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Modafinil Discount Coupons: Get Best Nootropic Deals in 2024

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The importance of discounts cannot be overemphasized, and it goes both ways. For many online vendors, it enables them to grab attention, attract new customers, retain old ones, and build loyalty. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for buyers to save a lot of cash while getting their favorite products. It is a win-win situation for both parties! We have reviewed some of the most popular online pharmacies with exciting modafinil coupons and discounts. Check them out and find the one that meets your needs.

Modafinil Discount Coupons

What Are Modafinil Drugs?

Modafinil is a wake-promoting drug that is marketed under the brand name Provigil. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998 for treating narcolepsy and several other sleep-related disorders [1].

For many years, the novel drug has helped millions of sleep-deprived individuals achieve better sleep quality and improved quality of life. However, as time went on, a few users realized that it did more than eliminate excessive sleepiness – it enhanced their cognitive function.

The discovery was kept secret, and it was circulated only among busy professionals of Wall Street and top executives of Silicon Valley who used it to improve productivity. Over time, more and more people caught wind of the cognitive-enhancing benefits the drug offered, and this made it skyrocket in popularity.

Increased Brain Function

Today, professionals from all walks of life (engineers, architects, programmers, surgeons, etc.) and students alike use it off-label to improve performance.

Some of the benefits it offers include [2]:

  • improved memory retention;
  • 12+ hours of alertness and laser-like focus;
  • improved creativity;
  • faster information processing ability;
  • increased motivation.

Modafinil is regarded as the “world’s first safe smart drug,” as it produces a stimulant-like effect but does not cause severe adverse reactions associated with stimulants [3]. Over the years, modafinil-based drugs have continued to grow in popularity, and this can be attributed to one thing – the fact that it works!

Detailed Guide to Modafinil Coupons in 2024

Amazing deals, discounts, and coupons come and go like the wind, but with resourceful information, it becomes easy to spot and take advantage of them. The following is a comprehensive list of the 11 most famous online modafinil vendors and their active discounts and coupon codes.

ModafinilXL Coupons & Discounts

ModafinilXL (MXL) is an exceptional online pharmacy that offers modafinil and a wide variety of drugs without an Rx and at an affordable price. It has been in business for a long time and has amassed many Trustpilot- and Yotpo-verified positive customer reviews that speak volumes of the quality of the services it offers.

ModafinilXL Discounts

One of the best deals the vendor offers is a special Bitcoin discount. Customers who pay with crypto are entitled to 20% off their entire purchase. Unlike some pharmacies that offer empty promises, MXL implements the deal. The implementation can be confirmed by adding pills to the cart and proceeding to make a payment. Another pleasant bonus is that MXL includes 20 free Modalert and Artvigil pills in every delivery without extra fees.

The box to add coupons can be found on the cart page while making a purchase. They include:

  • $10 sitewide discount that requires no minimum order amount. It is redeemable with the coupon code USD10;
  • $35 off orders worth $500: Redeemable with the coupon code MXLIMITLESS;
  • $15 off purchases over $170: Redeemable with the coupon code N15USD;
  • $20 off orders worth $250: Redeemable with the coupon code OFF20N;
  • $25 off orders of $360: Redeemable with the coupon code USD25N;
  • $30 off $500+ purchases: Redeemable with the coupon code 30BUCKS.

Besides the coupon codes and discounts, the pharmacy also offers free shipping on orders over $130 and $180 depending on the selected delivery method and 10 extra modafinil pills to returning customers.

BuyModa Coupons and Promo Codes

This is a reputable vendor with several fantastic reviews and ratings on review sites like Trustpilot and forums like Quora and Reddit. It ships high-quality products worldwide and provides refunds in the unlikely event that a package goes missing. A few things customers love about this supplier are its exceptional customer service, mouth-watering pricing, quality products, and guaranteed delivery.

Here’s more information on the BuyModa best coupons, discounts, and deals in 2020.

BuyModa currently offers a 20% discount that applies to purchases made via Bitcoin. It also offers 30 free pills on orders worth $150 and 20 extra Modalert pills to returning customers. What’s more, those who spend $100 and above on the platform are entitled to free trackable shipping to all parts of the world.

BuyModafinilOnline Best Offers & Discounts

BuyModafininilOnline is one of ModafinilXL’s sister stores. Like MXL, it offers a wide range of nootropics at pocket-friendly prices. It is a customer-centric store providing ultra-fast shipping, full refunds and reshipments, exceptional customer service, and premium quality drugs.

BuyModafinilOnline Discount Page

The pharmacy’s best deals are as follows:

  • $10 sitewide discount: It is redeemable with the coupon code BMO-WHATEVERYOUWANT10. This offer involves no minimum order value;
  • $15 off orders worth $170: It is redeemable with the coupon code BMO-HMM15USD;
  • $20 off purchases over $250: Can be redeemed with the coupon code BMO-YEP200FF;
  • $35 discount on orders worth $750: It is redeemable with the coupon code BMO-COUPONHUNTERREWARD. This offer is especially for combo pack purchases.

BMO offers the special 23% off the total cart price. However, it applies only to buyers who make payments with Bitcoin. The pharmacy also provides returning customers with 10 extra modafinil pills and those who share an honest review with 20 additional nootropic tablets.

DinoSupplies Discount Deals (Closed in 2020)

DinoSupplies is yet another popular modafinil vendor of high repute. It ships from either Singapore or Europe (depending on the customer’s location) to all parts of the world. The vendor specializes in 5 specific nootropics and offers them for sale at a relatively affordable price.

Unlike the aforementioned e-pharmacies, DinoSupplies does not provide many discount deals. However, it offers 20% off to customers who decide to pay for orders with Bitcoin. Besides, all DinoSupplies buyers are eligible for free shipping.

Ordering Drugs at DinoSupplies with BTC

Regardless, some modafinil enthusiasts shop on the platform because it provides reliable customer support and dispatches parcels quickly to facilitate delivery.

Afinil Special Discounts and Coupons

Afinil is yet another reputable e-pharmacy that sells premium quality products sourced directly from the manufacturers. It is also a sister store to ModafinilXL and performs no less in providing a positive customer experience. It offers friendly and reliable customer service, affordable prices, and guaranteed delivery.

Afinil offers mouth-watering discounts, including the following:

  • AF-WHATEVERYOUWANT10: This coupon provides a $10 sitewide discount with no minimum order value;
  • AF-HMM15USD: Spend $170 and get a 15% discount with this code;
  • AF-YEP20OFF: This coupon code offers $20 off all expenses worth $250;
  • AF-WOW25USD: This code provides $25 off all purchases over $360;
  • AF-30BUCKS: This code offers $30 off the total amount for orders worth $500 or more;
  • AF-COUPONHUNTERREWARD: This coupon code provides $35 off orders worth $750.

This platform’s available offers include a 24% sitewide discount on all Bitcoin payments and free trial samples for individuals who love trying products out before investing. Afinil also offers $20 off to returning customers and $30 off to those who write an honest review based on their experience with its products. Lastly, it provides free shipping on all expenses worth $130.

FoxDose Top Discounts, Offers, Promos

FoxDose is a relatively new modafinil online pharmacy and one of the best in its category. It specializes in the sale of generic modafinil- and armodafinil-based nootropics that are sourced from trusted manufacturers. It offers reliable services, favorable pricing, and ultra-fast delivery.

However, it provides a few deals and discounts through which customers can save some cash. The profitable offers available on the platform include a 25% crypto discount for customers who make payments with Bitcoin, 30 free pills on all expenses over $99, and free Express Mail Service shipping.

BuyArmodafinil Coupons, Deals & Promo Codes

BuyArmodafinil is another sister store to ModafinilXL, and like it, it offers nootropics at one of the lowest possible prices on the Internet. It has a customer base of over 6,000 individuals and several positive reviews verified by Trustpilot and Yotpo.

BuyArmodafinil Discounts

The vendor offers several coupons, deals, and promo codes that customers can take great advantage of. And most interestingly, some of them have no expiry date. The available coupons are as follows:

  • BA-WHATEVERYOUWANT10: This coupon provides a $10 sitewide discount with no minimum order value;
  • BA-HMM15USD: Spend $170 and get a 15% discount with this code;
  • BA-YEP20OFF: This coupon code offers $20 off all expenses worth $250;
  • BA-WOW25USD: This code provides $25 off all purchases of $360;
  • BA-30BUCKS: This code offers $30 off the total amount for orders worth $500 or more;
  • BA-COUPONHUNTERREWARD: This coupon code offers $35 off all expenses worth $750.

Other BuyArmodafinil’s deals include 10 additional sublingual Modafil MD pills for returning customers, a 21% discount on all payments made via Bitcoin, and 20 extra sublingual Modafil MD pills for customers who leave a review. The pharmacy also includes 20 sample pills of modafinil and armodafinil drugs in every order and offers free shipping on all purchases worth $130.

HighStreetPharma Discounts & Top Deals

HighStreetPharma is another e-drugstore with a variety of nootropics and a wide range of other drugs up for sale. Its prices are a little higher compared to the aforementioned drugstores. However, some “smart drug” lovers patronize it for the guaranteed delivery and special EU shipping that guarantees EU residents an ultra-fast doorstep delivery of modafinil tabs.

The vendor has no information regarding coupon codes, but it offers some deals to support its customers. They include a 25% discount and 30% extra tabs for those who make crypto payments, a 20% discount for returning customers, and free express shipping worldwide on all “smart drug” purchases. HighStreetPharma offers full refunds or reshipments if the parcel gets missing or seized by customs.

FreeModafinil Profitable Deals and Coupons

FreeModafinil is a top-rated pharmacy and yet another sister store to ModafinilXL. It offers great deals and discounts similar to those at Afinil, BuyArmodafinil, and other MXL sister stores.

FreeModafinil Discounts

Here are the coupon codes provided by this pharmacy:

  • FM-WHATEVERYOUWANT10: This coupon offers a $10 sitewide discount with no minimum order value;
  • FM-HMM15USD: Spend $170 and get a 15% discount with this code;
  • FM-YEP20OFF: This coupon code offers $20 off $250+ expenses;
  • FM-WOW25USD: This code provides $25 off all purchases over $360;
  • FM-30BUCKS: This code offers $30 off the total amount for orders worth $500 or more;
  • FM-COUPONHUNTERREWARD: This coupon code offers $35 off $750+ orders.

As with the related vendors, the coupons on this platform do not expire. This means that they can be used any time, any day. FreeModafinil equally offers free nootropic samples, free additional pills based on buyer actions, and a 22% sitewide discount on Bitcoin payments.

NeoModafinil Offers and Discounts

NeoModafinil is a relatively new “smart drug” vendor that is faring quite well on the nootropic market. It provides high-grade modafinil-based drugs sourced from certified manufactures.

It’s currently offering the smart savings deal where customers are entitled to 20% off their total purchase price if they pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin. NeoModafinil also provides a 10% discount for returning customers. Interestingly, as at MXL and its sister stores, discounts can be stacked. Thus, a repeat customer who makes payment with ETH or BTC will be entitled to a total of 30% discount. NeoModafinil provides free nootropic pills, but this offer is only valid for its returning customers.

Shark Mood Best Offers & Promos

SharkMood is yet another relatively new e-pharmacy that is making a name for itself in the nootropics world. It provides 24/7 customer support (via email), free and fast shipping, and guarantees delivery.

The pharmacy has no information about coupon codes on its site, but it currently offers two discounts. They include a 10% discount that goes alongside an offer of 50% free extra pills on all purchases.

Is It Profitable to Order Modafinil with Bitcoin?

Yes, it’s profitable to order modafinil with Bitcoin, and many reputable e-pharmacies love it.

Pay with Bitcoin

Unlike payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards that charge a fee on transactions and are strictly regulated, cryptocurrencies are more flexible. They are fast, secure, and help vendors save money since they do not incur extra fees. As a result, most sellers extend a little part of what they keep to their customers as discounts.

Pharmacy BTC Discount
ModafinilXL 20%
BuyModa 20%
BuyModafinilOnline 23%
DinoSupplies 20%
Afinil 24%
FoxDose 25%
BuyArmodafinil 21%
HighStreetPharma 25%
FreeModafinil 22%
NeoModafinil 20%
SharkMood 10%

Bitcoin is the best way to go for anyone interested in saving money and having a seamless transaction. Learn more about how to buy modafinil with Bitcoin.

The Verdict

Modafinil coupon codes now serve as an excellent way to save cash, but deciding what pharmacy to get the best deals from can be a tad challenging. The vendors we have listed are trustworthy and have been selected based on the in-depth research to help you narrow down your search. However, they all have varying discount offers. Feel free to make a quick comparison, pick a store, and save a lot of cash on your next purchase.


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