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Mind Lab Pro Review in 2024: Best Universal Nootropic or Scam?

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There are several over-the-counter (OTC) nootropic supplements claimed to augment brainpower effectively. Mind Lab Pro may be the best OTC “smart tab” on the market today. This nootropic comes with the promise of insanely great cognitive benefits discussed in this guide. If you want a robust creativity boost, fostered energy levels, heightened attention span & focus, good mood, ameliorated memory retention, increased motivation & drive, and a lot more than that, then this in-depth guide will answer your question of whether Mind Lab Pro (MLP) is the ultimate drug of choice to achieve these effects.

Mind Lab Pro Review

Is it indeed the best product on the market? Is it safe? Will it meet your expectations? Are you experiencing an excellent deal here compared to other safe cognitive enhancers like modafinil? Let’s find out if you can get your hands on this OTC nootropic!

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Your brain is indeed the most complex body element. Imagine you could pop a pill that attains the brain’s complex necessities. Or the one that transforms you into a superhuman. Sadly, there’s no such pill, but there’s a product that ameliorates all aspects of brainpower.

MLP is a natural dietary supplement designed to ameliorate cognitive function, augment executive functions, heighten memory retention, as well as increase creativity & motivation. This product further ameliorates work performance & productivity, increases focus and mental clarity, boosts the ability to multitask, calms the user’s mindset, and rewards with sharp strategic reasoning & clear memory. MLP provides optimal brain chemistry for willpower, motivation, & intensity. It strengthens the mind’s resistance to stress & assists in nourishing & safeguarding the brain for long-term healthy function. It also protects the brain from damage induced by aging as well as toxins.

Unlike certain prescription meds such as modafinil that can be associated with some negative effects, MLP is certified to have virtually zero negative effects. Its creator, Opti-Nutra, took things several steps further with this product. The team’s main goal was to develop a powerful nootropic that can optimize as many brain functions & pathways as feasible.

Some of the ways MLP assists in optimizing an individual’s mind are as follows:

  • brain chemistry: It ameliorates memory & processing speed while keeping the user’s mood positive & motivation high;
  • brain regeneration: It repairs the brain cells for plasticity & constructive growth;
  • brain waves: It powerfully heightens creativity & learning;
  • brain energy: It efficaciously functions to eliminate fatigue and pesky brain fog and promotes quick thinking & focus;
  • brain circulation: It assists in oxygenating the brain while clearing toxins;
  • brain protection: It combats structural modifications that degrade the brain as one ages.
Due to these effects, MLP is the premier OTC nootropic available on the market today. It was created to offer insanely great cognitive-augmenting benefits while apparently lacking the negative effects some other nootropics come with.

About Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

As one of the greatest nootropics, MLP was designed with superior ingredients to ensure ameliorated potency, enhanced mental activity, & fostered bioavailability. The product comes with 11 research-backed nootropics. They function in synergy to produce a comprehensive, universal nootropic that aspires to ameliorate cognition & brain health.

Mind Lab Pro Pills

Here’s a list of MLP’s ingredients & their amount per standard serving:

  • Bacopa monnieri: 150 mg;
  • citicoline: 250 mg;
  • lion’s mane mushroom: 500 mg;
  • L-theanine: 100 mg;
  • maritime pine bark extract: 75 mg;
  • N-acetyl L-tyrosine: 175 mg;
  • phosphatidylserine: 100 mg;
  • Rhodiola rosea: 50 mg;
  • vitamin B6: 2.5 mg;
  • vitamin B9: 100 mcg;
  • vitamin B12: 7.5 mcg.

Let’s dig deep into its ingredients & their brainpower effects.

Bacopa Monnieri

MLP consists of Bacopa monnieri due to its potential for ameliorating memory performance & retention. Studies have depicted this natural nootropic can heighten mental processing speed, slow down the rate of losing information from long-term memory or new knowledge, lessen reaction time, & even ameliorate relaxation [1].

Bacopa monnieri is a frequent substance added to many OTC nootropics for good reason. It has been shown to significantly heighten memory acquisition and verbal learning [2]. It alters brain levels of noradrenaline, dopamine, & serotonin neurotransmitters linked with anxiety & depression. Besides, Bacopa monnieri also treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), lessens stress, & reduces inflammation & blood pressure [3].

Citicoline (Cognizin)

This ingredient is especially paramount due to its capability to ameliorate mental performance & foster energy. Research has shown citicoline to enhance memory, focus, & concentration — all while assisting in balancing & improving individual mood [4]. Furthermore, some researchers have suggested that long-term use of this component could assist in maintaining & even ameliorating brain function throughout the aging process – an impressive benefit for many people [5]. In cocaine-addicted individuals, citicoline ameliorates dopamine levels & lessens cravings [6]. Besides, this ingredient has also been proved to help memory loss due to aging, ameliorate vision in people with glaucoma, & assist with recovery in stroke patients. It’s also administered for treating Parkinson’s disease, lazy eye, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, & other conditions of the brain [7].

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This is a natural nootropic considered by many to be a legitimate superfood for brain health. It has also been depicted to offer notable overall cognitive improvements. This supplement also protects against cognitive impairment [8]. Various studies have depicted that lion’s mane mushroom may protect against dementia, lessen mild symptoms of anxiety & depression, assist in repairing nerve damage, & strengthen the immune system. It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, & immune-augmenting abilities & has been depicted to lower the risk of heart disease, ulcers, cancer, & manage diabetes symptoms [9].


L-theanine is a popular natural nootropic supplement. It assists in sharpening attention span & focus while inculcating a calming effect. Due to this reason, many people discover L-theanine combines superbly with caffeine. It makes users feel mentally and emotionally calmer & assists them to focus and concentrate. It may also ameliorate reaction times.

L-theanine usage is safe & has multiple beneficial effects on anxiety, depressive symptoms, sleep disturbance, & cognitive impairments in people with the major depressive disorder [10]. Besides, this nootropic assists people to relax before bedtime, get to sleep more easily, & have a deeper sleep. As a powerful supplement, it can aid weight loss, lower blood pressure, foster the immune system by supporting the body in fighting off illness, & it makes the users less likely to get ordinary colds or the flu [11].

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine bark extract offers many nootropic benefits. It ameliorates mental energy, fosters attention span, heightens focus on a short-term basis, & boosts spatial memory [12]. It also supports the immune system, lessens swelling, averts infections, & has antioxidant effects that are ideal for ameliorating brain health as we grow old [13].

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

L-tyrosine is a well-liked dietary supplement used to ameliorate attention, alertness, & focus. It’s important for the production of some brain chemicals that assist nerve cells to communicate effectively & may regulate mood. Studies depict that fostering the amount of tyrosine in the diet can increase the concentrations of dopamine in the brain, which may promote deep thinking & ameliorate memory. L-tyrosine may also improve mental performance in stressful situations [14]. It’s exceedingly useful when you’re learning or preparing for an exam. Or even when finishing an enormous project for work on a tight deadline. Most individuals use it for depression, ADHD, narcolepsy, & ameliorating alertness following sleep deprivation.


Plant-derived phosphatidylserine ameliorates memory in individuals with age-related memory loss. Besides, it may promote positive thinking & ameliorate mental clarity. It’s used for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, athletic performance, a decline in memory & reasoning skills that exist normally with age, and many other conditions. However, there is no sufficient scientific proof to support most of these uses [15].

Rhodiola Rosea

It’s an extract that is popularly used to alleviate stress & ameliorate cognition & mental resources. It is known to enhance memory, learning, alertness, attention, & safeguard the brain. Rhodiola rosea also heightens mental energy & reduces stress-related mental fatigue. This product is also a powerful performance augmenter & is extremely favored among those who desire to be at the top of their competitive game mentally & physically [16].

Vitamins B6+B9+B12

Most of the advantages of B vitamins relate to individual energy levels. They promote healthy blood flow to the brain while supporting mood-balancing nutrients in the brain. B vitamins also furnish long-range brain health benefits. Specifically, vitamin B12 assists in maintaining healthy nerve cells as well as red blood cells. It can also help ameliorate memory. Vitamin B6 is known to prevent a decline in brain function by lessening high homocysteine levels that have been linked with Alzheimer’s disease & memory impairments. It may also treat symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, including depression, anxiety, & irritability [17]. Vitamin B9 is also used to ameliorate brain function in people suffering from mental impairment.

How Does Universal Nootropic Work?

Now that you comprehend a lot more about MLP ingredients & how powerfully they benefit cognition, how does it function once consumed?

Ignite Your Brain

MLP is so powerful that it 100% works. By using it, you’ll experience immense cognitive benefits. After ingestion, its effects start to kick in within 45 minutes to an hour. But how long do MLP’s cognitive effects last? Most OTC nootropics tend to offer beneficial effects for a few hours. However, MLP is different. It offers a user around 6+ hours of increased focus + swift mental processing speed and a lot more before it starts to wear off.

MLP works as a whole-brain optimizer to encourage a state of peak overall mental performance. It aids every user in performing better mentally in every endeavor & helps adapts to meet daily mental performance demands. Its ingredients also help with both instantaneous nootropic-execution needs & long-term brain health & function. It achieves this by optimizing memory, attention, mood, processing speed, motivation, and more.

Main Benefits of Mind Lab Pro

MLP nootropic offers many benefits – although it’s not like modafinil that offers prolonged brainpower effects for 15+ hours. However, it’s possible to expect a lot when using MLP. Here are some of the noticeable rewards.

Great for Creativity

Creativity is multiplex and involves many areas of the brain. If your work or school activity requires a lot of creative thinking, then MLP should be your ideal nootropic. It’s commonly known that modafinil & similar “smart drugs” are workhorses offering a great focus for hours on end. This is akin to MLP. But it also assists with stress reduction, memory, cognition, & relaxation to widen individual’s access to creative ideas.

With MLP’s well-researched ingredients, the individual mind is relaxed & calm while being hyper-focused. As such, one can attain new top-notch ideas, thus letting creativity shine through. Overall, this nootropic is an ideal product for creativity since it drives creative brain functions. It enhances creative problem-solving even under demanding circumstances.

Heightened Attention Span & Focus

MLP consists of some of the best ingredients for focus. Its unique stack of cognitive ameliorating nootropics promotes focus & better concentration. For most people, it’s easy to lose focus in modern life that pulls their attention in every direction, but supplementing MLP assists in keeping the mind focused. By ingesting it, one can stay focused for 6 to 8+ hours — depending on the dosage. The level of focus, vigilance, & attention span this nootropic offers allows the user to nearly double the workload.

Heightened Energy Levels

MLP offers smooth energy amelioration that lasts for several hours. This nootropic comes with fatigue-fighting ingredients that retain the brain humming along in the absence of a break. Most of the mental energy benefits MLP provides stem from its capability to keep healthy blood flow to the brain over its entire half-life. Once you ingest it, you’ll experience 6+ hours of insanely great energy levels — and there’s no “crash” when coming down, as it isn’t a stimulant.

Ameliorated Memory Retention

We desire clear & quick recall all the time for a competitive edge. MLP can be an ideal nootropic for students and professionals due to its robust ability to ameliorate all facets of memory. The reason this nootropic achieves this is that it consists of Bacopa monnieri, which assists in improving reaction times & lessens anxiety, and citicoline, a product that ameliorates memory & recall [18][19]. When working after having ingested MLP, you’ll be able to swiftly recall information related to the subject at hand. This is one of MLP’s greatest benefits every person desires.

Positive Mood

MLP provides an extra mood augmentation needed to pursue the determination for a happier & more meaningful life. Happiness isn’t about feeling great all the time, refusing to admit negative aspects of life, or having a lot of money. It’s a skill that’s built with consistent practice, & this nootropic can help with this. Stress also appears to wash away during the period of using this nootropic. No stress exists, no negativity & no fatigue. It’s just intensified focus & the urge to get things done perfectly well.

More Motivation

Motivation is an essential thing that unlocks optimum life performance. You don’t have to struggle with your inner drive from time to time. If you do, the reason may be due to the brain chemicals – especially dopamine. Designed for motivation, this nootropic supports healthy dopamine levels to ameliorate drive. Generally, L-tyrosine available in MLP serves as a master precursor for various brain chemicals, including dopamine that powers motivation. B vitamins also regulate various neurotransmitter conversions, as well as the motivation molecule, dopamine. Furthermore, Rhodiola rosea assists in regulating stress responses, and as a result, it ameliorates mental motivation, performance, mental drive, & clarity.

Brain Regeneration & Neuroprotection

MLP is indeed healthy for the brain over the long term. The brain usually regenerates itself — creating new brain cells, rectifying membranes, & a lot more activities. Certainly, we’re continually learning & encountering several new things. Yet this regeneration process is optimized by certain nootropics, most of which are added in MLP.

MLP is the brain regenerator since it promotes neurogenesis, usually through fostering nerve growth factor (NGF) & brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) while also heightening levels of brain-building blocks. It also acts as a neuroprotector. It protects against neurodegeneration – obliquely “preserving” neurogenesis.

Generally, the natural nootropic ingredients added to MLP protect the brain cells from the various negative effects of free radicals.

Citicoline is the superb “brain-builder” ingredient in MLP that supplies raw materials & energy for brain growth. Lion’s mane mushroom fosters NGF, while maritime pine bark extract assists with mental performance & brain longevity.

Great for Studying

MLP is a great nootropic for improving academic performance and better grades. Studying is hard, but this powerful supplement can be used for studying to make it a little easier. Note that if used as a “study drug,” it works on different pathways from synthetics. It does the following:

  • heightens multiple aspects of memory to assist the user to retain knowledge;
  • energizes the brain function without the need to use stimulants to power late-night study sessions;
  • ameliorates recall & cognition during assignments or exam time to optimize test-taking.

Besides optimizing an individual’s overall mental performance, this nootropic also ameliorates multiple cognitive functions associated with efficacious studying including the following:

  • memory pathways: They are key for studying. MLP assists with short-term & long-term memory, storage, encoding, & recall, thus helping with superior test performance;
  • mood & motivation: If feeling moody & unmotivated, learning may seem like an unbearable task. Due to this, MLP aids in sparking motivation & uplifting mood, triggering enthusiasm to hit the books;
  • brain energy: An invigorated brain makes an individual study more effectively. This nootropic is ideal for studying because it includes clean, stim-free brain energizers.

Bacopa monnieri available in MLP improves the speed of visual information processing and learning rate as well as memory consolidation. Citicoline is a stim-free mental energizer that assists in powering the brain during marathon learning sessions. Furthermore, L-theanine promotes relaxation & attention, advancing a perfect studying mindset.

Overall, MLP assists in optimizing individual memory storage, recall, and superlative test-taking performance. Because of this, MLP nootropic may also be termed “academic nutrition.”

Ideal for Productivity

If you want to work hard, stay powerful while being focused, & avoid various kinds of distractions, then MLP is the greatest product for you.


You can perform insanely great on schedule or when inspiration strikes while on this nootropic. By ameliorating the activity of catecholamine neurotransmitters, which certainly play a chief role in cognitive awareness & alertness, this nootropic may heighten focus & concentration, mood & motivation, energy & stamina, which eventually augment productivity. Essentially, MLP for productivity functions by fostering relaxed yet energized reasoning that’s resilient against devastating distractions & emotional disturbances. MLP has whole-brain-augmenting ingredients that ultimately assist multitaskers to bolster productivity while multitasking & perfectly switching between tasks.

Best Nootropic for Endurance

Want to start brawny & finish brawny with a cognitive ameliorator? By supporting intensity, focus, attention, energy, motivation, & a lot more, MLP ultimately supplies some of the fine nootropics ingredients for endurance. Endurance athletes require to stay mentally sharp to execute at peak levels consistently. For this purpose, MLP assists them to ameliorate their cognitive function for superior long-term results. It may aid with various aspects of endurance, making it a powerful choice for mental & physical performance. Overall, whether you’re a professional or recreational endurance athlete, MLP presents a safe, efficacious, natural, & legal way to ameliorate your mind-body performance.

Downsides to Mind Lab Pro

You should know that no product is perfect. If the ideal nootropic did exist considering all the parameters, then everyone would be using it. MLP is no exception. While you may be a huge fan of OTC nootropics, there’s no denying MLP could do a few things differently.

The United States Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved this nootropic. There are no clinical trials to support MLP’s memory recovery abilities or other effects, but its ingredients have been fully certified to reward with the discussed benefits. Due to this, it may cause potential negative effects to sensitive people, although they haven’t been reported.

Also, you can’t find it in physical stores or Walmart. However, it’s easy to order it from the official website. Still, its pricing is not the lowest. It’s actually one of the most expensive nootropic products. For 20 to 30 servings, depending on the dosage you’re taking, you’ll likely spend around $65 per bottle plus shipping.

This nootropic supplement can be more expensive than famous modafinil in most instances — unless you find a discount or coupon. That being said, in our opinion, the premier OTC nootropic works insanely great. We trust it is well worth the money.

Though MLP has many potent ingredients, it’s not modafinil, the most famous “smart drug.” If you’re seeking to pull an all-nighter or perform some urgent work for 15+ consistent hours with wakefulness, mental acuity, increased focus, & concentration, modafinil is something you should consider. However, MLP is what you desire as a modafinil alternative to achieve 6 to 8+ hours of greatly focused work done while ameliorating the creative side of the brain, and a lot more.

How to Take Mind Lab Pro: Dosage Guide

The recommended dosage scheme is 2 capsules daily, taken in the morning hours or early afternoon. However, if you want to achieve insanely great cognitive benefits and better performance, for example, during exams, before a workout, or when facing a deadline for a super task, you can increase a dose to 4 capsules per day. However, don’t ingest more than 4 capsules in 24 hours. For every individual, the maker of this nootropic recommends at least 30 days of consistent MLP use to best evaluate its effects. Using MLP over an extended period helps elevate & sustain overall peak mental performance.

Take note that many MLP ingredients are presented in clinically substantiated doses at the regular 2-capsule serving size. Doubling it for heightened benefit brings the formula up to clinical-range dosage across all the eleven MLP certified ingredients.

To most users, the big question is always about the probability of cycling MLP. Cycling is taking a supplement continuously (the “on cycle”) & then taking a break (the “off-cycle”). This process is thought to “reset” the body’s built-up tolerance to a nootropic, allowing it to consistently work at its true effectiveness. The advisable cycling of MLP is to follow a “4 weeks on, 1 week off” schedule or a ”5 days on, 2 days off” arrangement.

Possible Side Effects of This Nootropic

Most nootropics tend to be associated with some minor negative effects. Although MLP is thought to have nearly zero side effects, there’s a chance of experiencing them. According to the maker of the product, all of its ingredients are safe & well-tolerated. This nootropic has no caffeine, no artificial colors, no GMO, no preservatives, no gluten, & no additives.

The most known nootropic negative effects are minimized with MLP. As has been said, most users report zero issues. Nonetheless, these are 3 minor & fairly rare MLP’s adverse reactions:

  • headaches: This symptom is very rare, but if you’re prone to it, start with a single tab dose of MLP before increasing the dosage;
  • digestive discomfort: Some users can experience minor stomach pains inclusive of diarrhea, but it’s fairly unusual;
  • insomnia: This side effect is the most common. If you consume the nootropic in the late afternoon or evening, there’s a possibility of struggling to get to sleep until midnight or early morning hours. That’s because MLP’s half-life will still be active & the brain might be pretty energized. The best way to avoid this side effect is to take MLP in the morning hours. Don’t take it at night to allow you to get to sleep early.

There can be other side effects if taking MLP while having another health problem since it might contribute to drug-disease interaction. Don’t mix it with other drugs without consulting your doctor. To ensure a minimal risk of negative effects, be sure to take the supplement properly by following the directions given in the drug leaflet.

Mind Lab Pro vs Modafinil

The two nootropics are popular. The similarity between these meds includes the possibility of stimulating the nervous system successfully, regardless of the chemical makeup, mode of action, and ingredients. Besides, there’re a bunch of dissimilarities between the two nootropics. The first one is in their classification. Modafinil is a pharmaceutical product, while Mind Lab Pro is a nutraceutical supplement. Nonetheless, the action they perform is similar on some basis.

Both are central nervous system stimulants, but their mode of action varies greatly.

Since modafinil is a synthetic stimulant, it is not available over the counter. To shop for this med, a valid prescription is required. On the other hand, you can buy MLP without an Rx. The chief reason behind such extreme availability differences is also the negative effects of modafinil. While MLP doesn’t pose any drastic adverse reactions, modafinil may cause a variety of them ranging from mild to severe.

Modafinil Smart Drugs

Another difference is their half-life. MLP provides intense nootropic benefits for 6 to 8+ hours. It’s the best option if you’re looking for a cognitive enhancer that can be taken daily and if you need to handle high-stress levels & stay positive. Unlike MLP, modafinil rewards users with cognitive benefits for 12 to 15+ hours. However, it shouldn’t be taken daily. It’s best to use it 2 to 3 times a week. Modafinil is great if you desire to pull an all-nighter or you need a workhorse nootropic to guarantee the job gets done ASAP.

As depicted, both of these nootropics come with insanely great benefits — but each has slightly dissimilar advantages. You may need to take them for slightly different reasons. If you’ve never used a nootropic before, then we believe MLP is a great supplement for beginners. It offers excellent benefits with nearly zero negative effects. The only challenge is the cost. Nonetheless, modafinil has been widely studied and it’s also very safe. It doesn’t cause serious negative effects if used as advised. Besides, its generics are available and are very cheap. If you find MLP costly, then modafinil should be your ultimate option.

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is another nootropic supplement created by Onnit. It contains 3 unique blends of nootropic ingredients. Each one is aimed at generating a specific change. Every change is linked to the cognitive function of the brain. As the name suggests, the supplement works by producing alpha waves in the brain. Although Alpha Brain generates a remarkable amount of neurotransmitters, their levels are still lower than those generated by MLP.

A few of the ingredients of both products are the same. Alpha Brain and MLP have L-tyrosine, L-theanine, vitamin B6, & Bacopa monnieri. Furthermore, the makers of these products add phosphatidylserine to their formulas to ameliorate nerve cell integrity & fluidity. Both MLP and Alpha Brain are tested by a third-party lab to guarantee that the consumers of nootropic supplements receive the greatest quality products.

Another difference between MLP vs Alpha Brain is an age restriction. MLP is deemed safe to be ingested by teenagers & adults, while Alpha Brain must not be used by teenagers or adolescents. Old-aged people must not use the latter if they have any chronic illnesses.

The Best Mind Lab Pro Coupons & Discounts

Opti-Nutra offers the #1 universal nootropic supplement in the world, and it doesn’t need to offer coupon & discount codes for MLP. That means you can’t get any discount or free trial pack online. Why should the company offer a discount for the product that works without any condition? Opti-Nutra is focused on making the greatest cognitive enhancer – not the cheapest one. While MLP isn’t that cheap, most nootropic enthusiasts find the product to be well worth the money. Note that 20 to 30 servings will cost you around $65. And that’s not bad! You can also purchase MLP in bulk to save some cash.

Where Can You Buy Mind Lab Pro Online?

MLP isn’t sold on various online marketplaces like Walmart or any other retail locations. This powerful nootropic is only available on the official website. While MLP’s online-only availability means you cannot get it until you purchase it, it does offer a major advantage over shopping for nootropics at various retail stores like Walmart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, & other retail locations: the official platform provides a lot of information on this product for the customers to get acquainted with before purchase.

Is It Possible to Order Pills on Amazon?

While most nootropics are sold on Amazon, it’s not the case of MLP. Opti-Nutra does not sell its product on this platform at the present time. Accordingly, the lone MLB on Amazon is from third-party vendors. This implies there’s no assurance that the item you’re purchasing is genuine, and it will be significantly more costly than simply buying from the official site. If you intend to purchase MLP, you’ll not get the great stuff on Amazon at a reasonable cost. You’ll be overpaying by 30 to 40% or so!

The Verdict: Full Mind Lab Pro Review

Generally, it’s easy to understand that MLP is the supreme nootropic supplement – not a scam. In this in-depth Mind Lab Pro review, the verdict is clear: the product works and is safe for everyone. It’s a decent nootropic that rewards users with insanely great cognitive benefits. While MLP is a little pricey & not the ultimate workhorse like modafinil, we believe that it is the greatest OTC nootropic on the market nowadays.

If you’d like to try the product, just do it: you’ll certainly get the best effects since it’s made from top-quality ingredients that power brain function effectively. Without a doubt, we highly recommend it for those who are seeking the #1 modafinil alternative that powerfully works without any serious negative effects.


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