ModafinilCat Shut Down: #1 Legit Supplier Alternative

ModafinilCat was one of the biggest suppliers of Modafinil online. Recently they closed their doors, offering recommendations to alternatives, and a closing note ending “with Love” to their loyal customer base.

The online nootropics market is tough as it is. Modafinil offers additional challenges as a schedule 4 prescription only medication. Many companies have struggled to stay afloat in the Modafinil space.

What caused ModafinilCat to shut down? What’s the best legit supplier alternative for ModafinilCat online?

Find Modafinil Online.


Who Was ModafnilCat?

ModafinilCat was an online, international reseller of Modafinil from a number of different manufacturers. They referred to themselves as “fast and fluffy”, offering free international shipments, re-shipping support for seized packages, and excellent customer service overall.

They were well discussed in the nootropics forums for their unique character and top-notch customer service.



Beware Of The Modafinil Cat Fakes

In light of their closure, internet scammers have taken to the scene to create fake Modafinil Cat websites. There is no doubt that many of these websites are scams.

On one such website, the about us page lists the location as Cat Island in the Bahamas.

This was also listed on the official website while it was live.   

The fake site provides a picture of their support staff… “Catty perry”, amid spelling errors. On the top of the page it advertises “Real People, Real Support”… oh the irony.  




Funny how this “real person” also works for a telemarketing company in India.




In reality, this is a stock photo, and the website is a fake. The real Modafinil Cat appears to have been taken down.




If you find yourself on a website that looks and feels like the real ModafinilCat… it’s not. It’s a scam site that will most likely end up stealing your credit card information when you go to pay for your order.

A quick domain lookup identifies that the registrar for the website is listed in the Indian state Tamil Nadu.


The Real ModafinilCat

The real ModafinilCat operated out of China and India.

India is common for Modafinil resellers in order to bypass many of the legal challenges involved with the sale of Modafinil online. Additionally, the two major manufacturers of generic Modafinil, Sun Pharma & Hab Pharma, are both based out of India.

In India, Modafinil is perfectly legal for commercial sale. This isn’t where the problems lie. The real issues happen in the United States, United Kingdom, Australian, Canadian, and various other borders.

In most countries, a prescription is required in order to purchase Modafinil in person, and although modafinil is not illegal, the border security officers may confiscate the package if they identify the contents as being modafinil or armodafinil.  


What Did They Sell?

Modafinil Cat supplied Waklert, Modvigil, Modalert and Artvigil, all of which are considered to be staples in the Modafinil space.

Customers were offered a choice between products manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals (Modalert and Modvigil) or HAB Pharma (Waklert and Artvigil). Both of these companies have an excellent track record regarding product quality.

ModafninilCat sold multiple quantities of each product, with bulk deal discounts with larger orders.

Available quantities included 40, 80, 100, 200, and 300 pills, allowing their customers a wide range of choice in terms of budget and supply needs.


Manufacturers of Modafinil Cat’s Products

Sun Pharmaceuticals is a massive, multi-billion dollar company.

Their headquarters is based in Mumbai, India. They operate primarily out of The United States and India.

Sun Pharma supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical medications, ranging from cardiovascular and antidiabetic medications to cognitive enhancers like modafinil.

Many of the companies included under Sun Pharmaceuticals umbrella company are approved by the FDA to operate within the confines of the United States.

Hab Pharmaceuticals is a smaller company, specialising in contract manufacturing.

Despite their smaller size in relation to the mammoth of Sun Pharmaceuticals, Hab Pharma has an international presence. Their website advertises that they’re located in 17 different countries across the globe.

They have an especially strong presence in the Middle East, and Northern Africa.


Why Did They Shut Down?

There are any number of reasons why ModafinilCat shut their doors to their customers, and there remains a lot of speculation in this area.


Theory 1: Forceful Shutdown

The legality of selling Modafinil to US, UK, and Australian markets is considered a “grey area” at best. The United States government lists Modafinil as a Schedule 4 medication, which makes it available for prescription use only. This is the same for most of the developed world.

Modafinil Cat was able to sell to these countries by maintaining a low profile online and fulfilling orders from India (where modafinil is perfectly legal).

They served the nootropics community well, but may not have been well-loved by government officials.

Modafinil Cat listed their whereabouts on Cat Island, Bahamas. This may have just been a harmless cat joke, but many users were upset when it came to light that in fact their home base was located in India.

The truth is that this isn’t uncommon in the world of Modafinil and online pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, it certainly isn’t reassuring when the company you’re giving your credit card details to lies about where the company operates out of.

It’s quite possible that Modafinil Cat was shut down by an external government agency, like the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia. These countries are notorious for their strict border control and have proven that they aren’t afraid to attack companies outside of their jurisdiction if it leads to issues with border security.


Theory 2: Willful Closure

The official statement made by Modafinil Cat suggested the closure was based on their own decision.

This is perfectly reasonable when you consider the challenges involved with running a business in this space. Modafinil sales are exceptionally prone to legal allegations, shipping complications, and can be a nightmare to organise billing with credit card companies.

It’s possible that whoever was behind ModafinilCat simply got tired of going through the motions and decided to close shop and begin another venture.

Perhaps they really did move to the Bahamas. 



Theory 3: Bought Out by Larger Companies

On Modafinil Cat’s website, they used to list recommended alternatives for Modafinil. The first on the list was Duck Dose, who was subsequently shut down about a year later. The second was Afinil Express, another popular source for generic modafinil online.

Some are speculating that ModafinilCat was bought out by Afinil Express or a related company, and subsequently shut down.



What’s The Best ModafinilCat Alternative?

If ModafinilCat taught us anything, it’s that no matter how big your customer base may be, staying afloat in the online Modafinil space is a challenge.

With Modafinil Cat gone, users are searching for other reliable sources for their Modafinil.

Many of Modafinil Cat users have switched to for their Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, and Artvigil needs.


What is and How Do They Compare To ModafinilCat? offers many of the features the customers of Modafinil Cat came to respect:

  • Free shipping
  • Discounts for return visitors
  • Discounts for payments made with cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly website
  • Multiple generic options for Modafinil and Armodafinil Customer Service

Afinil places a strong emphasis on customer service and product quality.

When it comes to shipping and selling nootropics online, there are occasional hiccups inherent to the process. This is mainly due to legal confusion and limitations in many countries.

The customer service team is well educated on techniques used to manage these hiccups effectively. The goal is to make ordering modafinil online as smooth a process as possible for their customers.

In fact, all orders are guaranteed to reach their destination. will take any measure necessary to make sure this promise is met.


Ordering Online From

Ordering Modafinil online should be as easy as ordering any other supplement. This was the goal during the development of

A lot of thought went into making the website interface as easy to navigate as possible.

Buy Modafinil, Adrafinil, Provigil, and Modalert online now by visiting the online shop at

The ordering process is simple, choose the medication you’re after from the homepage.



Next, you can use the slider to find the quantity you’re after. Note the prices are clearly displayed in total, and cost per pill.


During checkout, you can simply enter your shipment details and either choose to enter your credit card or pay using Bitcoin for an additional 20% off the total.



We offer free shipping all over the world. Whether you’re living in the United States, Australia, The UK, Canada, Mexico, or New Zealand. ships all orders with express mail to ensure a timely delivery.

In some cases, border security confiscates packages (although very rarely). In the event that this happens, they will promptly re-send another shipment to the same, or modified address.

All orders are guaranteed to reach their destination.


Final Words On The Closing Of Modafinil Cat

For years ModafinilCat was the number one online source for Modafinil and Armodafinil. With their recent (and mysterious) shutdown, their widespread user base is in search of alternative Modafinil suppliers. is considered by many to be the #1 Legit Supplier alternative for Modafinil Cat. They carry the same products at a comparable price and provide many of the same customer conveniences. This includes free international shipping, various discount options, and excellent customer service.

Visit for more info.

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