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Sun Pharma vs. HAB Pharma: Which Is Better?

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Sun Pharma & HAB Pharma are two prevalent manufacturers & suppliers of over-the-counter (OTC) & generic meds globally. Spontaneously, review any number of generic meds you come across, & you’ll probably discover these firms to be behind a prevalence of them. Nonetheless, while these pharmaceutical colossi are hogging the generic market in the US & the globe at large, can they genuinely be relied on? Are their pharmaceuticals standard & efficacious? Which one is better? Let’s find out.

Sun Pharma vs. HAB Pharma

Key Information About Sun Pharma Manufacturer

Sun Pharma, established in 1983 with its offices in Mumbai, is the fourth gigantic global specialty generic pharmaceutical firm in the globe, with earnings of over $4.5 billion. It’s the biggest (undoubtedly the #1) pharmaceutical firm in India. In the USA, Sun Pharma is indeed among the top ten generic pharmaceutical firms & is ranked second by pharmaceuticals in the generic dermatology market.

Initially, Sun Pharma began with just 5 products to therapy psychiatric illnesses. Nonetheless, over the years, it diversified & currently, it’s a market leader. In 2014, having acquired Ranbaxy Laboratories, this single activity remarkably made it the largest firm in India, the gigantic Indian Pharma firm in the USA, & the fifth, the biggest specialty generic firm on an international scale [1].

Supported by 40+ manufacturing facilities, Sun Pharma furnishes high-quality, inexpensive meds, leaned by physicians & patients in more than 100 countries globally.

This Indian multinational firm presents formulations in an expansive range of therapeutic spaces such as cardiology, diabetes, psychiatry, & neurology. It certainly manufactures generics, over-the-counter (OTC) products, branded generics, specialty medicines, antiretrovirals (ARVs), & also active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Besides, it furnishes premium & cost-effective meds to 150+ countries across 6 continents [2]. Unquestionably, Sun Pharma is leaned; its global marketability has not solely made it famous but also reliable. It possesses 29 brands out of the top 300 meds in India.

Sun Pharmaceutical has up to 32,000 team resilience. Its core resilience lies in its capability to excel in inventing generics & technologically intricate products via focused teams in formulations, process chemistry, + also analytical development.

Undoubtedly, if there’s one essential attribute to which this pharma attaches the most heightened priority & on which it’ll not compromise, it’s quality. Sun Pharma ensures its implementation across distinct functions, comprising research, development, & differentia, as well as technical operations. It certainly uses the most promising practices to guarantee consistent high-quality products are undoubtedly furnished to the patients.

Main Facts About HAB Pharma Company

HAB Pharma was founded in 1980 & afterward, opened its first plant in 1989. Over the years, it grew into a multinational market. The firm has grown from strength to strength, cutting a niche for itself as one of the most satisfactory Indian Pharma establishments in the industry.

HAB Pharmaceutical

As you can notice, HAB is extensively well-known & can hold its own in the pharma market. The pharma appears to be accomplishing so well & also on the right part.

HAB currently has a staff force of over 500 individuals & 2 great manufacturing units. It remarkably specializes in the production of meds in the form of capsules, tabs, ointments, & eye/ear drops, to cite but a few.

The company maintains all benchmarks of service & emerges to be on a suitable path. It has unhurriedly grown & grown its markets across multinational borders over the past years. It presently exports about 30% of all the meds it produces [3].

Being dedicated to a healthier & more satisfied globe to live in, HAB strives to furnish accessible & inexpensive healthcare products varying from NSAIDs, antibiotics, antifungals, gastrointestinal formulations, erectile dysfunction formulations, cardiovascular formulations, anthelmintic formulations, dermal formulations, and several other classifications across the nation & the globe. Its “Total Quality Management” system perceptively sticks to the WHO GMP regulations & its HAB constant & steady enterprise to achieve & deliver high-quality benchmarks through its medications offerings. The “Contract Manufacturing” facet of the HAB firm certainly furnishes exhaustive services from med development to manufacturing.

Certainly, HAB’s proficiency & expertise in the pharmaceutical realms have helped them gain a competitive benefit in the global market, making them a trusted authority of super quality medication products in India & across borders.

Comparison of Products from Sun & HAB Pharma

Every legit & reputable pharmaceutical firm is in a relentless quest for scientific breakthroughs & revolutionary meds that will make a healthier globe for everyone.

Why should we compare these great pharmaceutical companies? Searching online, there’s been an inexhaustible debate among modafinil or “smart tab” users on various online communities pivoting roughly on which is more satisfactory: HAB Pharma vs Sun Pharma. Though the discussion might never finalize, one forte is for certain: both pharma firms are indeed outstanding. They both serve multinational demands & function based on industry-set benchmarks.

Sun Pharma Website

Though Sun Pharma holds a more satisfactory hold of the market & more popular meds, HAB Pharma has considerable loyalists who pledge that its health products out best those of Sun Pharma. This gets us to the query of which firm presents the best meds.

It is worth mentioning that various individuals have inconsistent genetic makeup. This, correlated with the discrepancies in age, underlying medical ailment, weight, & other facets, gives rise to discrepancies in individual reactions to pharmaceuticals.

That expressed, the most satisfactory firm with the most suitable product is a forte of individual choice. Thus, you may necessitate testing similar meds (e.g., nootropics) from both companies to discover whichever product floats your boat.

Here’s a note about nootropics (modafinil & armodafinil). A perfect analogy to determine which pharma is better based on its products.

If you’d treasure to try the distinct products yourself, it’s best to grab the nootropics offered by these firms. With it, you can give each nootropic a shot & make your judgment.

HAB firm is undoubtedly one of the leading modafinil suppliers in the globe & is a close contender to Sun firm. It’s well-ancestral in the pharmaceutical market. Besides, Sun Pharma is the gratuity FDA-authorized trademark that is a public-documented firm; HAB is more undersized, but their brand is more inexpensive.

The most famous meds of Sun Pharma are Modalert (modafinil) & Waklert (armodafinil). Thus, it can be noticed that Sun Pharma is more than solely a popular generic pharmaceutical firm. Instead, it’s one of the amplest & most reputable in the industry [4].

HAB Pharma’s widespread generic nootropics are just Artvigil (armodafinil) & Modvigil (modafinil). Both products are accomplishing well & are widely adopted by many “smart tab” aficionados.

From reviews, a lot of enthusiasts seem to choose Sun Pharma. This choice may be founded on the verity that this firm is more famous. On the other pointer, some enthusiasts favor HAB, & others believe that there is truly no discrepancy between the two pharma giants.

The verdict. Whether you use Artvigil, Waklert, Modvigil, or Modalert, these meds are authentic and offer similar benefits. The differences may be based on your health and body mechanism. Besides, modafinil is a generic med, & the company doesn’t matter, since they are authorized & all are the same. All meds manufactured by them are delivered according to standards & being ‘Quality” by agents such as the FDA in the USA.

Can These Modafinil Suppliers Be Trusted?

Various e-pharmacies such as & source their generic “smart tabs” from Sun & HAB Pharma. These vendors attest to being the best in producing super-quality meds & are trustworthy.

Buy Modafinil at ModafinilXL

But how? Here’s why.

Both firms retain all the required credentials, which any serious & reputable pharmaceutical firm should keep. Some of them include:

  • WHO GMP (World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practices);
  • ISO 9001 (the only benchmark for the management & also differentia assurance);
  • FDA credential for product quality.

The reality that their workouts are controlled & regularly inspected by these bodies guarantees us the differentia in their remedies. One other justification why these firms are trusted is because of the buoyant feedback most people across the globe who use their drugs give.

So, Which Company Is Actually Better?

In a riposte to the query asked at the beginning of this guide: both HAB & Sun Pharma are trustworthy, very much reliable, & better. That implies, practically, that there is no discrepancy. So, both firms are good & top-notch generic pharmaceuticals; you can purchase their meds, such as modafinil, from an e-pharmacy that sources them at a low cost with no discrepancy in their quality.

Additionally, you may notice a slight variation in drug pricing. However, the generic cost differs on manufacturing style (some firms use old, while some use new), & establishment where it’s being fabricated (like meds imported from India) may cost high in generics like Sun Pharma.

So, in reply to the queries asked earlier: Do these pharmaceuticals offer standard health products? Can they be leaned? The solution is yes & yes. Using their products, such as “smart tabs,” for cognitive augmentation certainly makes you offer the same verdict as a living testimony. Their proficiency & expertise in the pharmaceutical realms has helped them gain a competitive edge in the global market, making them a trusted source of quality meds in India & beyond.


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