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Alpha Brain Review in 2024: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

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We call Alpha Brain a significant over-the-counter nootropic. It’s popular on Reddit – just like other excellent “smart drugs.” In this comprehensive Alpha Brain review, we’ll explain in detail everything you need to familiarize yourself with this nootropic supplement. We’ll cover its benefits, ingredients, how it works, expected negative effects, and explain how it compares to modafinil – the undisputed king of nootropics dubbed the “world’s first safe smart drug.”

Alpha Brain Review

Whether you’re looking to ameliorate your concentration, focus, mental acuity, learning, study more effectively or promote productivity at work, this in-depth guide will help you make an informed decision on whether this supplement is what you need to get you started and succeed.

What Is Alpha Brain?

If you are looking for insanely great info about Alpha Brain, then you must know some facts about nootropics or generally about modafinil – the most popular, safe, & sought-after cognitive enhancer in the world. Let’s run through the basics of Alpha Brain & get you up to speed.

Alpha Brain is a significant dietary supplement manufactured by the world-renowned brand Onnit Labs. It has become one of the most popular natural products on the “smart drug” scene since it’s backed by rigorous clinical research & evidence.

The term “nootropic” was coined in 1972 by the psychologist & chemist Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, who uncovered & developed piracetam, the first synthetic “smart tab” in the world [1]. Based on Dr. Giurgea’s definition of a nootropic, it’s any natural or synthetic substance that can do the following:

  • ameliorate memory, concentration, attention span, & the ability to learn;
  • assist the brain function under distress & protect it from chemical & physical stress;
  • foster the efficacy of neuronal firing;
  • generate virtually zero negative effects & be non-toxic.

Alpha Brain meets the above definition perfectly. Indeed, it’s BSCG Certified Drug-Free® & is made using only natural substances that assist in supporting cognitive augmentation including concentration, mental speed, memory, and focus. Such rewards are the ultimate way to get “in the zone.”

Besides, the moment you ingest Alpha Brain, you can experience several benefits including:

  • 6+ hours of ameliorated mental processing, concentration & focus.
  • improved executive functioning and verbal memory & recall;
  • heightened “flow state” (perfect feeling of being “in the zone”).

In summary, if you’re searching for a robust natural nootropic, aside from modafinil, with virtually zero negative effects, then Alpha Brain should be your choice. It’s free from dairy, gluten, caffeine, nuts, & is keto-friendly (a low-carb diet).

Also, with Alpha Brain, you can easily recollect previous things such as names and places or activities, focus on complex tasks, reason more clearly if under stress, and react more quickly.

About Alpha Brain Ingredients

Because this product is widely popular, you might have wondered what’s truly in it. That’s an insanely great question because you want to know every detail of this supplement before spending money on it.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain by Onnit is designed using 9 or so clinically-tested ingredients known to powerfully optimize brainpower & cognitive processing. It indeed contains a “stack,” or a trademarked blend, of natural substances that act as effective nootropics & assist in building a situation in which the brain can optimally work on all cylinders with heightened mental clarity & ameliorated memory.

Alpha Brain contains the following components:

  • L-theanine;
  • alpha-GPC;
  • pterostilbene;
  • oat straw extract;
  • phosphatidylserine;
  • L-leucine;
  • L-tyrosine;
  • Huperzia serrata;
  • Bacopa.

Let’s look at these ingredients in detail to prepare you for an informed decision on whether this stack is the best bang for your buck.

  • L-theanine: It’s an amino acid that actively stimulates the brain to produce more serotonin & dopamine, helping to ameliorate attention & reaction times. L-theanine is found primarily in black & green tea & some mushrooms. Researchers say the product assists in easing stress, anxiety, & reducing insomnia. From a study, L-theanine has an insanely great positive effect on cerebral blood flow, mood, & cognition [2]. According to another research, the amino acid has the potential to ameliorate mental health in the overall population with stress-related ailments & cognitive impairments [3];
  • L-tyrosine: It’s a vigorous amino acid that ameliorates cognitive & mental performance in young adults, especially during high environmental demands [4]. It assists in fostering the user’s motivation & focus nearly as much as amphetamines such as Adderall;
  • phosphatidylserine: It’s a type of fat that assists in supporting cellular function in the brain. It simply plays a paramount role in maintaining the mind & memory sharp. Phosphatidylserine also prevents memory loss as well as mental decline that may exist as you get older. Several pieces of research suggest that it may uplift the brainpower. This substance also helps users support cognitive functions including the ability to create new memories or retrieve old ones, the ability to learn & recall information, the ability to focus attention & concentrate, the ability to reason better & solve difficult problems, and the ability to effectively communicate [5];
  • oat straw extract: It ameliorates brain function in older adults & heart health. Besides, some studies show that it may reduce chronic inflammation & boost mood. Other potential benefits of this product include ameliorated blood flow to assist in heart health and reduced stress, depression, & anxiety [6];
  • alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC): This substance facilitates learning & memory. In athletes, it’s applied as a supplement to prevent exercise-induced reductions in choline levels, thus increasing endurance performance & growth hormone secretion [7]. It also fosters brain levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is paramount for memory & learning. Also, alpha-GPC may ameliorate cognition in dementia patients;
  • Huperzia serrata: It’s an herb used in Chinese medicine. Today, this substance is marketed as a dietary supplement to ameliorate brain function. It may assist the user to foster memory by protecting the nerve cells. It has also been applied as a remedy for Alzheimer’s disease & vascular dementia. Huperzia serrata has very strong neuroprotective properties [8];
  • Bacopa: As a perennial herb, it helps the nerve signal reception. It ameliorates cognition & shortens choice reaction times [9]. It also assists in reducing depression, anxiety, & stress while intensifying reaction times [10];
  • pterostilbene: It is used to foster cellular coherence as well as protect brain & nerve cells. It also lowers inflammation & offers antioxidant benefits. Also, this compound plays a role in fighting cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, managing diabetes, ameliorating neurological function, countering the aging process, etc. [11];
  • L-leucine: The amino acid assists the body to synthesize protein [12]. It may also help the healing of skin & bones. It may ameliorate muscle growth & lean body mass. It may increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH) & also help control blood sugar.

Overall, these ingredients have been well studied by researchers and are safe when taken at the recommended doses. Alpha Brain contains vastly pure forms of the said components to enable them to have maximum bioavailability. These ingredients safely work in synergy to create a drug-like uplift in focus, memory, energy, concentration, vigilance, learning, creativity, etc., without any of the serious negative effects of synthetic nootropics.

How Does Alpha Brain Work?

With the said components, Alpha Brain works insanely great. But how? A 2016 study established that healthy adults (ages of 18 to 35) who took Alpha Brain for 6 consecutive weeks considerably ameliorated their recent verbal memory when contrasted with control groups [13]. The outcomes of the study include the following benefits:

  • a 12 percent refinement in tasks of delayed verbal recall & executive functioning;
  • 21 percent faster completion time in executive function evaluations;
  • ameliorated recent verbal memory.
Overall, Alpha Brain is one of the few natural nootropic products in today’s society that has been scientifically demonstrated to work.

The nootropic ingredients present in the supplement supercharges cognitive abilities by ameliorating alpha waves in the brain (normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious & relaxed) & generating neurotransmitters. The product’s composition enables 100% brain activity for peak mental performance.

Increased Brain Function

If you’re curious about what it feels like to consume Alpha Brain, psychologists call this feeling the “flow state.” Darn good, it’s the optimum level of consciousness, like a “zone” where you are the most productive. The brain makes heightened alpha waves so that your productivity, inclusive of creativity, can go into overdrive. Its ingredients powerfully assist you to reach this state almost instantly. You can perform various tasks without getting preoccupied while experiencing heightened mental processing, memory, concentration, & focus.

Simply put, Alpha Brain tremendously lights your mind up for an extended period of time. It dispels brain fog & gets you concentrated, focused & in the mood while killing any urge to procrastinate. To students, there’s a theory you can try to put into practice. If you have a mountain of paperwork to get through or a paramount exam you want to prepare for, you may want to try Alpha Brain to assist you to work at full capacity & unleash your potential. The unique blend of natural ingredients considerably assists you to recollect key facts & details of the subject & reason more clearly.

Alpha Brain rewards you with a long relaxed surge of energy with no peaks and troughs. This nootropic doesn’t make you feel like you’re “high” & it’s not the same as the energy rush most people generally get from caffeine. The feeling of being “in the zone” helps you perform at your best. If you want your brain to work better – to a remarkable experience, then Alpha Brain is the solution.

Alpha Brain Side Effects & Warnings

As stated by the manufacturer, Alpha Brain is the best nootropic ever made. However, there exist a few minor negative effects associated with this product that a user may experience. Note that consulting a physician is highly recommended before consuming Alpha Brain. This is chiefly if you want to use it while you’re nursing, pregnant, have or suspect a medical health condition, or are administering other meds. Nonetheless, presuming you are a healthy individual with the OK to use this nootropic, what can you anticipate?

Firstly, recollect that Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement. It’s not medicine. As discussed, its ingredients are among the risk-free & finest cognitive augmenters that we know of. When used at the advisable doses, they are all regarded as non-toxic and safe. However, that doesn’t mean there are no negative effects expected. How you respond to them depends on a host of factors including your physical condition, genetic factors, age, preexisting conditions, & whether you are taking any other meds.

Two capsules (or 1 sachet of Alpha Brain Instant combined with a beverage or water) is the recommended daily dose. Use the pills correctly. Upping the dosage is not advisable & can eventually cause unwanted negative effects. Also, if you concurrently consume other supplements, e.g., caffeine, or ingest energy drinks with this nootropic product, you can get some negative effects.

Adverse reactions with Alpha Brain are rare. Nonetheless, here’re the 6 most frequent ones you have to look out for:

  • nausea: To get rid of this symptom, take Alpha Brain with a light meal. This can deaden any feelings of nausea. If this product in the form of capsules makes you feel nauseous, you may want to try using a sachet of Alpha Brain Instant combined with water or any of your favorite beverages. This can help calm the stomach;
  • sleeplessness: Take it as early as possible & be productive or achieve the intent during the day. You shouldn’t use it in the evening & anticipate being able to fall asleep at night if you want to or at the planned time since its half-life is 4–6+ hours. Ingest it at the most appropriate time & let it not interfere with your sleep;
  • headaches: This occurs probably by not drinking sufficient water & letting yourself get dehydrated in the daytime. Stay hydrated to assist you to avoid this symptom;
  • jaw pain: Few users experience this negative effect often when the headaches first start to kick in. Probably, it comes from being “in the zone” & tightening the jaw as you focus on a planned activity for several hours. This effect isn’t bad & it goes away very quickly;
  • lucid dreams: This negative effect is most likely triggered by the Bacopa ingredient, which ameliorates relaxation & can assist you to achieve a night of deeper sleep;
  • anxiety & jitters: Similar to several nootropics, this negative effect can pop up from time to time. Although not every user gets anxiety from taking Alpha Brain, a little restlessness can be expected for the first few minutes. Nonetheless, this negative effect goes away very quickly & the work starts to flow immediately after. Besides, individuals prone to anxiety should be cautious about taking Alpha Brain or any nootropics.

Overall, the experience of the negative effects of this dietary supplement is rare. You shouldn’t have any issues if you stick to the advisable dose of 2 to 4 capsules per day after having consulted a physician.

Is Alpha Brain Overdose Possible?

Concerned about the outcome if you take too much of Alpha Brain? You shouldn’t have to worry. Since it’s a risk-free dietary supplement, it’s not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any health problem.


However, it’s paramount to remember that some natural ingredients can give rise to severe negative effects when consumed in excessive quantities. This is particularly caffeine or similar products containing caffeine. Fortunately, Alpha Brain is absolutely free from caffeine & stimulants, so overdosing shouldn’t be a critical concern.

Alpha Brain Instant vs. Capsules

You’ve heard of the two, but what’s the difference between them? Alpha Brain Instant is also a dietary supplement that assists in supporting cognitive functions, including mental speed, memory, and focus, & helps with the “flow state.” Like Alpha Brain, it also contains the same ingredients in the same formula. The only difference is the time it takes to work. Original capsules take longer to kick in due to the time the body requires to break down the active ingredients & start to assimilate them. On the other hand, Alpha Brain Instant acts in the body much faster once ingested. It’s a fine powder that combines with water or any beverage & is assimilated through the lining of the stomach almost instantly. This product is great if you’re looking for an immediate “hit” or if you just don’t like the experience of swallowing capsules.

If eagerly seeking the ultimate dietary supplement that serves your brainpower needs instantly, Alpha Brain Instant is all you need.

Furthermore, Alpha Brain Instant is also available in a variety of tasty flavors that make it more enjoyable to consume. The maker offers this product flavored with ruby grapefruit, Meyer lemon, pineapple punch, blackberry lemonade, coconut lime, and peach. You can choose the one you prefer.

Modafinil vs. Alpha Brain

Modafinil & Alpha Brain are both nootropics. However, the latter is 100% natural as opposed to modafinil, which is a prescription-only med used to treat narcolepsy, jet lag, depression, shift work disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea, among other health conditions.

While both substances have similar beneficial effects in terms of ameliorating wakefulness, fostering concentration, & enhancing working memory, they are a world apart in terms of negative reactions & safety.

The famous “smart tab” is illegal to obtain without a physician’s prescription in most countries. On the other hand, Alpha Brain is a 100% legitimate dietary supplement that’s completely certified drug-free.

Undeniably, modafinil is a synthetic med that acts as a stimulant when ingested off-label by healthy humans. It massively ameliorates individual concentration, vigilance, focus, & alertness while giving a huge uplift in working & episodic memory [14]. Modafinil also provides huge refinements in emotion recognition as well as task-related motivation [15].

Generally, how does Alpha Brain compare with modafinil? Ideally, a dose of Alpha Brain awesomely rewards you with the following effects:

  • 6+ hours of ameliorated concentration & focus;
  • heightened verbal recall, memory, & executive functioning;
  • awesome mental processing;
  • intensified “flow state.”

On the other hand, the world’s most popular “smart tab” offers similar benefits:

  • 12+ hours of dramatically augmented attentiveness, vigilance, & alertness;
  • ameliorated focus & concentration;
  • improved learning experience;
  • optimized working memory [16];
  • ameliorated mental acuity.

In regard to cognitive benefits, Alpha Brain & modafinil are like night & day: the natural risk-free substances found in the former simply can’t compare to the latter in terms of efficacy, duration, & potency. In our opinion, modafinil takes the lead. Nonetheless, legal issues aside, there’s one great reason to prefer Alpha Brain to the “smart tab” – the adverse reactions.

Whereas Alpha Brain triggers very few to no negative symptoms in healthy individuals, the “smart tab” comes with a score of serious side effects that you should acquaint yourself with before using. According to a study, when modafinil is given to people who are non-narcoleptic, it brings about a whole host of negative effects including the following [17]:

  • headaches;
  • anxiety;
  • dyspepsia;
  • rhinitis;
  • nausea;
  • lumbago;
  • insomnia;
  • diarrhea;
  • vertigo.

Although these reported negative effects are mild, it’s necessary to know about them before deciding whether to take the “smart tab.”

Additionally, modafinil isn’t regarded as addictive. It contains no precursor molecules or substances known to bring about addiction. Nonetheless, it has been depicted to function as a reinforcer & have abuse potential under certain circumstances, particularly when used at a high dose. For example, in a case, a man with bipolar affective disorder developed the “smart tab” dependence & then had hypersexuality when he increased a dose from 400 to 1,000 mg/day [18].

So, if determined to acquaint yourself with the difference between Alpha Brain & the “smart tab,” that’s about that. Taking it in higher doses isn’t a pleasant choice with modafinil, although it doesn’t kill you.

Modafinil is indeed the ultimate nootropic because nothing matches its insanely great potency & effectiveness as the finest wakefulness-augmenting agent. Nonetheless, severe adverse effects it may cause shouldn’t be taken lightly, although researchers dubbed it the “world’s first safe smart tab.” Alpha Brain, on the other hand, provides a solid 4 up to 6 or so hours of laser-sharp focus & the power of concentration. It also heightens working memory with virtually zero negative effects.

Where to Buy Alpha Brain Online?

Although Alpha Brain is absolutely legit to use, it is impossible to visit the nearest local pharmacy or supplement store & purchase it. They don’t sell it & you’ll need to opt for an online pharmacy.

Online Shopping

We’ve reviewed the various top suppliers including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and we’ve found Onnit, the maker of Alpha Brain, to be the finest place to purchase this nootropic. Without a doubt, the guys at Onnit have a solid track record of providing Alpha Brain and other similar supplements worldwide with first-rate shipping.

The reasons you should purchase this nootropic from the creator are as follows:

  • its quality promise: Onnit promised to carefully source all its products with exceptional ingredients & rigorously test them for purity, efficacy, & safety, meaning you can purchase them with complete confidence. Indeed, even they use their products themselves & confirm theirs is the best;
  • free shipping with tracking on all orders costing over $150;
  • a money-back guarantee policy: The maker of Alpha Brain is so confident that you’ll love its products & quality service that it provides a money-back guarantee on all orders;
  • subscribe & save promotion: With a subscription, you can get the Alpha Brain product whenever you want with 15% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Your future purchases are automatic, trouble-free, & come with a satisfaction guarantee;
  • Alpha Brain® free trial samples: You have the chance to try the nootropic free of charge. You only have to cover the shipping fee & get a 15-day supply at no extra cost.

If you’re looking to shop for Alpha Brain® fast and safely, Onnit is supremely recommended.

The Verdict: In-Depth Alpha Brain Review

If you wanted to learn more about Alpha Brain, hopefully, this guide has answered all your important questions. Well, this nootropic product is not a “limitless tablet” but well worth it. By taking it, you’ll experience insanely great amelioration in focus & cognitive thinking. A huge difference when it comes to staying on a task physically & mentally. You can’t drift off into another task because it offers a heightened sense of concentration, alertness, & focus while its effect lasts.

Alpha Brain is indeed a 100% legit risk-free dietary supplement that comprises natural nootropics, but it’s tricky to compare it with modafinil. The sole king of “smart drugs” gives you 12+ hours of cognitive augmentation with several negative reactions, while Alpha Brain rewards you with up to 6+ hours of vigorous concentration, mental acuity, alertness, & focus while being virtually risk-free.


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