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Beginner’s Guide to Buy Flmodafinil Online in 2024

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Flmodafinil is a relatively new player on the nootropic scene. It’s considered to offer some more unique benefits compared to modafinil – the leader of nootropics. Flmodafinil is a potent “smart drug” that can help you achieve better cognition, an extra burst of energy, improved wakefulness, and heightened motivation. Although it is a comparatively new development, it’s highly praised due to the great effects it provides.

Guide to Buy Flmodafinil Online

If you’re looking for a little more info than just where to shop for flmodafinil, then continue reading this awesome guide. We’ll explain what it is, its potential benefits, how much it costs, tips on ordering it online, the three main types currently available on the market, and how it compares to the most popular nootropic modafinil. Let’s get started!

So, What Is Flmodafinil?

In the 1970s, medical researchers began looking for a treatment for sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. During the early studies & lab tests, adrafinil emerged. The med was invented to help patients become more alert, vigilant, & awake. Once adrafinil is consumed, it metabolizes providing the chemical modafinil, or 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide. The awesome effect of modafinil urged researchers to term it the perfect nootropic used by both sleep-deprived patients and healthy individuals, especially students, astronauts, & military personnel, to overcome sleepiness, heighten concentration & focus, and ameliorate overall cognitive potential [1].

Nevertheless, further studies have led to the development of flmodafinil (CRL-40,940) identified as bisfluoromodafinil & lauflumide [2]. CRL-40,940 is the bisfluoro analog or a derivative of modafinil that is considered to last longer & have higher bioavailability. The pharmaceutical med is a potent eugeroic & a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

According to its inventors, flmodafinil is more effective than modafinil & adrafinil, more promptly absorbed, & takes a shorter period for its prime effects to kick in due to it being constructed from 2 fluoro-groups rather than one.

Is It Legal?

Flmodafinil was patented in 2013, and Phase 1 clinical trials have been underway since December 2015. The conclusion of its investigation is profoundly anticipated, as the med turns out to be a non-amphetamine wakefulness-ameliorating agent that’s super safe and lasts longer [3].

Currently, there’s no source concerning its legality since flmodafinil is just a research chemical. It has no license, no investigation concluded, and there’s no basis of research behind it.

What Makes Flmodafinil So Popular?

Overall, flmodafinil gives benefits similar to those offered by modafinil: it provides both wakefulness-fostering and psychostimulant effects. Nevertheless, the research chemical probably provides more unique benefits compared to modafinil & other popular “smart tabs.”

Flmodafinil Fact Sheet

Following are some of the foremost advantages associated with the administration of flmodafinil:

  • heightened focus, productivity, & vigilance: Just like modafinil, it makes the levels of histamine increase in the brain & stay raised for up to 12 hours. This creates a sensation of intense vigilance. Using flmodafinil makes you experience extreme focus, boosted productivity, & enhanced motivation, making it easier for you to perform an activity or study more effectively;
  • ameliorated mood, memory, & wellbeing: Similar to modafinil, this med inhibits the reuptake of dopamine in the brain [4]. Higher levels of this neurotransmitter lead to a dramatic increase in short-term memory and mood. Since it is an analog of modafinil, it also causes a user to reason more clearly, remember information more accurately, & work more productively;
  • it offers more stimulating effects than modafinil: Flmodafinil is up to 4 times more stimulating than modafinil. It has much higher bioavailability, implying that users can ingest a lower dose of the med (50 mg) & receive the same advantages as they would from a much higher dose of modafinil. That’s the prime reason why nootropic enthusiasts typically experience fewer negative effects from flmodafinil than from modafinil while still getting similar cognitive advantages;
  • non-addictive: Being an analog of modafinil, it’s not a precursor molecule for any identified addictive substances. Examination to date has shown that flmodafinil is safe & non-addictive;
  • increased alertness and energy levels: Similar to coffee, the research drug has the effect of caffeine. It keeps you alert, active, & energetic during the day. Besides, its effects last for longer compared to modafinil;
  • reduced depression: When you feel down, flmodafinil can assist you to feel better. When used correctly, it targets the dopamine receptors to ameliorate dopamine so you feel positive & become an intelligent thinker.

There are several other rewards flmodafinil offers, just like modafinil. In general, the drug boosts your productivity during the day, makes you more active to complete all the day’s tasks, and gives you extra energy and motivation to perform better at work.

Can You Get a Drug Without a Prescription?

Unlike modafinil, flmodafinil isn’t a registered pharmaceutical product & may be used for investigation purposes only. Actually, you don’t need a prescription to get this medication, and you can purchase it online through a trustworthy vendor that stocks it without any hurdles. So, if you’re searching for a reportedly safe & powerful alternative to famous modafinil, then flmodafinil seems ideal.

How Much Does Flmodafinil Cost?

The price for modafinil & flmodafinil is analogous, but the latter seems to be somewhat more expensive. This makes sense since flmodafinil is completely new & reportedly more potent than modafinil, and besides, it must be lab-created by its suppliers preferably than purchased.

Tablets Cost

Overall, flmodafinil in the liquid form 1500 mg (50mg/ml) is priced at $69.99 per bottle, while the powdered version of the drug (5 g) costs about $180. On the other hand, the flmodafinil tincture, which is also available on the market, costs around $30 for a supply of just 30 ml.

Where to Buy Flmodafinil Online?

As the sale of flmodafinil isn’t restricted in the same way as pharmaceutical products such as modafinil, it’s easy to find & order it online — provided that you’re a researcher.

Here are the best two vendors you can use to buy flmodafinil.

This is the best place to order flmodafinil affordably. The vendor is committed to giving reference materials of the highest quality for life science experimentation. It does an extraordinary job of shipping flmodafinil globally, and we have no reservations about recommending it.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering flmodafinil from

  • quality drugs: Every batch of’s flmodafinil, as well as other meds, is tested by a reliable third-party lab to ensure the shopper gets only the highest-quality product;
  • excellent packaging: The drug is packaged in glass bottles to avert evaporation & certainly minimize degradation;
  • same-day shipping on all meds it sells;
  • a 30-day money-back guarantee: If you aren’t quite contented with the ordered product, you are given 30 days to return it & ask for a full refund;
  • great customer service: The vendor cares about every customer, as well as its employees & community. It strives to offer exceptional customer service & exceed the expectations of the shoppers;
  • reliability & consistency: It helps every client achieve their goals. It values every customer’s time and convenience, and that’s why it offers the fastest & most dependable shipping;
  • transparency & integrity: The vendor openly informs about its goals, objectives, & business practices.

Overall, offers genuine, high-quality flmodafinil with speedy shipping & a fair refund policy. If you’re contemplating researching this next-generation nootropic, the vendor won’t disappoint you.

This is another vendor we recommend. To get started, you need to have an approved account to purchase flmodafinil from it, although getting approved may not be your desired option. NewMind is good at shipping powdered flmodafinil in record time. The vendor performs independent product testing to ascertain that each drug meets standards of purity. It also offers worldwide shipping & aims to dispatch every offered product within 24 hours. Also, free shipping options are obtainable when you order from the website.

Take note that these two vendors offer flmodafinil for research use only. NewMind states that the product isn’t for human consumption, nor veterinary, medical, or household use. However, you may still order it to test its effects since the vendors guarantee its high quality.

Besides, sells liquid and powdered flmodafinil, while NewMind only offers a powdered version of this nootropic. As for the flmodafinil tincture, you can order it at Amazon. If you are curious about how these forms differ, read on to know about their similarities and differences.

Order Flmodafinil in Different Countries

Unlike modafinil, which is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the US and a prescription-only medicine in most other countries, flmodafinil is now in Phase I clinical studies, as mentioned earlier.

Buy Pills Online

This means it is an unregistered product and thus can be obtained legally without a prescription in most countries. It’s currently unregulated, so the purchase of this drug isn’t restricted the same as the purchase and possession of modafinil pills. So, wherever you reside, you can still get the product easily provided you know about your country-specific customs laws.

Flmodafinil Capsules vs Liquid vs Powder

Flmodafinil comes in capsules, powder, and liquid. If you’re interested in the distinctions between these 3 substances, then this is the prime section for you.


This form of the product indeed offers first-rate benefits. Capsules are accurately dosed and easy to store & carry. They’re fast-acting, tend to break down more quickly than tabs, & are less likely to have an unpleasant taste or odor. Capsules are tamper-resistant. They’re often made so that it’s not as easy to split them in half or crush like tabs if you desire to test a microdosing protocol.


Powdered flmodafinil is widely available for sale, so you’ll have plenty of purchasing options. As it is more compact, it is often more economical to get than capsules or liquid.

The main downside of this form is that it’s poorly soluble in water & must be dissolved in isopropanol up to 1 mg/ml. This indicates that you can’t just mix the powder with any of your preferred beverages. Moreover, it can be tough to measure accurately, so exact dosing can be a problem.

For most people, tabs/capsules are frequently considered easier to take: they are measured to an exact strength & are easy to swallow. The powdered form is more concentrated & is usually used by those who have trouble swallowing tabs. In general, powdered flmodafinil is indeed less convenient than capsules to most people.


Liquid flmodafinil is extremely cost-effective & simple to consume. The’s medicine is dosed at 50 mg/ml & comes with a pipette that makes it effortless to measure & dispense. A regular flmodafinil dose of 50—100 mg equates to 1—2 ml. An added benefit is that users can take the liquid sublingually, allowing for faster absorption. Additionally, one of the greatest benefits of this form is that it’s easily digestible as opposed to capsules/tablets. Liquid flmodafinil is well suited for those who have difficulty ingesting tabs/capsules.

Flmodafinil vs Modafinil

Flmodafinil has a lot in common with modafinil, but still, there’re quite a few dissimilarities. In this section, we’ll put them head-to-head. The major difference is that flmodafinil has higher bioavailability than modafinil. Nevertheless, no scientific studies exist to support this at the time of writing this review.

Modafinil Versus Flmodafinil

Let’s get some other facts about flmodafinil versus modafinil:

  • flmodafinil seems to be faster acting: It offers the same cognitive advantages as modafinil while being swift-acting. It certainly improves alertness, mental acuity, focus, motivation, & concentration within just 30 minutes, considerably faster than modafinil;
  • the research substance is reported to be more powerful: Basically, 50 mg of the medicine is roughly equivalent to 100 mg of modafinil in terms of cognitive effects. A 100 mg dose of the chemical equals a standard modafinil dose of 200 mg;
  • flmodafinil seems to be a more vigorous mood promoter: Modafinil & flmodafinil reward users with a mental boost, but the latter offers a qualitatively better feeling of wellbeing. It’s extra calming, relaxing, & enjoyable;
  • structure: Both meds are structurally very similar. Indeed, flmodafinil is deemed a bisfluoro analog of modafinil, meaning it’s essentially an exact copy of modafinil with the addition of the 2 fluoride units. Nonetheless, both work similarly with equal effects;
  • safety: We can’t tell with certainty that flmodafinil is as safe as modafinil simply due to the lack of analysis available. Nevertheless, based on firsthand accounts from research subjects, it appears to be extremely safe, and its inventors even suggest that it has fewer negative effects than modafinil;
  • prescription status: Modafinil is a prescription med, meaning it’s available for sale with a prescription. On the other hand, flmodafinil isn’t currently classified as a prescription med. Even though it’s undergoing clinical trials at the moment, those interested can easily obtain it online as reference material. Nonetheless, this could change at any time if flmodafinil is licensed for prescription use;
  • half-life: It seems that flmodafinil may have a longer half-life — implying that the research compound may stay in your system for longer compared to modafinil. As more analysis of flmodafinil comes out, we’ll have a more definitive report of its half-life.

Flmodafinil is much more modern than the famous nootropic modafinil & is still in the early phases of clinical trials for Food & Drug Administration approval. Accordingly, we know much less about flmodafinil than we do regarding modafinil.

While we can speculate that flmodafinil functions similarly to modafinil because of its almost identical structure, this isn’t something that we can assert with sufficient certainty. We’ll wait for more investigation to come out before we can gain a more extensive comprehension of how the research compound works.

Side Effects of Flmodafinil

Flmodafinil seems to be very similar to the popular nootropic modafinil in terms of its possible negative effects. Nonetheless, both compounds are considered to be safe & well-tolerated.

Pills Side Effects

While medical literature on flmodafinil’s negative reactions is scarce, it’s smart to be on the lookout for the following symptoms:

  • upset stomach;
  • dizziness;
  • itchiness;
  • headaches;
  • difficulty sleeping;
  • dry mouth.

Most negative effects associated with the use of flmodafinil are typically mild & fade away quickly. Some of them can be minimized or mitigated by following some recommendations.

First of all, it’s advisable to take the med early in the morning to avoid it interfering with your sleep or causing insomnia. Consuming flmodafinil before 10 am gives it adequate time to leave your system before nighttime. Also, similar to modafinil, flmodafinil is an appetite suppressant. That’s why you should eat & drink at your regular meal times & stay well hydrated throughout the day. This will further assist you to avoid negative effects like headaches, an upset stomach, & dry mouth.

Overall, flmodafinil seems to be remarkably safe & non-addictive. The possibility of building tolerance is low given it’s administered responsibly. If you use it, we certainly suggest limiting the administration of the compound as a nootropic to a maximum of 3 times/week. Drug tolerance may occur when you take flmodafinil long enough that your body becomes used to the substance’s presence.

The Verdict: Buying Flmodafinil Online

Flmodafinil seems to be an exceptional nootropic. It’s extremely safe, remarkably potent, & long-lasting. Business executives, IT professionals, factory workers, creatives, & students can certainly use it to augment their productivity to get a raise, get a promotion, or ace a difficult exam. This med has a lot in common with modafinil. However, the major difference between them is that flmodafinil has higher bioavailability than modafinil.

If you need to buy it online from the mentioned vendors, take note that the drug is only currently available for testing purposes & comes in 3 primary forms: powder, liquid, & capsules.

Some individuals in the online community are becoming enthusiastic about the new & enhanced version of the profoundly esteemed nootropic modafinil. This informative guide should provide you as a researcher with what you need to know to find & order flmodafinil right now. We’ve covered the principal features of this eugeroic, its potential advantages & negative effects, where to buy it online, and a lot more. Overall, flmodafinil seems to be a great alternative to modafinil & may offer you numerous incredible benefits.


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