DuckDose Shut Down: #1 Best Alternative

It seems we’re at the end of an era as Duck Dose, one of the leading suppliers of Modafinil, shuts down for good.

This seems to be the next victim in a series of shutdowns over the past 12 months. Other vendors like Powder City, ModafinilCat and ModUp have all announced their closure last year.

As Duck Dose bade farewell to their loyal customer base, we remember them for the pioneers they were in the Modafinil industry. While they were in operation, they set the gold standard for customer service in the Modafinil space.

With Duck Dose gone for good, the Modafinil community is searching for a new place to fulfill online Modafinil orders.

What Was Duck Dose?

Just earlier this year, Duck Dose was one of the leading sources of Modafinil online.

They supplied generic Modafinil (Modalert & Modvigil) as well as generic Armodafinil (Waklert & Artvigil) in quantities ranging from 120 to 500.

While operating within a legal grey area, Duck Dose was able to ship Modafinil to The United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia. They developed a reputation for their fast delivery times, and ability to correct any issues involved with the mailing process. This is a common trend in the Modafinil industry as border security can seize packages if they determine them to contain prescription pharmaceuticals.

Duck Dose responded to this with improvements in their package designs, labelling, and re-shipments to replace orders lost at the border.

Their user-friendly interface and discounted pricing structure made them a popular source for Modafinil and Armodafinil online throughout the world.

How Did Duck Dose Work?

Duck Dose wasn’t exactly legal, nor was it illegal. It was shipping Modafinil and Armodafinil from its home base in India (where it is perfectly legal to sell and ship). They were then sending orders across the globe where Modafinil has stricter laws.

This essentially meant that IF border security came to realise that Modafinil was in the package, they would just seize it. No fines or legal action needed to be taken, but you can be confident the package wouldn’t reach its destination.

In order to prevent this, Duck Dose had a separate name for the bills and invoices, and sent their products in unmarked boxes for shipping. Most of the time, there were no problems at the border.

Ordering from their website was easy, there were four main products available, Artvigil 150, Modalert 200, Modvigil 200, and Waklert 150. From there, the customer would choose the quantity they want (120, 200, 300, or 500). Once the order was made, an email would be sent with a secure link to enter credit card or debit details.

Unlike many of the other online Modafinil vendors, Duck Dose charged for shipping, which was usually around $18.  

Scam Copycats

Duck Dose’s official website ( is no longer online. There are, however, a number of copycat sites now live, —appearing as though everything is business as usual.

DO NOT TRUST THESE. Duck Dose is no longer in business so if you see a website that appears to be an operational version of Duck Dose, it’s a scam.



What Happened To Duck Dose?

How does a company as popular as Duck Dose, with such a massive user base shut down overnight?

At this point, it’s unclear whether they were shut down forcefully or closed their doors on their own. No matter the reason, it’s becoming easier to see that Modafinil companies are having a hard time staying afloat in the online space.


Legal Issues

Legal battles are likely to be one of the main driving forces behind why companies like Duck Dose shut down.

Modafinil vendors fall in a legal “grey area”. This is because it’s legal for them to sell it in their home country, but users in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia can’t purchase them without a prescription from a doctor.

This leads to chargebacks and angry customers when their products don’t arrive on the doorsteps on time due to border security intervention. This problem tends to fall into the hands of the credit card companies, as many nootropics companies in the past were notorious for their terrible customer support.

The federal government may or may not have decided to step in by squishing companies like Duck Dose to combat overseas pharmaceutical shipments.


Credit Card Companies Don’t Like Online Pharmaceutical Sales

Any online source for medications will have a hard time with credit card payments. This is because the companies running the credit service see this industry as high risk for their bottom line.

Large credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard have joined an organization called CSIP (Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies).

Although this organization, in general, is a good use of resources its definition is too broad to be beneficial at this time. The underlying goal of the organization is to protect users from scams and unsafe online pharmacies.

In order to be accepted into CSIP, the company must be based out of the United States. Anything outside this jurisdiction will find it difficult to get Visa and Mastercard coverage. This includes most Modafinil companies, which are usually based out of India.

It’s possible to find companies that will cover online pharmaceutical sales, but this is often very expensive, which is potentially another reason why Duck Dose had to ultimately shut their doors.

Shipping and Re-Shipping

One of the major downsides to running an online Modafinil shop is dealing with border security.

Many companies choose to ship their products for free, which has obvious benefits in terms of marketing to their customers (nobody likes to pay extra for shipping no matter what your buying).

Duck Dose used to offer free shipping but changed their shipping structure to a standard $18 international shipping.

Other online Modafinil resellers like, offer free shipping on all orders.  It’s possible this additional charge for shipping started to turn their customers away.

Additionally, there is a lot of talk about the possibility that Duck Dose was receiving a lot of package seizures by border security officers in The United States, Australia, and The United Kingdom. Whenever a package was seized, Duck Dose would ship another package for free.

If too many of these packages were seized, it may have been costing them too much money to stay in business with the current model.


How Many Packages Are Actually Seized At The Border?

In Australia, border security screens about 19% of the mail entering the country. In 2012, roughly 180 million packages entered Australia, 35 million of which were screened. Out of this number, 27,608 items were ultimately seized or quarantined. This accounts for a mere 0.0001% of all incoming mail. [1].

In the United States, these figures are even lower. A company called Legit Script conducted a test involving the purchase of 29 medications from online pharmaceutical companies overseas, many of which required a prescription to purchase. All 29 packages arrived without any issues.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency only offer general information regarding their screening process.



The Best Alternative To Duck Dose

The online Modafinil space is constantly changing as old players leave the field, allowing new players to come to the table with their own set of industry innovations. is one of these players.

Innovation in the Modafinil space might involve new methods of package delivery, improved user experience when it comes to ordering products and additional payment options.


Shipping Improvements With

Although the vast majority of shipments don’t experience any delays or seizures, some are stopped at the border during the screening process.

In order to reduce the chances of this happening, have developed a number of techniques designed to make the packaging look as discreet as possible.

Non-branded boxes, a generic company name on the invoice and box labes (not DuckDose), and piggybacking on high-volume postage imports has significantly decreased stoppage at the border.

Improvements are so significant, in fact, that guarantees delivery to its final destination. Any issues encountered are managed immediately by experienced customer service representatives.


Innovative Payment Options

The old method of payment for modafinil is to have a third party link sent via email once you’ve made your order. This is how Duck Dose and a number of other online modafinil vendors take payments. The problem with this is that it’s hard to guarantee the security of these links, and it’s messy in terms of user experience. offers secure credit card processing directly on the website, as well as the option for cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin).

There are several benefits to using this modern currency method. It’s discrete, instant, and avoids the issues with credit card companies. For this reason, offers a 20% discount to anybody choosing to pay with Bitcoin. This is the future of online payments, and something is passionate about progressing further.

Want to learn how to purchase Bitcoin



Customer Service takes user their customer service seriously, starting with the website interface.

A lot of work was put in to designing the site to be as user-friendly as possible. Things like credit card payments, product searches, quantity fields, dosage information, and educational resources are all provided in a clear and concise format on the website.

Full refunds, re-shipments, and customer enquiries are handled as fast as possible, and always to the benefit of the customer. Duck Dose laid out the gold standard for this high level of customer satisfaction, which is something holds to a high standard.


Final Thoughts On The Best Duck Dose Alternative

Duck Dose really set the stage in the Modafinil space. With their recent closure, their loyal customer base needs a vendor that can offer the same genuine customer service experience, quality of products, and reliability of shipments. checks all the boxes of a great online Modafinil vendor, with additional innovations like cryptocurrency payments, integrated credit card payments, and a user-friendly ordering interface.

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