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Best Nootropics for Libido & Sex Drive in 2024

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Want to boost your libido & sex drive? Indeed, some nootropics can superbly heighten libido & sexual performance. It’s best to note that your libido relies on your body’s capability to make sex hormones. Naturally stimulating your metabolism & gut health are the most powerful ways to heighten sex-hormone production. Undoubtedly, if you’re examining to naturally heighten your libido or sex drive, read this insanely great guide to fathom some considerable nootropics that are clinically ascertained to help.

Best Nootropics for Libido & Sex Drive

You’ll also get to know the top-notch e-pharmacies to buy the safest “smart tab” – modafinil – at an extremely low cost. But first things first!

The Basics About Nootropics & Libido

The two principal sex hormones — testosterone + estrogen — certainly have an extensive range of effects on the individual body. Produced mainly by the testes (testosterone) & also ovaries (estrogen), these prime hormones affect the sexual function & also individual bones, brain, & blood vessels, etc.

It’s best to note that as you age, the natural reduction in sex hormone levels occasionally induces unpleasant manifestations, such as a flagging sex drive or even hot flashes. Because of that, physicians can prescribe efficacious tabs, gels, patches, & creams possessing estrogen or testosterone to considerably alleviate those symptoms.

Undoubtedly, sex hormones, like testosterone + estrogen, can aim at various regions of the brain, thus affecting considerable aspects of signaling & operation at the epigenetic, cellular, + behavioral levels.

Besides, hormones behave as neurotransmitters, influencing neural signaling & action across the brain. Similarly, estrogen & testosterone primarily play an essential role in brain growth even before juvenility: activating, shaping, & also fueling sexually dimorphic brain circuits. These circuits aren’t restricted to those concerned with romantic + sexual traps. Many have been entangled in complicated behaviors, including stress reaction, learning, & memory, + the growth of several psychiatric disturbances.

Libido is an individual’s overall sexual drive or yearning for sexual activity. It’s certainly influenced by social, psychological, & also biological factors. Biologically, the sex hormones & related neurotransmitters that act upon the nucleus accumbens undoubtedly control libido in humans. It’s essential to recall that libido is 100% driven by hormones, & hormones are sufficiently optimized by holistic practices.

Libido can be influenced by medical conditions, certain meds, hormone levels, lifestyle, & also relationship issues.

Many new couples will certainly go through an early time of having a lot of sex that then declines over time. On the other pointer, a busy life can also leave some individuals too tired or preoccupied to even consider sex.

If you’re not performing well during intercourse, you require a relentless focus on heightening your body’s capability to make sex hormones like estrogen (women) & testosterone (men). If there are no sex hormones, there’s no sex drive.

Hormones come from the endocrine system & today; many people deal with slight to severe endocrine disorders, mainly induced by extreme stress & inflammation.

If you’re one of the many individuals who desire natural resolutions for these matters, there are 2 essential components you must address: metabolism & gut health.

Nootropics, in conjunction with probiotics & metabolism-friendly nutrients, are the greatest formula for optimizing libido + broad sexual performance.


Continue reading this article to know some biologically ascertained, safe nootropics that can turn your body into a reliable sex-machine. Consider that nootropics & adaptogens can be used relatively interchangeably. The former is described as supplements, meds or other substances asserted to enrich the cognitive functions of healthy individuals, in specific cases — memory, attention, intelligence & creativity; while adaptogens — or adaptogenic substances — are described as herbs or substances that augment mental work capacity against a backdrop of stress & fatigue.

Influence “Smart Drugs” for Female Libido

Progesterone, testosterone (available in lesser amounts in females), & estrogen influence sexual desire & also arousal. Having more heightened levels of estrogen in the body heightens vaginal lubrication & also boosts sexual passion. The proliferation of progesterone can lessen sexual urge.

Female sex hormones (or sex steroids) recreate paramount functions in reproduction, sexual growth, & general health. Individual sex hormone levels vary over time, though some of the most important changes transpire during menopause, pregnancy, & puberty [1].

The lady’s sexual desire comes from estrogen & also testosterone’s interplay made in her ovaries. While testosterone certainly plays into a woman’s libido, estrogen furnishes an overwhelming influence. A woman’s interest in sex undoubtedly has a lot to do with her menstrual cycle timing & generally peaks midcycle around the time of ovulation. Cortisol plus stress hormone production also plays an essential function in sex drive. These glucocorticoids may even disrupt the production of estrogen, which can sabotage libido. For a lady to truthfully optimize her sex drive, she must optimize estrogen production, which demands lessening glucocorticoid response.

Because of nootropic dopaminergic action, it encourages the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is implicated in libido, energy levels, & mood, as well as helping higher testosterone + growth hormone levels. Besides, for a woman to experience heightened libido, increasing dopamine + norepinephrine (both accountable for sexual excitement) & also lessening serotonin, responsible for sexual inhibition, is prime.

Nootropics and Male Sex Drive

Some nootropics may increase men’s sexual desire, function, & libido. Best nootropics can also increase the motivation & energy needed for sex. Besides, nootropics for the male sex can also aid with other notorious mood killers such as insomnia, mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression, stress, & also physical fatigue. Testosterone has a preliminary role in controlling & also synchronizing male sexual desire and arousal, acting at multiple levels.

The male libido lives in 2 areas of the brain: the cerebral cortex + the limbic system. Loss of sex drive is connected to an underlying condition. Stress, alcoholism, depression, illicit drug use, & fatigue frequently can be factored in the loss of sex drive in men. Desire & arousal is created in the brain mainly by dopamine. If these neurotransmitter levels are low, then interest in sex will decrease & energy for sex becomes suppressed. Besides, low dopamine levels are known to directly affect individual sex drive.

A man’s healthy libido is indeed accountable for building muscle & bone mass, stimulating sperm production, & controlling the sex drive. So, lessened testosterone levels (which transpires naturally with aging) can induce low sex drive in men.

Below are some of the best nootropics for boosting both men’s and women’s sex drive and libido.

Best Nootropics to Boost Your Libido

As aforementioned, certain issues such as depression, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, stress, + physical fatigue can indeed contribute to low sex drive. The deficient existence of certain neurotransmitters undoubtedly gives birth to these psychological issues. Some nootropics & supplements listed below treat these issues & certainly augment a healthy libido.

Take note that sexual excitation is indeed hypothetically mediated by the neurotransmitters – norepinephrine, dopamine, oxytocin, & also melanocortins. Sexual inhibition is also hypothetically mediated by other neurotransmitters: opioids, serotonin, & endocannabinoids. Serotonin certainly affects sex drive in humans. The lower levels of serotonin are linked with heightened libido, while a boost in serotonin levels is indeed linked with less libido.

Some of the best nootropics for libido include the following:

Qualia Mind

Boosting dopamine is crucial for a healthy libido. Qualia Mind (QM) is a nootropic supplement comprising a complex mix of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, choline donors, + herbal ingredients. It’s a great formula that truly works. QM’s cutting-edge formula comprises 28 high-quality ingredients that function synergistically to offer you a robust augmentation in the sex drive. After ingesting QM, you can feel it kick in about 20 minutes & last for hours.

Qualia Mind Tablets

The nootropic supplement is known to heighten sexual desire, physical responsiveness, motivation, & energy. It also lessens stress for enhanced sex hormone production. Besides, the nootropic enhances memory, mental clarity, & focus. It indeed supports pathways essential for the optimal cognitive process while amplifying drive + productivity.

Take note that this supplement is designed to be ingested 5 days on & 2 days off each week. This application maximizes its usefulness while controlling desensitization. It doesn’t matter if the “off-cycle” days are either consecutive or apart, so long as they transpire each week.

Consider that adaptogens + B-vitamins function to lessen stress, which will undoubtedly enhance sex hormone production. Indeed, you can purportedly heighten energy, strengthen willpower, beat brain fog, amplify creativity, power focus & concentration, & also heighten mental clarity, among other advantages, while helping long-term brain health.

Overall, QM functions synergistically to give you a powerful augmentation in the sex drive.


Phenibut is undoubtedly the holy grail of safe nootropics that heightens sex drive. It’s very comparable to alcohol in that one becomes horny & favorably sensitive. However, unlike booze, Phenibut promotes the sex drive but doesn’t intoxicate you. If you need this substance, use it sparingly, as it’s addictive & certainly will retain a withdrawal effect when ingested for long periods. Consider it like alcohol – retain it for the weekends or unique occasions solely. Certainly, the more increased the dosage, the more heightened libido. But in your specific situation, we don’t consider upping the dosage will be the solution. It just affects everyone differently. Even Reddit nootropic enthusiasts imply the same [2]. We suggest taking 500 mg as a commencing dose.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro (MLP) satisfies the brain’s complicated needs since it’s coupled with 11 nootropics functioning in 6 bio-pathways aimed to optimize a wide exhibition of mental functions to yield the most satisfactory results. The nootropic supplement functions synergistically to ameliorate sex drive + performance. It augments the mood for an even more rugged sexual experience. MLP is 3rd party tested & is absolutely free of fillers/toxins.

MLP’s formula contains adaptogens + amino acids that work efficaciously to lessen the body’s stress response & also heighten sex hormone production. The amino acids + other ingredients contained in MLP uphold your mood right & also your brain considering sexy thoughts. For instance, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone inherently orchestrated by the adrenal glands & recreates a role in the growth of other hormones, such as testosterone. Its vitamin E, an antioxidant, is essential to healthy skin + hormonal balance.

Mind Lab Pro Pills

Since it contains choline, it’s best to note that its regular consumption can heighten libido with sexual urges. Its Rhodiola can also heighten sexual desire in men & women, & L-theanine may ameliorate dopamine production, thereby heightening mood & ameliorating libido.


Phenylpiracetam is a phenylated analog of the med piracetam. Any nootropic that augments physical energy certainly offers a positive impact on sex drive + the urge to have sex. It indeed ameliorates libido & hypersexuality [3]. Undoubtedly, if you feel physically sluggish, then you’ll not desire to have sex. Certainly, phenylpiracetam is a rugged nootropic compound that ameliorates physical & mental energy. Mixed with the appropriate lifestyle changes, it can transform you into an indisputable animal in the gym as well as in the bedroom.


Yohimbe, a famous dietary supplement, produced from the bark of an African evergreen tree, is acknowledged to function as a stimulant for the pelvic nerve ganglia & correspondingly heightens the adrenaline supply to nerve endings. That activity directs to a proliferation in sexual sensation + stamina. Furthermore, in men without erectile dysfunction (ED), Yohimbe in some circumstances seems to certainly improve sexual vigor & lengthen erections [4].

Yohimbine also has been used to lessen the sexual negative effects of antidepressants & to medicate low sex drive in females. Besides, Yohimbe may give you intense palpitations and hard-ons.

Now you know which nootropic can heighten your libido & sex drive. Besides, another supplement made by (Maude), that’s known as “Libido,” is a daily gummy supplement that heightens sexual arousal & individual confidence using natural ingredients. Libido is a relatively new sexual health supplement & daily gummy developed to uplift your libido & also to heighten blood flow.

Additionally, there’s another most satisfactory nootropic that healthy individuals use off-prescription as a robust brainpower promoter. Nonetheless, its primary intention was to treat sleep disorders. The med is modafinil. But how does this med help with libido & sex drive?

Here are the facts.

What Effect Does Modafinil Have on Libido?

Modafinil, dubbed the “smart tab,” is a rejuvenating nootropic that offers numerous positive effects on the dopamine & other neurotransmitter systems. Anytime the dopamine is boosted, you also heighten your sex drive. The heightened arousal is just one negative effect that many efficacious stimulants have on your body. The “smart tab” is a must-have staple nootropic every individual should possess in their arsenal.

However, most individuals don’t experience any troubles with their sexual desires when they are on the “smart tab.” But certain negative effects & benefits can’t be ruled out.

In some males, consistent use of the “smart tab” can induce temporary ED, while some report that the “smart tab” is a remedy to their PE (it augments & prolongs sex desire). Correspondingly, several females report that their sexual desire is augmented while on the “smart tab.” This is another great advantage to most ladies. It makes them more enthusiastic & capable to relish sexual activities.

Modafinil Smart Drugs

While it’s an added advantage to heighten sex drive in women, some men find themselves in jeopardy after using the “smart tab,” while others find it as an augmentation to their libido.

This guide “Modafinil and Sex Drive: What Should You Expect?” has detailed info on the issues the “smart tab” can contribute to sexually affiliated activities. Certainly, modafinil can augment sex drive in women. There is a writing of a female with idiopathic hypersomnia who employed the “smart tab” 200 mg daily to treat her condition [5]. Within 2 weeks of the med usage, she began to produce augmented sexual desires – including continual thoughts about it & even desiring coitus every day. After lowering the dosage to 100 mg/day & also then 50 mg/day, her sexual urge returned to normal.

How about modafinil & ED? According to NetDoctor, lowering sex drive & erection quality is indeed a disturbing negative effect of the “smart tab” that affects a few individuals. In most instances, it improves erection & stamina, yielding to a wild augmentation in libido. This incident is more dominant. Though, it has also been indicated to lessen one’s mojo. Consulting a physician is paramount.

Since modafinil is the world’s #1 nootropic that has been extensively studied to be super safe, most people need it for its cognitive & productivity effects. Some of the advantages linked with taking the “smart tab” include improved planning & decision-making, flexibility, heightened learning + memory, boosted creativity, focus & mental acuity, as well as heightened alertness, motivation, energy, etc.

Most people from all walks of life used it to achieve an edge. If you need generic modafinil, it can be bought online from tested & legit vendors that ship to your location with guaranteed delivery. Some of the top-notch e-pharmacies include,,,, & These vendors operate outstandingly & have excellent shopper reviews & testimonials. Their modafinil prices are extremely low & anyone can afford it.

Conclusion: Nootropics for Libido

That has been a review of the best nootropics you can use to heighten your libido & sex drive. While the mentioned are the most widely used nootropics, there are several other supplements or nootropics for libido. Which nootropics are you determined to use to augment your sex drive? Certainly, the choice is yours. We believe modafinil is the most studied product that’s safe & comes with numerous cognitive benefits while being beneficial, especially to women when it comes to promoting sexual desires. If you need modafinil, we recommend buying from the aforementioned e-pharmacies. These vendors are great. 100% guaranteed!


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