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ModaXL 200mg


  1. Alertness

  2. Mental Agility

  3. Focus

  4. Energy

  5. Cognition

  6. Motivation

  • Superbly enhances cognition
  • Augments mental acuity & processing
  • Heightens productivity
  • Fosters wakefulness in the brain
  • Stronger peak effects
  • Exceptionally safe & works for almost everyone
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    $0.53 in 7 days

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    Pay with crypto -20%
    ENJOYMXL10 for -10%

  • Dosage

    Between 50 – 200 mg daily

    • Onset 50 m.

    • Peak 2 hr.

    • Drop 4 hr.

ModaXL Review – Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects (Beginner’s Guide)

ModaXL Pills Review

ModaXL is the NEWEST generic Provigil brand with the active component modafinil. It’s used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness if sleep-deprived, or to remarkably ameliorate cognitive functions if healthy. Although it’s relatively new to the nootropic scene, ModaXL is one of an arsenal of “smart drugs” which are increasingly used off-label by students & adults seeking more sumptuous productivity & to achieve an edge.

In this guide, we cover in detail all about ModaXL, its mode of action & benefits, comparison with Provigil, expected negative effects & interactions, and most importantly, how to get it online from the first-rate e-pharmacy with a 100% parcel delivery guarantee.

What Is ModaXL?

ModaXL 200 mg is a generic version of the brand-name med Provigil with the purest formula. It’s manufactured by HOF Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the leading Indian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed plant. The pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing company is undoubtedly committed to shining through its quality products & exceptional consumer service.

The company also offers contract manufacturing & formulation development services. It provides contract manufacturing at the most satisfactory rates without compromising on quality. With HOF, timely delivery of quality products is assured with customized pack sizes & designs. This is the case with ModaXL 200 mg tablet. It comes as strips in aluminum packaging to ensure the freshest & the best expiration date.

HOF Pharma has a tie-up with the soundest packaging & printing companies to help health products stand out amongst the competitors. Impressively, ModaXL is marketed & promoted by the leading online modafinil pharmacy, Because of this, HOF Pharma has given most of the modafinil vendors a winning edge.

Modafinil, the active component of ModaXL, is a prescription med approved to treat certain sleep disorder conditions such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), & shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).

As revealed by the manufacturer, ModaXL is thought to have 5% better absorption; thus, it can offer a more rapid onset of action compared to Modalert or other genuine generic modafinil tabs. Relish its stronger peak effects (up to 30%) & ultimately the impressive results it gives.

Off-prescription, physicians can prescribe this pill to patients suffering from conditions including Parkinson’s disease, jet lag, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), etc. Besides, being dubbed the “world’s first safe ‘smart tab,’” it’s frequently used by healthy individuals from all walks of life to heighten their brainpower to achieve an edge & boost productivity.

Where to Buy ModaXL 200mg Pills?

Although it’s possible to buy the “smart drug” online, it can be difficult choosing where to shop it—particularly if it’s your first time purchasing modafinil online. You don’t have to worry about buying ModaXL online from the vendors that we recommend.

Below are the first-rate modafinil vendors offering genuine ModaXL 200 mg tab sourced from HOF pharmaceuticals. The #1 ModaXL Vendor

ModafinilXL (MXL) is certainly our number-one online “smart drug” vendor & the ultimate one we most recommend. Not only does MXL provide a wide range of generic modafinil brands over the counter (OTC), but it’s also the #1 promoter of ModaXL, its main bestseller generic modafinil this year.

Buy Modafinil at ModafinilXL

Simply put, MXL is the best place to buy incredibly inexpensive but genuine ModaXL pills. It also offers you an opportunity to buy other generic brands of modafinil & armodafinil. Such brands include its new ArmodaXL, Vilafinil, Modavinil, Armod, Artvigil, Modaheal, Modafil MD, Waklert, Modafresh, etc. The e-pharmacy sells all its generic products without a prescription & at the manufacturing cost.

Take the opportunity today. Get ModaXL 200 mg tabs & save a lot of money. MXL e-pharmacy also offers free express shipping from India or Singapore to every country it delivers parcels to. Additionally, use its available coupon codes, offers, & discounts to further save some money. Consider that ModaXL is available for sale in strips in aluminum packaging to prolong its shelf life for up to 3 years. That’s remarkably a long time, & if purchasing in bulk, you’ll relish every tab’s benefits without worrying about its expiration.

ModafinilXL also includes combos of 100, 200, 300, & 500 tabs, with free shipping offered if the order reaches a certain modafinil price. For instance, it offers free Express shipping with tracking, which costs $39 but is free on orders over $180. Standard parcel shipping costs $29 but is free on orders costing over $80.

Impressively, depending on the stock availability, MXL offers domestic US-to-US shipping via USPS Priority Mail Express, which takes just 3 to 4 working days. Additionally, its UK to UK parcel delivery via Royal Mail usually takes 5 working days on average. MXL also offers EU parcel shipping from an EU country, Singapore, or the UK. Please check MXL’s other shipping methods & the delivery time + benefits they come with on its website.

The e-pharmacy also offers a free trial sample pack of armodafinil & modafinil brands. Get it today to test their efficaciousness & safety before determining to purchase. Undoubtedly, such trial samples are paramount if you are new to “smart tabs.”

At MXL, pay using Bitcoin (a 20% discount), Poli, PayPal, or a credit card. Stay updated with its parcel tracking tool. If the ordered parcel fails to be delivered, it’ll offer a reshipment or give you a full refund. Please be sure to read its flexible return policy with reshipment paid for. (BMO)

BuyModafinilOnline is another legit & reputable modafinil vendor, similar to MXL in the fact that it offers a big range of generic brands & combos with global shipping. However, like MXL, it doesn’t ship to some countries specified on its website due to stringent customs laws.

Reviews for BMO are typically positive, including reviews on popular & trusted review sites such as Yotpo &

Impressively, the e-pharmacy makes it easy to purchase generic “smart drugs” online at ridiculously low prices & without a prescription. Besides, it has an excellent reputation for delivering genuine nootropics (Modvigil, ArmodaXL, Artvigil, Armod, Armodavinil, ModahealModawake, Modafil MD, etc.) swiftly & seamlessly. This depicts why BMO got a large number of satisfied & returning shoppers + why shoppers rate them as the best e-pharmacy to shop cheap modafinil & armodafinil brands. To confirm its reputation & the quality of meds the vendor offer, it always wins its shoppers over by sending genuine “smart drug” free samples, so they can test the efficacy of its products before purchasing. BMO also offers amazing coupon codes, discounts, & speedy delivery to most parts of the globe, including the USA, Australia, & the UK.

Additionally, BMO offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case of parcel shipping issues. Its shipping time & rates are certainly similar to MXL. BMO’s parcel tracking number is given within 24–72 hours after the verification of payment.

Try its other modafinil brands like Provake, Modalert, Modavinil, & Modafresh. These generics are genuinely cheap, meaning they are hawked at the manufacturing cost. They offer similar benefits & safety profiles to their branded counterpart but at a lower price.

Additionally, BMO’s main pride is a free trial sample pack. It includes modafinil & armodafinil meds. This is the most suitable way for you to test the quality & effectiveness of the vendor “smart tabs.”

Note that all its meds, including ModaXL, are sourced from certified Indian pharmaceutical companies. This implies their quality is guaranteed.

Affordability & high quality are everything to BMO! Pay with PayPal, a credit card (MasterCard, AmEx), or Bitcoin. Note that the latter remarkably attracts a 23% discount!

In a nutshell, Afinil has similar operations & med pricing to BMO & MXL. It’s a reputable American-run modafinil vendor that goes above & ultimately beyond to offer an exceptional shopping experience with ultra-fast delivery. The e-pharmacy was designed to deliver the highest quality generic “smart drugs” brands at affordable costs, straight to the shopper’s doorstep! Certainly, it cuts out the middleman & superbly works directly with drug manufacturers in India to offer the lowest prices online. By cutting out excess costs, Afinil unquestionably passes on the savings to its shoppers. Pharmacy

The online pharmacy offers many meds for sale & free shipping (by EMS for all orders worth $180, by the Registered Airmail worth $130), + $30 & $25 off for writing an honest review after testing the product & returning to its e-drugstore, respectively.

What’s more, Afinil has a range of parcel payment methods so that its shoppers can choose the most suitable for them. You may pay with an e-Check, a credit card (MasterCard, VISA), PayPal, & Bitcoin (get a 24% discount). The e-pharmacy offer international parcel shipping services to the UK, Singapore, Australia, the US, & Hong Kong. Buy ModaXL 200 mg at the most affordable prices NOW from this vendor.

This is also another legit vendor we highly recommend buying ModaXL from. Indeed, FreeModafinil (FM) makes it effortless to buy generic “smart tabs” online at ridiculously low costs & with no prescription needed. Because ModaXL is new to the nootropic scene, it’s now available for sale at FM online pharmacy. The nootropic is its main bestseller & the NEW superior modafinil generic marketed & promoted by the leading e-drugstore MXL. FreeModafinil offers the best price for the med.

Additionally, its reliable online drugstore also sells other armodafinil & modafinil-based “smart drugs” like Modvigil, Armod, Armodavinil, Modavinil, Modaheal, ArmodaXL (new bestseller), Modawake, & Vilafinil. These meds are slightly cheaper but still provide similar benefits if administered infrequently.

FreeModafinil always proves the quality of its meds to shoppers by sending free samples of popular “smart tabs” so they can test the efficacy of the vendor’s genuine products before purchasing. Like MXL, FM also offers excellent deals & swift delivery to most parts of the globe, including the UK, the USA, & Australia.

Check out ModaXL today using PayPal, a credit/debit card, or Bitcoin. Use the e-drugstore price-lessening experiences including discounts (22% off for paying using Bitcoin), coupons, & offers to additionally lower the cost. Also, write an honest review about FM + your experience shopping & using the med & get 20 additional Modafil MD 200 mg sublingual tabs for free. A returning customer? Obtain 10 extra sublingual Modafil MD tabs free of charge!

Now, which vendor should you choose? Since these vendors operate similarly, you can select any of your choice. All are reliable modafinil & armodafinil e-drugstores that you can bank on if looking to get the most useful bang for your buck. They all market & promote one of their main bestsellers, ModaXL, because they all believe in its incredible effects & usefulness for most “smart tab” enthusiasts.

Is ModaXL Legal?

Generally, modafinil is a Schedule IV med. It’s considered legal to buy in small amounts (with a prescription) for personal use. This accounts for most countries, including the USA & most EU countries. It’s also not deemed illegal to possess modafinil, even in the absence of a prescription.

While this is the subject for most countries, it’s certainly illegal to sell the “smart drug” as an individual vending to other individuals. Undoubtedly, trusted generic modafinil sellers are frequently based in India, making meds such as ModaXL available to buy & ship globally legally.

At best, the earlier mentioned e-pharmacies sell ModaXL without a prescription, and you can legally shop it and have it shipped to your address without any problem.

What Is the Cost of ModaXL?

Provigil drug prices are among the most pricey for comparable drugs & the price has been maintained high even with the availability of generics. Today, cheap generic modafinil versions are more available because various pharmaceuticals produce generic modafinil. This makes their cost superbly reduced due to the competitive market of suppliers [1].

Tablets Cost

Comparing Provigil® to the cost of ModaXL, Provigil® can cost anywhere between $53 & $78 per 200 mg tab at your local pharmacy. However, at the time of writing this guide, prices Provigil 200 mg, 30 tabs at $75.53 per tablet [2]. Yet, shoppers can expect to pay less by using the available Provigil Copay Cards, coupons, & rebates. Even using such a money-saving experience still renders Provigil super expensive.

Fortunately, there are ways to get this cost down for the same 200 mg dose.

The deal is to buy generic modafinil such as ModaXL 200 mg.

The med will just cost you $0.99 per tab (if you shop a pack of 500 tabs) or $1.69 per tab (if you shop for 100 tabs at once) from the earlier mentioned e-pharmacies. If you decide to purchase a 100-pill pack, it will cost you $1.69 per tab. Further, save more money by using vendor-available coupon codes & discounts.

Based on these prices, one simple practice you could use to save money would be to shop the 200 mg tabs in a high quantity & then split them in half to make two 100 mg tabs. Because of ModaXL’s 3 years expiry time from the purchase date, buying in bulk isn’t a problem.

Difference Between ModaXL and Provigil®

The major difference is the cost & manufacturer. Provigil® is originally developed & still marketed by Cephalon in the USA. HOF produces ModaXL. Most physicians comprehend the price of Provigil® to be too costly for many patients, whether they have insurance to defray the cost or not, or even if using discounts or coupons.

When your physician is giving you a modafinil prescription, it’s unquestionably up to you to order the generic form of the med, like cheap ModaXL, or Provigil®. Generic forms of modafinil are bioequipotent to brand name med but only differ in price. They have similar medical use & contraindications.

Certainly, companies that desire to manufacture a generic version of the med necessitate applying for something dubbed an Abbreviated New Drug Application (or ANDA).

For ANDA to be endorsed, the generic med is certainly required to have the identical active ingredients & dose as the original med.

Otherwise, such pharmaceuticals need to perform their clinical trials to demonstrate the efficaciousness & safety of the new dose or compound. This is rather referred to as a New Drug Application (or NDA).

Even though the modafinil patents have since expired, & there are currently high-quality generic versions for sale online, Provigil is still sold at exceptionally high prices. Now, you may ask: How can this be? Why didn’t Cephalon lessen the price?

The reality is that Provigil will remain permanently more expensive, even if it comprises the same components & potency as generics. You’re just paying more for simply the name itself than you are for the product.

Benefits of ModaXL 200 MG

Energy & Productivity

Although ModaXL is fairly new to the “smart tab” scene, it has triumphed in the hearts of many modafinil aficionados across the globe. This is because of its safety. Plus its outstanding effectiveness of up to 30% analogized to other modafinil brands & the sheer number of excellent benefits it furnishes. Here are some of the incredible advantages that users from all walks of life, including business executives, students, workers, top professionals, etc., have attested to [3] [4]:

  • ameliorated wakefulness;
  • augmented cognition & creativity;
  • high productivity;
  • 12+ hours of laser-like focus & attention.

Undoubtedly, ModaXL presents a whole new level of mental acuity. It offers insanely great energy, boosted working & episodic memory, remarkable motivation, diminished fatigue, and heightened alertness if used suitably. Certainly, the ModaXL tab help in decision-making, planning, & fluid intelligence, among other things. Order ModaXL to discover the exceptional benefits it gives. Always consult a physician to determine if ModaXL is safe for you.

How Does This Drug Work?

ModaXL is comprehended to bind to the dopamine transporter & inhibit dopamine reuptake. This activity augments its concentrations. Indeed, dopamine is a prime neurotransmitter that induces a “feel-good” sensation & certainly induces users to stay awake & alert.

Additionally, dopamine is connected with the sleep-wake cycle, alertness, motivation, & the human capability to completely focus. Also, ModaXL medicine remarkably affects histamine levels within the brain, thus heightening wakefulness during the day. Further, ModaXL controls the levels of other chemicals such as serotonin, noradrenaline, & orexin.

By elevating the concentrations of brain neurotransmitters, ModaXL superbly rewards users with numerous cognitive advantages. For instance, laser-like focus, enhanced thinking & perception, boosted mental acuity & processing speed, heightened energy levels, augmented memory & motivation, remarkable planning & decision-making capabilities, + fostered productivity.

How Much ModaXL Should You Take?

Before administering ModaXL 200 mg tabs, it’s paramount to first consult with a physician to acquire some guidance & determine the safe dosage. Whatsoever, don’t self-medicate!

Take Pill

ModaXL’s dosage thoroughly depends on the user’s medical situation & response to therapy. Regardless, 200 mg is the advised starting modafinil dosage swallowed once daily. If you are a new modafinil user, you can begin with 100 mg – by precisely splitting the ModaXL 200 mg tab in half. Note that the upper limit for ModaXL is 400 mg per day, as recommended by physicians.

If you are narcoleptic or are suffering from OSA, the tab should be administered early in the morning. If prescribed for SWSD, it should be ingested about an hour before the commencement of the work shift. A physician should instruct you on how to use ModaXL; if treating other conditions or as a cognitive booster. A tab should be taken orally with a glass of water, with or without food, depending on your choice.

ModaXL’s onset of effects typically occurs under an hour after popping. Its half-life is about 13+ hours, so it’s most convenient to administer the tab early in the day so that you can sleep well at night.

Does ModaXL Have Any Side Effects?

ModaXL is extremely safe & well-tolerated. However, when using ModaXL, you may experience some side effects that may range from mild to severe. Regardless, they don’t transpire for every user. If mild adverse reactions occur, they swiftly fade away as soon as the body adapts to the med’s active ingredient. The most common negative effects of ModaXL (like any modafinil med) are as follows:

  • headache;
  • difficulty sleeping;
  • dry mouth;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness.

On enormously infrequent occurrences, some “smart tab” users may experience severe adverse reactions such as the following:

  • fast heartbeat;
  • suicidal thoughts;
  • hallucinations;
  • tremors;
  • depression;
  • hyperactivity.

This isn’t a thorough list [5]. If such signs, including allergic reactions like severe rashes & blisters, are experienced, instantly seek medical attention. Take a step to consult a physician before beginning to administer ModaXL to perform a thorough health analysis & to determine if the med is good for you. Although it’s safe & well-tolerated, each individual may react differently to it.

What About Interactions with Food, Alcohol & Other Drugs?

Notably, since it contains modafinil, it interacts with up to 448 meds if coadministered. And such interactions may either lessen the effects of one or more meds coadministered or even augment the risk of negative reactions.

As a modafinil-based drug, ModaXL may interact with the following classes of medications:

  • certain antifungals;
  • blood thinners;
  • CYP2C19 & CYP3A4/5 substrates;
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors;
  • some antibiotics;
  • birth control meds.

Let a physician learn about any health products or drugs you may be administering at the moment before ingesting any modafinil-based med, such as ModaXL.

Similarly, the “smart drug” interacts with alcohol in a manner that can heighten the risk of negative effects. Though the ModaXL tab doesn’t interact with most foods, popping it right before or after eating fatty meals can undoubtedly delay its onset of activity.

Pregnant females & people having a history of a heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney or liver disease, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, or a mental illness should certainly avoid using ModaXL. It causes disease-drug interaction.

Is ModaXL Addictive?

The answer depends on many factors. It can either be yes or no. Modafinil is claimed to have extremely low liability for abuse, addiction, & dependence.

Modafinil’s mode of action is identical to that of very addictive meds like meth & cocaine. In a rare scenario, in literature, only one case study reveals modafinil dependence at higher doses. In a case report, the patient reported started administering higher doses of modafinil tabs to heighten its great effects but eventually landed with the dependence phenomenon [6].

As a note, individuals with a history of substance abuse issues, whether to alcohol, cocaine, or nicotine, may be more predisposed to modafinil abuse. But if you don’t have this history, it doesn’t imply you are completely safe [7]. ModaXL can produce mild tolerance, which implies some individuals may abuse it to gain the same effects they experience at lower doses.

Being addicted to ModaXL makes you unable to stop using it, or you may continue to use it despite understanding it’s harmful & may harbor cravings when not taking it.

Certainly, modafinil blocks the reuptake of dopamine into neurons. It permits dopamine to stay outside of the neurons & transmit signals between the cells. As a consequence, this effect on brain chemistry might provide ModaXL with its addictive potential.

Nonetheless, if using ModaXL as per prescription & in low to moderate doses, the chances of addiction are extremely low.


ModaXL is the newest nootropic to be introduced to the “smart drugs” scene. It’s now becoming the main bestseller in our top-recommended e-pharmacies. Indeed, ModaXL is an exceptional med manufactured by HOF Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the remarkable leading Indian GMP & WHO (World Health Organization) endorsed plant specializing in manufacturing the most purified generic brands & producing over 1.5 billion tabs annually.

In this case, ModaXL is an in-house modafinil brand with the purest formula & active ingredients. It impressively has a 5% better absorption & therefore faster onset effects compared to other modafinil brands such as Modalert & Modafil MD. It also has stronger peak effects, analogized to other modafinil brands (up to 30%).

ModaXL 200mg Certificate of Analysis

Also, the dissolution rate for Modalert 200mg is less than ModaXL 200 mg which is a good achievement of ModaXL and a great advantage for our new bestseller. That’s super impressive, & you certainly want to buy it to try its acclaimed effects. The drug is better overall compared to other modafinil brands. You can’t go wrong with this insanely great drug!


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