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Where to Buy Modafinil in The Czech Republic in 2024

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Modafinil is a popular nootropic medication designed to keep users awake and vigilant for long periods of time.

Students, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives have been using it for years to boost productivity and get ahead of their competition.

The medication is only available locally in the Czech Republic for treating sleep disorders like narcolepsy, however, there are other ways of sourcing the medication even if you don’t qualify for a doctors prescription.

In this review, we’ll cover the laws surrounding modafinil in the Czech Republic, and offer some insightful tips on how you can get modafinil delivered directly to your door, at the lowest price possible.

Let’s get started.

Is Modafinil Legal in the Czech Republic?

Modafinil is technically not legal to sell in the Czech Republic — however, this is a bit of a legal grey area when it comes to buying the drug online.

This is because of regulations put in place by the European Medicine Agency — the shared regulatory body by the European Union regarding pharmaceuticals. The EMA lists modafinil as a prescription-only medication.

Online vendors operate internationally. They’re usually located in places like India where it is perfectly legal to sell modafinil without a prescription. Customers in the Czech Republic can, therefore, order the medication from these vendors without being asked for proof of prescription.

In some cases, overseas packages will be opened by border officials so they can take a better look at its contents. If the package contains a prescription drug, and they can’t find a copy of the prescription in the package, border officers will simply send a letter to the final address requesting they present a valid prescription to release the shipment. 

If nothing is submitted, the package will be destroyed.

No further action is taken, and the best course of action is to simply try again. It’s rare that two packages are confiscated in a row.

Although most packages arrive at their final destination without any problems, there is always a possibility that your package could get stopped at the border. Most reputable online vendors will offer a delivery guarantee to EU customers.

The guarantee means that if a package is stopped for any reason, the vendor will either give your money back, or they will send another, identical order in the mail free of charge.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online


takes 7 – 10 days via EMS from India or up t0 18 business days via Standard mail. Domestic shipping options are available for the 🇺🇸 US via USPS Priority and the 🇬🇧 UK via Royal Mail (3-4 days). Free express shipping with a tracking number on all orders of $180 or more

Price Per Pill $1.06

Approximate Total $319

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Tips on Ordering Modafinil in The Czech Republic

Ordering modafinil in the Czech Republic is just like ordering items from other e-commerce websites. You simply add the items you want to the cart and pay for your order.

Expect your package anywhere from 3 days to 5 days later depending on the vendor, the size of the order, and local delivery times. Unlike other modafinil vendors, Eufinil is the only one who ships modafinil to Czech Republic from Germany. European warehouse means there is no customs check-up when the package comes from one EU country to another.

Here are some things to consider when buying modafinil online:

1. Order a Sample Pack if You’ve Never Tried Modafinil Before

Most modafinil vendors will offer a few different products to choose from. All of them are going to be similar in their effects and contain the same ingredients, however, some people find they prefer one brand over another.

The best way to get a feel for which ones work the best for you is to order sample packs from vendors like Eufinil (3-5 days via Deutsche Post) or ModafinilXL (over a month).

Whenever trying modafinil for the first time, we recommend starting with a half dose. This is to ensure you aren’t sensitive to the medication and to avoid any serious side-effects. If no side-effects are noted with the half dose, you can then increase to a full dos

Here’s a quick breakdown of  popular online modafinil brands:

  1. Modalert — This is the most popular modafinil option.
  2. Modvigil — This is generally the cheapest generic modafinil option, and tends to be slightly milder in its effects.
  3. Vilafinil — This is one of the lesser known generic options, priced similarly to Modvigil.
  4. Waklert — This is a slightly stronger form of modafinil (armodafinil). Armodafinil, in general, costs slightly more than modafinil and has more intense, but shorter lasting effects.
  5. Artvigil — This is also a generic armodafinil. It’s very similar in its effects to Waklert.

2. Order in Bulk to Save Money

Generic modafinil offered by online vendors is already significantly cheaper than the brand name modafinil offered at your local pharmacy.

You can save even more if you order your modafinil in bulk. The maximum savings on most websites come from orders containing 300 tablets or more.

Cost Breakdown of Generic Modafinil

(Generic modafinil prices listed are taken from Eufinil)

3. Pay for Your Order With Bitcoin to Save up to 20%

  Manufacturer Generic or Brand Name Cost per Tablet (30 Tablets or Less) Bulk Modafinil Cost per Tablet (110 Pills or More)
Modalert Sun Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 €  (66 Kč) 1.59 €  (40 Kč)
Modvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 €  (66 Kč) 1.49 €  (38 Kč)
Artvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 €  (66 Kč) 1.49 €  (38 Kč)
Waklert Sun Pharmaceuticals Generic 2.59 €  (66 Kč) 1.59 €  (40 Kč)

You can pay for your Eufinil modafinil order using a SEPA transfer in euros if you want to — however, if you choose to pay using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can save even more money.

Credit card processors are notorious for charging high rates to process pharmaceutical sales online — often up to 40% off the total cost of the order.

This, of course, increases the total cost of modafinil for customers.

If you decide to pay with Bitcoin, the vendor no longer needs to pay this high fee to the credit card processors, and most will then pass the savings along to the customer in the form of a discount.

These discounts can vary from 20% all the way up to 20% off the cost of your order.

4. Use a Mail Forwarding Service to Get Modafinil from Companies That Won’t Ship to the Czech Republic

The best vendor to use if you live in the Czech Republic is Eufinil because they will ship directly to your Czech address and guarantee a 100% delivery or your money back. Unfortunately, they do not offer any first-time customer discounts. However, they offer a free blister (10 tablets) of your choice on your second order.

Other companies, including, or ModafinilXL — which are also excellent vendors — won’t ship directly to the Czech Republic.

The easiest way to get around this is to use a mail forwarding service such as Skypax. This service gives you a London, England mailing address to enter during checkout. Once the package arrives, the staff at Skypax will repackage the order and send it to your address in the Czech Republic.

These services add a little bit to the cost of the order add a few extra days to the shipping times — but the amount of money you’re saving by ordering your modafinil online, instead of a pharmacy, more than cover the extra costs.

Key Takeaways: Ordering Modafinil in the Czech Republic

Modafinil is considered a prescription-only medication in the Czech Republic. This means you need to submit a copy of your prescription in order to make a purchase at your local pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the only way to get a prescription for the medication is to be diagnosed with narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep apnea, or multiple sclerosis.

You can order medication online, however, and have it delivered to your address without being asked for a prescription. This works through a legal grey area where the modafinil is shipped from a country where it isn’t regulated — such as India.

You can save big on your modafinil orders by purchasing it in bulk and by paying for your order with Bitcoin.

In some cases, a particular modafinil vendor may not ship to the Czech Republic directly. If this happens, the simplest solution is to use a mail forwarding service.

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