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Best Generic Armodafinil Brands in 2024 (Updated List)

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For anyone looking to treat a sleep disorder or enhance cognitive function, armodafinil is one of the best “smart drugs” to use. It is safe, effective, and has an incredibly low potential for side effects. Although the out-of-pocket cost for the brand-name version is quite on the high side, it is now available in generic versions that cost considerably less. Most people find deciding which of the several available brands to choose. If you find yourself in this situation, this guide is for you.

Best Generic Armodafinil Brands

It sheds light on the best armodafinil generic brands to settle for.

Armodafinil Features

Armodafinil belongs to a class of drugs called wakefulness-promoting medication. It is the active ingredient in the popular “smart drug’ called Nuvigil. It is produced by the pharmaceutical company, Cephalon Inc, and was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 to treat the symptoms of 3 major sleep disorders [1]:

  • shift work sleep disorder (SWSD);
  • narcolepsy;
  • obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

However, it is more commonly used off-label by healthy individuals to enhance cognitive function, increase performance, and ultimately increase productivity.

Armodafinil works by changing the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and some other chemicals in the brain known as neurotransmitters. Because the levels of these chemicals influence alertness, mood, and the wake-sleep cycle, the drug works by setting them to the amount necessary for optimal cognitive performance [2].

Armodafinil is available in 4 strengths: 50 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, and 250 mg. The tablets are round and white or off-white. They are to be swallowed whole with a substantial amount of water. The armodafinil dosage and time of administration may vary based on the condition looking to be treated. For SWSD, the right time to take the pill is about one hour before the start of a work shift. For OSA or narcolepsy, the correct time to take it is early in the morning. Armodafinil’s effects typically last 12+ hours; thus, taking it late in the day can make sleep at night quite challenging [3][4].

Does this drug have side effects?

Armodafinil is safe, but it is not without side effects. Some first-time users may experience mild adverse effects such as headache, nausea, flushing, dizziness, and upset stomach. This is completely normal, and they typically disappear without treatment as the body gets accustomed to the drug. More serious side effects may occur, but they are typically caused by incorrect use. Some of them include [5]:

  • fast/irregular heartbeat;
  • hallucinations;
  • confusion;
  • rare thoughts of suicide;
  • agitation;
  • depression.

Note that the above side effects can become life-threatening if left untreated. Seek urgent medical assistance if you notice any of them. Consult your doctor before taking the drug.

Armodafinil Tablets

Armodafinil is contraindicated in breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. Also, it may not be safe for individuals with certain underlying conditions, including those who are below the age of 17.

Generic Armodafinil vs. Nuvigil

Generic medications are medications that are created to function the same as an already marketed drug in terms of safety, dosage form, strength, intended use, route of administration, and safety. They typically cost 20% to 70% less than their brand-name counterparts; this is why many people consider them to be low quality and less effective. But this is far from the case [6][7].

Generic drugs cost less because their producers do not repeat human (clinical) and animal trials that manufacturers of their brand-name counterparts do to demonstrate safety and effectiveness; they simply just copy-paste the drug formula. Patent protection for branded drugs usually lasts for 20 years from the date of submission of the patent. Manufacturers of generics produce their versions after the expiration of the patents.

The situation described above is the case with Nuvigil and generic armodafinil. The former is the brand name drug, while brands such as ArmodaXL, Armodavinil, etc., fall under the generics category. In a nutshell, generic armodafinil costs less than Nuvigil while providing the same benefits, side effects, dosage, etc. There are no real differences between both versions except in their packaging and the physical appearance of the pills. Armodafinil generic brands are simply ideal for anyone interested in getting the best value for their money.

How Much Does Generic Armodafinil Cost?

Earlier, we mentioned that armodafinil generic brands cost 20% to 70% less than their brand-name counterpart. Interestingly, they can sometimes cost even less, depending on the exact brand you choose and where you buy it.

Tablets Cost

According to the price chart at the time of writing this guide, Nuvigil 150 mg oral tablet costs $35.89 per unit and about $1,076.7 for a month’s supply (30 tabs) [8]. That’s on the high side! On the other hand, the same dose strength costs as little as $2.3 per unit and $69 for a 30-pill pack.

It is worth noting that the prices may vary based on the dosage one intends to buy, the quantity, and the place of purchase. What’s more, it is very possible to get generic armodafinil brands for even less if you buy from vendors such as ModafinilXL, BuyArmodafinil, and BuyModafinilOnline that offer great discounts and bonuses. We will talk more about pharmacies that sell at the best prices later in this guide.

Who Are the Armodafinil Generic Manufacturers?

Many manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are in the business of producing generic drugs. However, we have limited our list to the top 5 companies that have a reputation for producing high-quality medications. Let’s take a look at them.

HAB Pharma

HAB Pharma is a pharmaceutical company known to produce a wide range of high-quality drugs for not just cognitive enhancement but also erectile dysfunction (ED), cardiovascular diseases, and skin problems, among others. It is an Indian-based company with a staff strength of up to 500, and it runs two manufacturing units.

HAB Pharmaceutical

HAB Pharma is behind the production of two popular generic nootropics – Artvigil (armodafinil) and Modvigil (modafinil). People who use these products have given them a thumbs up based on their safety, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Intas Pharma

Intas Parma is a leading multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in India. It has a staff strength of over 8,000 and boasts of being the top generic drug manufacturer in the UK. It develops and markets drugs for a wide range of health conditions, including sleep disorders, diabetes infertility, pain management, and cardiovascular condition.

The company operates in line with laid-down safety standards. It has industry-standard certifications such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), among others. Intas is behind the production of Modafil MD, a safe and effective sublingual version of modafinil.

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma is a trustworthy and reliable pharmaceutical company headquartered in India. It was established in 1983, and it has since grown to take the position as the 5th largest generic specialty company and the largest in India by market capitalization. The pharmacy produces a wide range of drugs for several health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and diabetes, among others.

Sun Pharma Website

Sun Pharma is the company behind the production of two of the most popular generic modafinil and armodafinil brands – Waklert and Modalert.

Centurion Laboratories

Centurion Labs is a reputable pharmaceutical firm that focuses on producing a wide range of meds that everyone can trust. It carries out all manufacturing operations in GMP-certified facilities to ensure that its products meet safety standards. The company is behind the production of Vilafinil and Armodavinil — world-class generic armodafinil brands that work effectively with minimal risk of adverse effects.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Emcure is a trustworthy and leading producer and distributor of pharmaceutical products. It was founded in 1981 and has since become the fastest-growing and 12th-biggest pharmaceutical player in India. With a staff strength of over 9,000 and a presence in 70+ countries, the company has a huge network and distribution channel for its high-quality products.

Emcure Pharma produces a wide range of drugs for different focus areas ranging from diabetes to anti-retro virals, cardiology, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It is the firm behind the production of Armod – a safe and effective armodafinil-based nootropic.

Best Generic Armodafinil Brands | 2024 Choice

We have listed the best generic armodafinil brands you can rely on in 2024 for increased alertness, enhanced memory, elevated mood, and increased focus with minimal risk of adverse effects. Find a table below showcasing some of the features of each of the drugs at a glance.

Brand Manufacturer Duration of Effects
ArmodaXL HOF Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 12+ hours
Artvigil HAB Pharma 12+ hours
Waklert Sun Pharma Unknown
Armodavinil Centurion Laboratories 12+ hours
Armod Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Unknown

It is worth noting that some of the products above have unique features that may make them a better fit. We’ve shed more light on these in the following section. Read through to help you further narrow down your choice.


ArmodaXL is a new and improved generic version of Nuvigil; it is probably one of the most recent versions. It contains 100% pure armodafinil as its active ingredient and is produced by HOF Pharmaceuticals in GMP-certified facilities.

ArmodaXL 150mg Pills

ArmodaXL has some special features that make it a favorite of most “smart drug” enthusiasts. For starters, it poses a lower risk of side effects compared to Waklert, Artvigil, and several other brands. It features a peak concentration that is up to 30% stronger and an absorption rate that is 5% better. This translates to higher efficacy and a faster onset of effects. ArmodaXL is safe and is likely to be a great fit. However, be sure to consult a doctor before starting treatment with it.


Artvigil has been in the nootropic scene for quite some time. Although it is a relatively old brand, it is safe and super-effective. Most people who use it have reported experiencing a cognitive boost. Professionals say they notice that they’re more alert, memorize and recall better, and are up to 5X more productive after taking it. Also, students who use it say they assimilate faster and remember whatever they read for exams. The fact that the reviews of a majority of Artvigil users are positive speaks volumes of its effectiveness.


Waklert is a popular generic version of Nuvigil. It is as safe and effective as some of the other brands we have listed so far, but it has one feature that makes it stand out. It comes in smaller-sized tablets that are easier to swallow. This makes it ideal for individuals who have a hard time swallowing a pill or capsule.

Waklert is produced by Sun Pharma, and it contains pure armodafinil as its active ingredient. It has a high success rate and proves to be safe for most people who take it. However, it is currently scarce in the USA and several other parts of the world due to some legal issues its manufacturer has been facing. Most of its users have now replaced it with ArmodaXL and Armodavinil.

Waklert and Artvigil


Armodavinil is yet another relatively new generic armodafinil brand. Many “smart drug” enthusiasts love it for its relatively high level of safety and low potential for side effects and addiction. However, it remains important to consult a doctor or healthcare provider before starting treatment with it.


Armod is a generic version of armodafinil that is available in dose strengths of 50 mg and 150 mg. It is not as popular as the brands we have listed above, but it is just as safe and effective as they are. Its unpopularity may be due to poor marketing or the fact that it functions exactly the same way as its brand-name counterpart. Most people who use it have given it a thumbs up based on its effectiveness and ease of use; thus, it is likely to work for you. However, because of its lack of popularity, it may be hard to find it.

Bonus: Best Generic Modafinil Brands in 2024

Armodafinil is a powerful wakefulness-promoting medication. Consequently, some individuals might find it too strong and therefore experience more of its common side effects, such as nausea, upset stomach, runny nose, etc. Modafinil is an equally effective wakefulness-promoting medication, but its effects are milder. This makes it ideal for individuals who find the effects of the former to be too strong or are looking to use “smart drugs” for the first time.

Here are the best generic modafinil brands in 2024:

Brand Manufacturer Duration of Effects
ModaXL HOF Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 12+ hours
Modavinil Centurion Laboratories 12+ hours
Modvigil HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. 10–13 hours
Modalert Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 10–12 hours


ModaXL is a safe and effective generic version of Provigil that contains 100% pure modafinil as its active ingredient. It is better than several other generic modafinil brands on the market in terms of safety and effectiveness. Its absorption rate is 5% faster, and its peak concentration is 30% higher; this translates to higher effectiveness and quicker onset of effects.

ModaXL has an incredibly low potential for side effects, and most people who take it find it effective. It will serve as a fine selection whether you are a “smart drug” enthusiast or a newbie. Remember to consult your doctor before starting treatment with it.


Modavinil is also a relatively new generic version of Provigil. It contains pure modafinil as its active ingredient, and most people who take it find it effective. Also, it poses a low risk of negative after-effects and a low potential for addiction. Regardless, it is to be used exactly as prescribed, or else it may lead to unwanted side effects.

Modavinil 200mg Pills


Modvigil is no doubt one of the most popular generic modafinil brands on the market, and it has been so for a couple of years now. It is safe, effective, and interestingly, more affordable compared to Modalert and some of its generic counterparts. Most people who use it have rated it positively, especially because of its high safety profile. Be sure to consult a doctor before starting treatment with it.


Modalert is yet another incredibly popular generic modafinil brand. In fact, it is a bestseller in several only pharmacies, and nootropic enthusiasts continue to buy it because of its effectiveness and low risk of side effects. Modalert is one of the best products for anyone looking to start using “smart drugs.” It is well-tolerated and has a high success rate. However, it is worth noting that taking it incorrectly may cause severe adverse effects.

Who Are the Best Generic Armodafinil Sellers?

All the products we mentioned above are safe, effective, and well-tolerated. They are bound to provide awesome cognitive-enhancing & wakefulness-promoting benefits if used correctly.

However, one thing most people fail to realize is that they are only as safe as their sellers. There have been reports of people buying counterfeit meds from fake sellers. This is why it is important to buy “smart drugs” only from trustworthy and reliable vendors that have a proven track record.

Choose an Online Pharmacy

If you do not know any pharmacy you can bank on for high-quality pills and excellent customer care, you may consider the ones below:

The reason we recommend them is that they all meet certain criteria we know to be typical of genuine sellers. For starters, they source their products directly from reputable manufacturing firms, provide a legit 100% money-back guarantee and excellent customer service, and sell their products at reasonable prices. Feel free to do a price comparison to find out which one will give you the best bang for your buck. Remember to factor in their individual discount deals and bonus offers when doing the comparison.

Final Thoughts: Best Generic Armodafinil Brands for You

There is a ton of armodafinil generic brands out there, and deciding which one to use can be a tad challenging. However, we hope that the list we provided in this guide has helped you narrow down your search.

If you’re still having a hard time deciding which one of the 5 armodafinil brands or 4 modafinil brands to choose, there’s something you need to know. People respond to different brands differently, and there is no litmus test to determine exactly what product will provide you with the best results.

“Smart drug” enthusiasts find out what works best for them by trying out several brands. While this can be expensive, there is an affordable way to go about it. It involves buying sample boxes — they feature a combination of several generic brands at a price much cheaper than buying each unit individually would cost. At the time of writing, ModafinilXL and BuyModafinilOnline are offering the sample box for free. Customers only need to take care of the shipping fee, which costs $29–$39. Depending on when you read this, the offer may still be on.

Remember to consult your doctor before taking armodafinil, modafinil, or any other drug.


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