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Best Nootropics for Gaming & Professional E-Sports in 2024

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For a professional gamer & a novice esports player, there are indeed nootropics & supplements that are super safe, efficacious, and are proven alternatives to energy drinks. In this guide, you’ll discover the best nootropics proven to support better reflex & reaction time during gaming, help with excellent vision, eliminate anxiety, heighten focus, lessen physical pain, make you think & learn faster, & certainly help offer more energy needed to thwart mental & physical fatigue.

Best Nootropics for Gaming

You’ll also get to know the best online vendors that offer these nootropics.

What Is Nootropics?

Nootropics fall into 3 general classifications: synthetic compounds, dietary supplements, & prescription meds. These nootropics are asserted to ameliorate cognitive function, specifically executive processes, memory, attention, creativity, alertness, energy, motivation, etc., in healthy individuals. It refers to any synthetic or natural substance that may have an insanely great positive influence on mental skills.

If you’re contemplating attempting nootropic supplements to achieve an edge during gaming, you should first talk it over with your physician. Certainly, as with all supplements, you’ll desire your physician to let you learn about any possible health risks such as effects on any health conditions you have or meds you take.

Moreover, as with any dietary supplements, understand that the FDA doesn’t closely control nootropic or dietary supplements the way it does prescription meds such as modafinil or Adderall. Continue reading to know reputable brands & count your body. If you witness any negative effects or don’t notice an advancement in the anticipated timeframe, it’s intelligent to discontinue.

Benefits of Using Nootropics for Gamers

Best nootropic supplements take a more considerable function in professional gaming & also esports. Undoubtedly, early adopters get the advantage of longer, more thriving gaming careers & remarkably progress on to other objectives healthier than ever.

Nootropics might be something great to add to your routine if you’re scrutinizing to ameliorate your focus at work, obtain a more satisfactory gaming or e-sport performance, or thoroughly handle stress.

In this regard, nootropics can be used as needed & they even work best if stacked with herbal supplements. So, establishing an efficacious routine, you can consider nootropics as great food for your brain.

Achieving a competitive edge means hacking the brain, not the game. Serious gaming certainly places an enormous demand on many facets of cognition. Indeed, brain function ultimately determines gaming triumph.

Brain-stimulating nootropics can indeed ameliorate several cognitive functions that can augment a state of peak gaming performance. Some of the benefits include the following:

Focus & Attention

Conquer distraction inherently for healthier brainpower. Attention & focus are fundamental for peak cognitive performance. Impressively, some nootropics offer more satisfactory attention spans since they heighten dopamine functioning. Dopamine is essential for prime attentional performance. It’s the motivation molecule that certainly facilitates reward-seeking behavior & also supports the anterior brain’s executive attention capability.


Besides, it helps to heighten attention, especially in the context of making certain that you remarkably pay attention & shift your focus to a more flexible & suitable technique founded on the info learned previously.

If your mind strays during high-intensity gameplay, some effective nootropics for attention (mentioned below in this guide) can assist to sharpen focus on the task at hand, which certainly translates into fluid gameplay & swift reactions that give gamers an impressive edge.

Consider that the goal of superior quality nootropic is just to assist make the brain a powerful thinking machine during gaming or at professional esports, firing on all brain cylinders, at no peril to future brain health.

Focus is so necessary for every individual because it’s the ideal gateway to all thinking: memory, perception, learning, problem-solving, reasoning, & decision-making. Without adequate focus, all facets of your capability to think will undoubtedly suffer. Reaction speed, spatial awareness, as well as decision-making are 3 of the considerable rudimentary skills needed in esports.

Working Memory

Also comprehended as short-term memory, working memory is fundamental for triumph across all types of professional esports & video games. For instance, effectual nootropics for working memory can permit you to retrace contemporary steps in gameplay, aid with pattern recognition, & otherwise sharpen your competitive edge.

Various nootropics assist ameliorate working memory in multitasking settings, with extra benefits for mental execution under stress.

Mental Energy

Undoubtedly, energized & functional thinking is fundamental for efficacious gaming. Even energy drinks are undoubtedly a staple of gamers. Certainly, like a sport, a game is mentally demanding. This implies a gamer has to keep care of the body just as much as an athlete does. Besides, a gamer uses an excessive amount of energy while playing games; hence nootropics can help boost mental energy.

Strategic Thinking

A first-rate strategy is for conquerors. Some efficacious nootropics aid with brain functions that certainly underlie astute strategic thinking, which comprises aspects of memory, knowledge, & several other higher-order mental processes. Besides most games necessitate a large amount of problem-solving capabilities. The way games are developed constantly provokes critical thinking as well as thoughtful learning.

Stress Resistance

Extreme & approvingly competitive games may generate stress that can certainly be counterproductive.

Stress Resistance

Some of the most useful nootropics for gamers & professional esports aid to bolster the brain’s antagonism to stress & for unambiguous and logical thought even in the most chaotic of gaming scenarios.


Innovative problem-solving helps to triumph during games. In today’s complicated games, there are numerous resolutions to the same storyline. In this case, some nootropics support fostering excellent mind-states for innovative thinking that can permit gamers to decipher puzzles & advance while their competitors stay stumped.

Boost Motivation

Motivation is undoubtedly a powerful factor in driving gamers. Intrinsic motivation is what maintains gamers & e-sport professionals playing. They indeed play for the love of the game rather than for a particular reward. Intrinsic motivation also addresses gamers’ desires to attain something intrinsically rewarding.

Nootropics for motivation can assist an individual to become more motivated in several ways, such as an advancement in physical stamina, augmented mental fatigue, as well as overall well-being. Typically, it makes you feel better, do better & certainly have more inspiration to get moving for an edge.

Below are some of the most suitable nootropics that help triumph during competition.

Best Nootropics for Gaming – Choice 2024

The most useful nootropics for gaming are those that function in amicability with the other participants in a game. To be triumphant at any game, a player necessitates being capable to heighten his or her motivation, memory, creativity, alertness, thinking, energy, & focus.


Professional e-sports & gaming experts acquiesce that players require to augment their attentiveness & focus not only via the use of pharmaceuticals but also through the use of diverse efficacious nootropic supplements. Indeed, players who frequently use nootropics to ameliorate their focus, alertness, & other cognitive functions while playing games tend to win more.

Certainly, gaming demands a lot of brainpower to win a game. The quicker the player’s brain can process info & make decisions, the more satisfactory chance of performing better in a game. Consequently, if you desire to be as alert as achievable, you require guaranteeing that your brain achieves sufficient processing power.

This is where the most useful nootropics for gaming & esports come in. Every game demands mental acuity to thrive. The brain is the most influential resource on the planet. This is why the most useful nootropics are certainly the ones that ameliorate your brain to achieve an edge.

Consider that this guide is for amateur gamers who don’t participate in professional competitions. Also, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) declared in 2015 that it would be using the rules of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) as well as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to implement & stop gamers from using certain nootropics that give them a mental benefit over the competition [1] [2] [3].

Nonetheless, the following are some of the best-proven nootropics that can help you achieve an edge in the competition.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro (MLP) contains tried-&-tested nootropics to ameliorate individual gaming performance. It contains 11 efficacious ingredients that each have a function in the body once ingested. One of its ingredients, L-Tyrosine, certainly ameliorates brain burnout due to disproportionate gaming by supporting fit dopamine levels for augmented mood & motivation. It also sharpens thinking in extremely distracting environments, i.e., loud noise frontage & also immersion in frigid water. This experience seems to proffer great potential for pinnacle performance in complex gaming scenarios.

L-Theanine modulates alpha brainwaves – the most important brainwave frequencies linked with relaxed, yet wakeful thinking as well as creativity. Another ingredient, citicoline, a nootropic choline donor & a cognitive supercharger, certainly makes the MLP an ideal choice for gamers aiming for stim-free mental energy. It improves mood & protects the brain from stress [4] [5]. This makes it useful for individuals engaging in high-stakes esports contests.

Undoubtedly, training esports contestants, regardless of the gaming genre, may remarkably do well by using MLP since it helps maintain a sharp mental & physical edge in competitive performance, calm nerves, & lessens anxiety. Its ingredient, Rhodiola rosea, heightens mood, alleviates anxiety, & aids to achieve mild stimulation.

Additionally, Bacopa monnieri, the ultimate learner’s nootropic & awesome multifaceted memory augmenter, may heighten gamers’ strategic thinking. It delays the rate at which we forget new knowledge, & it indeed supports working memory. Undoubtedly, new knowledge & memory are fundamental for gaming strategy as well as triumph. It remarkably ameliorates reaction time & boosts cognition. Indeed, just what you require to excel in esports [6] [7].

Mind Lab Pro Pills

Certainly, all MLP ingredients are completely supported by substantial research. They function in synergy to assist to excel at esports in addition to looking after individual long-term brain health. So, if you’re scrutinizing for an all-in-one cognitive ameliorator to aid you to thrive in esports, MLP is approvingly recommended!

In conclusion, MLP helps gamers & professional esports players with an insanely great memory, excellent performance, focus & clarity, positive mood & calmness, as well as long & short-term brain health.


Favorably, in a gaming & professional esports context, there’s no refuting that modafinil (dubbed “smart tab”) proffers numerous research-backed advantages. It’s conceivably the most efficacious brain-ameliorating ingredient on Earth & can be enormously beneficial for gamers scrutinizing to heighten their performance.

Founded on years’ worth of analysis & clinical data, below are some of the conceivable advantages of modafinil for gaming:

  • augmented concentration & focus: Modafinil’s major effect is that it augments levels of histamine in the brain, giving the user a sense of great hypervigilance as well as alertness. Its half-life is 12-15 hours, depending on individual body metabolism. This makes it very tough for a gamer to lose focus or feel sleepy. Since it gives the user the capability to remain focused for hours on end, it would promptly make a gamer triumph in the focus-intensive setting of esports;
  • better mental energy: This helps an individual to continue gaming for hours on end, which is remarkable if trying to thrive in esports. The nootropic doesn’t make an individual feel jittery & it won’t induce energy levels to crash just after a few hours of ingestion. Taking it typically makes you experience smooth augmentation of mental energy needed in gaming that lasts for 13+ hours;
  • ameliorate functioning memory & creativity: Certainly, functioning memory, particularly short-term memory, is indeed one of the principal keys to triumph in esports. It remarkably rewards with insanely great functioning memory because it heightens the levels of dopamine [8]. Dopamine boosts individual functioning memory & also the capability to concentrate for comprehensive periods. It has also been associated with innovative thinking & it could certainly aid gamers in out-strategizing their opponents [9];
  • stress antagonism: It’s swift to crack under the pressure plus underperform while playing esports. Nonetheless, modafinil can benefit here. It remarkably lessens the sensitivity of the part of the brain that processes fear, the amygdala [10]. Even when a gamer is experiencing tremendous levels of stress & also pressure, the “smart tab” is likely to assist to think with clarity & logic.

Overall, there’s no refuting that the “smart tab” ameliorates your esports performance. The only disadvantage is that it’s on the list of the banned substances in sports. It’s listed as a forbidden substance by WADA & is forbidden at all esports contests. That means it undoubtedly helps achieve an edge when it comes to gaming or professional sports. However, in practice, online-only esports contenders have no viable way of reliably med testing players. Yet, most main in-person esports contests have begun conducting saliva examinations during contest days while esteeming players’ seclusion.

Modafinil Smart Drugs

If esports players possess a genuine prescription for the “smart tab,” they must inform the contest organizer in advance to confirm that the med is used for suitable reasons.


Aniracetam is more than other racetams like piracetam can assist to lessen anxiety & heighten focus [11]. It’s commonly used to heighten creativity & lessen anxiety and depression, as well as ameliorate cognitive function. Aniracetam also heightens blood flow & neural activation, which is the part of the brain linked to thinking & problem-solving. It also heightens reflexes & perception and remarkably ameliorates cognition, memory, & learning.

Aniracetam is completely legal to use when competing in gaming & esports. Today, it’s indeed one of the most famous pharmaceutical nootropics.


Armodafinil is indeed the enantiopure compound of modafinil. It ONLY has the R-(-)-enantiomer of modafinil, as modafinil is a racemic compound comprising 2 different enantiomers: the R-(-)-enantiomer as well as the S-(+)-enantiomer.

When it comes to using it in gaming & professional esports, it offers similar benefits as modafinil but comes with some slight differences. Armodafinil is known to have a longer half-life compared to modafinil, & it may be contemplated as a more potent med. That implies armodafinil may be the most suitable “smart tab” for gaming & esports compared to modafinil.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain (AB) is a popular nootropic with many advantages. It aids boost individual memory, attention, & focus. It also assists in unleashing an individual’s creativity for taking on complicated tasks, such as during gaming. Apart from being a brain augmenter, AB also functions as a stress reliever.

It’s made of potent ingredients that function together to support cognitive performance. Together, these robust ingredients may assist build an environment where the individual brain during gaming or professional esports can function at its best, thus heightening mental clarity as well as lessening brain fog. Certainly, it’s an ideal nootropic for gaming since it rewards with benefits such as remembering names & places, insanely great focus on complex tasks, thinking more clearly under stress, & also helps an individual react more quickly during gaming.

Alpha Brain

Overall, AB’s ingredients can aid encourage alpha waves in the brain, plus support other aspects of cognitive function.


With piracetam, you get more cognitive function but with a lot less energy. It offers a heightened attention span, more significant memory abilities, better verbal articulation, as well as less brain fog. All of these positive effects are suitable for working & even gaming.

Top Ingredients for Professional E-Sports

Certainly, various nootropic supplements play a prominent role in professional esports & gaming. The ingredients suggested below are confirmed to be efficacious.

Take note that there is no “one tab” solution to more satisfactory esports or gaming performance. Undoubtedly, it’ll take a nootropic stack of several distinct ingredients or supplements. All functioning together in synergy for insanely great brainpower.

Below are some of the top ingredients in the nootropic industry known to boost the individual edge in professional e-sport.


L-Theanine functions to heighten the neurotransmitters dopamine, GABA, & serotonin in the brain. It also heightens Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) + Nerve Growth Factor.

It works to ameliorate your attention, reaction time, & working memory. It can also offer the following advantages on cognition to improve your gaming performance:

  • sharpen focus & concentration: It undoubtedly helps you to remain alert & maintain your eyes on the target at all times;
  • heighten creativity;
  • ameliorate accuracy during multitasking: It supports functioning performance to augment the capability to focus on many tasks at once;
  • augment mood & motivation and encourage a gamer to perform at best.

Certainly, L-theanine is the supreme cheat code for turbocharging individual gaming performance.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri works perfectly for the professional gamer. It ameliorates recall, memory, attention, & also focus. These benefits are needed in esports and gaming. And it aids to lessen anxiety & also aids to counter the undesired negative cognitive effects of stress. Certainly, while its anti-stress advantages may indeed confer an edge to gamers, Bacopa monnieri is qualified of doing considerably more.

Specifically, it slows down the rate at which individuals forget new knowledge & remarkably sustains working memory. Certainly, contemporary knowledge & memory are essential for gaming strategy as well as triumph.


Impressively, L-Tyrosine is the superior precursor needed to create all catecholamine neurotransmitters encompassing epinephrine, dopamine, & norepinephrine. Supplementing with L-Tyrosine before a game certainly heightens dopamine levels while augmenting working memory plus executive function (i.e., decision-making) in the prefrontal cortex.


It remarkably assists with creative flow states and acts as fuel for inspiration during gaming while powering cognitive flexibility & thinking during a contest. It powerfully augments memory & swift thinking while under critical stress, i.e., during gameplay.


Caffeine is tagged as a stimulant that instantly influences the brain. By taking a cup before or during a game, it’s evident that you can get an almost instant burst of insanely great energy, augmented memory, & heightened reaction time – an excellent supplement that can be mixed with L-theanine for a winning game.

Certainly, caffeine can be a thoughtful tool for gamers to heighten their performance – but what transpires when you ingest too much? Can there be cons linked with taking caffeine independently, as objected to with L-theanine?

Well, too much caffeine is oftentimes ineffective, as it heightens beta waves in the brain. In this case, a high ratio of beta waves, as objected to alpha waves, is frequently linked with anxiety, over-excitement, irritability, as well as poor concentration & also focus.

Further, heightened caffeine greatly stimulates a stress hormone – cortisol – which is also connected to fatigue, anxiety, plus low performance.

Accordingly, caffeine independently is frequently not the solution to productivity and focus. It necessitates the synergistic harmony of L-theanine, so you obtain the most satisfactory of both supplements without the negative effects linked with caffeine. If L-theanine plus caffeine is used concurrently, it can certainly turbocharge your performance with no undesirable jittery negative effects. What you obtain is a clean, sharp, & sustained focus to offer you an impressive competitive edge.

Stacking caffeine + L-theanine can be the supreme secret to putting you in the zone during gaming & remarkably amp you up for the highest performance.

Those have been some of the notable nootropics popular with gamers & professional esports. From the recommended list in this post, you can try Mind Lab Pro. It’s a perfect nootropic that contains the safest yet efficacious ingredients needed to achieve an edge in gaming & esports. Some of its ingredients include B vitamins, Bacopa monnieri, CDP-choline, Rhodiola rosea, lion’s mane, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, as well as L-theanine & pine bark extract.

Side Effects & Safety of These Drugs

As with any nootropic, side effects can transpire. It’s wise to consider how each product affects your health and, most importantly, know about your health status and how these nootropics work with your body. Can it cause interactions? How about negative effects?

Pills Side Effects

Certainly, most of the nootropics and supplements we’ve discussed are safe if used as recommended & having consulted with a physician. You don’t want to affect your focus, alertness, mental acuity, concentration, creativity, & thinking while gaming during your professional e-sport.

Although it is safe & efficacious, modafinil is a prescription med banned in sports competitions. It isn’t perfect & does cause some negative effects. If you do choose to take the “smart tab” to assist with your esports gaming (although we don’t encourage it), you can mitigate many of its negative effects by taking a few simple precautions.

For instance, the “smart tab” acts as an appetite suppressant. You can easily forget to eat & drink while gaming or accomplishing any task. However, for that matter, you need to remain well-hydrated & also stick to your regular mealtimes when taking it. Taking at least 2 liters of water daily helps avoid things like headaches & dry throat or mouth.

A supplement like caffeine can induce restlessness, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, augmented heart rate, and other negative effects. Additionally, too many doses of nootropics can heighten the expected negative effects. Caffeine is probably unsafe when used in extremely high doses. It can induce irregular heartbeat & even death [12].

So ultimately, Mind Lab Pro has no serious negative effects. You can buy it with enthusiasm. It will certainly heighten your cognitive functioning during gaming & esports while also augmenting your mental capability. So, don’t fret if you plan to take MLP for a long time, even when preparing for the game. It’ll certainly not affect your body in any way [13].

Where to Buy Nootropics Online?

Nootropics are undoubtedly popular. So popular that they can nowadays be shopped at big stores like Walmart. Products such as piracetam can be bought over the counter (OTC) in the U.S., though they’re regarded as prescription meds in some other countries.

Amazon offers an admirable selection of high-quality nootropics & other types of supplements that you can purchase and have shipped to your address.

Mind Lab Pro & Alpha Brain can be bought from the manufacturer’s websites.

How about modafinil? Remarkably, we can say that modafinil is the king of “smart drugs,” and today, it’s the most popular and safest pharmaceutical nootropic that exists as brand-name med as well as generics. Nuvigil is the brand-name drug of armodafinil and Provigil for modafinil.

Having examined dozens of “smart tab” vendors & based on our experience & in-depth research, we’ve reviewed the best, safe, & reliable vendors that we know can offer genuine generic modafinil & armodafinil brands — right now.

All these vendors offer generic modafinil at an extremely low cost with guaranteed delivery to most parts of the world. In case of non-delivery, they offer either another reshipment or refund, depending on your preference.

Our recommended pharmacies for generic modafinil & armodafinil are,,, and

Each vendor works exceptionally with awesome money-saving experiences, & you can select the one that serves your shopping needs.

Final Thoughts: Perfect Nootropics for Gaming

If you were inquisitive about the most suitable nootropics for gaming and esports, we hope that this insanely great guide has addressed all of your queries & concerns. It’s a fact that the discussed nootropic exceptionally powers your brain function with a lot of cognitive and performance benefits. While there’s no suspicion that professional gamers & esports can enormously ameliorate their performance with modafinil or armodafinil, it’s best to note that modafinil comes with a host of negative effects & is banned by all prominent esports organizations.

However, if you’re examining to crush your gaming or esports competition, we suggest sticking with non-prescription cognitive augmenters like Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, & other above-mentioned nootropics & supplements. MLP works insanely great, but modafinil is the king if you know how to manage its negative effects so as not to affect your professional gaming experience!


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