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DuckDose Shut Down (Updated 2024): #1 Best Alternative

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Additionally, there is a lot of talk about the possibility that DuckDose was receiving a lot of package seizures by border security officers in The United States, Australia, and The United Kingdom. Whenever a package was seized, DuckDose would ship another package for free.

If too many of these packages were seized, it may have been costing them too much money to stay in business with the current model.

How Many Packages Are Actually Seized at the Border?

In Australia, border security screens about 19% of the mail entering the country.

In 2012, roughly 180 million packages entered Australia, 35 million of which were screened. Out of this number, 27,608 items were ultimately seized or quarantined. This accounts for a mere 0.0001% of all incoming mail. [1].

In the United States, these figures are even lower. A company called Legit Script conducted a test involving the purchase of 29 medications from online pharmaceutical companies overseas, many of which required a prescription to purchase. All 29 packages arrived without any issues.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Agencyย only offer general information regarding their screening process.

Comparing DuckDose To Its Alternatives

The online modafinil space is constantly changing, new players are joining the table as they try to get their own piece of the pie.

Innovation in the modafinil space might involve new methods of package delivery, improved user experience when it comes to ordering products and additional payment options.

Shipping Comparison: Afinil Express vs. DuckDose

Although the vast majority of shipments donโ€™t experience any delays or seizures, some are stopped at the border during the screening process. This happens no matter what company is sending the package.

The main improvement a vendor can make is to better conceal the contents of the package so that it doesn’t raise any flags with border security officials.

In order to reduce the chances of this happening, Afinil Express and DuckDose have both developed a number of techniques designed to make the packaging look as discreet as possible.

Non-branded boxes, a generic company name on the invoice and non-branded box/shipping labels are the standard in this industry, and something both companies are very good at.

But there’s something else these companies can be doing.ย 

Afinil Express has recently added another technique to their arsenal, they piggyback on high-volume postage imports to significantly decreased stoppage at the border. If they ship during known high-times for postage traffic, they can much more easily slip through the border unnoticed.

This small innovation is significant in the big picture, because it dramatically increases the chances of avoiding a re-shipment and therefore improves both customer experience, and the companies bottom line.

Improvements are so significant, in fact, that Afinil Express guarantees delivery to its final destination. Any issues encountered are managed immediately by experienced customer service representatives.

Payment Comparison: Afinil Express vs. DuckDose

The old method of payment for modafinil is to have a third party link sent via email once youโ€™ve made your order. This is how DuckDose and a number of other online modafinil vendors take payments. The problem with this is that itโ€™s hard to guarantee the security of these links, and itโ€™s messy in terms of user experience.

Afinil Express offers secure credit card processing directly on the website, as well as the option for cryptocurrency payments (Bitcoin).

There are several benefits to using this modern currency method. Itโ€™s discrete, instant, and avoids the issues with credit card companies. For this reason, Afinil Express offers a 20% discount to anybody choosing to pay with Bitcoin. This is the future of online payments, and something Afinil Express is passionate about progressing further.

Unfortunately, at this time, DuckDose doesn’t offer this variety in payment options, limiting the discounts they can provide, as well as the customer experience.

Want toย learn how to purchase Bitcoin?

Customer Service Comparison: Afinil Express vs. DuckDose

Both DuckDose and Afinil Express are both well-known for their high-quality customer service.

For starters, a lot of work was put into designing these websites to be as user-friendly as possible.

Things like credit card payments, product searches, quantity fields, dosage information, and educational resources are all provided in a clear and concise format.

One of the main advantages DuckDose has over most of its competitors is its forum-style educational platform. These forums serve as a place for their customers to discuss all topics related to modafinil and armodafinil. It has created a large and vibrant community of like-minded people, which has a huge advantage over other companies in this industry.

Additionally, considerations like full refunds, re-shipments, and customer inquiries are handled as fast as possible, and always to the benefit of the customer. DuckDose laid out the gold standard for this high level of customer satisfaction.

Despite not having a vibrant forum, Afinil Express has followed the lead of DuckDose by placing the importance of high-quality customer service high up on the list.

Updated: Final Thoughts on DuckDose and a Recommended Alternative

DuckDose really set the stage in the modafinil space. With their recent closure, their loyal customer base needs a vendor that can offer the same genuine customer service experience, quality of products, and reliability of shipments.

As an alternative,ย ModafinilXL checks all the boxes of a great online modafinil vendor โ€” with additional innovations like cryptocurrency payments, integrated credit card payments, and a user-friendly ordering interface.




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