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Our Mission: To provide accurate, evidence-based information on all there is to know about modafinil.

Modafinil.org was founded by Mark Anderson — our lead modafinil researcher and distinguished pharmaceutical chemist.

After finding nothing but frustration with the poor state of information online about modafinil, Mark collected his own research. He’s spent hundreds of hours scanning peer-reviewed scientific research on the topic, distilling it down for the general public.

We’ve broken this information down into four distinct categories:

  • Buyers Guides

    The laws and buying process for modafinil varies a lot from one country to the next. We outline the entire process and provide useful tips specific to your country of residence.

  • User Guides

    Our user guides outline all aspects of taking modafinil — from dosage information and safety warnings to tips on how to maximize your modafinil dosage.

    Modafinil isn’t the only nootropic drug we discuss. We compare modafinil to other popular nootropic compounds.

  • Product Guides

    Our product guides details the intricate differences between the many forms of modafinil — and help you find the options that will work best for you.

  • Vendor Reviews

    With a market as wild-West as modafinil, we review the most prominent vendors to help you avoid purchasing from sketchy distributors.

📍 Buying Guide

We will guide you through the process of buying Modafinil

    Where to Buy Modafinil in Peru in 2020

    Modafinil is an effective treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness associated with different sleep disorders. The medication is often counterfeited, and in order to avoid getting a fake product, it’s necessary to buy it only from reputable vendors. This guide gives detailed information about the genuine pills, as well as where in Peru they can be gotten at an affordable price.

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    Beginner’s Guide on How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin

    Modafinil is a highly potent nootropic medicine used by professionals and students to boost their cognition, especially in complex tasks that require more thinking power and wakefulness.
    Its pricing varies from vendor to vendor. Ordering with bitcoin is the preferred choice rather than using a credit card. Here is how to buy modafinil with bitcoin and save money.

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📔 Informational

Read our informational articles for all there is to know about Modafinil

    Say Goodbye to Drowsiness: Modafinil Drugs That Wake You Up

    It’s time for a revolution. Kiss your pillow goodbye. Acquaint yourself with a new breed of drugs that promise to do wonders for drowsiness – just like what Prozac, an antidepressant, did for depression. Modafinil has an amazing history – one recognized through accidental military action as depicted in this guide. Read on about modafinil and sleep, its use in the military, and an in-depth revelation about its research.

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    Modafinil and Kratom Mix: Result That You Should Expect

    Sometimes, focusing and being productive can be really difficult, especially when executing tasks that require high brainpower. Good products like modafinil and kratom exist, and they can help improve concentration and boost energy for increased productivity. Want to find out more about these drugs and what you stand to benefit from them? Read on.

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    Modafinil vs Piracetam: How Are They Similar and Different?

    Certain medications can have nearly the same health uses, but people can take them off-label to achieve other drug benefits. Studies show that modafinil and piracetam can be used off-label to produce similar effects, but a higher percentage of people prefer modafinil to piracetam. Why? Read on to discover their similarities and differences.

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💊 Product Guides

Read our Modafinil product reviews

    Beginners Guide on Where to Buy Modalert Online

    Modafinil offers many of the same benefits as Dexedrine, Adderall or Ritalin, but with much fewer side effects. With the high prices of Provigil, many people are choosing to try generic versions of the drug, such as Modalert. How does Modalert compare to Provigil? What’s the dose? Is it safe?

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    Beginners Guide on Where to Buy Modvigil Online

    Modvigil is the cheapest generic brand of modafinil. Does it stand up to brand name products like Provigil for boosting cognitive function, wakefulness, and focus? We investigate Modvigil in more detail; why it’s become so popular in the nootropics community; and where you can find it for yourself.

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    Beginners Guide on Where to Buy Waklert Online

    Waklert is a generic version of the potent nootropic drug, armodafinil. It also goes by the names Nuvigil, R-modafinil, and Artvigil. It’s used as a cognitive enhancer and cognitive stimulant. Here, we review the pros and cons of Waklert and where you can buy it for yourself.

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    Beginners Guide on Where to Buy Artvigil Online

    Artvigil is a cognitive stimulant and productivity enhancer. Although similar to modafinil, there are some key differences between these compounds. Here, we investigate the differences between Artvigil and others in its class, what the pros and cons are, and where you can purchase Artvigil yourself.

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