – a chemical neurotransmitter that the brain nerves use to effectively communicate with each other. Alongside dopamine boosting effects, modafinil also increases the activity of other essential neurotransmitters such as orexin, histamine, & norepinephrine.

By boosting dopamine concentrations in some brain regions, it rewards with effects such as increased blood flow, promoted wakefulness, vigilance, & alertness, and improved energy, memory, focus, & brain executive functioning among other beneficial effects.

With modafinil’s high safety profile – being an excellent “smart drug”, it’s not a secret anymore that top CEOs, college students, programmers, corporate executives, military, astronauts and many more people from all walks of life use it to boost their productivity and get complex work done. Modafinil is a powerhouse when it comes to enhancing mental focus, concentration & thinking.

Now, what’s your interest in this drug? While living in Bulgaria, is it possible to get this drug as a wakefulness-promoting agent or just to use it as a productivity and cognitive enhancer? Before breaking the ultimate news on this, let’s get to know about this drug safety – since it’s very effective, can it make you smarter?

Even in non-sleep deprived healthy individuals interested in taking modafinil, it effectively improved planning and accuracy on certain cognitive tasks. This is the same as how amphetamine and methylphenidate also enhanced the performance of healthy individuals in certain cognitive tasks [2], [3].

How Safe Are These “Smart Pills”?

Outside of prescribed use, modafinil medication is known to be safe and works well especially in healthy people. It’s not just used as a wakefulness-promoting agent. Using this drug healthy individuals achieve more in cognition, thinking, and even during a sports competition. It helps endure long missions that require wakefulness, achieve more during complex tasks that require cognitive power, energy, and vigilance.

It’s an effective “smart pill” useful for long, enduring periods of work (that’s why military & astronauts use it for long missions), or while performing repetitive tasks – up to 15 hours (like what most workers experience during their assigned tasks in the factory, industries, etc). Modafinil effectively facilitates wakefulness, and reasoning when it comes to problem-solving. It enhances mental performance, energy, and promotes wakefulness and focus [4].

Several people taking it to enhance their study performance wonder if it makes them smarter. Yes, modafinil can give an individual an extra boost during complex study tasks. Being safe and tolerable, it has emerged as the ultimate beneficial drug for studying, improving productivity, and promoting study wakefulness. Individuals under modafinil state that effects can work longer on a day after taking it – they can remain active since modafinil’s effective elimination half-life is about 15 hours [5], [6].

Smart Pills

Researchers at Harvard and Oxford Universities dubbed Modafinil as the “world’s first safe smart drug”, and they suggested that its effects are “low risk” especially when taken in the short term. However, like any medicine, negative effects can occur – that come and fade away with drug continual use [7].

Possible Side Effects and Overdose

Although it’s considered safe and well-tolerated, modafinil responds differently in some individuals. It’s important to consider your health condition and follow modafinil’s safety guidelines, precautions and warnings.

Like any drug, modafinil negative effects cannot be fully ruled out. Although healthy individuals don’t experience some negative effects, common minor side effects can occur, but they are only short-lived. In regards to the safety of modafinil, do not overdose and take exactly what is prescribed by a doctor. Overdose can certainly cause serious side effects and it’s necessary to only follow the prescription given by a medical specialist. Do not self-medicate – even mixing with certain drugs can be dangerous.

Note that the modafinil’s negative effects can last for a few days, hours, or minutes and fade away with continual use of medication. Its side effects are normally classified into the following groups:

  • common;
  • rare;
  • and reactions to overdose or allergy [8].

Some of the common side effects include:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • insomnia and others.

In rare cases users may experience:

  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • hallucinations.

Moreover, in some cases, depending on individual response to certain medications, taking modafinil may cause allergic reactions, such as severe rashes. As a safety procedure, take nootropics only after having consulted with a medical specialist to ensure that they are safe for you.

Medical Specialist

Take note that modafinil is likely to cause dizziness or blurred vision. If taking it, don’t drive or operate heavy machinery. It’s highly recommended not to stop the nootropic medication suddenly – it can contribute to withdrawal symptoms. Also, as part of a safe dosage, modafinil has not been studied enough for use in pregnant women. Consulting with a doctor before breastfeeding is also necessary.

How to Take Modafinil with Health Benefits?

Apart from using modafinil as a sleep disorder remedy, healthy individuals including students and professionals use it to achieve a competitive edge or to do better at learning and exams. A certain group of individuals takes modafinil just to make them effectively function the best they can all the time [9].

Looking at the best way on how to take modafinil? It can be used by anyone, who wishes to stay awake, work late, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods and beat depression and stress among others [5]. With all these benefits, the major question can be – what if it doesn’t work? No drug is limitless. Note that modafinil can be either highly beneficial to you or, if taken without recommendation, it can cause some unwelcome side effects based on your health, lifestyle, dosage, or drug interactions.

Although it’s safe, with continual long-term use, some individuals have experienced mixed results due to modafinil overdose, abuse, and dependence. Scientists suggested that modafinil dependence at higher doses (400-1000 mg/day) can lead to modafinil induced hypersexuality and other effects [10].

The recommended daily dosage is 200 mg. Some people consider taking up to 400 mg. However, an overdose can lead to drug tolerance, contribute to other unfathomed major health conditions including side effects and most importantly, relying on higher doses will make modafinil effects less effective in smaller doses.

As an off-label use, some individuals can find a 200 mg or higher 400 mg maximum daily dose too stimulating and choose to cut the pills in half – 100 mg or 50 mg. individuals taking modafinil for the first time may opt to take lower doses and increase it depending on the drug efficacy and tolerability.

The fact is: modafinil is generally well-tolerated at high doses of 400 mg maximum or lower. Several in-depth studies have concluded that there is no risk of developing a tolerance for modafinil for everyday long-term use [11]. However, as a recommendation, it’s better to stop modafinil use if the symptoms you were using it for are resolved [12].

Furthermore, modafinil is not for everyone. It works best on individuals who are healthy without any health complications. As a precaution, always follow the instructions given in the leaflet with additional advice from a doctor and do not mix drugs. Also, be aware of some health conditions including:

  • heart issues;
  • chest, liver & kidney pain;
  • high blood pressure;
  • mental/mood disorders (such as mania, depression, psychosis), etc.

It may cause health problems including moderate or major health conditions due to side effects. Using grapefruits/juice or mixing with alcohol can cause some unprecedented side effects [13].

Legality of Modafinil Tablets in Bulgaria

The question of drug legality in a certain country is necessary. In regards to modafinil legality in Bulgaria, yes, it’s entirely legal to be used only if you have a prescription. And above all, like any other health medication, it’s entirely legal to get modafinil in this country with a prescription. That means you can go to your kindly medical specialist and get yourself a prescription for Modafinil.

What if you don’t have a prescription? Since this medication is considered a controlled substance in most countries, it works the same way in Bulgaria.

It’s illegal to use modafinil in this country without a prescription. Even with a prescription, modafinil is tough to get since local pharmacies don’t stock it. Since Bulgaria is part of the European Union, it has drug importation and customs rules governed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) [14].

Sadly, modafinil is surely not legal as an over-the-counter supplement. You’ll have to rely on legit and trusted online suppliers (a generic vendor of Modafinil) if you want to get this “smart drug” without the prescription. However, getting modafinil without a prescription would be considered a minor offense, so don’t worry about encounters such as imprisonment or anything serious [15]. Although restriction exists, there are reputable, safe and reliable online nootropic vendors that deliver modafinil to this country as depicted below.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Modafinil in Bulgaria?

Yes, you need a prescription to get this drug legal in Bulgaria. But how to get this prescription if you intend to use this type of medication off-label?


It is not as easy as it seems though. You have to prove to your doctor that you have sleep disorder conditions to get a prescription for modafinil. The sad story about this country is that unless you do have a health condition that deserves modafinil effects, it will be pretty hard for you to convince the doctor.

Information on Customs Regulations in Bulgaria

Some countries are considered to have strict customs regulations compared to others. Luckily, if you live in Bulgaria, this country is not known as an extraordinarily tricky country when it comes to importing medication. That does not mean there aren’t risks, but the potential risks are generally minimal when it comes to getting modafinil in Bulgaria.

Although there are some troubles encountered in importing certain medications to the EU – which is a real concern to some of the EU member countries, it seems easy enough to import modafinil to Bulgaria. The worst experience that may happen – your order may get seized in customs and you’ll either lose the money and the pills or get a refund or another reshipment from the vendor you chose.

Even though this drug is not entirely legal, there is zero risk to get imprisoned when it comes to country customs and importation regulations.

How to Order Safe Modafinil Online in Bulgaria?

Your easiest and best hope to get a “smart drug” in Bulgaria is to get it from an online vendor. The best vendor is Eufinil – the first and only Modafinil vendor that is based in Europe.

Although there are reputable vendors that can ship modafinil to Bulgaria for you, Eufinil e-pharmacy should be your priority. This means you do not have much to worry about. It ships well to most the EU countries and unlike importing generic medicines outside the EU, things are smooth when you use this vendor.

With this vendor, it’s a nice bet – guaranteeing a lightning-quick delivery time. Its product delivery to Bulgaria tends to be between around 1-15 days. That’s faster than you’d order from another e-pharmacy located outside the EU.

However, being great and reliable e-pharmacy of nootropics including modafinil tablets – Modvigil, Modalert and armodafinil pills – Waklert, you only have to pay for your products using Bitcoin – making the price of modafinil lower. Interestingly, this is the safest way of making online purchases and still, this vendor is a solid choice indeed.

You’re unlikely to get modafinil in Bulgaria much faster anywhere else than from Eufinil. This vendor guarantees your package will arrive, or in case of any problems, you can send it back and refund your money.


Now that modafinil works both for promoting wakefulness and off-label as a productivity and cognitive-enhancing drug, getting this highly potent medicine in Bulgaria is easy with a prescription.

However, if you don’t have a prescription, using a reliable e-pharmacy such as Eufinil ensures you get genuine medication with a 100% delivery guarantee. In need of this drug? Have a sleep disorder problem and need to stay awake during shift work? Choose Modafinil as a safe and well-tolerated medicine.

You can use it for productivity, as a cognitive enhancement to boost your brainpower or for any other off-label use, however, you need to consult with a medical specialist for drug dosage, safety, precautions, and possible interactions.


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