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In-Depth Adrafinil Review in 2024: Uses, Benefits, and More

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Adrafinil, a nootropic, is an analog of modafinil that rewards users with a lot of benefits. Why would we explore this product when modafinil is known as the safest cognitive enhancer? Indeed, it’s far easier to order adrafinil online than other nootropics. The only reason is that it’s absolutely legal without an Rx in nearly every country. It works but there’s more to it than that. That’s why we’ve decided to cover it in this in-depth guide.

Adrafinil Review

“Smart tab” enthusiasts often ask the following questions: Is adrafinil a superior nootropic? Is it safe for me to use? Is it a legitimate drug claimed to augment cognitive function or a waste of time & money? To find answers to all of these questions, keep reading this guide. Here we’ll cover the most asked question of how much adrafinil equals modafinil, its onset of action, expected effects & benefits, the dosage guide, best places to source it online, and whether this med can be stacked with other meds to intensify its effects.

Before giving the verdict, let’s cover the better part of it.

What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a powerful nootropic formerly used in France to ameliorate attention, alertness, mood, wakefulness, & several other parameters, particularly in the elderly. It was discovered in 1974 by two chemists working for Laboratoire L. Lafon, a French pharmaceutical company when they were screening compounds in search of analgesics (meds used to relieve pain without putting the patient to sleep or making them lose consciousness). Pharmacological studies of adrafinil instead revealed psychostimulant-like effects such as hyperactivity & wakefulness in animals [1].

Initially, in 1986, adrafinil was offered in France as an experimental remedy for narcolepsy. Lafon Laboratories later developed modafinil, the primary metabolite of adrafinil. Even though their exact mode of action is unclear, most investigators assume that modafinil & adrafinil both serve as α1-adrenergic receptor agonists. Compared to adrafinil, modafinil possesses greater selective α1-adrenergic activity without many of its alternative’s common negative effects such as stomach pain, anxiety, skin irritation, & elevated liver enzymes (with prolonged use).

Adrafinil is a prodrug that is primarily metabolized to modafinil, resulting in nearly indistinguishable pharmacological effects. Unlike modafinil, it takes time for the metabolite to accumulate to active levels in the bloodstream – about 45 to 60 minutes when administered orally on an empty stomach.

Currently, adrafinil does not have approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & is thus unregulated in the USA. Previously, it was marketed in France & other parts of Europe under the brand name Olmifon® until September 2011 when France’s FDA-equivalent reassessed the med & withdrew marketing permission. The claim was the drug’s known adverse reactions & an unsatisfactory peril to benefit ratio. Laboratoire L. Lafon was acquired by Cephalon in 2001. In September 2011, Cephalon discontinued the production of Olmifon, its adrafinil product, while modafinil continues to be marketed.

Now you got the point.

Adrafinil is absolutely legal, and it’s a solid modafinil alternative that can safely & reliably ameliorate mental performance & productivity.

How Much Adrafinil Equals Modafinil?

Because adrafinil is a prodrug, it’s not the active ingredient. That means once ingested, it needs to get processed by the liver before it begins providing the sought-after benefits. Prodrugs differ from other meds such as modafinil because they tend to take a great amount of time to become active & also last longer in their effect profiles. This is the most desirable effect with meds such as aspirin, codeine, & prednisone because it means that they provide pain relief for an extended time period. With adrafinil, nonetheless, this isn’t always a good thing.

Adrafinil & Modafinil

If the med takes too much longer to break down, it can certainly cause negative effects that last longer. Insomnia is the most commonly reported adverse reaction of adrafinil, stretching into the early hours of the night. Why? Since the medicine needs first to be metamorphosed into modafinil & modafinilic acid before the body can start eliminating it, the effects can last longer, often not in a good way.

The reason why most “smart tab” enthusiasts prefer modafinil is because of the perfect length of time when it remains very effective. You can ingest the drug in the morning & still have adequate time to metabolize it & sleep at the end of the day. With adrafinil, if you want to sleep early or avoid the risk of not being able to fall asleep later at night, you’ll need to wake up extra early to take the medicine.

Because adrafinil is metabolized in the liver into 2 compounds, modafinilc acid & modafinil, the metabolic rate is roughly 50% of each. Modafinilic acid does nothing in the body; it only circulates your bloodstream for certainly a few hours before being filtered by the kidneys & unequivocally eliminated from the body. Due to this, half of the adrafinil dose is wasted. To achieve a desirable effect, you need to take twice the amount of this drug. But doing so would also increase the chances of negative effects. That’s why modafinil comes in handy.

Modafinil doesn’t need to be metabolized to become activated the same way adrafinil does. This lets it be notably stronger than its alternative at the same dose. The adrafinil dosage equivalent to the standard modafinil 200 mg tab is about 600 mg or so. Thus, modafinil is around three times more potent than adrafinil. Nonetheless, it can’t be an exact figure due to the fact that breakdown & metabolizing varies from individual to individual. Certainly, a general & easy way of comprehending & remembering the math of modafinil vs. adrafinil in terms of doses is that 100 mg of modafinil is more or less equal to 300 mg of adrafinil.

How Long Does Adrafinil Take to Work?

In general, it takes about 2 hours for its effects to kick in, compared to an hour for modafinil. However, when taken orally on an empty stomach, it can start working within 45 minutes to an hour. Its effects last for a total of about 6 to 8 hours compared to modafinil lasting for about 12 to 15 hours.

Take Pill

Because adrafinil is metabolized in the liver, its peak plasma levels are detected between 2 to 4 hours after administration. That’s why it’s advisable to take it about 90 minutes before events requiring increased focus.

To tell the truth, not everyone responds to adrafinil in the same way. Some may need significantly longer time to experience positive effects from this med. In one discussion available on Reddit, there were mixed reviews [2]. One user reported taking this medicine with a lack of perceptible effects. Another user said it was only effective when they were sleep-deprived. So does this med work? Yes. However, in practice, everyone is different & the results may vary.

Adrafinil Effects & Benefits

Before deciding to purchase adrafinil, let’s take an in-depth look at its effects & benefits. There’s not much coverage of studies on this med. That’s because the majority of these were conducted in the 80s & 90s by various French scientists, whose publications are at the moment unavailable in any online database.

Most of the information on adrafinil is obtained from the first-hand experience of “smart tab” users & is also based on the proven effects of modafinil across several studies.

Nevertheless, there are still many established cognitive advantages of using adrafinil, and the best-known ones are given below.

It Boosts Energy Levels

Perhaps this is the primary benefit of adrafinil. It has the potential to make you more energetic, mainly when you’re feeling tired. It allows the user to sustain a heightened level of focus for a longer time period. It effectively works to prevent daytime drowsiness & dramatically foster energy & attentiveness without the jitters & hyperactivity associated with stimulants.

It Positively Enhances Mood

Adrafinil not only leads to better cognitive function, but it also ameliorates individual mood & triggers an intense surge in motivation. It can be hard to fathom whether the motivation effect rewarded is first created, or the ease of working associated with ingesting this med leads to the heightened motivation. Although there isn’t much scientific research on this topic, some preliminary outcomes have resulted from a case study. According to the research, two subjects reported having encountered interest in sex for the first time in years after using adrafinil [3].

Good Mood

So if you are a student with difficulty studying for long hours or encountering some troubles focusing or staying on track during boring & occasionally repetitive classes, then adrafinil will be worth an attempt. While there are no sufficient reasons why this med fosters mood, it’s absolutely a prodrug of modafinil, so it shares many of the same effects. Various studies have shown that the popular “smart tab” ameliorates dopamine in the brain, & science depicts that heightened levels of this neurotransmitter can result in an uplifted mood [4][5].

It Is a Novel Vigilance Promoting Agent

Adrafinil is known to have possible usage in the treatment of disorders of vigilance, affective disorders, & disorders of sleep. Besides, human studies indicate that this med has clinical efficacy as a vigilance-ameliorating agent in the elderly. Its vigilance enhancement effects have obtained much more attention in Europe than in other countries such as North America [3].

It Rewards with Better Brain Health

Based on the effects of the popular “smart tab,” modafinil, it is plausible that adrafinil does not merely ameliorate productivity. It can be used as a neuroprotection substance to guard against detrimental neurological processes & diseases [6]. It’s no wonder why adrafinil was used in elderly patients who suffered from depression brought on by neurodegenerative disorders. However, regarding a healthy individual, this product may help keep the brain function sharp & fully functioning well into old age.

Indeed, adrafinil ameliorates the brain’s ability to make neurological connections & fosters the brain’s processing power for data & information. It’s one of the best products that directly affects the central nervous system (CNS). By ameliorating the brain’s focus & memory, it creates a strong immunity wall against diseases & removes the weakness of the brain without affecting other functions.

Contemplate that when adrafinil is ingested, it is turned into modafinil. Its effect kicks in to start the procedure of healing & repairing brain health. It regulates & maintains brain systems including gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), dopamine, & histamine. Adrafinil aids the brain in maintaining focus even under severe conditions. That’s the reason why various professionals including the military use it during hectic, complex, & long operations that require strong mental health. This drug perfectly works in treating the brain’s fog that develops due to stress, insomnia, & overwork. Generally, adrafinil is a sharp short-term substitute for a healthy brain.

It May Ameliorate Memory Function

Based on various experiences, we can’t say for sure if adrafinil directly causes amelioration in memory. However, it is known to help the elderly with a memory disorder. Besides, adrafinil direct refinement of several mental qualities — motivation, focus, energy, reaction time, etc. — may indirectly result in more retention of complex information.

Increased Brain Function

This med has been known to ameliorate memory retention as well as short & long-term memory. It has also been shown to reduce age-related decline in brain function – an aspect similar to modafinil.

It Could Ameliorate Reaction Time

By taking adrafinil, you’ll notice your reaction time shortening significantly. You will tend to do tasks faster and react quickly in exigent situations. Because this med is similar to modafinil, it also ameliorates response accuracy as well as impulse control (fewer premature responses) & shorter response latencies, without affecting omission errors, motor control, or motivation [7]. However, it’s only possible when its effect is maximized. It means you may have to wait until its effects fully kick in.

It May Help in Learning

According to a study aimed at scrutinizing the effect of adrafinil on learning, the team trained aged beagle dogs on size & intensity discrimination learning tasks, with the training sessions given two hours following treatment with 20 mg/kg of adrafinil. The therapy with this med generated significant amelioration in learning. An effect of adrafinil on vigilance, motivation, or both may describe these findings [3].

Based on another study on the effect of this medicine, the results showed marked refinements in the “Dynamic Intellect Scale” measures of attention, confusion, concentration, forgetting, recall power, vigilance, and fatigue. Besides, those administered this med also felt more energetic, happier, & less sleepy. Furthermore, adrafinil demonstrated its efficacy in vigilance, memory, and perceptual acuity. Results also indicate that this med can be highly beneficial in the therapy of elderly patients with deficits in attention, vigilance, behavior, & mood [3].

How to Take Adrafinil: Dosage Guide

Adrafinil dosage recommendations vary greatly among various individuals. The lowest dose of this med is 300 mg. But most nootropic users would prefer a dose of 600 mg taken once in the morning. The medicine should be taken as needed. The highest yet acceptable dosage is 1,200 mg taken as 2 doses, i.e., 600 mg in the morning & another 600 mg taken in the afternoon.

The recommended adrafinil doses of 300 to 600 mg are well-tolerated & very effective. It is a potent nootropic, so, for new users, it’s advisable to give the body a chance to adapt to it at lower doses & only gradually increase until they feel the required effect after evaluating various doses.

Because adrafinil is a powerful wakefulness-ameliorating med, it’s advisable to ingest it in the morning or early afternoon only to avoid interfering with the night sleep cycle. If intending to work the night shift, it’s paramount to take it at the appropriate time. Ingesting this med in the afternoon or evening may trigger insomnia.

For insanely great effects, take adrafinil on an empty stomach to allow for optimal absorption. Ingesting it after eating will significantly reduce its beneficial effects.

For certain people seeking a continuous & prolonged use of adrafinil, it is necessary to take it in a sequence (or cycle) of 2 weeks on & 1 week off to detox & maintain tolerance as well as prevent potential dependence. However, note that prolonged use of adrafinil elevates the levels of certain liver enzymes. It’s paramount not to take it regularly. If you intend to take this drug, discuss its usage with your physician. Besides, it shouldn’t be taken with other meds due to the potential risk of negative effects. However, some products (discussed below) can ameliorate its effects to a significant level.

Where Can You Buy Adrafinil Online?

Shoppers across the globe are very selective about where they shop for various health remedies including adrafinil online. The finest vendors most customers choose need to be legit, trustworthy, provide fair shipping prices to various countries & an outstanding shopper support experience.

Choose an Online Pharmacy

In case you’re wondering why you can’t find any adrafinil sellers on Amazon, the real reason is that this e-commerce giant banned the sale of most synthetic nootropic supplements. This policy forced sellers to either stop offering adrafinil & similar products completely or continue selling them through their online pharmacies.

Similarly, the best-known nootropic vendors such as,, and specializing in selling generic modafinil meds don’t offer adrafinil – because of lack of popularity and little research on the drug safety and efficacy. However, you may opt for other decent vendors such as AbsorbYourHealth (Absorb Health or AYH). It is legit, extremely reputable, reliable, & has been in the nootropics business since 2011.

Some of the reasons why this vendor should be your choice are as follows:

  • rigorous 3rd party testing: Every medicine offered by AYH comes with test results from independent laboratories to verify drug’s identity & purity;
  • over 100 countries it ships to: There is a very high chance that this vendor can ship adrafinil to your place of residence & you can get free parcel shipping when your order is $75+;
  • several 5-star reviews;
  • fair return policy: This applies to American domestic shoppers. They can return their packages within 90 days of their purchase for a full refund. Similarly, a shopper gets a refund or replacement if the order fails to arrive.

Although it’s a reliable adrafinil vendor, it doesn’t offer refunds for international orders unless the parcel does not pass through the US customs. However, this is a minor inconvenience. We highly recommend AYHas the most trusted adrafinil vendor.

You may also consider Health Naturals – one of the best vendors in the world with over 15 years in the nootropic business, offering exclusive premium products. Some shoppers also source adrafinil from Powder City – an online store selling health supplements. Nootropics Depot and Pure Nootropics are also reliable suppliers of this medication. Most of these vendors offer adrafinil in powder & capsule forms. You may want to visit each of the said e-pharmacies to compare pricing & shipping details.

How to Order This Nootropic in Your Country

Unlike modafinil, which is a Schedule IV controlled product, adrafinil is presently an unscheduled & unregulated med in most countries including the USA. This means that anybody can legally purchase it without a physician’s prescription. Nonetheless, a shopper will not be able to find this med in a local pharmacy. However, if you need it, you can order it through any of the mentioned online vendors that are legit & reliable.


If the chosen e-pharmacy doesn’t offer shipping to your country, you still have got multiple options. In this case, extra caution should come in handy. Contemplate that there are fake e-drugstores on the Internet.

You won’t have a problem with purchasing & using adrafinil in countries such as Canada, the UK, & the USA. Not from any of these countries? Your task is to examine your country’s laws on the usage of adrafinil & determine if you can legally obtain & use it where you reside. Similarly, certain country-specific laws may require you to have a physician’s prescription for adrafinil.

As long as you need this med for personal use & you’re not attempting to sell it for financial gain, you should be fine. This makes adrafinil a tremendous legal alternative nootropic to modafinil, which requires a prescription for use in most countries.

Aside from being an uncontrolled substance, adrafinil is banned by various doping organizations such as the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), & National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) [8].

Can Adrafinil Be Mixed with Other Drugs?

Adrafinil is insanely great on its own, but can it be stacked with other cognitive enhancers for a kick-ass synergistic benefit? One way to amplify the positive attributes of this drug while decreasing or fully eliminating its negative effects, or even ameliorating a separate part of cognition, is to stack it with other similar meds. So here are some combinations worth trying out.

Adrafinil and Phenibut

Phenibut is used to relieve fear, anxiety, and tension, to ameliorate sleep, & for a variety of other indications. This medicine has antihypoxic properties: it ameliorates the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Medical research demonstrates the ability of Phenibut to also improve cognitive performance. At higher doses, this med has tranquilizing effects & can suppress reactions to pain. It has no reported toxic effects.

When it comes to finding the ultimate nootropic combination, the adrafinil & Phenibut stack is certainly one of the best, especially if you’re sensitive to stimulation & still want to administer adrafinil for its energizing properties.

Phenibut Formula

Phenibut has an incredible effect on the body. It creates a really good sense of wellbeing. So when you stack it with adrafinil, you get all the energizing effects of the latter while still being calm & collected from the former.

Similarly, when Phenibut can make you feel tired, then adrafinil will offset that feeling due to its wakefulness benefit. Other effects expected from the adrafinil & Phenibut combo can & will include the following:

  • fostered concentration & focus;
  • substantial motivation;
  • great mood elevation & anxiety relief;
  • euphoria (mainly from taking Phenibut);
  • ameliorated sociability.

By mixing these meds, it will take between 3 & 5 hours before the Phenibut effects fully kick in & about 2 hours for adrafinil to take effect as well. The effects of the stack are continuously felt anywhere from 12 to 24 hours depending on your dosage. Regarding the dosage, you may first take 300 mg of Phenibut on an empty stomach, wait several hours, then take another 300 mg of the drug with a combination of 300 mg of adrafinil on an empty stomach too.

Adrafinil and Noopept

Noopept, a Russian nootropic product, is perfect for people with an all-nighter ahead or those who have a very demanding task that requires 100% of attention & focus. It also has the subtle effect of lowering anxiety, which assists the user to remain grounded & calm while working. Adrafinil & Noopept is a pretty popular stack for good reasons. It rewards users with insanely great focus & concentration.

The stack not only gives intense cognitive effects that Noopept rewards but also the wakefulness & alert feeling that adrafinil is popularly known for. The combination can also be pretty energizing & provide you with a more productive day overall.

Generally, some expected benefits from the adrafinil & Noopept mix include:

  • quicker learning & processing;
  • heightened mood;
  • ameliorated energy all day;
  • heightened motivation & productivity;
  • awesome memory retention & recall.

You should expect the stack effects in around 2–3 hours after dosing. The effects of the combination can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours depending on the dosage & how many doses of Noopept are mixed with adrafinil. About 20–30 mg of Noopept is what we advise you to take alongside adrafinil 300 mg on an empty stomach.

Adrafinil and Adderall

Adderall is a controlled substance that comes in two forms: an oral tab & an extended-release oral capsule. There’s no doubt that this med is effective & potent. Some of its positive effects include ameliorated focus, energy, motivation, & alertness, as well as fostered mood. Adrafinil also has similar properties. Combining it with Adderall makes these effects become amplified. Indeed, adrafinil provides wakefulness & alertness, just like Adderall, but does this without overstimulation. Besides, the mix also rewards users with intense brain processing speed.

Adderall Pills

Typical, Adderall starting dosage is 2.5 mg once or twice daily & can be increased until you get the optimal dose. To create a safe nootropic stack, we recommend that you take Adderall 2.5 mg with adrafinil 300 mg or 600 mg.

Adrafinil and Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin, an antidepressant med, is used in the therapy of major depressive disorder. Stacking it with adrafinil is safe & highly effective. Before coadministering, seek assistance from a physician. According to a researcher, taking an antidepressant med alone for combating depression does not satisfy a high percentage of depressed patients even if combined with psychological counseling.

Even if Wellbutrin alone works well, its residual symptoms, i.e., difficulty sleeping & fatigue, pose risk factors for relapse. A mix of adrafinil & Wellbutrin depicts much better results in managing depression and related conditions – a similar effect of modafinil [9].

Depression leads to difficulty performing at work. It is a major cause of low productivity. Treatment with a stack of adrafinil and Wellbutrin has positive effects such as ameliorated concentration, focus, mood, decreased fatigue & sleepiness.

Adrafinil and Tianeptine

Tianeptine, sold under the brand names Coaxil® & Stablon® among others, is an atypical antidepressant primarily used to reduce the symptoms of major depressive disorder. The drug may also be used to treat asthma, anxiety, & irritable bowel syndrome. Like many antidepressants, tianeptine may also have a beneficial effect on cognition in people with depression-induced cognitive dysfunction. One study depicts that patients treated with this medication had better performance in tests measuring short-term memory & learning processes as well as reaction time & attention. Overall, tianeptine ameliorates cognitive function in depressed patients [10].

A stack of tianeptine and adrafinil is an effective mood ameliorator with several cognitive functions. Although tianeptine can sometimes make users drowsy, mixing it with adrafinil can be employed as a countermeasure.

There are some other stacks of adrafinil with similar safe meds. Consider that before mixing these products, it’s necessary to consult a physician first to determine if the stack is safe for you. Some combinations can trigger unwanted side effects or interactions that may immediately require medical attention. Overall, given stacks are safe and effective if used correctly.

The Verdict: In-Depth Adrafinil Review

Adrafinil is a great medication that has a high safety profile. It acts to improve wakefulness, ameliorate mental attention, focus, & increase energy levels without nervousness, jitters, shakiness, or other similar negative effects. It doesn’t cause hyperactivity in the CNS. Nonetheless, it does still fight off sleepiness effectively & encourage an alert, focused state of mind.

Some students, shift workers, professionals, business executives, & fitness enthusiasts use this medicine to assist them to get through long hours of mental & physical performance without being tired and losing focus & concentration. The efficaciousness of a single dose is long-lasting, & the potency persists over repeated usage or treatments.

In most countries, adrafinil is not a controlled substance. It can be purchased without a physician’s prescription as a nootropic supplement. Besides, this med can be stacked with other safe products to ameliorate its effects without causing any unwanted consequences provided a consultation with a physician has been carried out before use. Hopefully, this guide has answered all the questions regarding adrafinil benefits, usage, where to purchase it, and stacking it with similar drugs.


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