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Modafinil and Sex Drive: What Should You Expect?

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Modafinil and Sex Quick Take: 

  • Overall, there hasn’t been a ton of research on the sexual side effects of modafinil. Many users on Reddit as well as most young, healthy users find modafinil hurts erection quality after taking modafinil. However, these effects are not seen as long-term in most cases. 
  • Other users, especially female modafinil users, have reported the opposite effects and it seems modafinil could increase sex drive in women. So, men and women will react differently to the smart drug, especially from a sexual standpoint. It’s too early to tell, but anecdotal evidence points to modafinil potentially causing hypersexuality in rare instances. 
  • From my personal point of view, the smart drug is not beneficial for men from a sexual standpoint so you may need some boost if you’re taking modafinil on a regular basis. And ModafinilXL got something special for our male readers.

Talks about modafinil pills are common in most workplaces. Go to Silicon Valley – the “tech hub,” and you’ll get amazing revelations on how executives, top professionals as well as workers are using modafinil for only one reason – to boost their cognitive performance.

Modafinil and Sex DriveThe side effects are minor. You’ll hear of headache, back pain, dizziness, nausea, stuffy nose, diarrhea, insomnia, or upset stomach, among others. But there is nothing mentioned about sex-related side effects.

We are keen on understanding how our health responds to a certain drug. You know of medical lab tests, particularly in rats. With curiosity, most people try to understand the side effects of modafinil based on lab outcomes. But still, the question remains. What does modafinil do to our sex drive?

Here is the scope of what you need to know.

Modafinil and Sex

With limited information on how modafinil and sex relate to each other and its consequences, this topic is common and widely discussed online. Google anything that relates to sex and modafinil, and you get lots of people with mixed opinions discussing the same.

Does modafinil ruin sex or not? What are the serious consequences? What does research say about it? Does this med increase libido? Whatever the results you get, one is clear: modafinil has mixed reactions when it comes to sex. While this drug has limited research on sex, there are still some important aspects every patient should consider.

Is It Safe?

The safety of medication vehemently depends on your overall health condition as well as adherence to medication. Modafinil is the safest smart drug that comes with fewer side effects that fade away after some time with continual use.

The safety of modafinil on sex is not yet contraindicated. But testimonials and reviews show that this med has some benefits as well as drawbacks. The truth is that some individuals experience a change in their sexual behavior.

But modafinil is safe. It has no life-threatening experiences. The best way to stay safe on this drug while engaging in sex is to understand the effects of modafinil and your sex drive. This is not a direct side effect.

If it’s a threat to your sex life, health assessment to diagnose the problem, and help from a medical specialist is needed. Drug adjustment and other beneficial recommendations may be in order.

Does Modafinil Decrease Sex Desires?

Sexy CoupleOverall, most people do not experience any problems with their sexual desires when they are on modafinil. But negative effects, as well as benefits, cannot be ruled out.

In some men, consistent use of modafinil can cause a temporary erectile dysfunction (ED), while some report this med is as a remedy to their PE (it increases and prolongs sex desire). Likewise, a number of women report that their sexual desire is increased while on this drug. This is another benefit to most women. It makes them more active and able to enjoy sexual activities.

To most people, especially women, rectifying their sexual desire to normal involves a decrease in dose strength either to 100 mg or 50 mg of modafinil.

My personal experience: 3 days after the start of taking modafinil, both my and her sexual desire increased. Before the treatment, her sexual intercourse frequency was 3-6 times per months and after this treatment she wanted sex almost every day. She has continual thoughts about sexuality. I was taking modafinil together with Cialis daily (5mg) when needed to experience hypersexuality and to get hard faster.

Possible Problems with Sex on Modafinil

While it’s an added benefit to boost sex drive in women, some men find themselves in trouble after using this drug, while others find it as a boost to their libido.

Either case, modafinil should only be used as needed if taken as an off-label medication, particularly for cognitive function experiences. Here is detailed info on the problems modafinil can contribute to sexually related activities.


While modafinil is a highly potent drug to stimulate the mind and boost cognitive functions, chances of hypersexuality can occur. When under modafinil, obsession with sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviors may be highly increased.

Hypersexuality often happens when an individual is using higher doses that are beyond the maximum recommended 400 mg per day. One case of this incident is a man who increased his dose to 800–1000 mg on a daily basis due to drug dependency (which can also be an addiction) [1]. He was treating bipolar affective disorder, but the effects of this dosage led to symptoms related to hypersexuality.

Increasing the dosage didn’t make changes to his moods but resulted in a change in his sexual behavior. He would develop spontaneous erections and feel excited even on seeing any women nearby, and the frequency of his masturbation increased to 10–12 times per day.

Sexy CoupleThe effects of getting hypersexuality may be related to the modafinil increase in dopamine concentration in the brain areas linked with reward pathways. Oftentimes, this may promote risky decision making including signs of hypersexuality.

Modafinil can increase sex drive in women. Can this make for a better orgasm during sexual activity? That’s so important for girls during sexual intercourse. There’s is a report of a woman with idiopathic hypersomnia who used modafinil 200 mg daily to treat her condition [2]. Within two weeks after the start of medication, she began to develop increased sexual desires – having continual thoughts about it and wanting coitus every day.

After decreasing modafinil treatment to 100 mg/day and then 50 mg/day, her sexual desire returned to normal.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a problem men don’t want to experience while under this medication. As the use of modafinil increases, more people are coming out with various but rare side effects on their sex drive. Sometimes, this pill kills their sex drive. It is even strange as there is no mention of sexual abnormalities while under modafinil. Some side effects of taking a certain med can be permanent, while others last only for the time you are under medication.

For example, a man replying to a thread in Reddit informs his Redditors about the experience of becoming “painfully aware” of his own penis and “thought about it for several hours” after taking modafinil [3]. On the other side, most men are touting this smart drug as “magic in a bottle,” leading to an increase in sex drive.

Erectile DysfunctionAs a fact, no drug works the same for every individual who takes it. Even dosage adjustment can have a major impact on how medication responds to treatment.

In another case, a man took 50 mg of modafinil and later increased the dosage to 100 mg/day. His experience with the quality of penile erection was lower than usual. He had no morning moods as he always had. Furthermore, he also experienced mild pelvic pain right above his genitals and mild pain in one of his testicles [4].

Or this 20-year-old man, who normally have intermittent fasting, took 100 mg and later 200 mg and achieved no beneficial impact of this drug [5]. But what the consequences? He found it pretty difficult to get and hold an erection. After changing his eating habits to normal, his sex drive improved but not as it used to be. Could a diet be a factor to ED while on modafinil?

According to NetDoctor, decreasing sex drive and erection quality is a disturbing side effect of modafinil that affects a few people. In most instances, it enhances erection and stamina, yielding to a wild boost in libido. This experience is more prevalent. But it has also been shown to decrease one’s mojo.

The solution to this is to consult with a medical specialist to perform a thorough health assessment. You should also report any medical history you’ve ever had.

Premature Ejaculation

The administration of d-modafinil (d-isomer) can extend the latency to ejaculation in rats without suppressing sexual behavior [6]. This is also true about a man with lifelong PE using this smart drug. After taking the medication for two weeks, he reported a considerable improvement in his PE while being tolerated to the treatment.

On-demand d-modafinil could be an effective remedy for men with lifelong PE. This is beneficial to individuals in extending intercourse as it delays ejaculation. That’s the “wonder” of this drug. While it causes unfavorable side effects (of hindering erections) in some men, it drastically extends the time to perform sexual intercourse in others.

What Are Positive Effects?

Taking modafinil has several benefits. It’s a highly potent cognitive enhancer and wakefulness-promoting agent. Its side effects are minimal and well-tolerated as compared to other drugs in its class. That’s why it’s not surprising that this med is extensively used in the military, by astronauts, professionals from corporate and tech fields, doctors, and students.

Enhanced Sexual ExperienceAlthough negative effects can exist as aforementioned, the positive effects of these tabs in regards to sexual drive are impressive. To women, increased sex drive is beneficial. Most men experience improvement in lifelong PE – delayed ejaculation leading to prolonged sexual activity.

For better modafinil performance, you should learn how to control it. If you are using this drug to gain something, put yourself into it. Don’t let other distractions affect its intended purpose, as it might contribute to other downsides such as mentioned above.

Other positive effects include enhanced sexual experience due to the extra focus this drug offers. It’s easy to find yourself at the moment and focus on the pleasures of sex. With improved stamina, most men don’t have difficulty in extending their lovemaking abilities a little longer. This should come naturally after taking this smart drug. But in rare cases, modafinil can hinder sex drive in males.

Whether to Take Modafinil Before Sex?

The outcome of modafinil and sex drive varies from person to person. And taking modafinil either before or after sex is a personal experience. This drug has mixed reactions when it comes to ED, PE, and hypersexuality.

For men who are likely to experience ED, eating well and decreasing the dosage are recommended. In some instances, if this drug contributes to your impotence, you should refrain from using – only if you are using it for cognitive performances; otherwise, a doctor should recommend the right prescription that best benefits your health.

Overall, the decision to administer this med prior to or after sex largely depends on your health, adherence to medication and other factors. Your medical specialist should give you detailed info on safe medication after an in-depth health analysis. A focus on sexual pleasure while on modafinil plays a major role in boosting sexual activity.


Modafinil is known to be the safest smart drug with very few but minor side effects. Although there is no mention of the effects of modafinil on sexual drive, more reports are coming in and research is still ongoing.

ModafinilWhether this potent smart drug enhances your cognitive power, focus, and wakefulness as intended or gets extra step and boost or impair your sexual drive, this medication is only approved as a prescription for sleep disorders and its related problems. Don’t take it as a PE remedy.

Modafinil can affect sexual drive positively or negatively. Some of these effects result from taking higher doses. If you find that ED occurs after administering this med, try to reduce the dosage to 100 mg or 50 mg/day and track the changes. Also, pay attention to tolerance.

Although these problems affect only a small percentage of people, it’s a very serious matter and demands more attention. The side effects that influence sexual drive can be permanent.

As a tip, eat well, drink water, and have a plan. And the best way to achieve better performance is to take this drug and get started on the task before the effects kick. Don’t wait until they arise. It won’t work, and it may find you focused on other things, and the effects cannot be fathomed.

We advise you to buy modafinil from trusted online suppliers who value their reputation and offer you safe smart drugs … Beware of scams!

And remember – mixing drugs can be dangerous. Adherence to prescription is paramount.


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