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FoxDose Review (2024): [Not Anymore] Legit Alternative Modafinil Vendor Worldwide

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2024 SCAM ALERT: After receiving numerous emails from customers who never received their packages from FoxDose, we no longer recommend them. Reddit and ScamAdviser users claim that FoxDose’s support sucks and that they are quietly going out of business and stealing everyone’s money. Also, they no longer answer any emails, so FoxDose can NO longer be considered a reliable modafinil supplier. For all those who are looking for an alternative modafinil supplier, our recommendation is ModafinilXL – these guys ship modafinil worldwide from India, Singapore, Dubai, and from their domestic US stock.

Several people interested in modafinil are doing their research eagerly to where they can get their hands on this highly potent smart drug. True to say that there are a lot of online vendors of modafinil. However, many of them are either scams or sell low-quality tabs. As a fact, precaution should come in handy. It’s important to choose a legit and trusted pharmacy that offers only quality medicines.

FoxDose Review

FoxDose is an online vendor of modafinil products. Let’s get into an in-depth exploration of how it operates, what smart drugs it sells & their pricing, effectiveness of customer support, as well as available checkout options and shipping.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online


takes 7 – 10 days via EMS from India or up t0 18 business days via Standard mail. Domestic shipping options are available for the 🇺🇸 US via USPS Priority and the 🇬🇧 UK via Royal Mail (3-4 days). Free express shipping with a tracking number on all orders of $180 or more

Price Per Pill $1.06

Approximate Total $319

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What Is FoxDose?

FoxDose is one of the most popular smart drug vendors that recently popped up on the scene. It only specializes in selling two highly demanded nootropics: modafinil and its close cousin – armodafinil. The drugstore only offers high-quality FDA approved and certified brands.

The FoxDose online platform is well designed and easy to use but offers very few extras. You won’t find a lot of information there as the drugstore specializes in only a few products. All of its medications are easy to find (from the top menu) and order.

Unlike other modafinil stores that have a ton of unnecessary info on their websites, FoxDose is all business. The store is suitable for both new and retained customers as the buying experience is quick and simple.

The pharmacy does have a blog section covering helpful information about its products. There’s also an affiliate section in which you can apply and earn a commission on successful orders made via your referral.

Which medication is right for you? The online pharmacy has a dedicated section on the product dosage and side effects, which is helpful when looking for how to take your preferred modafinil or armodafinil tabs [1].

What’s more? Can FoxDose be your best online smart drug vendor? The ultimate insightful tips lie in the next sections.

How Does It Work?

Both modafinil & armodafinil nootropics have the same effects when used safely. As the products become the most in-demand globally by several people, FoxDose sources these meds from the commonly known modafinil & armodafinil manufacturers.

Its best-seller is Modalert 200 mg – the brand-name of modafinil product manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – the most influential pharmaceutical company in India [2].

Its hot sellers in the armodafinil range are:

  • Waklert 150 mg tablet manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals;
  • Artvigil 150 mg tab manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Both of these manufacturers based in India are the world’s most popular pharmaceutical companies known for quality generic modafinil and armodafinil products.

Detailed information on how FoxDose sells and ships these products is covered below.

Proposed Product Range

As aforementioned, FoxDose only promotes four nootropics with slightly varying prices compared to other online modafinil and armodafinil vendors.

Here is a breakdown table on the pricing of these products:

Smart Drug Price Range, Quantity, and Cost per Pill
Modalert 200 mg $65.00 – $299.00 For example:

  • 30 pills – $65 ($2.17 per tab);
  • 100 tabs – $159 (1.23 per tab), 30 tabs free bonus;
  • 300 pills – $299 ($0.85 per tab), 50 tabs free bonus.
Modvigil 200 mg $60.00 – $235.00 For example:

  • 30 pills – $60 ($2 per pill);
  • 100 tabs – $114 ($0.88 per pill) inclusive of 30 bonus pills;
  • 300 tabs – $235 ($0.67 per tab) plus 50 bonus tablets.
Waklert 150 mg $65.00 – $293.00 For example:

  • 30 pills – $65 ($2.17 per pill);
  • 200 tabs – $230 ($1 per pill) and 30 bonus pills;
  • 300 tabs – $293 ($0.83 per tab) and 50 bonus pills.
Artvigil 150 mg $66.00 – $257.00 For example:

  • 30 pills – $66 ($2.23 per tablet);
  • 60 tabs – $85 ($1.42 per pill) inclusive of 30 bonus pills;
  • 100 tabs – $130 ($1 per tab) plus 30 bonus tablets;
  • 300 tabs – $257 ($0.73 per pill) plus 50 bonus tablets.

As you can see, ordering more tabs cost you a little cheaper than ordering just a few.

Information About Payment Methods

Using an online pharmacy that accepts various modes of payment helps customers complete their transactions easily and faster compared to a few drugstores that offer limited payment methods.

Card Payment

For safety and privacy, the website payment pages are completely SSL certified and encrypted.

FoxDose accepts VISA and MasterCard payments, Skrill, Bitcoin (BTC) & Amazon Gift Cards. The availability of these methods allows clients to make purchases simpler and faster.

Furthermore, the store has a detailed guide on how to successfully make orders using BTC. If you want to get started with this option, read its guide on how to buy Bitcoins before tapping the checkout button if you haven’t already added BTC to your wallet.

Although it’s rare, it can be possible that your order payment to FoxDose can be declined due to your bank filtering payments based on location. Nonetheless, FoxDose recommends you use the alternative such as Skrill, Amazon Gift Cards, or cryptocurrency. The latter is the future of seamless, robust, and secure online payments. It’s best for confidentiality and safety.

Available Discounts and Coupons

The legit, trusted, and successful online drugstore has impressive customer-tailored experiences making product prices and shipping extremely favorable to customers.

When it comes to making purchases of modafinil at a lower cost, the following whooping price-reducing experiences are offered by FoxDose:

  • 20% off on all orders via BTC;
  • 30 free tabs on orders over $99;
  • a flash sale (FoxDose does not disclose in detail how a flash sale does occur).

Another interesting fact is the availability of free shipping (detailed in the next section). Customers don’t have to pay the shipping fee to get their purchased product from this drugstore.

Delivery and Tracking

While FoxDose offers quality medication at favorable prices, all orders made are internationally shipped freely to most parts of the world. Packages are shipped within 24 hours using Registered Mail.

Acquaint yourself with more information on the product quality, source, shipping as well as other insights from the store FAQs section on the store’s website.

For customers in need of quick orders, there is an ultra-fast delivery process (Express Mail) that is subject to the product destination/customer location.


After a successful purchase, the pharmacy offers tracking for all orders. To ensure the products are safe and highly secured, it ships using the best discreet packaging available.

The orders are dispatched immediately from Singapore or India. Customers who receive their product tracking number can track their package on,, or

Surprisingly, things are more complex with FoxDose product delivery. This pharmacy comes as the most recommended nootropic vendor. Should you worry about some issues?

A Redditor asked if anyone has had any experience with FoxDose 3. Its customers complained about their product delayed delivery, unconfirmed purchase made via Amazon Gift Card, unanswered urgent emails, among other surprising and awakening conversations about this once recommended and favored e-pharmacy.

Some online smart drug vendor reviewers have updated their blogs based on these disclosed customer experiences on FoxDose. Several reviews from depict what other customers experience after successful payment of their product.

Is FoxDose becoming a scam? What’s behind these experiences? As the pharmacy doesn’t disclose how long the product takes to arrive at its destination, let’s say FoxDose takes several days to ship the package. It might not immediately give the information for tracking a parcel until it sends it as the shipping company processes it and issues a tracking number.

Although some Redditors and a few online reviewers of modafinil products recommend other nootropic vendors, FoxDose is one of the best smart drugs e-pharmacy with notable guaranteed delivery and customer-tailored support.

Should you try FoxDose online smart drug vendor or order pills from another vendor instead? FoxDose does what it promises, but it’s important to have an absolute awareness before making a final decision.

Is There a Customer Support?

FoxDose has customer support made via an email. The support team exists to help clients with problems concerning product shipping, delayed delivery or other needs such as refunds or order reshipment in case a package gets stuck at customs.


The support team promises you a 24×7 presence at your beck and call. While there are disclosed problems with product delivery and a lack of excellent support team as depicted via Reddit, the modafinil and armodafinil pharmacy promised to resolve your queries instantly.

Most customers worry about their delayed product delivery, although the support team promises to inform you immediately if there arise issues of package loss or theft.

As the pharmacy admits that delivery issues occur rarely, it promises to provide affected customers with full refunds on undelivered packages, or if a customer prefers, a free reshipment is initiated.

Final Thoughts on FoxDose Supplier

When all is said, the final decision is paramount. FoxDose has been well recommended to most smart drug interested customers. It comes as the best alternative pharmacy where individuals looking for nootropics can buy Modafinil at a low cost without a prescription.

By the looks of things, the store is neat and well designed with triggering navigation, which makes it easy to make a purchase.

With great pricing and existing discounts, it can be hard to tell if your product is shipped to your location. FoxDose promises to send it internationally, but how about legal issues?

It’s worth noticing every aspect of a particular online drugstore to weed out or weigh the possibility of some problems arising after hitting the checkout button.

Do we recommend this online smart drug supplier? At the time of writing this ultimate guide, most reviewers talk about the problem with shipping. Depending on your location and customs experiences, it does not necessarily mean it’s a scam website. Truth is that many customers have received their package and recommend this online modafinil vendor. Perhaps we can wait and see the outcome of this drugstore if its delivery is promising.

Are you interested in getting the perfect online nootropic vendor? Try MXL – legit modafinil & armodafinil e-pharmacy and enjoy its best customer-tailored experiences and give your honest review based on your satisfaction and experience.


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