Beginners Guide to Vilafinil

Generic drugs are common and have become an important part of the pharmaceutical industry. After legal patents preventing the manufacture of generic versions of drugs expires, other pharmaceutical companies can step up to the plate to try and produce their own versions.

Some, are much better than others.

One such company, Centurion Laboratories, decided to take a stab at the Modafinil market, producing their own version of the Brand name product, Provigil. They called their product Vilafinil.

Are they a reputable company/ how does Vilafinil compare to other generic Modafinil versions? Should you buy some? What’s the best place to buy Modafinil? 

We answer all of these questions and more.


The Afinil Family of Drugs

There are a few members of the Afinil family, but the most important ones are Modafinil (Modalert, Modvigil, and Provigil), Adrafinil (Olmifon), and Armodafinil (Waklert, Artvigil, and Nuvigil).

Adrafinil was the first to be discovered.

It was discovered by Louis Lafon Laboratories in France, but quickly peaked the interest of large players in the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason it was so interesting was because it was comparable in its effects to many of the blockbuster ADD/ADHD medications used at the time but came with far fewer side effects.

The most common medications used to treat ADD/ADHD were amphetamines (Adderall), and methylphenidate (Ritalin & Concerta). Both of these medication classes often produced profound neurological side effects, including paranoia, hallucinations, social anxiety, and other psychiatric concerns.

Adrafinil seemed to produce none of these effects in early testing.

It was quickly discovered that once Adrafinil entered the body, it was metabolized into two compounds; modafilic acid and modafinil.

Modafilic acid is inactive and is eventually excreted from the body through the kidneys. Modafinil, on the other hand, was shown to remain active in the bloodstream.

It was determined that it was more efficient to use the active metabolite, Modafinil, directly because it avoids having half of each dose rendered useless by liver metabolism.

Most of the research from this point on has been around the use of Modafinil rather than Adrafinil.

The third type of Afinil available is Armodafinil. This version is the same as Modafinil but is a specific enantiomer of the compound (R-Modafinil). It has a slightly stronger effect overall and is given at a dose 25% smaller than Modafinil.

What Is Vilafinil?

The original creator of Modafinil, Lafon Labs, was bought out by Cephalin Inc for an incredible $450 million. They were bought specifically to gain control over Modafinil, which they called Provigil.

The company secured patents for the drug, as well as FDA approval and began selling it worldwide for the treatment of ADD/ADHD and narcolepsy.

In 2010, after the patent expired, the compound was opened up to the world stage. Many pharmaceutical companies came out with their own generic version of the drug, offered at much lower prices than the brand name product.

One of these manufacturers was an Indian company called Centurion Laboratories. They called their product Vilafinil.

Although this version of Modafinil is the same chemical as the original, the fillers used and the ratio of enantiomers are slightly different, giving it subtle differences in its effects overall.

Vilafinil competes with other generics in terms of price, effect profile, availability, and reputation.

The Best Place To Buy Modafinil Online

There are many online resellers for Modafinil, but few that are of good quality. The market is saturated with vendors offering poor quality products, excessive wait times, or are downright scams.  For this reason, we’ve done a lot of research and made several articles discussing some of the best online vendors, and the worst.

We use a lot of Modafinil and feel that quality is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we source all of our Modafinil from because we believe that their commitment to quality alines the best with our own value for quality. They offer competitive pricing, have excellent customer service, and guarantee delivery to most countries. 

If paying with cryptocurrencies they provide additional benefits but take credit card payments as well. This is rare for Modafinil vendors to do this, and is an excellent sign of legitimacy in the industry. 

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Vilafinil vs Modalert

Waklert is Sun Pharmaceuticals generic version of the drug. They are also an Indian-based pharmaceutical company, which has distinct advantages over manufacturers based out of other parts of the world.

1. Cost

On average, Vilafinil online costs about $90 USD for 60 tablets. This works out to about $1.50 per tablet. If they’re purchased in bulk, the cost becomes even cheaper.

With an order of 500 tablets, you will pay roughly $350, making the cost per tablet around $0.70.

The cost of Vilafinil is comparable to other generic versions. In the smallest order sizes (50 tablets) there’s only a $6 difference between Vilafinil and Modalert. Compared to Modvigil, it’s slightly more expensive, costing users an average of $10 more for an order consisting of 50 pills.

The largest order quantity (500) Modalert and Vilafinil are the same cost, while Modvigil runs its users about $20 more.

Compared to Provigil, the brand name product, all of these products offer massive savings.

An order of 50 Provigil tablets can cost between $2340 and $2500.

It’s not possible to buy quantities of 500 pills of Provigil due to the schedule 4 status of the medication in the United States, UK and Australia.


2. Effect Profile

There are some conflicting reports of Vilafinils effect profile. Many report that it’s comparable to Provigil, Modalert, and Modvigil, others suggest it as a weaker alternative.

In our experience, Vilafinil is slightly weaker than Modalert and Provigil, and roughly the same as Modvigil in its strength.

3. Company Reputation

Centurion Lbs is not well-known for their reputability. In fact, there are plenty of sources online highlighting issues with many of Centurion Laboratories major products.

Like this one from reporting inactive Cenforce 100, a generic version of Viagra.

Another (similar) product, called Tadalafil, which is a generic version of Cialis, has a number of bad reviews warning people to stay away from the product and the company.

They’ve had other quality control issues in the past, like the 2017 product recall they made due to a contamination of the pathogenic bacterial species, Burkholderia cepacia, in some of their cold/flu medications.


4. Availability

Vilafinil is manufactured and distributed out of India.

This makes it far easier to ship Modafinil around the world because the drug isn’t considered prescription-only in India. This means that these companies can sell their products to anybody, anywhere in the world legally.

Most online sources of Modafinil get their products from India.

That said, Vilafinil is not commonly carried by online Modafinil resellers.

In fact, the drug is not popular at all outside of India.

There are a few reasons for this, including quality control issues, and common side effects associated with this particular drug (more on this below).


Alternative Options For Vilafinil

Vilafinil is just one of several generic versions of Modafinil.

How Vilafinil Compares With Other Manufacturers:

Vilafinil (Centurion Laboratories) Modalert (Sun Pharmaceuticals) Modvigil (HAB Pharmaceuticals) Provigil (Cephalon Inc.)
Cost (200mg Tablet) $0.70-$1.50 $0.70-$1.60 $0.74-$1.30 $30-$50
Effect profile Medium strength High strength Medium Strength High Strength
Company Reputability Substandard High Medium High
Availability Hard to find with and without prescription Easy to find without prescription Easy to find without prescription Prescription only


Why We Don’t Like Vilafinil

1. The Manufacturer Has A Bad Track Record

Vilafinil is slightly cheaper than the competition but comes with the risk of quality control issues.

Although low cost is important, quality is also important. There are varying opinions online on forums like Reddit, LongeCity, and Bulletproof, but the general consensus is that Vilafinil is a poor quality product.

Other reports question who actually makes the medication. The packaging of Vilafinil seems legit, bit when you open the packet you can find the words “200mg Modafinil BP” stamped on the back of the tablets.

It’s also evident that Modaheal (another generic version of Modafinil) and Vilafinil are actually the same exact tablet. It’s likely that both of these products are produced in the same labs but packaged under different names.

Overall, there are numerous bad reviews on both the company and their product in online forums and review websites. This is most likely the reason why it’s uncommon to find an online Modafinil reseller offering this particular medication.


2. It’s Known to Cause “Skull Bludgeoning” Headaches

There are many reports of negative side effects from Vilafinil. One user on the forums reported his experience with Vilafinil involving what he described as “skull bludgeoning migraines”.

We’ve also experienced a milder form of these Vilafinil headaches, even within the recommended 200mg dosage.


The Best Alternatives To Vilafinil

There are many generic versions available made by various pharmaceutical companies.

The best options are Modalert and Modvigil.

The reason why these versions are better, despite containing the same active ingredient, is that these pills are more reliable in their effects, widely available, and are offered in the same price range as Vilafinil.

These 2 products are well tested within the nootropic community. This contrasts the general lack of reviews or information on Vilafinil online.

Where To Buy Them

Both Modalert and Modvigil are available from online Modafinil resellers like without a prescription. also offers Modafinil’s brother compound, Armodafinil, which has a slightly stronger effects and stays active longer. also offers a variety of discounts, including a 20% discount for users paying with Bitcoin, as well as a 10% discount for returning customers (using the order ID from their last order).

With all discount options applied, the cost of Modafinil can be reduced by 30%, down to between 50 cents and a dollar per tablet.

Buy Modafinil now.



Modafinil can be a great tool to get through a tough project or stay awake and alert during late night shifts at work. For these reasons and more, we’ve seen massive growth in the interest in Modafinil outside of the prescribed uses (ADHD and narcolepsy).

As with any medication, significant cost savings can be found by buying generic versions of the medication online.

With these savings, however, comes a risk in the quality of the product, especially with versions that are not well known or are lacking quality user reviews online.

We recommend staying away from Vilafinil due to some quality control issues experienced by the company that manufactures it in recent years.

Instead, try the well-known and well-tested Modalert by Sun Pharmaceuticals, or Modvigil by HAB Pharmaceuticals. You can find both at competitive prices at No prescription necessary.

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