ModaPharma Review: Steer Clear From This Vendor

Buying medications and supplements online often involves placing your trust in an unknown company. You can’t be certain whether or not the company is going to fulfil your order after you’ve made your payment.

It doesn’t need to be like this.

There are plenty of company reviews on websites like Reddit. Sifting through these online forums and tallying up customer reviews can be tedious, but necessary for weeding out the bad suppliers from the good ones.

We’ve taken the liberty of doing this for you.

The supplier we’ll be discussing in detail is ModaPharma. What do customers report on Reddit and similar websites? Should you buy your Modafinil from this online pharmacy?

Our recommended Modafinil supplier.


Who Is ModaPharma?

ModaPharma is an online Modafinil reseller based out of Russia and India. They sell 2 Modafinil generics (Modvigil & Modalert) and 2 Armodafinil generics (Waklert & Artvigil).

The company doesn’t offer much insight into who they are. Their official “about us” page only lists generic customer service phrases like “customer focus”, “professional service”, and “simple and secure” (payments).

Even their social media presence says little about the company itself or their values and philosophy. In fact, the vast majority of their social media presence is focused on a spam marketing initiative (more on this below).

All we know for sure about the company is that their website is hosted in Russia, and their fulfilment service comes out of India.


What’s the Deal With ModaPharma?

1. They Send You Strange Promotional Emails

Users on Reddit report receiving strange emails from ModaPharma offering reduced prices if payment is made through the email. The poster of this Reddit post mentions that he received one of these emails before he even finished filling out his order.

This may be the method this company uses to receive payment. However, it’s also a classic Phishing technique a lot of companies and hackers use to steal credit card and password information.

It’s never wise to enter your credit card information to links given in an email. These often lack vital security measures. You could be feeding your password and/or credit card information directly to hackers without realising what you’re doing.

It’s important to choose companies that take payments directly on the website using secure payment processors, such as or Afinil Express.


2. You Pay More For The Same Modafinil

Despite selling the same generic Modafinil and Armodafinil as other online resellers, ModaPharma has the highest prices of them all.

The average cost breakdown of ModaPharma products compared to

Modalert Cost Per Tablet $1.10 – $2.56 $0.70 – $1.60
Modvigil Cost Per Tablet $0.99 – $2.00 $0.74 – $1.30
Artvigil Cost Per Tablet $1.06 – $2.10 $0.86 – $1.60
Waklert Cost Per Tablet $1.06 – $2.10 $0.92 – $2.00


As you can see, the cost per tablet is a good 20-50% more expensive than the exact same tablets offered by other companies like This doesn’t take into consideration the discounts other providers offer on top of these lower prices (such as returning customer discounts, or Bitcoin payments).


Why is ModaPharma so expensive you ask?

Their website implies that they are based in the United States. If this were true, it would increase the cost of running the organisation overall.  It would involve a great deal of extra paperwork and legal registrations to be able to sell Modafinil online legally. It would offer benefits, however, like consumer protection laws.

But this isn’t the case.

A quick lookup of the domain registration details finds that the website is based out of Russia.



Although this doesn’t prove that the company isn’t operating to some degree within the United States, this is highly unlikely.

For starters, the laws in the United States would make it nearly impossible for the business to function without significantly raising the cost to the customers. It would also require a prescription for purchase.

Additionally, there is little benefit to operating out of the United States. According to a recent article by, it’s cheaper to post mail from China to the US, than domestic shipments of the exact same package.


3. They Charge You Extra For Shipping

Not only does ModaPharma charge more for their generic Modafinil and Armodafinil tablets, they also charge additional shipping.

Numerous other players in the Modafinil marketplace are offering free shipping.


4. Smaller Discount Options Than Competitors

ModaPharma offers a 15% discount for purchases made using Bitcoin.

This is great, but below average when you compare it to other Modafinil suppliers., for example, offers a 20% discount whenever payments are made with Bitcoin, as well as an additional 10% for any returning customers. This works by entering the order ID from a previous purchase at checkout.


5. They Don’t Accept Credit Cards

ModaPharma has a payment page on their website advertising “Flexible Payment Options”.

This is an interesting statement based on the fact that they only accept Bitcoin. Their credit card payment processing has been down since 2016 and doesn’t appear to be coming back anytime soon.



6. They’re Promoting Spam Videos On Youtube

ModaPharma offers 10 free Modafinil tablets to anyone who uploads an unboxing review on their product. This sounds like a good marketing strategy at first, until you consider how this would affect the quality of video reviews on Youtube.

The program works by having users create a Youtube video titled “ModaPharma – Modafinil Unboxing”. Users are then told they will receive 10 free tablets of Modafinil in the mail for completing the positive review.

A quick search for ModaPharma reviews on Youtube brings us to a long list of 10-45 second long videos of people telling the world they “will do a review on Modafinil from ModaPharma in a few weeks”.

This offers ZERO value to anybody. It also appears as though almost nobody is actually updating the review videos after receiving their orders.



This spam marketing campaign is also clogging up Twitter with useless promotional tweets among users trying to get a few free doses of Modafinil.


The other element to consider with this poor marketing strategy is that it promotes loaded reviews.

Customers who get a free sample are a lot more likely to endorse the product than maintain a non-biased review of their service. It’s also likely that those receiving the freebie for review will get the most attention from their customer service team. It’s not likely to be a good representation of how the company operates on a regular basis for the majority of their customers.

Another company promoting this spam review incentive is ModafinilStar


7. Their Advertising Is Misleading

On the ModaPharma homepage, they list quotes by Harvard and The Guardian. They provide logos for BBC News, The Independent, The Huffington Post, and a number of related media outlets with the impression that they were featured in all of these editorials.

Seems impressive right?

If you look a little closer you’ll notice that it’s not ModaPharma getting any of the credit, it’s simply THE WORD “MODAFINIL” that’s been quoted by these media outlets.



This is misleading to their customers, but it certainly doesn’t end there.

They feature a self-awarded “3 Years In Business” badge on their homepage, along with some very strange referenced “facts”.


These numbers are meant to point users to the referenced material, which is nowhere to be found on their website.

It seems their aim is to appear professional, and as though they are a large, reputable company. The facts point more towards ModaPharma being a small, one or two-man operation run out of Moscow, Russia.


What The Nootropic Community Thinks Of ModaPharma

One of the best indications of a company’s reputation is to see what people are saying about it in public forums like Reddit.

A quick look around this corner of the internet turns up some interesting comments by Reddit users:


At the time of writing, ModaPharma credit card payments remain offline. This issue began a year ago and continues to give users issues when trying to order.

Their solution appears to be sending shady email payment options after an order is made.



This comment has one person frustrated with the marketing efforts the company is making. It seems as though their goal is to drive marketing on the hype of giving free samples but refuse to actually supply said free samples.

Twitter has also taken to the discussion fo ModaPharma, with many users complaining about lack of customer service response to their payment issues or worse–missing orders.




Other reviews on websites like Trust Pilot suggest the Modafinil they received were fakes.



A Better Source For Modafinil

There are plenty of reasons to avoid ModaPharma and seek out alternatives, as we’ve highlighted in this review. is a great source for Modafinil nootropics online. The same products as listed on ModaPharma are available, for a better price, and with more discounts available.

The team behind has worked hard towards making the user experience on their website as smooth and efficient as possible. They provide up to date, scientifically validated information on their blog, and won’t try to mislead their customers into thinking they’re something they’re not.

They list publicly that they are located in India, which is true for the vast majority of Modafinil vendors.

This is due to the distinct advantage this part of the world has surrounding Modafinil laws, as well as in maintaining a good connection with the Indian based manufacturers of the drugs.

Visit to find high-quality Modafinil.

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