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Best Generic Modafinil Brands in 2024 (Updated List)

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It’s no news that modafinil is one of the safest and most effective nootropics capable of enhancing brain function and improving productivity. Today, it is available in generic form, and there are numerous brands sold on the market, some with additional features that make them more suitable for individuals with special preferences.

Best Generic Modafinil Brands

If, like most people new to “smart drugs,” you’re unsure what brand to settle for, this guide is for you. It sheds light on the best generic modafinil brands in 2021, highlighting their costs, benefits, overall effectiveness, and how to use them correctly.

Modafinil Features & Side Effects

In your quest to find the best generic modafinil brand that will enhance your mental function and greatly improve your productivity, it is important to first know what modafinil is, its side effects, and its mechanism of action. This way you’ll be able to identify what makes each brand unique and determine which one suits you best.

Modafinil is a popular medication that belongs to a class of drugs called wakefulness-promoting agents [1]. It is one of the most preferred medications used as a cognitive enhancer by college students, business analysts, professors, engineers, celebrities, and powerful presidents, among others, thanks to its high safety profile. Compared to most other nootropics, modafinil is so safe that Harvard and Oxford researchers deemed it “the world’s first safe ‘smart drug.’”

However, it has not always been known and used as a cognitive enhancer. It was originally formulated by Lafon Laboratories, a French pharmaceutical company, to help treat narcolepsy. Following its success in trials, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it for use in treating excessive daytime sleepiness caused by sleep disorders such as narcolepsy (for which it was developed), shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) [2][3].

After just a few years, it became the first-line medication for excessive daytime sleepiness, prompting its recommendation to more individuals suffering from the condition. Then something happened. An increasing number of patients started reporting that they experienced increased alertness, better memory, reduced fatigue, and laser-like focus each time they took a pill. With that, researchers got back to work, and soon, the military and elites such as Wall Street top dogs, to name a few, started using it to increase performance.

Safe Modafinil Drugs

With the boom in internet forums and frequent discussions of the cognitive effects of the drug on such platforms, it didn’t take long for ordinary individuals to get wind of the top dogs’ little secret. Today, modafinil is more commonly used off-label for its mental enhancing benefits. This is how this “wonder pill” became a staple drug for students and individuals from all walks of life looking to get a competitive edge.

Does this drug have side effects?

At this point, it is worth noting that although generally safe and well-tolerated, modafinil has side effects. Every drug actually does. But the good news is that they’re often mild and typically go away on their own – if used correctly. Also, most people only experience them when they first start taking the pills and never again.

The common modafinil adverse effects are as follows [1]:

  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • dry mouth.

It’s true that some people never experience any side effects with modafinil. However, for those who do, lowering the dose or halting treatment for a while often solves it. Note that more serious adverse reactions such as shortness of breath, rash, hallucination, depression, anxiety, etc., can result from taking this medication. If left unattended, these ones can get very serious and may even become life-threatening. Seek urgent medical attention if you experience any of these side effects.

Generic Modafinil vs Provigil

Generic modafinil typically costs about 80% to 85% less than brand-name Provigil [4]. However, people are often skeptical about going for the generic brands for fear that they might not be as safe or effective as the branded version.

The truth of the matter is that Provigil and generic modafinil are similar in the sense that they offer the same level of safety, side effects, and effectiveness.

For clarity, generic meds are copies of the respective branded versions made with the same active ingredients, so they have the same effects, safety, risks, mode of administration, and intended use. Their manufacturers only get clearance to produce them after the patent protecting the main drug expires. Note that pharmaceutical patents typically last for 20 years after the drug’s invention [5][6].

But why the huge disparity in price if they’re similar?

Well, the reason generic meds cost considerably less is that the manufacturers do not shoulder the expense of researching, developing, testing, branding, and marketing a new drug. This is the expense the originators of brand-name drugs carry, hence the reason for their high price [5].

At this point, it is worth noting that sometimes generic drug manufacturers include additional inactive ingredients or replace some in the brand-name drug with new ones. This is often done to make their versions of the drug taste better, take effect faster, or have a different color. However, it doesn’t affect the pharmacological effects in any way.

Consequently, you can see there’s no meaningful difference between generic modafinil and brand-name Provigil. And in case you’re wondering, generic drugs are usually equally FDA approved.

Note: It is advisable to always cross-check the inactive ingredients in drugs regardless of whether they’re branded or generic. This is to help you avoid ingesting components you may be allergic to. Always consult your doctor before taking any drug.

How Much Does Generic Modafinil Cost?

We mentioned earlier that generic modafinil can cost about 80% to 85% less than the brand-name counterpart – this is entirely true. Sometimes, it may cost even less, depending on the brand you’re going for.

Tablets Cost

So, how much does generic modafinil cost on average, compared to Provigil?

Well, at the time of writing this guide, the lowest WellRx price for the 200 mg dosage of the most common version of generic modafinil is $20.62 for 30 tablets, while Provigil costs $1785.92 for the same number of tablets [7]. To put the price difference in perspective, each tablet of Provigil costs $59.53, while the generic version costs only $0.69 per tablet. Now, that’s a lot! This disparity is the reason you’ll hardly find any “smart drug” enthusiast or old-time modafinil user buying Provigil.

Interestingly, it is possible to get generic modafinil for even less from some online stores like and, among others, that sell only nootropics and deal directly with the manufacturers. Some of these even offer bonuses and discounts that take the prices further down depending on the number of tablets being purchased. We’ll shed more light on this in the following sections.

Who Are the Modafinil Generic Manufacturers?

Generally, many manufacturers are engaged in the production of generic name modafinil products, but not all of them can be trusted. The earlier you understand this, the better, as it’ll help you narrow down your search for the best Indian generics of modafinil.

There are 4 notable pharmaceutical companies known to produce high-quality generic modafinil and armodafinil tabs that are safe and well-tolerated. Let’s look at each maker in detail.

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma is a reputable pharmaceutical company based in India. It was established in 1983 and has since grown to become India’s largest pharma by market capitalization and the world’s 5th largest generic specialty company.

It produces drugs for several health conditions including diabetes, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. It is behind the manufacture of Waklert and Modalert, which happen to be some of the most popular and widely accepted armodafinil and modafinil generics on the market.

HAB Pharma

HAB Pharma is a trustworthy and reliable pharmaceutical firm that operates two manufacturing units and has a staff strength of up to 500. It specializes in the production of a wide range of drugs for erectile dysfunction, skin problems, and cardiovascular diseases. The company makes these meds in various forms such as capsules, ointments, and tablets.

HAB Pharma believes in growing through customer satisfaction, so it focuses on product quality. So far, it has two generic nootropic products: Modvigil (modafinil) and Artvigil (armodafinil). These brands are widely accepted in many countries including the US, the UK, etc.

Intas Pharma

Intas Pharma is another reputable drug manufacturing company widely known for formulating high-quality meds that are safe and effective. It was established in 1984 and has since grown into a multinational company that services the US and the EU, generating more than 70% of its revenue from them alone. It currently has an 8,000+ staff strength and boasts of being the No. 1 manufacturer of generic meds in the UK.

Intas Pharma possesses all necessary certifications that allow it to function as a pharmaceutical company. It makes its products in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing facilities and follows industry-standard best practices to ensure they meet safety standards. The company is currently recognized by medical practitioners from 85 countries.

Healing Pharma

Healing Pharma possesses necessary industry-standard certifications such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and the World Health Organization (WHO) certifications.

Healing Pharma’s main focus lies in the production of generic prescription drugs, which it makes available in varying forms including injectables, liquids, powders, ointments, capsules, and tablets. However, it also produces some other drugs and supplies for treating impotence, skin problems, lung disease, diabetes, and lots more. The company actually makes 500+ products and has succeeded in satisfying thousands of customers in just 10 years of operation.

Note that there are still other trustworthy manufacturers that have their own generic modafinil versions, but we decided to mention only those we’re confident about.

Best Generic Modafinil Brands | 2024 Choice

What we have below are some of the best generic modafinil brands that are sure to work just like the branded medicine. However, before diving into the list, it is important to understand the features of each drug and what makes it unique. This can help you narrow down your search and make your pick easily based on the results you’re looking to achieve.

At a glance, here are the unique features each brand has.

Brand Manufacturer Duration of Effects
Modalert Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 10–12 hours
Modvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. 10–13 hours
Modafil MD Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 5–7 hours
Modafresh Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. Unknown
Modaheal Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. Unknown
Modawake HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. 12+ hours
Vilafinil Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Unknown

Note that some of these products are much better than others; read attentively to help you narrow down your search.

Let’s get into a more detailed description of these products.


Modalert Pills Sun Pharma

Modalert is one of the most popular generic versions of modafinil. Currently, it is probably the best-selling product among other available brands, thanks to its low risk of side effects and effectiveness.

The product comes in tablet form, and the mode of administration involves swallowing it whole with a glass of water. It is available in 100 mg and 200 mg dose strengths, but the 200 mg dose is more common. Upon administration, the effects of the drug last for 10 to 12 hours. This makes it ideal for individuals who work night shifts or do jobs that require them to stay super alert and focused for that duration.

Modalert costs anywhere from $0.89 to $2.99 per pill, depending on where it is purchased from and the quantity being bought at one sitting.

Although a little pricier than other products on this list, Modalert is one of the best products to start with if you’re new to “smart drugs.”

Updated  : Modalert is currently not available for sale worldwide. The manufacturer has limited the export of this modafinil generic abroad, now Modalert 200 mg can be purchased if you live in India. Therefore, we suggest considering an excellent premium alternative – ModaXL 200mg by HOF Pharmaceuticals. You can order nootropic from reliable suppliers all over the world!


Modvigil is yet another popular generic brand of modafinil. It is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, and it can easily pass as the second best-selling generic modafinil. It is safe and super-effective and has tons of positive reviews from people who’ve used it.

Modvigil costs a little less than Modalert, but the price difference may vary depending on where you’re buying from. It is readily available and can be easily found in doses of 100 mg and 200 mg.

The drug’s effect lasts for about 10–13 hours, which is slightly longer compared to Modalert 200 mg. Several people who’ve used this product report that although effective, its effects are slightly milder than those of Modalert and Provigil. Consequently, it serves as a great option for people who find its counterparts too strong or who experience some side effects after taking them.

Modafil MD

Modafil MD is produced by Intas Pharma. It is one of the generic forms of modafinil that has a unique form and thus a different mode of administration. While most other brands come in tablet form, it comes as sublingual tablets. Sublingual tabs are usually administered by placing them under the tongue to dissolve and get absorbed into blood through the tissue [8]. The tabs are available in strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. However, the 200 mg dose is easier to come by.

Modafil MD Packaging

Modafil MD takes about 5–15 minutes to completely dissolve, sending the active ingredient straight into the bloodstream, instead of passing through the liver. Consequently, its effects kick in much faster (within 15 minutes of placing it under the tongue) compared to other modafinil brands that typically take about 45–60 minutes to take effect in the body.

However, it is worth noting that the effects of this drug leave the body system as fast as it enters, offering only about 5 to 7 hours of cognitive enhancement. Its short half-life or duration of effects makes it the ideal option for people looking to stay awake, alert, and focused for only a short period of time so they can go to sleep easily. College students and individuals working 9–5 may find this brand most suitable.

Overall, Modafil MD has lots of positive reviews. But some users have complained about its sour aftertaste common with modafinil, notwithstanding the spearmint flavor that was added to it. However, besides its short duration of effects and slightly bitter aftertaste, Modafil MD is equally as effective as Provigil.


Modafresh is a somewhat popular generic modafinil brand manufactured by Sunrise Remedies, a privately held company. To put things in perspective, other brands on our list are made by publicly held firms.

There are several positive reviews that paint this product in a positive light in terms of safety, ease of use, and effectiveness. However, some people are skeptical about it because of the notion that as a privately held company, it may have poor quality control and scrutiny to ensure that its products meet necessary standards.

Modafresh works perfectly, and it has limited side effects. However, if the fact that its manufacturing company is privately held is something you’re concerned about, you can go for Modalert, Modvigil, or Modafil MD.

The drug is available as a tablet in strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. It is to be swallowed whole and should never be broken, split in half, or crushed.


Modaheal 100Modaheal is a fairly ordinary generic version of modafinil. By ordinary, we mean that it has no special or unique feature such as the form it comes in, a much longer or uncommonly shorter duration of effects, nor a faster onset of action. It is available in strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. It comes in tablet form that is to be swallowed whole with a glass of water.

It may interest you to know that Modaheal is manufactured by Healing Pharma. The drug in itself isn’t terrible; in fact, it has a couple of positive reviews from people who’ve used it. However, individuals looking to play it safe can try out other brands before resorting to this one if they fail to offer the intended effects.


Modawake is manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, the same company that makes Modvigil. Unlike most other generics, it is available in only a 200 mg strength. It comes in tablet form and is to be swallowed whole with a substantial amount of water.

It is equally effective, offering the same level of cognitive enhancement to users. However, it is reported to have a higher propensity for side effects. For example, some Reddit users have described the drug as being “buzzy,” implying that it causes intoxication and sometimes headache.

But why does one company offer two versions of the same product?

Well, it is to increase sales! Some companies realize that they can double down on sales by simply rebranding the same product – giving it a different name and packaging. It appears that the executives at HAB Pharma are acting based on this realization.

Going by user reviews, it might be better to start out with Modvigil before considering Modawake.



Vilafinil is a well-known modafinil generic known to offer similar or the same strength as Modvigil but at a higher price tag. It is only available in a 200 mg tablet that is to be swallowed whole with a glass of water. It is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, a popular pharmaceutical company with a little bit of controversy surrounding some of its flagship products such as Cenforce 100, a generic form of Viagra [9].

Some users reported experiencing few to no effects after taking this product; some others complained bitterly about it not tasting right and causing unwanted side effects. What’s more, the fact that the company had a quality control issue in 2017, which resulted in the recalling of its medications for cold/flu, makes some people distrust it [10].

Considering these stories, it may be best to try out the other generic modafinil brands discussed earlier.

Best Generic Armodafinil Brands | 2021 Choice

Although this post is focused on generic modafinil brands, it will be incomplete if we fail to also list some of the best armodafinil brands.

Armodafinil, also known by the brand name Nuvigil, is an R-enantiomer of racemic modafinil (Provigil). This means that it is similar in structure to Provigil, works the same way, and produces similar results in terms of safety and effectiveness. However, armodafinil is about 1.33 times stronger and may have longer-lasting effects [11][12].

Armodafinil is so potent that a dose of 150 mg produces the same effects as 200 mg of modafinil. Taking lower doses of drugs could reduce the chances of experiencing side effects. Thus, if you find that you often experience adverse reactions while using modafinil, generic armodafinil might be more suitable for you.

Here are the two best generic armodafinil brands in 2021 that can be bought online over the counter (OTC).


ArtvigilJust as Modvigil is the second best-selling generic modafinil product, Artvigil is the second best-selling brand in the generic armodafinil category. It is super-effective, well-tolerated, and safe. Thus, a vast majority of “smart drug” enthusiasts who intend to use armodafinil go for it.

The brand is accessible and relatively affordable, making it ideal for anyone looking to get armodafinil pills on a budget. It is only available in a 150 mg strength tablet, to be swallowed whole with enough water.


Waklert is the best-selling generic armodafinil product on the market. It is produced by Sun Pharma, the same company behind the best-selling generic modafinil product – Modalert. It has minimal risk of side effects, and many users give it a thumbs up for this reason.

Waklert offers 12+ hours of uninterrupted concentration, laser-like focus, enhanced memory, and increased creativity. However, it doesn’t disrupt normal night sleep if it is taken early enough. This makes it a great option for anyone looking to get work done efficiently and still have a wonderful night’s sleep.

Note that although well-tolerated, Waklert tends to have a stronger effect compared to Artvigil. Thus, it will serve as a great alternative if you find Artvigil ineffective. The drug is available in several strengths including 50 mg and 150 mg. It is to be taken whole with a substantial amount of water.

Updated  : Waklert is currently not available for sale worldwide. The manufacturer has limited the export of this armodafinil generic abroad, now Waklert 150 mg can be purchased if you live in India. Therefore, we suggest considering an excellent premium alternative – ArmodaXL 150mg by HOF Pharmaceuticals. You can order nootropic from reliable suppliers all over the world!

Other Good Generics of Modafinil & Armodafinil

Although we’ve already mentioned several generic modafinil & armodafinil brands, there are many more. The nootropics market was recently valued at $2.21 billion, and it is on an upward trend, as new brands are being produced.

Here are some other good brands available in pharmacies around the world.

Generics Info
Modafil This brand is produced by Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It is mostly available in the 100 mg dose and can be found in a few online drugstores. Modafil is a modafinil-based “smart drug,” and thus it offers similar benefits, side effects, and interactions.

Modafil comes in tablet form to be swallowed whole with a glass of water. It may not be chewed, crushed, or split in half.

Modapro Modapro is equally a modafinil-based drug. It is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. and made available in doses of 100 mg and 200 mg. Cipla is a reputable pharmaceutical firm based in India. It recently received approval from the FDA to market its generic products in the US. Thus, its medications can be trusted to be safe and well-tolerated, as its approval proves it conforms to guidelines laid down by regulatory bodies.

Modapro comes in tablet form and is to be swallowed whole with a glass of water.

Provake This product is manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., a company acquired by Sun Pharma, a reputable and trustworthy pharmaceutical company. It is also a generic form of Provigil and has proven to be very effective in promoting wakefulness and increasing alertness.

Provake isn’t a popular medication, but the fact its manufacturer is known for producing high-quality products might just be a good enough reason to try it out.

The drug is available in 100 mg and 200 mg doses.

Modatec Modatec is also produced by Cipla Ltd., the manufacturer of Modapro. It is also a modafinil-based “smart drug,” and it comes in 100 mg and 200 mg doses.

The medicine is safe, well-tolerated, and affordable. It can be used by anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of Provigil on a budget. It is also available in tablet form and is to be swallowed whole.

Modfil Modfil is a modafinil-based generic available in 100 mg and 200 mg doses. It is manufactured by Psyco Remedies Ltd., a pharmaceutical company that isn’t so popular. The drug comes in tablet form to be swallowed whole, and it is not to be split in half, broken, or crushed.
Mofy If there are modafinil generics that aren’t popular, Mofy is definitely one of them. It is manufactured by Bondane Pharma, and that’s all we know about it. Mofy is affordable but not easily accessible; you’ll find it only in a handful of online drugstores and walk-in pharmacies. It is only available in a 200 mg strength tablet.
Armod Armod is yet another generic “smart drug” that is hard to come by. Unlike other products in this section, it is an armodafinil-based medicine mostly available in 50 mg and 150 mg doses. There’s limited information about this product and its manufacturer.

Who Are the Best Generic Modafinil Sellers?

If you did a Google search to find a suitable e-drugstore where you can buy generic modafinil, armodafinil, or any other “smart drug,” you’d realize that there are many options available. Many of them even offer mouth-watering prices, bonuses, great discounts, and whatnot.

While this is great news, it’s important to understand that the popular saying, “All that glitters is not gold,” equally applies to the nootropics shopping world. Following the popularity of “smart drugs,” many unscrupulous elements have seized the opportunity to defraud people by either selling counterfeit meds to them or selling nothing at all.

Consequently, it’s important to be careful when looking for a vendor to patronize. The best generic modafinil sellers aren’t so hard to spot, but it takes time, energy, and sometimes money to find. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on selecting the products that will provide you with the best results.

Based on our special findings and reviews from hundreds of individuals,,,,,, and are reputable and trustworthy online vendors. They offer a genuine 100% money-back guarantee, great customer service, fast shipping, and discounts to help customers save money. You can bank on them for premium quality generic modafinil and armodafinil products that are both safe and effective.

You can simply make a price comparison and little checks to find out which you prefer. Good luck 🙂

Final Thoughts: Best Generic Modafinil Brands for You

It’s worth noting that as people differ, so is their response to different drugs. In effect, while certain brands might produce outstanding results in certain individuals without causing any side effects, they might prove ineffective in some others, or cause adverse reactions.

But if this is the case, how then can one decide on the exact modafinil brand to start with?

Well, there’s no litmus test to determine what product will be most suitable for you at a glance. One med may fit your job description or lifestyle due to its duration of action, but it may be causing you adverse reactions like headaches, upset stomach, or drowsiness.

Most people find out the most suitable product for themselves by trying out a couple of brands known to be safe. Although it can be expensive to buy drugs you will end up not using, there are smart and affordable ways to go about this.

Some trusted online modafinil drug stores such as ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline offer free trial sample boxes that contain a combination of generic modafinil and armodafinil brands. So, by taking care of only the shipping fee, which typically costs around $29 to $39, you can get access to 2 different products at a go, try them out to discover what works best before getting to buy it.

Note that “smart drugs” are not a replacement for good sleep. Also, always remember that it is important to consult your doctor before taking nootropics or any other drug.


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