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Where to Buy Modafinil in Israel in 2024

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Before revealing the first-rate online pharmacy to purchase modafinil, we’ll first cover the drug’s properties, its maker, usage, why so many people around the globe consider it to be the ultimate nootropic, its legality, how to get a prescription for it, & how branded armodafinil and modafinil compare to generic versions.

Buy Modafinil in Israel

Besides, we’ll go beyond and describe a robust modafinil-like nootropic that you can safely order for use without restrictions if you want a 100% legal modafinil alternative. At the end of the guide, we’ll give a verdict on whether it’s a good idea to use modafinil while in Israel. First, let’s discuss the basics.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil was discovered in the 1970s by 2 French scientists as an efficacious treatment for narcolepsy. The drug was first released in France in the early 1990s under the trade name Modiodal and certainly proved to be extremely effective at treating certain sleep disorders. In 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it for medical use. Marketed under the brand name Provigil in most countries, including Israel, it’s a pharmaceutical product designed by Cephalon, an American biopharmaceutical company.

Apart from its approved use, modafinil can help treat other health conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cocaine dependence, & amphetamine withdrawal, among others [1][2][3]. However, while it is commonly prescribed to sleep-deprived patients, it is more famous for its off-label use as a cognitive enhancer. Today, people from all walks of life, including military personnel, astronauts, doctors, busy professionals, students, hustlers, factory workers, cryptocurrency traders, IT programmers, & even business executives, use this medication to improve brain function and ultimately increase productivity. This is due to modafinil’s effectiveness and high safety profile. It swiftly replaced Adderall nootropic as the world’s most popular & safest “study drug” & became the go-to nootropic for any individual looking for a robust cognitive boost.

When safely used off-prescription by healthy individuals, the “smart drug” offers the following benefits:

  • brightened mood [4];
  • boosted motivation & mental resilience;
  • ameliorated planning, spatial working memory, & decision making [5];
  • reduced fatigue and improved reaction time [6];
  • enhanced mental acuity, concentration, alertness, & energy levels.

Also, keep in mind that modafinil is not so good if you want to get an improvement in creativity. In a study, individuals taking this medication were discovered to have impaired scores on divergent thinking tasks [7]. Simply put, it might be harder to think of new or original ideas. However, we have an in-depth guide to modafinil and creativity: Beginner’s Guide to Using Modafinil for Creativity. Check it out if you’d like to use the nootropic for creativity.


Still, another research depicts that the “smart drug” improves learning possibly by ameliorating neural function in regions paramount for learning and cognitive control [8]. The “smart drug” ameliorates function in several cognitive domains, including working memory & episodic memory, as well as other processes dependent on the prefrontal cortex and cognitive control.

Overall, modafinil promotes cognitive enhancement when abilities such as focus, decision making, concentration, attention, planning, & alertness are desired to assist an individual with, for instance, productivity at work or exam preparation. It essentially rewards your brain with a great power-up, letting you be wakeful, work faster & longer in an activity while diminishing an unwanted desire to quit or take a break during urgent work. Your projects, calls, homework, or whatever else you need to excellently get done certainly becomes fun and enjoyable.

Modafinil Side Effects

Before taking modafinil, it’s necessary to know how to use it correctly so you won’t do any short- or long-term damage to your brain. Your brain matters a lot.

Although modafinil is the safest pharmaceutical nootropic, it is not without side effects. Indeed, it does have documented negative reactions, but we can assure you that most of the symptoms are mild & dissipate quickly after ingestion. So, for your information, here are the most frequently reported side effects associated with modafinil use [9]:

  • difficulty sleeping;
  • nausea and/or an upset stomach;
  • loss of appetite;
  • diarrhea;
  • headaches;
  • dry mouth.

Some modafinil users find it difficult to sleep after ingesting it. The “smart drug” fosters levels of histamine in the brain & might disrupt the sleep-wake cycle. It’s a eugeroic drug, and it powerfully prevents the user from falling asleep – even if there’s a strong desire to sleep.

Modafinil’s effects last for about 12 hours or so. If taken before 10 am, its wakefulness effects subside by the evening. Once the drug leaves the system, you’ll be able to sleep at your normal time. If you take it late in the day, you’ll be able to fall asleep late at night!

In very rare scenarios, some modafinil users might experience more serious negative effects such as skin rashes, swelling, or an increased heartbeat. These symptoms typically take place if the body doesn’t tolerate the “smart drug” well or if deliberately abusing the medication.

Should you experience any of these negative effects, stop taking the “smart drug” & swiftly seek medical help. Generally, before consuming modafinil, acquaint yourself with its negative effects & how to prevent them.

The nootropic can potentially be habit-forming if taken in high amounts for a long time [9]. This is the main reason why it is a controlled medicine in most countries.

Luckily, cases of “smart drug” dependence are very rare. There exist very few documented cases of people ingesting too much modafinil & becoming dependent [10]. Nonetheless, you need to be extra careful.

Why it matters: We suggest limiting your “smart drug” dose to 200 mg or less daily & consuming it no more than 2 to 3 times per week. After every 2 months of its use, give your mind & body a complete break from the nootropic for a fortnight. This will ensure you don’t become dependent on it. Always consult a medical specialist before starting using modafinil to avoid any side effects.

About Modafinil Legality in Israel

This is one of the biggest questions most nootropic enthusiasts are concerned with. Drug legality varies from country to country. In Israel, modafinil legality is a bit of a gray area.

Laws in Israel

In this country, the “smart drug” can ONLY be prescribed by physicians to patients with sleep-related health issues such as narcolepsy. If you have a valid prescription, you can legally purchase it in any local pharmacy that stocks it.

On the other hand, if you don’t possess a modafinil prescription, then buying it is certainly illegal. The Ministry of Health sets the policy for the state of Israel when it comes to the importation of any meds, including generic products, and the “smart drug” is strictly prohibited.

To get a modafinil prescription, you can try to convince a doctor that you have a sleep disorder, but we don’t advise doing that. A physician will certainly ask for further tests for sleep-related problems before making a diagnosis, and at that point, you’ll be exposed. The physician’s tests won’t lie.

Certainly, you don’t have to worry about this too much. There’s a solution. You can purchase generic modafinil from a legit online store & have it shipped to your doorstep swiftly. The generic “smart drug” is as safe and effective as the branded medication Provigil; however, the ONLY notable difference is the price. Provigil is about 10 times more expensive than the genuine generic product you can order online.

Besides, zero Israeli residents have had legal troubles ordering the “smart drug” online for personal use. A worst-case scenario that might RARELY happen is when the Israeli customs confiscates the shopper package & destroys it. However, that shouldn’t disappoint you. A reputable e-drugstore will offer you a free reshipment or full refund, depending on your preferences. However, the vast majority of orders to Israel get delivered swiftly & without any issue.

How to Get Modafinil Prescription in Israel – 2021 Guide

As vividly discussed earlier, you can get a “smart drug” prescription ONLY if you have gone through a health analysis & been found to have a sleep-related issue such as obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, or narcolepsy. If you do, then it’s your responsibility to proceed & get a prescription.

It’s not a hard experience, and there’s no big hustle. However, if you don’t have a sleep-related disorder, it’ll be challenging to get a modafinil prescription. The positive news is that you can purchase high-quality generic pills online. Read on to discover how to do just that using an e-pharmacy.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online in Israel?

Although Israel has a fairly strict importation policy when it comes to meds, the great news is that we have found 2 legit online modafinil vendors that promise to ship to Israel with ease.

Buy Pills in Israel

Both e-pharmacies are highly reputable, reliable, & affordable. is a first-rate e-pharmacy that sells solely modafinil & armodafinil products. It sources these nootropics directly from manufacturers. Thus, the shoppers can be assured that they’ll get quality pills that are safe and effective.

The vendor accepts various modes of payment such as credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), bitcoin (a 20% discount), Skrill, & Amazon Gift Cards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the PayPal payment option.

FoxDose ships shoppers’ orders worldwide from India or Singapore. It fulfills orders using two shipping options: Express Mail Service with tracking and Registered Airmail. Tracking details are sent to the shopper’s email after payment has cleared.

To prove its reliability, the e-pharmacy uses the best packaging available to ensure every shopper’s items are safe & secure. If the customer’s order is stolen, destroyed, or lost in transit, the e-pharmacy tracks every order, and should there be any issues of package loss or theft, it’ll instantly inform you. Take note that these issues occur rarely, but don’t worry since FoxDose has your back. It provides full refunds on undelivered packages or another similar free reshipment, depending on your preferences. However, note that FoxDose doesn’t issue a refund if the package is deemed undeliverable after multiple failed attempts.

Take action now. If you become a returning shopper, the vendor will certainly offer you additional 60 free pills during checkout!

Our next highly recommended e-pharmacy to buy modafinil is It is a great option for any Israeli resident who wants to get the “smart drug” safely and affordably.

Here’s what you can expect if you order it from ModaPharma:

  • every offered product is tested for purity, quality, & consistency by an independent third-party laboratory before the vendor starts selling it. This is the ultimate reassurance to experience, knowing you’ll never order anything contaminated or ineffective from the e-pharmacy;
  • the vendor has a wide selection of health remedies aside from nootropics;
  • parcel delivery is guaranteed: If your order fails to arrive at your Israel address within 25 working days, you’ll get a 100% refund or another similar free reshipment from ModaPharma;
  • great drug prices: The e-pharmacy offers some of the lowest-priced generic modafinil meds in the world. If you pay using bitcoin, the vendor rewards you with a whopping 15% discount. Additionally, you can get 10 extra Modvigil tabs if you create an awesome modafinil unboxing video and upload it on YouTube.

Overall, ModaPharma e-pharmacy does a fantastic job, and we certainly recommend it. The purity & quality of the offered nootropics are what every shopper desires, and you’ll never be disappointed if you decide to order generic modafinil from this e-pharmacy.

Now, here’s the real deal about modafinil and its close cousin armodafinil! You might be eager to know about these products before making a purchase decision.

Modafinil & Armodafinil Brand Names in Israel

Modafinil Drug in Israel

In Israel, you can only purchase brand-name “smart drugs” from a local pharmacy. Most brick-and-mortar drugstores stock the following brands:

  • Provigil® (containing the active ingredient modafinil);
  • Nuvigil® (containing the active ingredient armodafinil).

In case you aren’t familiar with armodafinil, it’s a newer version of the famous drug modafinil. Armodafinil is a medication designed by Cephalon & is also used to treat sleep disorders.

When you order from one of the given e-pharmacies, you won’t find any brand-name products like Provigil® & Nuvigil®. Instead, the vendors offer the following major generic brands:

Inclusive of several other generic “smart drugs,” the above 4 products are made to work the same way as their brand-name counterparts. They contain the same active ingredient & have the same dosage, strength, and quality. Simply put, they are just as good as original modafinil and armodafinil meds.

Armodafinil has a longer half-life compared to modafinil. In some instances, it is considered a stronger nootropic with better wakefulness effects. While both meds can have similar negative effects, some symptoms may be more frequent in one medicine versus the other. Still, the armodafinil 150 mg tab (the standard dose) is comparable to the modafinil 200 mg pill. This means that it is 1.33 times more potent than racemic modafinil.

You have some great options of generic “smart drugs,” and you can experiment with each product until you find the one that suits you best.

That has been the basic review. Let’s look at other nootropics that you can get in Israel.

What Other Nootropics Can You Order in Israel?

As revealed above, you’ll have no hurdles importing modafinil or armodafinil into Israel. You won’t get arrested. However, if you don’t want to mess with anything that might be in a gray area, you may prefer an alternate nootropic to cycle with either modafinil or armodafinil. After all, you can only take the “smart drug” 2–3 times per week, so it’s prime to have something good to take on your “off” days when you desire to experience extra brainpower.

The prime thing about the alternative modafinil nootropic recommended in this guide is that you can purchase it online and get it shipped to your Israeli address. So, here is the best over-the-counter nootropic that we 100% recommend.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro (MLP) is a great nootropic option. It’s ideal to get through the bulk of work that demands super brain function. MLP not only heightens your productivity & improves mental clarity, but it also ameliorates your mood.

Mind Lab Pro Pills

MLP is indeed good stuff. It’s made using a blend of 11 natural nootropics. The best ones are as follows:

  • Bacopa monnieri: According to a study, it improves the speed of visual information processing, learning rate, & memory consolidation and reduces anxiety [11]. It also has a strong reputation as a powerful nootropic for learning; in particular, it may lessen the rate of forgetting newly acquired info;
  • citicoline: It is certainly a stim-free mental energizer. Citicoline energizes brain cells & optimizes the neural electrical impulses that power all thought. It ameliorates mental performance without the crash of stimulants. It also fosters mood balance, concentration, attention, focus, & memory. Long-term, the substance helps maintain healthy brain function against age-related structural changes & mental decline;
  • L-theanine: It improves attention, promotes calm & relaxed thinking without sedation, increases alertness & focus, and reduces stress. It also increases the activity of alpha brain waves, which are linked with a state of wakeful relaxation and augmented creativity. Besides, it also modulates the brain’s attention circuitry & powerfully protects neurons from damage, potentially helping to maintain clear thinking while aging;
  • lion’s mane mushroom: This ingredient has powerful mood-augmenting effects and can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression [12]. It also supports brain health & stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF) production, which might assist with neural regeneration as well as myelin nerve sheath synthesis. Optimized NGF supports brain plasticity for learning & memory, as well as promoting robust brain cell replication & healthy brain cell membrane function.

Because of these potent nootropic ingredients, MLP certainly proves to work. It heightens mental sharpness, enhances memory, and makes you feel energized, motivated, and healthier.

Certainly, MLP is indeed a #1 modafinil alternative. Here’s also our in-depth guide to this nootropic: Mind Lab Pro Review in 2021: Best Universal Nootropic or Scam? You may want to acquaint yourself with it before deciding to purchase the product online.

Final Thoughts: Modafinil in Israel

In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about buying modafinil in Israel. If you need it, you can easily order it from our recommended e-pharmacies that are safe and reliable. If looking for a modafinil alternative, Mind Lab Pro might be your great choice.

When it comes to churning through tedious work that demands super brainpower, the pharmaceutical drug modafinil is your go-to “smart tab.” It can certainly ameliorate energy levels, wakefulness, vigilance, concentration, attention, and memory – all of which can maximize your brainpower.

Although modafinil may still be illegal in Israel if used without a prescription, legit online nootropic vendors mentioned above offer it without a prescription & ship it to Israel without any hurdles.


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