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Beginner’s Guide to Order Modafinil with the Fastest Delivery in 2024

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Modafinil is becoming the blockbuster product that thousands of people globally are ordering from different online pharmacies. But the big question is, Which vendor does offer the fastest modafinil delivery (e.g. domestic shipping option via USPS or Royal Mail)?

You’re fairly limited in how you can get your hands on the world’s most popular nootropic. One option is to go to a physician & get a prescription, then visit the nearest local pharmacy. The other option is to find an online “smart pill” vendor you trust with guaranteed delivery within the shortest possible time. If you are going to buy modafinil online, make sure that the selected online pharmacy has the best shipping option to opt for.

Order Modafinil with the Fastest Delivery

Let’s get to know the main features of modafinil, the finest drugstores that offer it at favorable prices, and vendor-specific parcel delivery times to your country.

Modafinil Features

Modafinil is marketed under the brand name Provigil®. It was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as a treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). In addition, it is widely used off-prescription to treat various health problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, opioid-related sedation, and multiple sclerosis, among others.

The use of modafinil results in electrophysiological changes indicative of fostered alertness & improvements in objective measures of ability to sustain wakefulness. It belongs to a class of meds known as wakefulness-promoting agents or eugeroics. Modafinil’s mode of action, while not yet fully understood, is complex. It is believed to act primarily through noradrenaline & dopamine transporter inhibition. In the brain, norepinephrine fosters arousal & alertness, ameliorates vigilance, enhances formation & retrieval of memory, & focuses attention. It also fosters restlessness & anxiety. Dopamine, another neurotransmitter available in the brain, acts as a chemical messenger between neurons. Problems associated with dopamine deficiency in the brain are fatigue, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, obesity, & difficulty in completing tasks. On the other side, having excess dopamine is also bad, as too much of it is associated with schizophrenia & psychosis.

Besides, modafinil also acts on histamine, serotonin, gamma-aminobutyric acid, & glutamate. Serotonin is believed to regulate happiness, mood, & anxiety. Low levels of this chemical are linked to depression, while fostered concentrations may decrease arousal. Brain histamine orchestrates disparate behaviors & homeostatic functions. Modafinil’s action on orexin also results in increases in the hypothalamic release of histamine & some of the actions of histamine are arousal & wakefulness [1].

Modafinil Smart Drugs

Aside from promoting wakefulness, modafinil also acts as a cognitive augmenter. Cognitive augmenting meds are believed to foster brain functions such as attention, memory, & motivation. Studies confirm that taking this “smart tab” has several benefits such as fostered concentration and focus, improved mental acuity, increased productivity & drive, promoted mental stamina, plus a greater interest in work. “Smart tab” enthusiasts who need to meet high work demands, beat procrastination, and encourage motivation usually rely on modafinil.

Modafinil comes in two dose strengths: 100 mg and 200 mg. The latter is the recommended dosage for most users. The total daily dose may be taken as a single dose in the morning or as two doses in the morning & at noon, according to physician assessment of the patient & their response. “Smart tab” doses of up to 400 mg in one or two divided doses can be administered in patients with insufficient response to the initial 200 mg dose [2].

With a low incidence of adverse effects & low potential for abuse, the nootropic works great for most people. Once ingested, modafinil is properly absorbed, attaining peak plasma concentration within 2 to 4 hours. The half-life of this medication ranges from 12 to 15 hours. Because it is long-lasting, it fascinates most high-achievers like traders, business executives, IT professionals, astronauts, military, and startup creators whose jobs require extra concentration and greater productivity.

What Is the Delivery Time for Modafinil?

Now you know the safety and benefits of modafinil. Should you need to use this med, where can you source it, and what’s the delivery time to your doorstep? Shoppers love to get their hands on modafinil as soon as possible once ordered. But some constraints can occur depending on the vendor shipping location as well as the shopper location.

If you’re eager to find a nootropic vendor that will ship your “smart drug” order to your address as fast as possible, you’ve come to the right place. At, we did all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We bring you all the finest nootropic vendors operating insanely great, & we compared their shipping times to find the fastest one. By reading, you can definitively tell which vendor offers the fastest parcel shipping time.

The following section discusses the shipping options of the top 5 online places to fulfill any modafinil order.

If you read our other guide – ModafinilXL Review: #1 Best Legit Modafinil Provider in 2024, you’ll know that this vendor is super legit and operating insanely great. Indeed, it offers very fast parcel shipping times.


ModafinilXL (MXL) is unique, as it offers impressive shopping experiences. So far, it has tons of positive reviews on trusted sites like Yotpo and Trustpilot. This brings a huge query: Why is MXL so popular? Here are a few top-notch reasons:

  • great shopper experience. It’s easy & swift to scroll through the MXL online pharmacy without hurdles such as pop-up ads. MXL doesn’t just focus on providing shoppers with “smart tabs.” It additionally makes sure the customer shopping experience is simple, easy & hassle-free. This e-drugstore is shopper-friendly & specifically designed to offer visitors smooth navigation;
  • fair modafinil prices + discounts on the combos;
  • free samples of modafinil and armodafinil;
  • great coupon codes and offers to reduce the cost;
  • various payment options available (MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin (with a 20% discount), and even PayPal).

Regarding parcel shipping, this vendor fulfills orders using Express Mail Service (EMS) with tracking and Registered Airmail (a standard shipping option). Via EMS, shoppers can expect their parcels to be delivered within 7 to 12 working days if they live in the UK, the EU, Australia, the USA, or Canada. Nonetheless, for those living in other parts of the world this vendor ships to, the same delivery method may take between 14 to 30 working days. It costs $39, but if a shopper is buying modafinil tabs worth over $180, the shipping is free.

On the other hand, MXL may use Registered Airmail, which takes 10 to 18 working days for orders from the mentioned countries and 14 to 30 working days for other destinations. This shipping method is priced at $29 but is free on purchases over $80. Orders made using this parcel delivery option are not trackable.

The faster shipping option currently available on ModafinilXL website is the US domestic shipping via USPS (2-3 days).

Royal Mail UK domestic shipping, one more delivery method MXL provides, takes 1 to 3 working days. It costs $49 plus 20% of your order subtotal. EU shipping from within the EU takes 5 to 12 working days. It costs €39 plus 50% of your order subtotal. This delivery option has no issues at customs and is 100% guaranteed.

Due to country-specific stringent customs regulations, ModafinilXL does not ship to certain destinations such as Japan, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, among others. Read about this on the vendor’s shipping page.

When it comes to shipping parcels, one common factor to consider is customs clearance. For any product passing through country-specific borders, this process is compulsory. Typically, it takes around 1 to 2 working days, but in some cases, it could be delayed for up to 7 days. In the unlikely case that your modafinil parcel is held at customs for up to two weeks, MXL will either make a complete refund or reship it for free.

As to how to track your order, MXL usually sends out a tracking number within 24 to 36 hours after the parcel has been shipped. Shoppers can receive email & SMS tracking info via Aftership, but their orders cannot be tracked until they arrive at the intended country & pass customs.

As we have extensively reviewed in the past in this guide – BuyModa Review: #1 Trusted Smart Drug Vendor 2024 Choice, we are well-placed to depict what you can expect when you order “smart tabs” from this vendor.

BuyModa Website

BuyModa (BM) offers free standard shipping on all shopper orders over $100. It typically processes & dispatches all orders within one working day & sends out tracking info (via email) immediately as the parcel is sent. After the package has been shipped, the shopper will start receiving automatic tracking updates via email & SMS.

BM ships from Singapore, so the exact parcel delivery time depends on where you reside. If you live within the EU, BM offers express shipping in the EU that takes 7 to 15 working days (premium fee applicable). If you want to ship the “smart tab” to the UK, you can pay for express shipping that arrives the next working day. If you reside outside the EU, your order will take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive depending on your location.

As discussed in our other review – BuyModafinilOnline Review: #1 Low-Cost Trusted Modafinil Vendor, BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) is a trusted e-pharmacy that offers nootropic products at the lowest possible price. It also provides trial samples of modafinil and armodafinil where a shopper only has to pay for the shipping. The vendor accepts multiple payment methods including Zelle, credit cards (American Express, MasterCard), PayPal, & Bitcoin (a 23% discount).

BMO ships products directly to the US, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, the EU, Canada, etc. Nonetheless, it does not ship to Brazil, Mexico, & some other countries listed on its website. BMO ships nootropics from either Singapore or India, depending on proximity to the specified shipping address. It offers the following shipping methods:

  • EMS, which costs $49 – FREE on orders over $180. Orders from the UK, Australia, or the US typically get delivered within 7 to 12 working days, while those from other parts of the globe this vendor ships to may take 14 to 30 working days. Orders sent with EMS are trackable & require a signature upon delivery;
  • Airmail, which costs $39 – FREE on orders worth $130. Parcels from the UK, Australia, & the US take 10 up to18 working days, while shipments to other countries may take from 14 and 30 working days. Orders dispatched with Airmail are non-trackable and do not require a signature upon delivery;
  • Royal Mail domestic parcel shipping from the UK, which is available for shoppers from the UK & EU. It takes 3 to 7 working days & costs $49 plus 20% of your order total;
  • EU shipping from within the EU, which takes 7–12 business days and costs $49 plus 50% of your order total.

BMO provides shoppers with a tracking number within 24–72 hours after successful order payment. If the parcel is held at country-specific customs or if it’s not delivered at all, BuyModafinilOnline reships it or, if preferred, gives you a complete refund.

ModaPharma Main Page

As an online pharmacy, it is very straightforward when it comes to “smart tab” order shipping expectations, so here is the most paramount info you need to know:

  • shipping to the USA takes 6 to 12 working days;
  • delivery to the UK takes 4 to 7 working days;
  • orders from Australia take 6–14 business days;
  • shipping to Germany takes 6 to 12 business days.

For the rest of the countries this vendor delivers to, you can expect to receive your “smart tab” parcel within 6 to 12 working days. When you purchase from it, a tracking number is given within 24 hours to let you monitor the real-time status of your modafinil order.

From ModaPharma, parcel shipping is only $9.99 no matter where you are in the world, & all shipments come with tracking – so you’ll know when to expect your order. ModaPharma tracks every single order it sends out. If the parcel isn’t delivered within 25 business days, then the vendor will either offer a refund or send another shipment, but delivery is always guaranteed. This allows you to order nootropics without any risks.

FoxDose is another reliable (not anymore) online vendor that sells modafinil products. It is one of the most popular “smart tab” e-pharmacies that have recently popped up on the scene. It only specializes in selling two highly demanded nootropics: modafinil & armodafinil. The vendor only offers high-quality FDA-approved & certified brands.

FoxDose provides two shipping options: express shipping and Registered Mail. Unlike other modafinil stores that we have discussed, parcel shipping time isn’t disclosed on its website; perhaps it’s subject to destination. Both delivery methods are free of charge. Upon successful checkout, your order is dispatched immediately from Singapore or India. A parcel tracking number is issued immediately after payment has cleared.

FoxDose accepts Skrill, Visa & MasterCard, BTC (a 25% discount), & Amazon Gift Cards. BTC is the future of robust, seamless, & secure online payments. It’s best for confidentiality & high-end safety.

The Verdict: Buy Modafinil Online with the Fastest Delivery

Out of all the nootropic vendors we investigated, ModafinilXL has the fastest parcel shipping times, and BuyModafinilOnline & BuyModa come in at a close second. ModaPharma is also closest to MXL & BMO.

The quality of “smart tabs” offered by each vendor is the same because they source their generic modafinil from the same certified pharmaceutical companies in India (Healing Pharma, Intas Pharmaceuticals, HAB Pharma, & Sun Pharma). Each of these vendors will either provide you with a reshipment of your “smart tab” order or a full refund if your package is seized by country-specific customs or does not get delivered to your doorstep for any other reason – provided you give a valid shipping address. As to which e-pharmacy to choose, your choice will fundamentally be dictated by your country of residence and your budget. Take note that some nootropic vendors may not ship to your country.

All 5 nootropic vendors have remarkable reputations, genuine high-quality generic nootropic products, & solid prices. If you want to place your modafinil order with the top-notch vendor that offers the fastest shipping times, the info & facts in this article tell you everything you need to know. You’ve got tips on where to order “smart pills” & what to expect in terms of parcel delivery times. If you are concerned about the speed of parcel delivery & nothing else, BuyModa has the swiftest shipping times compared to other vendors who serve the same countries as it does. Consider other nootropic vendors if you seek possible ways to save more money on nootropic order shipping fees or if BuyModa e-drugstore doesn’t serve your country.


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