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Where to Buy Modafinil in Spain in 2024

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Modafinil is a rising trend in Spain. The popular nootropic medication is used off-label to increase vigilance and productivity for students, entrepreneurs, factory workers, and creatives.

The drug delays the onset of fatigue and keeps us focused and motivated on work for hours on end.

The medication has clear benefits, but can be difficult to get in Spain if you’re not sure where to look.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying modafinil in Spain. We’ll provide a few of our favorite sources, and give you tips on how you can get discounts on your orders.

Is Modafinil Legal in Spain?

Modafinil is perfectly legal to purchase in Spain — if you have a valid prescription.

Spain is a member of the European Union (EU) — which means they share many of the same regulatory agencies as other European countries. The European Medicine Agency (EMA) is responsible for setting and regulating the laws around pharmaceutical medicine sales in Spain and most of Europe.

The EMA released a statement in 2007 following a review of modafinil. They concluded that the benefits of modafinil outweigh its negatives — which is their way of saying the medication is effective and safe but comes with some side-effects.

They decided to list the medication as a prescription-only medication. This law remains the same today as it was in 2007, but is poorly enforced in Spain.

There are plenty of pharmacies in Spain selling modafinil over the counter even though this is technically not legal.

The Problem With Buying Modafinil from Pharmacies in Spain

Although it’s possible to find modafinil for sale without a prescription in Spain, there are some problems with this.

The first problem is that these pharmacies are very hard to find.

You can’t walk into any pharmacy and expect to find the medication available — most will ask you to provide a prescription for the medication. If you have one for an approved condition such as narcolepsy, then this won’t be a problem.

However, most people looking for modafinil want the medication for its productivity-enhancing effects instead — which is not an approved reason for a doctor to write a prescription for modafinil.

The second problem with buying modafinil at the pharmacy is the price.

There are generic and brand name versions of the drug, just like there are designer name versions of clothing and generic clothing options.

The same rules apply to medications in this way as it does for clothing. While they’re virtually the same product, you’re paying the premium price for the name of the brand.

Generic modafinil tablets can cost up to 90% less than the equivalent brand name tablet.

Why You Should Order Modafinil Online if You Live in Spain

Ordering modafinil online is the easiest and most cost-effective option.

Ordering online allows you to find the best prices for modafinil tablets because vendors are competing all around the world for the lowest prices. Generic modafinil tablets cost between 1.49 € and 2.59 €. The average price per tablet is around 2.00 € for small orders, and 1.49 € for larger orders containing 110 – 300 tablets.

Compare this to brand names like Provigil which usually cost around 5.00 € each.

Brand Name vs. Generic Prices per Month & Year

  Per Tablet Per Month (30 Tablets) Per Year (365 Tablets)
Brand Name 5.00 € 150.00 € 1825.00 €
Small Order Generic Modafinil 2.59 € 77.70 € 945.35 €
Large Order Generic Modafinil 1.49 € 44.70 € 543.85 €

The difference between brand name tablets to generic can go all the way up to 86% in savings when ordering large orders (110-300 tablets) of generic modafinil.

Let’s break the price down more accurately now.

Cost Breakdown of Generic Modafinil

(Generic modafinil prices listed are taken from Eufinil, former

  Manufacturer Generic or Brand Name Cost per Tablet Bulk Modafinil Cost (110 Pills or More)
Modalert Sun Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 € 1.49 €
Modvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 € 1.49 €
Artvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 € 1.49 €
Waklert Sun Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 € 1.49 €

How to Order Modafinil in Spain

Modafinil can be ordered online using websites like ModafinilXL (recommended, 3-5 days via Deutsche Post), BuyModafinilOnline (recommended, 4-7 days via Deutsche Post),, or Free Modafinil.

ModafinilXL is our top recommended modafinil supplier in Spain. These guys ship packages from within Europe to avoid customs checks. They also accept a variety of cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH, as well as SEPA transfers from your bank (proceed to the checkout page to see all available payment methods). Fast dispatch with guaranteed delivery and tracking number – that’s all you need when you order modafinil in Madrid or Barcelona. Right?

The other two websites operate just like any other online shop. They each offer a variety of options to choose from and will accept your credit card as payment. The order will then be shipped directly to your home or PO box.

Most online modafinil vendors will display values and collect credit card charges in US dollar equivalents. Unfortunately, Eufinil doesn’t accept credit card or PayPal due to credit card processing restrictions. 

 Which Type of Modafinil Should I Order?

Most modafinil vendors will offer a few different products to choose from.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular modafinil options:

  1. Modalert — This is the most popular generic modafinil option.
  2. Modvigil — This is generally the cheapest generic modafinil option and tends to be slightly milder in its effects.
  3. Vilafinil — This is one of the lesser-known generic options, priced similarly to Modvigil. *
  4. Waklert — This is a slightly stronger form of modafinil (armodafinil). Armodafinil in generally costs slightly more than modafinil and has more intense, but shorter-lasting effects.
  5. Artvigil — This is also a generic armodafinil. It’s very similar in its effects to Waklert. *

* These products are available only through a mail forwarding service from the UK.

Why Do Modafinil Vendors Offer Discounts When Paying With Bitcoin?

Most online modafinil retailers will offer discounts ranging from 10% – 20% off the total cost of your order when you choose to pay with Bitcoin.

The reason these discounts exist is due to the high processing fees credit card companies charge online pharmacies. By you choose to pay with Bitcoin, the retailer doesn’t need to pay expensive fees with every purchase. They pass on the money they save by not paying these fees back to the customer in the form of a discount.

What if the Vendor Won’t Ship Directly to Spain?

Not all modafinil vendors ship to every country. Some will list specific countries they won’t ship to. Usually, the reason they say they won’t ship to a particular country is due to difficulties they may have had in the past with customs for that country.

Modafinil may be confiscated if border officials open the package and can’t find a copy of the prescription. This is very rare, but it can happen.

Most online vendors will replace the order if it’s stopped at the border. If this happens frequently, the company may choose to avoid shipping to this country again in the future to avoid having to replace orders.

The first thing to try if a vendor won’t ship to Spain is to simply try another vendor.

At the time of writing, all three of the vendors listed above WILL ship to Spain.

The second option is to use a mail forwarding service like Skypax to redirect shipments through the UK — which are notoriously lenient on pharmaceutical shipments coming through the mail.

Can Spanish Border Officials Confiscate My Modafinil Order?

Modafinil can be held at the border if border officials identify the drug as being a prescription-only medication and don’t find a copy of the customers prescription inside the package.

However, this is rarely the case — border security has proven to be very relaxed on the importation of modafinil into Spain. Many frequent users in Spain have reported no trouble with their modafinil orders traveling to their address in Spain.

Not all medications carry the same concern from the Spanish government. Modafinil is fairly low on that list as it’s not frequently a drug of abuse (like opioids or benzodiazepines), and it’s not considered a high-risk drug in terms of side-effects or complications either.

This is the likely reason why Spanish border officials aren’t appearing to be spending much of their effort cracking down on modafinil.

What Happens If My Package Is Stopped at the Spanish Border?

In the event that your order is confiscated, a letter will be sent to your address asking for you to submit a prescription to release the package. No further action is taken. If you submit a prescription, they’ll release the shipment so it can complete its journey to your final address.

If you don’t submit a prescription, it will either be sent back to the sender or destroyed if no return address was provided.

Most online modafinil vendors will protect their users from this unlikely event by offering a 100% delivery guarantee.

Here’s How the Delivery Guarantee Usually Works:

Most companies will send your package with a tracking number. You can follow your package as it travels from its source (usually India) and takes a pitstop in either Singapore or the United Kingdom before arriving safely at your final address in Spain.

If your package is stuck at any of these borders, you can send a note to the seller informing them of the situation.

Some vendors will even take this step for you and have dedicated staff monitoring packages to identify any problems. If they find that your package is stuck in one place for too long, they will contact you to work out a solution (either a refund or reshipment depending on the vendor).

Key Takeaways: Modafinil in Spain

Modafinil is popular among students, CEOs, and professionals in many industries. Most off-label use of the medication is to boost productivity and enhance focus at work or school.

In Spain, modafinil is considered a prescription-only medicine. This is not well-enforced, as a lot of pharmacies are selling the drug over the counter anyway.

Pharmaceuticals selling modafinil over the counter are hard to find and the best option is to simply order the drug online and have it delivered.

Online sources of modafinil are cheaper and don’t require a prescription. If you choose to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can save between 10% and 20% off the total of your order.

If you’re a regular user, you can also take advantage of returning customer discounts as well, which can be as much as 10% more of the total of your order.

Whenever trying modafinil for the first time, it’s recommended that you first speak with your doctor.

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