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Flmodafinil Side Effects & How to Prevent Them

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While you think you can’t have better cognition, that extra burst of energy, wakefulness, & motivation to complete your daily tasks, flmodafinil is the ideal med that can help you to accomplish everything planned easier and faster. It is a relatively new development in the nootropics world, but it’s the product that’s praised due to the great effects it provides.

Flmodafinil Side Effects

This new drug is believed to offer some unique benefits compared to modafinil – the king of nootropics. However, some adverse effects, precautions, & safety issues may arise. Read below for an in-depth analysis of what to expect.

What Is Flmodafinil?

It was in the 1970s when medical researchers began looking for a powerful treatment for sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. During those early days of intensive research & laboratory tests, adrafinil appeared. The drug was designed to help patients to become more attentive & awake. Once adrafinil is ingested, it metabolizes producing the chemical modafinil, or 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl]acetamide. The result of modafinil drove researchers to term it the perfect nootropic used by healthy individuals, especially students, to overcome sleepiness, heighten concentration, & ameliorate cognitive potential [1].

However, further studies have led to the development of flmodafinil (CRL-40,940) commonly known as bisfluoromodafinil & lauflumide [2]. CRL-40,940 is the bisfluoro analog or a derivative of modafinil that lasts longer & has higher bioavailability. The drug is a powerful eugeroic & a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor. According to its creators, flmodafinil is more efficacious than modafinil & adrafinil, more readily absorbed, and takes a shorter time for its effects to kick in. The drug was patented in 2013, and Phase 1 clinical trials have been underway (for use for narcolepsy & other sleep disorders) since December 2015. The completion of its investigation is highly anticipated, as it turns out to be a non-amphetamine wakefulness-augmenting agent that lasts longer [3].

Flmodafinil is not currently a prescription med. And because it isn’t bad but super effective, people use it off-label to get improved performance, better wakefulness, swift thinking, & increased focus. It works as a central nervous system stimulant that keeps users super alert, awake, & in a good mood. It also ameliorates concentration & motivation at the time you need it the most. The drug also decreases the risk of depression. Additionally, flmodafinil increases your productivity. Since it can heighten the dopamine levels, it can make you feel more energetic to accomplish all daily tasks.

Flmodafinil Side Effects: Detailed Overview

Because flmodafinil nootropic is still undergoing clinical safety & efficacy trials, there’s not much info regarding its negative effects. Nonetheless, because it is the bisfluoro analog of modafinil, the two are extremely similar structurally & may possess similar negative effects.

Pills Side Effects

The good news for “smart drug” enthusiasts is that the creators of this nootropic report that flmodafinil has fewer negative effects than modafinil, as depicted in anecdotal reports from research subjects who’ve used both flmodafinil and modafinil.

Here are some of the most frequent negative effects that research subjects may experience from the use of flmodafinil.


Sleep is one of the most paramount things for higher mental performance & physical health. Insomnia is related to poor sleep habits. Its symptoms may include difficulty falling or staying asleep at night & not feeling well-rested. One of its treatments is improving sleep habits.

If using flmodafinil late in the day, you may end up tossing & turning & unable to fall asleep later that night. That’s the reason most eugeroic researchers recommend taking this drug early in the morning & following the physician’s advice about good sleep habits. The earlier you take flmodafinil, the better chance you have of getting to sleep at a decent time. If the pill is consumed late in the day, falling asleep becomes a serious problem. Don’t take it at night unless you are intent on pulling an all-nighter! Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid being dehydrated. Dehydration can negatively affect your sleep [4].


Flmodafinil may cause headaches in some users, just like modafinil. Nonetheless, there are mixed reports from people experiencing a headache after flmodafinil ingestion. On Reddit, a user took this medicine and experienced a headache [5]. Any disorder that affects your sleep, including insomnia, bruxism, & obstructive sleep apnea, can cause a headache as well as fatigue.

There are several ways to prevent flmodafinil headaches. The first is to always hydrate while on the medication. Dehydration can be a major cause of head pain. The best recommendation is to consume 2+ liters of water in even sips throughout the day if you are taking a low dose of flmodafinil or 4+ liters of water if you are taking a high dose. Additionally, be sure to eat sufficiently and at the appropriate time. At the very least, a decent-sized nutritious breakfast should be taken before ingesting the drug. Also, ensure the body has all the nutrients it needs to help minimize the chances of getting a headache from flmodafinil.


Anxiety is one of the most frequent negative effects of brain-augmenting compounds, but fortunately, many flmodafinil individuals report that its effects are very minimal. It is just a clean nootropic that causes no significant anxiety. However, to some individuals, anxiety caused by flmodafinil can exist [6]. It can be characterized by a feeling of worry & stress, often accompanied by other negative effects like jitters, fast heart rate, shallow breathing, & dizziness.


Anxiety can be prevented or lessened by supplementing it with L-theanine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), performing some meditation/breathing exercises, drinking less caffeine on days you take flmodafinil, reducing the dose of the nootropic, as well as drinking more water during the day.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Several gastrointestinal negative effects are attributed to the use of drugs like modafinil and flmodafinil. These are nausea, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation [7]. The issue involves a slow breakdown of the medication in the gastrointestinal tract. Because flmodafinil increases norepinephrine levels in the brain, it triggers the body’s fight or flight response. In this state, the body diverts energy to more important systems such as the nervous and muscular systems to ensure survival, and the digestive system needs to be suppressed as a result.

To avoid the unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms, start with a very low dose of the drug & slowly increase it without misusing it. Most users don’t feel any stomach upset on the day of taking it, but they often encounter the problem the next morning. Diet & lifestyle changes play a key role when taking flmodafinil. You’ve to cut back on fatty foods, exercise more, and avoid foods that cause gas.

Other Safety Concerns

As with any prescription or over-the-counter medicine or dietary supplement, there are safety concerns that every user should know before using the medication. For instance, any pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother should avoid taking flmodafinil. Furthermore, anybody under the age of 18 isn’t recommended to use the compound. Besides, flmodafinil users shouldn’t drink caffeine because the drug is itself a stimulant. Boozing isn’t recommended when using the nootropic because this can increase the chances of getting other side effects or intensify the already mentioned ones.

Likewise, flmodafinil may be associated with the same habit-forming qualities as modafinil. Therefore, any user is advised against taking it more than 2 to 3 times per week as a cognitive enhancer, and they should take regular breaks from the medicine.

Overall, the drug appears to be safe for most healthy individuals. Even if flmodafinil side effects occur, they usually fade away after some time as the body adjusts to the medication.

Another important safety concern is the possible drug-drug interactions. Some interactions may affect the effectiveness of one or both meds combined or cause serious negative effects that necessitate medical attention immediately. Just like modafinil, flmodafinil may have interactions with certain antifungals, anti-seizure meds, antidepressants, blood thinners, hormonal contraceptives, & anti-anxiety meds. Either way, individuals with any health conditions or who are taking any prescription meds are well advised to avoid using flmodafinil without consulting a physician first.

Tell your doctor what prescription and nonprescription meds, nutritional supplements, vitamins, & herbal products you are taking to investigate if they can cause some interactions with flmodafinil. Besides, let your medical specialist know about your general health status including if you have ever had angina, an irregular heartbeat, a heart attack, hypertension, depression, mania, psychosis, liver problems, or kidney disease.

Flmodafinil Dosage Guide

For most people, flmodafinil usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to start working. But how much should you take? Because it is more potent than modafinil, a user should be cautious with dosing.

Take Pill

Yet, flmodafinil isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the moment, but it is still in ongoing clinical trials. Because of this, there is no standard dosage recommendation widely available. However, because everything about it depicts that it has better bioavailability & lasts longer, you don’t need such a high dose to get the same effects as you would with modafinil. It’s always the best idea to let your physician know which dose is right for you based on your age, health status, etc.

Generally, many flmodafinil users have come forward with their accounts of taking the medication & recommend starting with lower doses. This is due to the potency of the product in comparison to modafinil if it’s indeed 4 times more powerful!

Based on our flmodafinil dosage guideline, the standard daily dose should be anywhere from one-quarter to one-half of the standard dose of modafinil (200 mg). As is the case with modafinil, the long-term safety of flmodafinil isn’t known.

12.5 mg–25 mg

This low dose is ideal for absolute flmodafinil beginners. A healthy individual is unlikely to get any negative effects from it. It is also ideal to test the drug’s effect on the body. If a user finds this dose range effective, they may be able to take it more than 2 to 3 times per week when needed because it can’t lead to drug tolerance or misuse.

50–100 mg

This intermediate dose is based on 200 mg of modafinil. Generally, this amount can be well-tolerated and very effective for most users, especially those who’ve used various kinds of nootropics like modafinil before. At this dose strength, a user may or may not experience some of the negative effects listed above. It’s wise to take this dose early in the morning, and it shouldn’t be administered more than 2 to 3 times per week.

150 mg or more

The 150 mg dose of flmodafinil is approx. equivalent to 300 mg+ of modafinil taken once per day. However, we wouldn’t recommend administering it if you’re new to the medication. Some “smart drug” enthusiasts do take 250–300 mg of modafinil to pull an all-nighter or to power their cognitive function, so a very likely negative effect of this high dose is insomnia. Certainly, the larger the flmodafinil dose, the higher the risk of getting some other negative effects.


Microdosing flmodafinil is indeed the best strategy to experience awesome cognitive effects such as consistent energy, faster thinking, increased motivation, ameliorated focus, and better mental clarity while avoiding side effects. This entails administering microdoses every 4 to 6 hours throughout the day. However, that depends on your level of experience & response to the cognitive enhancers. We certainly know that individuals can successfully microdose flmodafinil anywhere from 3 mg to 25 mg 4 times daily, especially in the morning hours, up to 3 times per week. Be sure to start slowly as you search for the optimal dose that’s super effective and well-tolerated for you.

Compare Flmodafinil vs Modafinil

Flmodafinil vs Modafinil

As depicted in this guide, flmodafinil & modafinil have a lot of similarities. However, some of the key differences are as follows:

  • structure: Flmodafinil is an exact copy of modafinil but with the addition of two fluoride units, hence the name bisfluoromodafinil;
  • effects/strength: Although flmodafinil effects aren’t scientifically proven & its clinical research is underway, the drug is believed to be anywhere from 1.5 to 4 times stronger than modafinil & to have a longer half-life;
  • safety: Based on anecdotal reports, flmodafinil has fewer negative effects than modafinil. However, we’re still awaiting results from the clinical trials;
  • prescription status: Modafinil is a prescription med, while flmodafinil isn’t currently a prescription medication, but it is being studied for possible FDA approval;
  • cost: Flmodafinil can be more expensive than modafinil. The rise in price can be due to it being stronger, having fewer negative reactions, & being a newer formulation;
  • dosage: Based on some factors such as flmodafinil’s higher strength & longer half-life, its dose can be much lower than the standard dosage of modafinil.

Because there’s limited info about flmodafinil, it can be predicted that it behaves mostly similarly to modafinil but with positive promising effects.

Can You Buy Flmodafinil Online?

With all the proclamations that flmodafinil works and is stronger than modafinil, you may be wondering where you can order genuine pills online. The best place to order flmodafinil online is via a vendor called It offers the drug for sale in 2 different forms: liquid and powder. But to get the powder form, you’ll need to have an approved account on the platform.

We recommend because the vendor has very high standards regarding ingredient sourcing & testing. Every product offered is analyzed by an independent testing company for purity, heavy metals, identification, structure, & contaminants. All of the reports and batch tests are published on the website for every shopper to view.

Note that since flmodafinil is still being studied, it’s hard to come by. So it’s better to opt for the most popular “smart drug” modafinil, which is equally effective but is more widely accessible.

ModafinilXL, BuyModafinilOnline, and FreeModafinil are some of the reliable online vendors that sell a variety of modafinil generics at affordable prices and ship them worldwide.

The Verdict: Negative Side Effects of Flmodafinil

As discussed above, flmodafinil has a lot of promising effects as a new substance on the nootropic scene, with the potential to be more potent & to have longer-lasting effects than the famous “smart drug” modafinil, perhaps with fewer negative reactions. For most healthy individuals, the drug is pretty safe. However, as with any pharmaceutical med, side effects can occur. All the aforementioned recommendations, as well as the dosage guide, should come in handy. Certainly, we can conclude that flmodafinil is a potent & effective nootropic, which is an improved version of modafinil that can make you say goodbye to drowsiness. The drug is also ideal if you need that extra energy, focus, & motivation to push you to be super productive with awesome cognitive function while lessening daytime sleepiness.


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