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  1. Mental Agility

  2. Focus

  3. Energy

  4. Cognition

  • Improves alertness and focus
  • Boosts memory and mental acuity
  • Promotes wakefulness
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    100 – 200 mg per day

    • Onset ~60 m.

    • Peak 2–4 hr.

    • Drop 4 hr.

Provigil Review – Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects (Beginner’s Guide)

Provigil Pills Review

Provigil is a brand name version of modafinil. It is an effective medication approved for promoting wakefulness in individuals with sleep disorders. Although it was specifically designed for treating excessive daytime sleepiness, it is more popularly used off-label to promote focus, boost memory, and ultimately increase productivity.

In this Provigil review, we discuss more details about the novel drug, including its benefits, mechanism of action, side effects, and how it compares to other alternatives.

What Is Provigil?

Provigil belongs to a class of drugs known as eugeroics. In 1998, it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States for use in treating narcolepsy and some other sleep-related disorders [1]. However, a few years into its emergence, users noticed other effects outside of what it was prescribed for, including the following:

  • increased alertness;
  • better memory retention;
  • increased creativity and motivation;
  • enhanced focus and mental acuity.

Following this exciting discovery, more and more healthy individuals started to use Provigil off-label to perform exceptionally at work. Although it began as a secret that circulated only among top professionals in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the like, word soon got out.

Today, the drug’s cognitive-enhancing benefit is no secret, and many individuals now use it for this purpose. It is popular among students who take it for studying, air traffic controllers, soldiers, business executives, pilots, and other individuals whose jobs require serious concentration.

Most people looking to boost cognitive function and ultimately improve productivity or treat excessive daytime sleepiness often turn to Provigil. So far, many of the reviews on trusted platforms like Trustpilot have been positive.

Popular Provigil (Modafinil) Alternatives

Provigil is approved in the US, UK, and several other parts of the world as a controlled substance. Its main ingredient, modafinil, is available as a generic sold under different names in many countries worldwide. However, the generic versions took a little longer than expected to get into the market. This was due to a course of action Cephalon, Inc. and a few other pharmaceutical companies engaged in to delay the rolling out of the generics (low-cost versions) so more profit could be made. The course was followed by a class-action lawsuit, which was settled with $65,877,600 [2].

Today, many more affordable modafinil alternatives are available on the market. Some of them are described below.

Generic Description
Modalert Modalert drug is a generic version of Provigil. Thus, it contains the same amount of its active ingredient (modafinil) and offers the same benefits, warnings, and side effects as it does. Modalert is produced by Sun Pharma – a reputable Indian-based multinational company that specializes in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical formulations for India and the United States market. The medicine comes in two doses: 100 mg and 200 mg.

Updated  : Modalert is currently not available for sale worldwide. The manufacturer has limited the export of this modafinil generic abroad, now Modalert 200 mg can be purchased if you live in India. Therefore, we suggest considering an excellent premium alternative – ModaXL by HOF Pharmaceuticals. You can order this best-selling nootropic from reliable suppliers all over the world!

Modvigil Modvigil drug is a generic version of modafinil produced by HAB Pharma, a top-tier Indian-based pharmaceutical company. Like Provigil, it is prescribed by healthcare professionals for treating certain sleep-related disorders. It is equally used off-label by many “smart drug” enthusiasts to boost cognitive function. Its available dose strengths are 100 mg and 200 mg.
Modawake Modawake pills are yet another of HAB Pharma’s version of Provigil. It contains 200 mg of modafinil as its active ingredient and is just as safe and effective as the branded drug. The medicine is mostly used by healthy individuals for off-label purposes.
Modafresh Modafresh medication is a relatively new generic version of the brand name drug. It is equally more famous for its off-label use than its use in treating sleep-related disorders. It is manufactured by Sunrise Pharmaceuticals, a company founded and based in the US. Modafresh is available in doses of 100 mg and 200 mg.
Modaheal Modaheal tablets are produced by Healing Pharma. It is a generic version of modafinil known mostly for its wake-promoting effects. Healthcare providers also prescribe it for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and narcolepsy. Besides, those suffering from daytime sleepiness from working several overnight shifts use this medication as well. It is available in tablets of 200 mg and 100 mg, but like many other modafinil generics, the 200 mg dose is more common among online vendors.
Vilafinil Vilafinil drug is yet another generic form of Provigil. It contains 200 mg of modafinil and is just as effective at combating excessive daytime sleepiness. It is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories, an Indian-based company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of a wide array of pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations.
Modafil MD Modafil MD tablet is also a generic version of modafinil; however, it is quite different from the other Provigil alternatives. As opposed to the regular oral tablets, it is available in sublingual form. Consequently, it has a faster onset of action, making it a favorite of most “smart drug” enthusiasts. Modafil MD is produced by Intas Pharma, a reputable Indian-based pharmaceutical company. It comes in several doses: 100 mg and 200 mg.

It is worth noting that these Provigil alternatives are all generic versions of modafinil and, as a result, cost about 10X less. However, this does not mean they are less effective. Generic drugs are generally cheaper than their brand name counterparts because the manufacturer who makes such kind of pharmaceuticals spares the expense of research, development, and promotion of the medicine.

These alternatives are as safe and effective as Provigil, and they can be substituted for it. They may be an excellent option for anyone looking to obtain the benefits of “smart drugs” on a budget.

Where to Buy Provigil Drugs?

Provigil is available in local pharmacies. However, it can only be purchased with a prescription from a licensed physician practicing within the country due to its legal status.

Choose an Online Pharmacy

There’s also the option of buying Provigil alternatives from online vendors who sell products based out of countries like Singapore and India that do not classify them as prescription-only medications. Ordering online does not always require presenting a prescription. However, while many vendors sell such generic meds, it is worth noting that not all of them offer excellent services and quality products.

ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline are two online vendors that can be trusted for premium quality pills. They have been around for quite some time, and their reviews on trustworthy platforms like Trustpilot and Yotpo, among others, speak highly of them.

There are several other reliable online pharmacies where you can order a generic version of Provigil. However, it is advisable to carry out thorough research before patronizing any.

What Is the Cost of Provigil Pills?

The cost of Provigil may vary depending on where, how, and what version is purchased. On average, 30 tabs of the brand-name drug may cost anywhere from $722.99 to $1,878.78 at local pharmacies without insurance.

However, the out-of-pocket cost is considerably lower for the generic versions at reputable online pharmacies. A single tablet goes for as low as $2.99 instead of the average price of $10–30 per pill at brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Even lower prices can be achieved at certain online stores. For example, ModafinilXL and Afinil offer generic Provigil at as low as $0.79 per pill, depending on the number of tablets purchased. They also provide big discounts for bulk purchases. What’s more, by combining profitable offers such as free shipping on all orders worth $130 and a 20% discount on Bitcoin payments ModafinilXL provides, it may be possible to buy each tablet at $0.63.

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How Does Provigil Work?

Over the years, Provigil has proven highly-effective in boosting cognitive abilities and promoting wakefulness, and user reviews are proof of it. However, while there’s no doubt about its effectiveness, scientists aren’t exactly sure about how it really works. So far, it is believed to work by regulating the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are linked to waking/sleeping and cognition. The neurotransmitters include serotonin, histamine, dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid [3]

Provigil Dosage: Take Meds Correctly

Taking medications as prescribed is essential for treating any health condition with minimal risk of side effects [4]. The same is true for Provigil.

Can you snort the tablet? The answer is no. Although a dose might differ depending on the purpose of use, it should be taken by mouth. It can be taken with or without food but requires a substantial amount of water to push the tablet through the esophagus [5].

If the purpose of using Provigil is to treat OSA, shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), or narcolepsy, dosing can be started at 200 mg. However, the time of administration may vary based on which of these conditions is treated. For the treatment of narcolepsy and OSA, take a single dose early in the morning. On the other hand, consume a pill about an hour before starting the work shift if treatment is for SWSD.

Note that Provigil has a long half-life. Consequently, more than one dose should never be taken within 24 hours unless advised otherwise by a doctor. Taking more than the daily recommended dosage may lead to unwanted side effects.

Note that it is essential for anyone who uses Provigil to get a prescription, especially if it is needed to treat sleep disorders. Consult a doctor or healthcare provider if you’re not sure of how to get prescribed the drug.

Provigil Abuse: First Signs

Generally, when prescribed, the dose for Provigil is usually 200 mg to be taken only once per day. Consuming more than this amount may result in an overdose, and it is considered abuse.

Many of the symptoms that result from abusing Provigil are usually the same or very similar to its adverse effects. They include:

  • insomnia;
  • restlessness;
  • nervousness or anxiety;
  • involuntary shaking of a body part or muscle group;
  • diarrhea;
  • agitation;
  • confusion;
  • fast heartbeat;
  • nausea;
  • hallucinations.

There’s no telling what the first sign might be, as the effects may vary from person to person. However, the symptoms will likely start with restlessness, confusion, and then difficulty sleeping. Seek urgent medical attention if you take more than the daily recommended dose or experience any of these negative symptoms.

Side Effects of Provigil Medication

As with every other medication, Provigil may cause specific side effects. It is essential to understand them and how they may affect you before deciding to take medicine. The common ones include [6]:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • insomnia;
  • stomach upset;
  • dry mouth;
  • dizziness.

Although these adverse reactions often result during first-time use of the drug, not every user will experience them. What’s more, the pill’s effects may vary from user to user based on factors such as age, weight, sex, and a health condition.

Provigil is also capable of causing severe side effects such as the following:

  • hallucinations;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • confusion;
  • nervousness or anxiety;
  • involuntary shaking of a body part or muscle group;
  • suicidal thoughts.

These severe side effects rarely occur, and when they do, they’re mostly due to misuse or overdose of the medicine. Seek urgent medical attention if you experience any of these adverse effects or if the common ones persist.

What About Interactions with Other Drugs, Food, Alcohol?

Provigil may interact negatively with certain other drugs, food, and alcohol. Such interactions may alter the drug’s mechanism of action or increase the risk of complications. Learning of the meds or substances to keep off while taking Provigil will help reduce the chances of experiencing adverse effects.

Avoid taking the following medicines [7]:

  • hormonal products;
  • rifamycins like rifampin;
  • antibiotics including erythromycin;
  • opioids like methadone and hydrocodone;
  • antifungals like ketoconazole;
  • anticonvulsants such as carbamazepine;
  • antidepressants including clomipramine and citalopram;
  • beta-blockers such as propranolol;
  • blood thinners (e.g., warfarin).

Note that this is not an all-encompassing list of all the meds that interact with Provigil. Turn to the drug instruction manual and talk to a doctor for more detailed information.

Consultation with a Doctor

Provigil may change how other drugs work. It may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills, and this could cause pregnancy. It is also known to increase or decrease the time it takes for certain antidepressants, among other drugs, to leave the body. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting treatment with any other medicine while on it.

Although Provigil can be taken with or without food, certain kinds (e.g., fatty foods) may prolong the time it takes to start working in the body. Besides this, it does not alter the effectiveness of the medication [8].

Although there is currently no substantial literature on the possible effects of combining both substances, alcohol should be avoided. Some healthy “smart drug” enthusiasts who have mixed Provigil with alcohol have reported that it may cause blackouts. Avoid such a combination, as both substances have opposite effects on the neurotransmitters in the brain. What’s more, the adverse effects resulting from such a mix can be unpredictable [9].

Is Provigil Medication Addictive?

No, Provigil is not addictive. What’s more, there have been no reports from users concerning getting addicted. However, while literature from researchers backs up the claim that users are unlikely to get addicted, there is a possibility of psychological dependence. Dependence is often the cause of most cases of drug abuse. Consequently, it is advisable to use the medicine as prescribed to avoid abuse and unwanted complications.

Provigil Withdrawal: Important Symptoms

According to a study published in Neurology (2000;54:1166), Provigil does not cause any withdrawal symptoms after ceasing to take it. Over time, several other studies have been carried out to confirm this, but all have led to one conclusion: modafinil lacks withdrawal symptoms. The same conclusion was reached in a similar study performed by Dr. Paul Gross and his colleagues on 271 patients for 11 weeks [10].

However, a few modafinil users have reported feeling more tired than usual after the effect of the medication wears out. At this point, it is worth noting that different people respond to meds differently. Talk to a doctor if you experience any symptoms after the medicine’s effects wear out or after ceasing treatment with it.

Difference Between Provigil vs. Nuvigil

Provigil and Nuvigil belong to the same drug class commonly referred to as wakefulness-promoting agents. They are both effective in treating sleep disorders and enhancing cognitive abilities in healthy individuals. However, they have their differences.

Provigil holds the title of the “world’s first safe smart drug.” It was the first to be approved, and it contains modafinil as its active ingredient. Nuvigil, on the other hand, was developed and approved several years after Provigil. It consists of the active ingredient called armodafinil, which is the R-enantiomer of racemic modafinil. This simply means that its chemical structure varies just slightly compared to modafinil.

Nuvigil is about 1.33 times stronger than Provigil, and its effects last longer in the body. It may also pose a lower risk of side effects since it can be administered in lower doses due to its strength. However, both medicines still share similar adverse effects [11].

Although both drugs have never directly been compared, they appear to be similarly effective. Some nootropic lovers prefer Nuvigil to Provigil because of its longer-lasting effect; others find modafinil well-tolerated. In all, it boils down to personal choice and what works for you, as different people respond to medications differently, as stated above [12].

Compare Provigil vs. Adderall

Adderall is a trade name for the combination of two central nervous system stimulants: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Like Provigil, it is used for increasing focus and decreasing impulsivity by regulating the levels of different neurotransmitters in the brain [13]. However, while Adderall is specifically designed to treat ADHD, Provigil is only used off-label for this purpose.

Both meds are effective options approved by the FDA for treating narcolepsy, but Adderall has a high potential for being habit-forming. As a result, Provigil is considered a better treatment option, especially since it has a low potential for abuse. However, a healthcare professional is in the best position to determine the best treatment for any individual.

Another difference between both meds lies in the fact that Adderall can be picked up in a random drug test within 48 hours of consuming it [14]. In contrast, Provigil will only show up on the test if it is done to find it specifically. However, unless in sporting events, drug tests capable of spotting modafinil are hardly carried out. This is why most office executives prefer it to Adderall and similar stimulants.

Summing Up

Provigil is a safe and effective medication that is great for those looking to increase their productivity at work or school or eliminate excessive daytime sleepiness. It is an excellent choice compared to any other stimulant, as it is well-tolerated and non-habit-forming. However, to get the best out of it, it is vital to fully understand its mechanism of action, side effects, possible interactions, and how to take it correctly. Always consult a doctor before starting treatment with any drug.


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