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Eufinil Review (2024): Was #1 Best European Modafinil Supplier

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😷 Eufinil is gone due to the COVID-crisis. The Eufinil website can’t be reached from anywhere in Europe. Does that mean this seller is gone forever?

Updated in 2024: Eufinil officially shut down after years in business. For our readers from the EU, we now recommend placing an order with that ships packages from within the European Union to avoid any issues at customs (normally from Poland and Hungary). Our readers from across all of Europe report that BMO successfully delivers packages to any European country within 7-12 days.

Last year we received an email from the Eufinil team explaining that they run out of stock and this coronavirus lockdown is making it extremely hard to import large quantities into Europe at the moment so they took the website offline.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online


takes 7 – 10 days via EMS from India or up t0 18 business days via Standard mail. Domestic shipping options are available for the 🇺🇸 US via USPS Priority and the 🇬🇧 UK via Royal Mail (3-4 days). Free express shipping with a tracking number on all orders of $180 or more

Price Per Pill $1.06

Approximate Total $319

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What Modafinil Manufacturers Does It Work With?

To ensure that customers get only genuine and safe generic smart drugs, Eufinil sources its medications from only reliable manufacturers. It gets nootropics from only certified distributors of Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharma.

These two largest Indian companies manufacture generic medications. Generic versions of drugs are not different from the brand name ones; they contain the same active ingredients but differ only in name 1. Both the brand name nootropics and the generic versions offer exactly the same results, and unless you feel charitable, it’s wiser to go for generics. After all, it is with generic drugs that the U.S. healthcare system was able to save $1.67 trillion between 2007 and 2016 [2].

Sun Pharmaceuticals is a multinational pharmaceutical company located in Mumbai, India. Founded in 1983, it has an impeccable reputation and so far has several branches all over the world.

Pharmaceutical Lab

On the other hand, HAB Pharma is yet another Indian pharmaceutical company known for producing genuine, top-notch drugs. It manufactures over 160 million strips of medication annually.

It is quite obvious that these two manufacturers are trustworthy, reliable, and highly rated in the pharmaceutical market. Thus, clients are guaranteed only legit medications that will be safe and effective.

Offered Product Range

Eunifil’s pricing and selling methods are quite different from its competitors. For starters, this modafinil vendor sells smart drugs in blisters. Each blister contains ten pills.

Its product range comprises only three meds: Modalert, Waklert, and Modvigil. Fortunately, these medications are all sold at the same price. Customers can choose to combine these smart drugs when placing an order. For example, you may decide to get one blister of Modalert and one blister of Waklert.

Here’s a table containing Eunifil’s products and price range:

Product Price per Pill
2-3 blisters €2.59
4-6 blisters €1.69
7-10 blisters €1.59
11-40 blisters €1.49

From this table, it is evident that the more blisters you order, the lower the price per pill. In essence, when you order 2-3 blisters, the smart drugs will be sold to you at €2.59 per tablet. When you order 4-6 blisters, they’d be sold to you at €1.69 per pill. If you choose to buy 7-10 blisters, you get to pay only €1.59 per tab.

This pricing system will not just help customers to save money on orders; it will also encourage them to buy more pills. So, if you’re looking to save money on smart drugs, you should try out Eufinil.

Eufinil has a minimum order of two blisters. Thus, if you really want to place an order, you’d need to buy at least two blisters of any product of your choice.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Wondering how to pay when you place an order on Eufinil? Unfortunately, this modafinil supplier does not accept payments with PayPal due to its prohibition of the buying of prescription drugs online [3]. Similarly, there’s no payment option for debit or credit cards. This is probably because of the limitations placed on overseas transactions.

However, the good news is that you can pay using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins are now a huge part of today’s world, and subsequently, many online pharmacies are hopping on this new train. So, if you’d like to pay using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash and Dogecoin (DOGE), you can now do so.

Bitcoins and Dollars

One amazing pro of shopping with Eufinil is the speed with which it processes all payments. When you pay with cryptocurrency, you don’t have to wait for hours before your payment is confirmed. The payment process is quite simple, actually. All you need to do is scan the barcode displayed on the payment page and voila! Your transaction will be confirmed.

Are There Any Discounts?

If you love discounts, you may be a tad disappointed to find out that Eufinil doesn’t offer as many discounts as some of its competitors. Apart from the price reduction you get when you order more blisters, there aren’t any more deals or coupons to enjoy. Don’t feel bad, though. What this modafinil supplier lacks in discounts and offers, it definitely makes up for it with great prices.

Recently, however, Eufinil has devised a way for returning customers to enjoy freebies. If you’d love to get one free blister on your next order, all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.

Usually, when you place an order, Eufinil sends a mail containing your tracking number and information. It also contains a link to review the company on Trustpilot. Once you have received your order, you then click on the link and leave an honest review of the company.

Then, when making your next purchase, you’d also need to include your previous order number in the order form’s last field. This will help the company to trace your order ID and ensure that you’re really a returning customer.

Once you’ve followed these few steps, you’re sure to get a free blister containing ten pills of either Modalert, Waklert, or Modvigil.

Shipping and Tracking Information

Eufinil only ships to countries within the European Union (EU). Although this can be really limiting, customers who live in other countries will need to find an alternative option.

When you buy from this modafinil vendor, your order will be processed quickly within twenty-four hours. However, there is an exception to this rule. If you place your order on a Friday, there’s a huge chance that it would be processed the next Monday. After making a purchase, it is advisable to simply wait for two business days to ensure that your order has been processed and shipped.


Once your parcel has been shipped, you will receive an email confirming its shipping status. It also contains a tracking link that’d help you monitor and keep track of your package. Once you receive the link, you can then track your order using a Eufinil’s tracking tool.

Wondering how long shipping will take? Usually, delivery within the European Union takes between 1 to 15 days. However, Eufinil also has a shipping time calculator for estimating the delivery time of each order.

One great feature of Eufinil is how quickly it processes and ships out orders. Unfortunately, this speed also means that it will be difficult to modify your order. If you’d like to cancel it or change your shipping address, you’d need to contact the Eufinil’s customer support immediately. This isn’t a guarantee, however, that it’d be able to reflect the changes.

When you receive your package, you’d be required to sign. So, we advise that you put a shipping address where you or a friend will be available to sign when it arrives.

Let’s assume for a moment that you aren’t satisfied with your order. Maybe the medications didn’t work for you or you just didn’t like it. Interestingly, Eufinil understands that customers may be dissatisfied sometimes, and as such, this company offers refunds. If you don’t like your purchase for any reason, you’d have to get back to Eufinil within 15 days of receiving your package in order for a return to be processed.

However, this modafinil vendor also has rules guiding all returns. For an order to be considered eligible for a return, only a maximum of two pills per blister and per brand should be missing.

For instance, if you made an order containing five blisters of Modvigil and one blister of Modalert, here’s what the returned parcel should contain: one blister of Modvigil and one blister of Modalert missing a maximum of two pills each.

The other four blisters of Modvigil should be intact and in their original packaging. So, it is advisable not to open too many blisters at once. Start with a few pills, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it with no hassle.

Customers who want to return purchases will have to cover the shipping costs. We highly recommend that you include tracking information when sending out returns to prevent them from getting lost. Once Eufinil gets the package and confirms that all the criteria have been met, you will then receive a complete refund.

What About Customer Support?

Like we said earlier, Eufinil is a highly customer-oriented company, and as such, it has very active and friendly customer service. If you have any complaints or inquiries whatsoever, you can simply contact this vendor and get your answers immediately.


For instance, if you’d like to cancel your order, change your shipping address, or return a purchase, simply contact the customer support, and it’d let you know the steps to follow.

Final Thoughts on Eufinil Supplier

So far, Eufinil has a stellar reputation and a record for satisfying customers. However, it also has a few cons which we’d like to point out.

For starters, Eufinil has a very limited product range when compared to some of its competitors. It only offers three different products, so customers don’t exactly have a wide range of options.

Find out more useful information in our updated beginner’s guide to modafinil online. This information will help you order nootropics without a prescription at a cheap price in 2024.

This modafinil supplier also puts some restrictions on orders. For example, you have to place a minimum order of two blisters. You can’t decide to buy just one blister of Waklert or Modalert, and this can be really inconvenient for some customers.

Despite these flaws, Eufinil still stands out. It offers quality products as well as convenient shipping to customers. So, if you’re a lover of quality nootropics combined with excellent service and convenient delivery, this modafinil supplier is the one for you.

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