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Qualia Mind Review in 2024: Ingredients, Work & Side Effects

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Qualia Mind (or QM) is becoming the most sought-after nootropic supplement among “smart drug” enthusiasts and with the biohacking crowd (or do-it-yourself biology experts). This product is also popular on Reddit, Quora, and several other reliable forums. However, there are certain things you should be aware of before deciding to order this great supplement.

Qualia Mind Review

In this comprehensive Qualia Mind review, you’ll acquaint yourself with everything you need to know about this product including its benefits, expected side effects & tolerance, its downsides, the best way to take it, where to shop for it online & the best discount code, and a comprehensive & thorough comparison between other famous nootropics. At the end of the review, we’ll give our verdict on whether it’s worth your use.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Qualia Mind?

QM is a powerful nootropic supplement, or “smart drug,” produced by Neurohacker Collective. The company was founded in 2015 with the prime mission of creating first-rate well-being products. Neurohacker Collective has gained a positive reputation due to its focus on cognitive products, especially with the launch of its Qualia nootropic line. It promises to continue providing high-quality products for overall peak performance.

Nootropics are special compounds that can refine brain function. As a nootropic, Qualia Mind is designed to help the user focus, stay alert, & concentrate more for longer periods, ameliorate memory & cognition, absorb information more swiftly & thoroughly, decrease procrastination, hone decision-making skills, and heighten mental clarity.

Due to its great benefits, Qualia Mind is now becoming one of the most advanced mental performance products available on the market. It’s competing with the world-renowned nootropic – modafinil, the king of “smart drugs” that has been classified as the “world’s first safe “smart pill.”

QM can powerfully help an individual – be it a programmer, scientist, company executive, engineer, writer, factory worker, or filmmaker – overcome various hurdles that require insanely great brainpower effects inclusive of overall well-being. To many, it is a crucial part of their creative process. To some individuals who have tried various nootropics over a couple of years, Qualia Mind is on a whole different degree.

Qualia Mind Tablets

When you take this product, you can experience a profound boost in cognition & overall sense of well-being. The effects last for some hours &, fortunately, do not interfere with sleep if used correctly.

About Qualia Mind Ingredients

Qualia Mind consists of 28 unique active ingredients such as vitamins, herbs, amino acids, & other brain-ameliorating compounds. This makes the product a powerhouse that many people discover to be beneficial for their daily mental agility.

Remarkably, QM consists of formulated gluten-free, high purity, non-GMO, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient. It contains more components than most other nootropic supplement blends such as Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro, but each plays a distinct & salient role.

Here’s what a single serving of QM contains:

  • vitamin C: 100 mg;
  • vitamin D3: 25 mcg (1,000 IU);
  • niacin: 50 mg;
  • vitamin B6: 20 mg;
  • vitamin B12: 1,000 mcg;
  • pantothenic acid: 50 mg;
  • Bacopa monnieri leaf extract: 300 mg;
  • Rhodiola rosea root extract: 300 mg;
  • acetyl-L-carnitine: 500 mg;
  • ginkgo biloba leaf extract: 50 mg;
  • artichoke leaf extract: 500 mg;
  • uridine-5’-monophosphate heptahydrate disodium: 250 mg;
  • thiamine: 50 mg;
  • taurine: 200 mg;
  • citicoline: 150 mg;
  • pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium: 10 mg;
  • DL-phenylalanine: 300 mg;
  • theobromine: 100 mg;
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine: 250 mg;
  • L-theanine: 200 mg;
  • alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC): 200 mg;
  • whole coffee fruit extract: 129 mg;
  • Celastrus paniculatus seed extract: 60 mg;
  • Coleus forskohlii root extract: 20 mg;
  • velvet bean seed extract: 100 mg;
  • phosphatidylserine: 100 mg;
  • docosahexaenoic acid: 80 mg;
  • Huperzia serrata leaf extract: 5 mg

Because of the many ingredients included in QM, let’s highlight only 10 components that are most thoroughly researched in terms of the benefits they provide. The maker of QM has in-depth discussions of each ingredient added in the nootropic supplement. Take note of the components that have been extensively researched in humans rather than merely in animal studies or test tubes. Most of the QM ingredients have approved evidence backing their use in humans with beneficial effects. Unfortunately, humans differ vastly from test tubes & animals, so certain compounds added to the product may not work in the same way in some individuals as they do in these kinds of scientific studies.

Let’s dive into what makes QM such a solid choice — an overview of its 10 active ingredients.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Mild vitamin D deficiency is a widespread problem that manifests itself in various ways, including in poorer brain function. Vitamin D is essential for general health. It chiefly supports the health of bones (especially during aging), healthy mood, cognitive function, nervous system & general immune system, and the heart.

Vitamin D3

Furthermore, vitamin D supports memory, protects against cognitive impairment, promotes the expression of neurotrophic factors (NT-3, CNTF, BDNF, GDNF, & NGF), assists neurogenesis and neuronal structure, modulates brain antioxidant defenses & oxidative stress, modulates neural cytokine signaling, and promotes the neuroprotective functions. Regarding healthy aging, vitamin D is known to assist the “balance” during aging (i.e., it may lessen the risk of falls), among other related benefits. A certain study discovered that supplementing with vitamin D may result in short-term refinement in brain function, particularly in individuals who are vitamin D deficient [1].

Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract

Touted as a natural nootropic product in its native India, it is chiefly known to lessen inflammation in the brain & the central nervous system. Using it provides immediate benefit to every single neuron it affects by enabling them to function more effectively. This product is traditionally applied to assist with memory loss, poor concentration, & stress management [2]. It also ameliorates cognitive functions such as learning, memory, attention, executive function, etc. Besides, it promotes a calm mood, healthy stress responses, antioxidant defenses, neuroprotection, & it supports vascular function. Additionally, Bacopa monnieri supports dopamine and serotonin levels. It also assists the GABAergic neurotransmission, promotes dendritic growth and healthy brain cytokine signaling, among other effects.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract

Rhodiola rosea is another great & trusted nootropic herb. Its extract significantly lessens self-reported stress, confusion, frustration, & sadness. A study also discovered that individuals given the Rhodiola rosea extract attained significantly better moods [3]. This product supports brain health & cognitive performance. It also assists users with adaptation to physically & mentally fatiguing circumstances as well as heightening energy, alertness, mental stamina, attention, and concentration.

Besides, Rhodiola rosea promotes resistance to mental fatigue, supports serotonin levels & healthy levels of stress hormones and other stress response mediators. It also assists neuroprotective functions, promotes β-endorphin signaling, influences acetylcholinesterase & monoamine oxidase A & B, helps endurance performance, among several other benefits.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Tyrosine is an amino acid. It’s a precursor to the neurotransmitters norepinephrine & dopamine. Dopamine is popularly termed a “feel good” hormone that also assists an individual to focus & make decisions. Similarly, norepinephrine helps the body to respond to pressure or stress more efficiently [4]. NALT also supports adaptation to stressful circumstances and improves working memory, mental flexibility, and information processing speed.

Other brain function benefits of NALT include better logical reasoning, excellent mathematical processing & convergent thinking (a component of creativity), great perceptual-motor task performance, and protection against performance decline during cognitively demanding tasks.


L-theanine provides many benefits. Combining it with caffeine helps ameliorate alertness, memory, focus, learning, executive function, & attention in as little as 1–2 hours [5]. It’s popularly known to support cognitive function, reward with a calm/relaxed mood and stress resilience, improve sleep efficiency & quality, as well as support individual general immune health.


Besides, L-theanine supports faster reaction times, assists alpha (α) brain waves (α-waves are linked with selective attention, relaxation, & mental alertness), heightens dopamine & serotonin signaling, increases GABA levels in the brain as well as promoting hippocampal neurogenesis & neuroprotective functions.

Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC)

Alpha-GPC acts directly on the mitochondria to ameliorate their energy production and protects them from harmful oxidative stress damage [6]. It’s known to improve cognitive function as well as support physical strength & agility.

Besides, alpha-GPC powerfully enhances memory, learning, & attention. Among other benefits, it promotes dopamine synthesis & release, increases dopamine plasma membrane transporter (DAT) levels, supports serotonin synthesis, and promotes GABA release.

Whole Coffee Fruit Extract

It’s known that whole coffee fruit extract increases the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that ameliorates neuroplasticity, or the individual brain’s capability to learn, vividly remember, & synthesize new info [7]. This product promotes cognitive performance & exercise performance and heightens mood.

In addition, this extract improves executive function & information processing speed, boosts attention, powers vigilance, supports task switching, reaction time, reasoning, and creative thinking, and protects against mental fatigue. It also has neuroprotective benefits such as protection against neurotoxic agents & neurodegenerative processes. Besides, it protects against physical fatigue, lessens perceived exhaustion, promotes muscle endurance & strength exercise activities, ameliorates speed, power, as well as agility during intense exercises.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

DHA is an effective omega-3 fatty acid found in fatty fish. It’s crucial for proper brain development & functioning. A study depicted that supplementary DHA could ameliorate self-reported symptoms of depression, physical health, & verbal communication skills [8].

Generally, DHA promotes the user’s brain health and healthy vision, improves dopamine & serotonin signaling. Furthermore, it ameliorates memory & learning, working memory & reaction time and supports neuroprotective functions and brain antioxidant defenses. Besides, this product assists the user to experience a calm mood and healthy stress responses while supporting positive affective responses.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Ginkgo biloba assists brain health & cognitive performance. It also aids in stopping age-related memory loss, promotes neuroprotection & vascular function, improves working memory, ameliorates attention, information processing speed, and executive function. Furthermore, it can also help ameliorate BDNF production in healthy young adults [9].

Ginkgo biloba also promotes healthy cerebral blood flow, increases acetylcholine levels, influences anticholinesterase activity, boosts dopamine & noradrenaline levels, promotes serotonergic neurotransmission, neurogenesis, & synaptogenesis. Besides, it rewards users with a calm mood.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) Disodium

PQQ is an efficacious antioxidant quinone compound. It helps ameliorate individual memory. In one study, daily supplementation with PQQ fostered blood flow within the brain & powerfully ameliorated attention & memory in healthy elderly individuals after only 12 weeks of usage [10]. Furthermore, PQQ promotes mitochondrial efficiency, antioxidant defenses, as well as brain function & neuroprotection.

The QM cognition line is the outcome of thousands of hours of research & development by leading scientists in complex-systems modeling, organic chemistry, neurobiology, as well as dozens of PhDs & MDs. This nootropic supplement delivers the most complete supplementation existing in any nootropic stack. It is formulated to deliver meaningful refinements to overall cognitive function.

Is Qualia Mind Safe?

According to research and user reviews, QM is tremendously safe with minimal negative effects, especially if used by healthy people. Some users refer to it as the “mother’s little assistant” of the future. QM chiefly assists the user do more, feel more, & live more. By taking the right amount of the nootropic, it can be beneficial not only to the brain but also to general well-being.

Excellent General Well-Being

Unlike many other formulas of “smart drugs” that use minimal amounts of ingredients, QM contains the top nootropics in the ideal amounts shown on the maker’s website. Each ingredient has been researched and found to be most efficacious. To a high percentage of users, this product helps to feel more alert, happier, energized, & productive when taken as a daily dose. Without a doubt, QM has become the core of users’ morning dietary supplement routines.

The maker took extra care to avoid risky ingredients & to select doses that are unlikely to have negative effects for most users. The nootropics in QM have real effects, & if something feels wrong while taking it, stop its usage. According to the producer, QM is intended for healthy adults aged 18+.

Per Neurohacker Collective’s disclaimer, QM contains chemicals that shouldn’t be consumed by individuals on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, or any other psychiatric meds. It shouldn’t be used by patients with psychiatric or neurological disorders, cancer, heart conditions, liver/kidney problems, high blood pressure, endocrine disorders, or by those on immunosuppressive therapy. Also, it shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

If you happen to have any of the said conditions, consult a physician first before using Qualia Mind.

How Does Premium Nootropic Work?

QM is a great formula that works. Once ingested, you can feel its effects kicking in about half an hour, and they last for hours. It was designed to aid the integrity of the natural pathways involved in mediating cognitive & performative functions, providing a healthier, more balanced regulatory system during continual use or even after discontinuing its use. While some of the QM ingredients reward users with immediate benefits for a few days, certain components in the product are busy building more neurons & synapses, repairing cell walls, aiding neurotransmitter signaling, etc. The outcome is that if using QM for months, you should gain an advantage from a system upgrade – not just a boost.

QM is primarily designed taking into consideration key neural pathways & processes. It contains choline donors, neuro-vitamins, nootropic compounds, amino acids, & herbal adaptogens. Each of these ingredients has independent activities; they can also possess additive or synergistic actions when mixed, supplementing each other in aid of a specific cognitive pathway or process. Overall, QM works to ameliorate BDNF production, aid neuron & synaptic function, promote prefrontal cortex activity, improve neurotransmitter signaling, and heighten stress resilience.

Main Benefits of Qualia Mind

Because it is made using several ingredients, QM offers diverse benefits, but the first-rate 8 benefits are as follows.

Ameliorated Focus

QM indeed has an impressive lineup of tested & verified focus-augmenting ingredients. As an OTC “smart pill,” it furnishes the hours of great focus with minimal negative effects. This experience makes it an excellent product for study sessions or a productivity booster on long workdays where you demand lots of brainpower, mood, vigilance, & energy. NALT & acetyl-L-carnitine are particularly effective if the user needs to maintain optimal cognition in certain situations necessitating high levels of stress [11][12].

Whether you’re hastening to meet an impossible deadline or endeavoring to get difficult work done well ahead of time, QM is an ideal nootropic supplement that assists your need for longer bouts of focused productivity.

Sustained Energy

Even though QM contains a small quantity of caffeine from the whole coffee fruit extract, it doesn’t obtain all of its effects from it, and the supplement will not result in the same “crash” that caffeine-based products or caffeinated energy drinks can cause. QM furnishes sustained energy that lasts an individual through a full day of productive work.

Two QM ingredients, theobromine & PQQ, are specifically effective at lessening mental fatigue & also lowering stress levels [13]. Using it makes you feel far less tired within a day, principally during the afternoon when energy levels are normally in a lull.

Doesn’t Cause Crash or Buzz

As mentioned earlier in this guide, QM does not solely rely on caffeine to furnish its nootropic benefits. It offers natural, lasting energy for an everyday task, but it doesn’t make the user feel buzzy or result in a “crash.” QM generally ameliorates individual natural energy & focus levels. This reward is due to the mix of caffeine & L-theanine in QM, which has been depicted in several studies to ameliorate individual cognitive performance while lessening feelings of distractibility as well as anxiety [14][15].

Super Fast-Acting

Tailored to power various body chemicals, QM is also fast-acting. According to its maker, the benefits of the nootropic for most users can be felt as soon as 40 minutes after ingesting the very first dose. It promises to deliver calm, energized focus throughout the day. This experience is likely supported by pharmacokinetic research of QM ingredients such as huperzine A from the Huperzia serrata leaf extract & alpha-GPC, both of which powerfully attain peak concentrations in the user’s bloodstream within an hour after ingestion [16][17].

Safe and Effective

QM is very safe & free of any major negative effects in most healthy individuals. The supplement truly works, and this is the main reason why nootropic enthusiasts consider it their favorite. For instance, ingredients like Bacopa monnieri leaf extract are dosed in the clinically relevant quantity for being effective. In this case, 300 mg has been depicted to be adequate for ameliorating working memory & cognitive processing in healthy individuals [18].

Similarly, ingredients like phosphatidylserine are dosed at a level where it is safe to use. In the case of phosphatidylserine, the added dosage of 100 mg has been depicted in some clinical trials to ameliorate memory function in elderly people without any onset of adverse events [19].

NOTE: There is a clinical trial taken to evaluate the safety and efficacy of QM on cognition in healthy adults launched in 2020 [20]. We’ll update this article once the final results of this trial are published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Supports Long-Term Brain Health

Aside from its immediate neurochemical & physiological effects, QM also provides long-term cognitive health advantages, especially paramount for individuals desiring to optimize memory & general brain health through the aging process.

Brain Health

QM is known to promote neuron & synapse development, ameliorate neuroplasticity & neurogenesis, and elevate energy & metabolic support. Some ingredients that support brain health in QM include uridine, DL-phenylalanine, & phosphatidylserine.

Amplifies Drive and Productivity

Dopamine escalates drive & productivity, thus rewarding with motivation & pleasure. Dopamine-generating ingredients like DL-phenylalanine, NALT, and others play an important role in the dopamine pathway. QM uses these and other components to deliver the benefits of mood enhancement, cognitive flexibility, & coordinating body movements. L-theanine in QM stimulates creativity while lessening depression through its activation of alpha waves.

Ameliorates Mental Clarity

Brain supplements like QM lessen cerebral inflammation & oxidative stress. They also ameliorate blood flow in the area for the highest oxygen & nutrient delivery. Some ingredient mechanisms play a key role in lessening brain fog & ameliorating mental clarity. To optimize cognitive & mental capacities, the components available in QM keep cerebral circulation in peak condition. Other mechanisms of QM include heightening nitric oxide activity, halting homocysteine & oxidative damage, and relaxing blood vessels. QM nutrients that function to attain this include Bacopa monnieri, B vitamins, & ginkgo biloba, to name a few.

Downsides to Qualia Mind

Unlike other “smart tabs” such as modafinil, QM is one of the super costly OTC nootropic options, with a 28-day supply that costs you a whooping regular price of $139.00 without a subscription. This product may seem too expensive for a majority of people.

Also, QM has a fairly high pill burden – a daily dose consisting of 7 capsules that’s generally not practical to most users. While this may not annoy the user if they find the benefits of QM are worth it, it chiefly necessitates taking more daily tabs than similar OTC “smart tabs” like Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain or the prescription nootropic modafinil.

Another downside is that some ingredients do nothing for cognitive function (although they’re necessary for overall well-being). Besides, cycling the product may not be practical for some users.

How to Take Qualia Mind Nootropic: Dosage Guide

QM’s effects are dose-dependent, varying with individual body chemistry, weight, general sensitivity to health products, & desired level of effect. The standard dose for most users is 7 capsules. Take QM first thing in the morning, ideally on an empty stomach. However, if you experience stomach upset, take it with breakfast instead. Take note that the optimal QM dosage can vary based on individual body weight as well as sensitivity. Don’t ingest more than 10 capsules at once or more than 12 capsules in a day.

Like what’s common to most nootropics, everyone’s chemistry is unique. Some users find that decreasing or increasing the standard dosage is key to optimizing the effects. If the recommended dose does not match the desired needs, Neurohacker Collective encourages the users to experiment & adjust the dosage to find the optimal one. You may start with a smaller number of capsules, say, 3 or 4, & see how that makes you feel. You may also find that using just 4 or 5 capsules per serving gives the desired results.

For best effects, QM is primarily tailored to work for individuals experiencing adequate sleep, having good health, & practicing excellent self-care. Adequate sleep is the #1 issue prohibiting users from having the desired effects from QM. If you don’t have the expected results, stop taking QM, work on getting enough sleep, & then try the nootropic again.

Possible Side Effects

The most common negative effect of QM is restlessness. That’s why Neurohacker Collective advises users not to take the product within 12 hours of bedtime. A small percentage of QM users have reported muscle tightness or soreness, especially in the shoulders, neck, or jaw. Some individuals may also experience mild pressure in the head (probably as a result of choline sensitivity). If this negative effect is intense or concerning, it’s advisable to immediately discontinue using QM & take a step to converse with a physician.

If the triggered negative effects are mild & you want to explore further, you can try getting off QM for a few days to normalize your condition & start using the product again at a lower dose while monitoring the side effects. Soreness comes and fades away according to several QM users. Some reported that it went away after about a week because their bodies adjusted to the nootropic.

Other negative effects associated with the use of Qualia Mind are as follows:

  • sleep disturbances;
  • stomach issues;
  • headache;
  • overstimulation;
  • emotional blunting;
  • anxiety.

While QM has unwanted negative effects, it also rewards with good negative effects. The supplement can lessen heart disease risk & ameliorate overall health due to components with antioxidant effects. Some of its ingredients, such as caffeine & forskolin, may foster fat burning, while chlorogenic acid extracted from coffee fruit heightens insulin sensitivity. Several QM ingredients, such as DL-phenylalanine & Rhodiola rosea, may even lessen pain.

Can You Develop a Tolerance to Qualia Mind?

Google anything related to QM tolerance like “Can you develop a tolerance to Qualia Mind nootropic supplement?” One of the first retrieved results is from Neurohacker Collective. The chances of developing tolerance to QM are minimal. The manufacturer recommends following a schedule when taking the QM nootropic supplement to avoid building up a tolerance. This is paramount since certain ingredients in the formula need to be cycled to circumvent serious negative effects. The advisable dose should be ingested daily on a weekly cycle of 5 days on & 2 days off. This maximizes the advantages while stopping desensitization. Take note that it doesn’t matter if the “off-cycle” days are apart or consecutive, so long as they occur every week.

Qualia Mind vs Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain vs Modafinil

Mind Lab Pro, Modafinil, Alpha Brain

Mind Lab Pro (MLP) is another natural nootropic that’s trusted & available for sale OTC. While the two nootropic supplements are similar, there are a few key dissimilarities that you should acquaint yourself with:

  • QM has 28 ingredients, while MLP only has 11 research-backed components. However, both products seem to work very well as nootropics;
  • MLP is less expensive than QM, but the latter offers a discount code, whereas MLP does not;
  • a serving of MLP is only 2 tabs per day, while a serving of QM is 7 capsules per day (it can be adjusted up to 12 capsules per day).

Overall, our top pick for the first-rate nootropic supplement goes to MLP — for its formulation, price, & ease of use. Consider that our bodies respond differently to health products. Some feel well with QM and experience insanely great effects, while others believe that MLP is their greatest option because of its few ingredients and effectiveness. We’ve previously written about MLP in the Mind Lab Pro Review in 2021: Best Universal Nootropic or Scam? So you can check it to determine if the nootropic is best for your needs.

In the case of QM vs. modafinil, the “world’s first safe “smart tab,” there are a couple of crucial dissimilarities between both products you should comprehend:

  • QM is an OTC nootropic, while modafinil is a Schedule IV prescription med;
  • while QM rewards with approx. 8 hours of enhanced focus, vigilance, brainpower, & concentration, modafinil easily gives the user 10 up to 14+ hours of the same effects;
  • QM costs $6.32 per serving, whereas a single tab of modafinil costs less than $4 per pill depending on the pharmacy visited if you opt to buy a generic version. However, take note that modafinil is also available as the brand-name drug Provigil®, which is quite expensive;
  • QM can be taken 5 days per week, while modafinil’s first-rate alertness-augmenting properties mean you should not use it any more than 2 to 3 times per week.

Modafinil is indeed the superior choice for ameliorating cognition & increasing focus. But if you can’t get your hands on the safest pharmaceutical “smart tab” & need a natural alternative you can take year-round & order OTC, then your next best option is QM.

Finally, let’s have a look at a summary of Alpha Brain (AB) vs QM. Both products are also two very fascinating nootropic stacks. While AB used to be one of the finest-ranked nootropic supplements available on the market, QM has shown impressive yet reliable results in the past years. However, which one do we prefer?

Here are the similarities and differences between both nootropics:

  • both supplements are high-quality & well-recognized and contain well-researched ingredients. Onnit (the company behind AB) & Neurohacker Collective are known to dominate the nootropic market;
  • AB & QM supplements target high-performers with bigger budgets. However, while AB contains less than 50 percent of the nootropic compounds than QM, it is by far more affordable;
  • QM has a more complex & advanced formulation. It contains 28 ingredients, while AB has 9 or so components;
  • comparing both supplements, QM showed itself to be the better nootropic. By all means, QM is a more refined nootropic stack that has more ingredients & is better dosed. Due to this, it rewards users with better effects lasting longer. QM’s short-term effects are much more noticeable if compared to those offered by AB.

Overall, considering all the facts mentioned above, QM is surely a winner. If you are earnestly searching for the best nootropic supplement among the three, go for any product that, you think, will meet all your needs. QM might be the best option, but it’s very expensive. Due to the price, we always recommend using modafinil.

The Best Qualia Mind Discount Code

Neurohacker Collective does offer some QM discount codes including the Subscribe and Save option. Seasonal promos (like holiday sales) are available regularly to assist its shoppers to save money on the supplement. The Neurohacker Collective’s Subscribe and Save option comes with the whopping saving. Qualia Mind usually costs $139 per bottle without saving, but by applying the Subscribe and Save discount, it will cost $59 for the first shipment & $119 thereafter. That’s an $80 saving! Still, Neurohacker Collective offers super-fast shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 100 days.

Where to Buy Qualia Mind Online?

QM is available for sale on the brand’s official website as well as at other reliable third-party retailers. One bottle of QM contains 154 capsules. Because the maker recommends taking the product 5 times a week, ingesting 7 capsules or so a day, the bottle will last you 22 days.

Neurohacker Collective charges $7.98 for standard parcel shipping & $12.98 for priority shipping. In the United States, once shipped, the shopper parcel cannot be canceled, but if you swiftly change your mind before the order is shipped out from its premises, then Neurohacker Collective can help you.

Is It Possible to Order Nootropic on Amazon?

Yes, it’s possible to shop for Qualia Mind on Amazon. Nonetheless, it’s much less expensive to order it directly through the maker – the Neurohacker Collective website – using its discount code to capture insanely great cost savings. Such savings aren’t available when you buy through Amazon or other retailers that stock it.

The Verdict: Qualia Mind Review

If you’re looking for a super fast-acting nootropic supplement to ameliorate your brainpower with benefits such as augmented focus, swift & accurate information processing, as well as insanely great mental energy, then Qualia Mind is a great option. However, it is super overpriced (probably due to the large number of ingredients it contains). But we accept that QM really works and is very safe, especially if used by healthy individuals and as per recommendations. However, if economical options are your priority and you desire to use the best yet cheaper alternative to QM, then modafinil should be on your list. It’s the pharmaceutical “smart tab” that has been tested to work and is very safe and well-tolerated.


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