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Where to Buy Modafinil in Jordan in 2024

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Interested in learning the current process of purchasing modafinil in Jordan? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The popularity of this drug continues to rise steadily, as it is widely marketed as a potent “smart drug” with numerous benefits for brain function.

Buy Modafinil in Jordan

If you reside in Jordan and want to buy some pills online, this comprehensive review guide is tailored specifically for you. It covers valuable information regarding the legal status of this med in Jordan, essential tips on obtaining a prescription for it, where to get it online, alternative nootropics worth considering, and more. But first, let’s start with the basics!

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is an effective medication known for promoting wakefulness and improving brain function. In the 1970s, it was initially developed as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy. It gained recognition when it was released in France in 1994 under the brand name Modiodal, proving to be highly effective in treating the sleep disorder. In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved modafinil under the brand name Provigil for the treatment narcolepsy and in 2003 for shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) [1].

Over time, medical researchers discovered that modafinil could offer a multitude of benefits beyond promoting wakefulness, leading to off-label prescriptions for various conditions:

Additionally, modafinil replaced Adderall as the preferred “study drug” among students striving for academic excellence. Busy professionals, entrepreneurs, traders, factory workers, and even CEOs began using it without a prescription to gain a competitive edge and ultimately boost productivity. Modafinil provides notable cognitive advantages. Just a single tab of this “smart drug” offers the following beneficial effects:

  • ameliorated alertness & vigilance;
  • enhanced focus & concentration;
  • improved non-verbal cognition, memory, and decision-making & planning skills [6];
  • augmented motivation & energy [7];
  • improved mood.

Together, these benefits enable you to push your limits, sustain your efforts for longer periods, and tap into greater cognitive capacity than you ever thought possible. While the “smart drug” is not a magical solution that will complete your work or studies for you, it can significantly support your efforts. It comes remarkably close to the fictional pill NZT-48 depicted in the “Limitless” that enables the user to access 100% of his brain’s abilities. Combining its usage with healthy lifestyle habits is crucial for optimal results. Your commitment and passion to reach your goals remain essential factors in achieving success.

Side Effects and Warnings

Side Effects

Modafinil is widely recognized as a well-tolerated and safe drug if used as prescribed. However, some first-time users may experience the following adverse effects [8]:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • insomnia;
  • upset stomach;
  • runny nose;
  • dizziness.

These side effects are typically mild in nature, short-lived, and often resolve on their own without any specific treatment. It is important to note, though, that in cases of misuse, more severe side effects may occur:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • chest pain;
  • trouble breathing;
  • hallucinations.

While these severe side effects are rare, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention if any of them occur, as they can be life-threatening if left untreated.

The “smart drug” is an appetite suppressant that may lead to reduced food and water intake, potentially causing headaches and nausea. It is recommended to maintain regular meal times and stay hydrated while using modafinil. If you experience insomnia, you can consider lowering the dosage or taking the pill early in the morning to allow its effects to wear off before bedtime. Avoid using the med if you have previously had an allergic reaction to it, as it can cause severe skin reactions requiring medical treatment. Seek immediate medical attention if you develop a rash or hives, mouth sores, blisters or peeling skin, difficulty swallowing or breathing, dark urine, fever, yellowing of the eyes or skin, or swelling in the legs or face.

Drug interactions are also possible with modafinil. When taking it, it is important to be cautious about the drugs, supplements, or herbs you’re currently using, as they may interact with the “smart drug” & disrupt its effectiveness or increase the risk of side effects. Below are some classes of medications that should be avoided while taking modafinil:

  • blood thinners;
  • some antibiotics;
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors;
  • CYP2C19 & CYP3A4/5 substrates;
  • certain antifungals;
  • birth control meds.

It is important to note that medications are not the only potential source of interactions; certain foods and drinks can also interact with this nootropic. For example, alcohol should be avoided while taking it, as it can increase the risk of adverse effects and may lead to a blackout. Additionally, high-fat foods can delay the onset of modafinil’s effects, so it’s better to take it with a light meal or on an empty stomach.

Pregnant and breastfeeding females & individuals with a history of a heart attack, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, kidney or liver disease, high blood pressure, angina, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, or psychosis should avoid using modafinil [9]. Always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by your doctor when taking the “smart drug” or any other medication. If you have any concerns or questions, consult them for personalized advice.

Is Modafinil Legal in Jordan?

You may wonder, Is it illegal to buy modafinil in Jordan? Well, in this country, it falls into a gray area. While it is not officially listed as a med & isn’t banned or classified as a narcotic, it’s not available in local pharmacies. Moreover, it’s illegal for local pharmacies or individuals to market it. Nonetheless, there are no laws against purchasing or possessing modafinil for personal use if you have a valid prescription from a certified physician in this country.

If you plan to travel to Jordan with the “smart drug,” carry the prescription from the doctor who prescribed it to you. The prescription should clearly state your name, the full name of the drug, and the specific condition for which you have been prescribed it. To ensure compliance and avoid any potential legal issues, have the prescription translated into Arabic.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy This Drug?

Prescription from a Doctor

As earlier mentioned, modafinil is not registered in Jordan, which means it would be highly unlikely for a doctor to prescribe it within the country. Doctors typically prescribe meds that are approved and registered for use in their respective countries. However, it’s important to note that regulations and practices can vary between countries, and there may be exceptional cases in which a doctor may choose to prescribe an unregistered medication based on their discretion and assessment of the patient’s needs. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional in Jordan for accurate and specific information regarding modafinil.

If you still require modafinil but lack a prescription, you may opt to purchase it from a reputable online pharmacy that ships to Jordan. Most overseas vendors often sell the nootropic without requiring a doctor’s prescription and provide guaranteed doorstep delivery. However, it is important to exercise caution and ensure the reliability and legality of the online source before making a purchase.

Where to Order Modafinil Online in Jordan?

Ordering modafinil online over the counter can provide you with convenience, speed, and cost savings. However, it is important to realize the associated risks. There is a significant risk of receiving counterfeit medication or not receiving anything at all after making a payment. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to purchase the “smart drug” from trusted online vendors that have a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and guaranteed shipments to Jordan.

We are thrilled to recommend 2 outstanding vendors who have established a strong reputation for delivering authentic modafinil pills to customers in Jordan. They go above and beyond to provide an excellent buying experience and offer the best value for your buck. Let’s review each vendor in detail.

For those looking to purchase modafinil in Jordan, BuyModa (BM) stands out as a reliable vendor. As the leading American-run vendor, it has earned a strong reputation for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Trusted reviews on platforms like Google, Reddit, and other review sites attest to the reliability and excellence of BuyModa’s services. Here are some of the advantages of ordering from the vendor:

  • a wide selection of high-quality products: BM offers an extensive range of generic modafinil and armodafinil brands, including popular options like Modalert 200mg by Sun Pharma, Modawake, Waklert, and Armodavinil. This selection ensures that you can find the specific product that suits your needs and preferences;
  • competitive pricing and cost savings: The cost per tablet is already affordable at this e-pharmacy, but the savings increase when taking advantage of its profitable offers. For orders over $150, you receive 30 additional tablets as a bonus. Additionally, it offers a generous 20% discount for customers who choose to pay with cryptocurrency, further reducing the overall cost. Moreover, on your second order and all subsequent orders, BM provides an extra 20% bonus tablets;
  • guaranteed delivery: The vendor places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and ensures that orders are delivered promptly and securely. In the rare event that a package is lost or held up at customs, BM offers a guaranteed reshipment at no additional cost. If the second package fails to arrive, you will receive a full refund;
  • free shipping with tracking: Shipping costs can often be a concern when ordering medications online. However, BuyModa offers free shipping with tracking on all orders valued at $150 or more. This not only saves you money but also provides the convenience of being able to track your shipment throughout the delivery process;
  • a variety of payment options: At present, BM provides customers with a range of payment options to choose from. These include major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, plus alternative methods like Bill Pay, e-Check, SEPA, IBAN, and PayPal. Additionally, the e-pharmacy also accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin;
  • excellent customer service: BuyModa takes pride in its exceptional customer service. Its support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to assisting customers with any inquiries or concerns they may have. Whether it’s questions about product selection, shipping, or payment options, BuyModa provides prompt and reliable support, ensuring a positive buying experience.

These are just a few compelling reasons why BM is our top choice for anyone in Jordan looking to buy modafinil online. The vendor ensures remarkable customer service that won’t disappoint you. (MP) is an established online pharmacy that specializes in providing a wide selection of popular generic modafinil and armodafinil brands and ensures the quality of its products through rigorous testing. It has been delivering the “smart drug” to Jordan for years, so you can rest assured that you’ll definitely get your parcel in a short time. Below are the benefits you get if you choose ModaPharma as your trusted source for modafinil:

  • an extensive range of quality meds: It offers a diverse selection of modafinil and armodafinil brands, including popular options such as Modalert and Waklert. Its commitment to quality is evident, as it ensures that every batch of nootropics is tested for purity by a third-party laboratory;
  • global shipping with the SureDelivery guarantee: Whether you’re located in Jordan or any other part of the world, MP ships worldwide. With its SureDelivery Buyer Protection guarantee, you can have confidence in the safe and timely arrival of your order. This feature enhances the overall shopping experience by eliminating uncertainties associated with international shipping;
  • swift shipping times: ModaPharma prides itself on delivering products promptly. While shipping times may vary depending on the destination, the average delivery time to Jordan is approx. 12 working days. However, MP doesn’t offer next-day delivery to Jordan;
  • competitive prices and cost savings: ModaPharma offers competitive pricing, allowing you to access modafinil at affordable rates. By eliminating intermediaries and maintaining direct relationships with manufacturers, the vendor can provide cost savings to its customers. This combination of competitive pricing and high-quality products makes ModaPharma an attractive option for those looking for the best value for their money;
  • flexible payment options: ModaPharma provides multiple payment options for your convenience. You can make payment through SWIFT transfers, which are typically processed within 1–3 working days. The vendor also accepts credit cards and cryptocurrencies for a seamless checkout experience.

Overall, ModaPharma is an excellent online pharmacy that provides top-notch modafinil medications at an affordable price and ensures speedy delivery of parcels. We highly recommend giving it a try for all your nootropic needs.

Modafinil Brand Names in Jordan


Provigil, a branded version of modafinil, is known to be extremely expensive, making it inaccessible for many individuals. Additionally, since it is not registered as a pharmaceutical drug in Jordan, you won’t find Provigil available in local pharmacies. As a more affordable alternative, it is recommended to consider generic modafinil drugs, which offer the same level of safety and effectiveness as Provigil but cost much less.

Generic versions are widely accessible and can be easily purchased online in Jordan. Some of the popular generic modafinil brands are Modavinil, Modaheal, Modafil MD, Vilafinil, Modvigil, Modafresh, and Modawake. It’s significant, however, to prioritize your safety and ensure optimal results by purchasing from reputable nootropic vendors.

What Other Nootropics Can You Purchase in Jordan?

Are you seeking a completely legal and easily accessible alternative to modafinil that provides similar cognitive effects? While the “smart drug” is likely to offer the desired benefits, it can be beneficial to explore other nootropics that are readily available for purchase in Jordan. This can be especially useful if you develop tolerance to modafinil and require an alternative to maintain cognitive function & productivity throughout the day.

To mitigate the risks and avoid developing tolerance, we recommend using modafinil no more than 2–3 times per week and taking a complete 2-week break every 2 months. This practice, known as “cycling,” helps maintain the effectiveness of the drug. On the days when you are not taking modafinil but still need cognitive enhancement, you may consider taking a nootropic supplement.

One of the safest nootropics you can buy and have shipped to Jordan is Mind Lab Pro (MLP). It’s a dietary supplement formulated with a combination of 11 different nootropic ingredients, including Rhodiola rosea, L-theanine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, Bacopa monnieri, and citicoline, which have been scientifically proven to ameliorate cognitive function. MLP offers cognitive benefits comparable to modafinil, although its effects aren’t as long-lasting. You can expect approx. 6 hours of improved memory, increased concentration & focus, enhanced thinking, and more. Being entirely natural, MLP can be taken 5 days a week, year-round, without any severe adverse effects.

Another outstanding nootropic available for direct ordering and shipment to Jordan is Alpha Brain. It is highly regarded for its ability to heighten mental processing speed & provide laser-like focus; it’s ideal for moments that require heightened productivity. The product is known to have minimal to no negative effects & is considered non-toxic. It contains L-theanine, Alpha-GPC, L-tyrosine, and Bacopa, among other safe ingredients. After ingestion, the effects of Alpha Brain are usually seen within an hour and can last up to 4 hours.

Furthermore, there are several other suitable nootropics available for sale online without the need for a prescription. They include Qualia Mind and Gorilla Mind Rush. However, these products cannot be shipped directly to Jordan from their manufacturers.

Final Thoughts: Modafinil in Jordan

In Jordan, modafinil is not categorized as a narcotic, which means you can acquire the medication without facing any legal issues. You can safely order the drug from the recommended e-pharmacies and have it shipped to your address. Possessing the drug is not a problem in the country as well. The only potential concern is the possibility of customs seizing your order, although this is a rare occurrence. Fortunately, our trusted e-drugstores, ModaPharma and BuyModa, provide free reshipments or full refunds in case of a failed delivery, ensuring a hassle-free buying experience. Besides, if you need an accessible alternative to modafinil, Mind Lab Pro & Alpha Brain are the best nootropic supplements you can order online without fear of Jordan customs seizing them.


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