Beginners Guide to Modafresh

There are now over 20 different generic versions of Modafinil worldwide. Most of them are very similar to the original brand name version, Provigil®.

In fact, they need to be in order to qualify as a generic medication.

Despite these rules, generic versions of Modafinil often have very different strengths, duration of effects, and overall quality from each other.

One of the newest additions to the generic Modafinil world is Modafresh. These tiny, unmarked pills are so new, in fact, there are almost no user reviews, and even large nootropic blogs don’t have a post on Modafresh online.

Here, we discuss what we know about Modafresh, investigate the company that manufactures it, and discuss alternative options for sourcing Modafinil online.

What Is Modafresh?

Modafresh is a newer generic version of Modafinil to the market. They come as unmarked, round tablets, containing 100 mg or 200 mg doses of the active constituents, D- and L-Modafinil (more commonly referred to as S- and R- Modafinil).

In order for a medication to classify as a generic medication, Modafresh must contain the same doses as the original and in the same form. The only thing that tends to change is the types and amounts of fillers used in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, the effect profile of Modafresh should be the same as the brand name version, Provigil® by Cephalon Inc.


The Effect Profile Of Modafresh

User reviews on this generic drug are hard to find. This is likely due to the fact that it’s so new to the market.

Most online reviews that we were able to find (there aren’t many at all and most are not reputable review sources), suggest it’s similar to Modvigil in strength.

This would place it on the weaker side of the spectrum compared to other popular options like Modalert or Armodafinil generics like Artvigil and Waklert.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, many users like this Reddit user prefer Modvigil and Modafresh. Everyone reacts differently to Modafinil, and some find the lower intensity options more effective.


The Benefits of Modafresh

Modafinil is prescribed by doctors for treating sleeping conditions like narcolepsy (a condition that causes those affected to suddenly go from a waking state to deep sleep), sleep apnea, excessive fatigue, or side effects of shift work.

Doctors also prescribe Modafinil for people suffering from ADD/ADHD due to its ability to improve concentration and focus.

Outside of this prescribed use, Modafinil is used to improve productivity at work or school. It’s especially useful for long, enduring period of work, or when performing repetitive tasks.

It essentially forces the user into an alerted, wakeful flow state. It’s even been described in the New York Times as a “nap in a pill” for its ability to restore wakefulness.

The Problem With Buying Modafinil

Most countries categorize Modafinil as “prescription only” (schedule 4). This makes it difficult for people not suffering from the conditions outlined above to gain the benefits Modafinil has to offer.

In addition, many pharmacies only stock Provigil®, which can cost users as much as $1500 per month for a subscription.

The solution to both of these problems is to buy these medications online.

Online resellers offer prescription-free Modafinil at a fraction of the cost!

This works because the laws only prevent companies from SELLING Modafinil to people without a doctor’s prescription. It isn’t illegal to own these medications.

Other countries, namely India, don’t have these laws, allowing manufacturers and resellers to offer significantly cheaper generic versions of Modafinil online to anybody with or without a prescription.

Our Favorite Modafinil Vendor

Buying Modafinil online is simple with reputable companies like 

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Who Makes Modafresh? Are They Reputable?

Modafresh is made by the American pharmaceutical company, Sunrise Pharmaceuticals.

They specialize in ANDA category (generic) medications and contract manufacturing. They are very similar in their structure to another popular generic manufacturer, HAB Pharmaceuticals.

HAB Pharma is especially well known in the Modafinil space for their Modvigil and Modawake versions of Modafinil, as well as Artvigil, and R-Modawake versions of Armodafinil.

Sunrise pharmaceuticals are relatively new to the scene.

Their website shows that their first generic medication was approved back in 2014, which were later launched in 2015. They boast a robust pipeline of future generic drugs are on the horizon in the near future.

Bloomberg lists Sunrise Pharmaceuticals as a Privately held company. Other generic modafinil products, like Modalert by Sun Pharmaceuticals are manufactured by publicly held corporations.

This may seem like a subtle difference, but there is an important distinction between these two classifications of companies when shopping for generic medications.


The Difference Between Private And Public Drug Companies

The main difference between the two types of companies involves how the companies stocks (shares) are distributed.

A private company has a relatively small number of shareholders and doesn’t offer trade in its stock (shares) to the general public. Stocks are generally purchased through the stock market and serve as a fractional ownership of the company, however, private companies stocks are exchanged privately.

A public company is a company with publicly traded stock options that can be purchased through the stock market. It’s referred to as public because ownership is distributed amongst the general public through ownership of these stocks.

Being privately traded doesn’t necessarily mean the company is small. In fact, some of the largest companies in the world are privately listed.

Lego, Ernst & Young, IKEA, and Rolex are all examples of large privately listed companies.


The Downsides of Private Companies

There are some obvious and some less obvious downsides to privately traded companies as a consumer. As a consumer of Modafinil from these companies, it’s important to understand what these downsides may be to determine if you should buy their products or not.


1. They Often Have Poor Transparency

Private companies don’t need to disclose much information to the public. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it easier to hide information from their customers. When it comes to pharmaceutical companies producing psychoactive drugs like Modafresh, it’s important that the company is transparent and trustworthy.

Due to the shared ownership of Public companies, they tend to offer much better transparency.

Media and financial analysts have access to much more information about the company.

In fact, they’re legally bound to provide this type of information, which includes information not volunteered by public companies like yearly and quarterly profits.

For example, you can view Sun Pharmaceuticals revenue history publically on their website.


2. They Lack Vested Interest From The Public

Companies with public ownership tend to be more popular due to the role they play in public investor portfolios.

The ability to acquire partial ownership of these companies by many different people generally improves the interest in the companies’ success among the public. Support for these companies also tends to increase as a result of this shared ownership.


3. They Tend To Be Much Smaller Than Publicly Held Companies

As of 2017, the largest privately held pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim, was ranked number 17 on the list of the richest pharmaceutical companies by revenue. The 16 above it are all publicly held companies.

Most private pharmaceutical companies are very small compared to their public counterparts.


4. Less Regulation Involved With Manufacturing

This is without a doubt the most relevant when it comes to Modafinil manufacturers.

Publicly held companies are subject to a much greater level of scrutiny when it comes to manufacturing pharmaceuticals due to their transparent nature.

Any public breaches in quality, manufacturing, or management in these companies would cause major headaches for investors. This gives extra incentive for public companies to remain ethical.

Privately held companies can get away with a lot more in terms of negative press or quality control issues.

This is not ideal when the drugs they produce act directly on the sensitive tissues of the brain.


What This Means For Modafinil Users

When it comes to something as sensitive as pharmaceutical medications, we much prefer to purchase from companies with widespread ownership, have highly scrutinised quality control and manufacturing regulations, and legal obligations to provide transparency.

It’s also beneficial to be larger in size. This offers better access to the top scientists, researchers, and subsidiary research and testing companies that contribute to better quality drugs.

Modafresh has none of this going for it.


Final Thoughts On Modafresh

Modafresh is a newer generic version of Modafinil to join the market.

Although there aren’t many reviews, the majority of user reviews on websites like LongeCity or Reddit suggest its effect profile is closer to Modvigil. This suggests it’s slightly less intense than the 200 mg Modalert.

The company that manufactures Modafresh, Sunrise Pharmaceuticals has only recently stepped into the generic medications industry. They’re a smaller, privately held pharmaceutical company, which comes with a handful of downsides.

These types of companies generally lack the transparency, resources, and quality control standards inherent to public companies like Sun Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Teva, INTAS, Bayer, or Sanofi.

We’ll stick with Modalert and Modvigil for now for these reasons.

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Modafresh Alternatives

Due to the lack of information on the effects and quality of Modafresh, we recommend going with one of the more well-known options on the market.

Both Modalert, and Modvigil are popular around the world. They’re well tested and have great efficacy.

For those looking for a generic Modafinil with the strongest effects, we recommend Modalert. For something slightly milder, we recommend either taking a half dose of Modalert or going with Modvigil.

If you’re looking for something as strong as possible, we recommend Armodafinil, instead of Modafinil. Products like Waklert or Artvigil are the best Armodafinil generics. They generally have a higher potency than Modafinil, even in the relatively smaller 150 mg dose.

We recommend buying your next supply of Modafinil from for several reasons.

They offer the most popular and reliable sources of Modafinil currently on the market at affordable prices, with convenient payment options, and free shipping. They will even guarantee delivery to most countries (sorry, Canada).

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