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Where to Buy Modafinil in Puerto Rico in 2024

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Modafinil is a popular wakefulness-promoting drug commonly used off-label for cognitive enhancement. It is available and legal in Puerto Rico, but there are several things you need to know before dipping into your pocket.

Buy Modafinil in Puerto Rico

This guide sheds light on all of that, including how many “smart drug” enthusiasts order and receive the drug at their doorstep without a prescription. Let’s dive in!

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that is popularly known and used for its cognitive enhancing benefits. It was developed by professor Michel Jouvet and Lafon Labs in 1986 to treat narcolepsy — a sleep disorder marked by excessive daytime sleepiness. Following the confirmation of its safety and effectiveness, the health regulatory institutions of different countries across the world started to adopt and approve it for use.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved it to treat narcolepsy in 1998. Later, in 2003, it extended the approval to cover two other sleep disorders — Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Although modafinil has proven very effective for sleep disorder treatment, most people use it for its purported off-label benefits, which include [1]:

  • increased mental acuity and focus;
  • improved memory;
  • increased alertness.

The off-label use of modafinil has been on the rise irrespective of the FDA’s campaign against it. This is indicative of the fact that it works.

Modafinil is commonly sold under the brand name Provigil, but it is also available under several other brand names. It comes in strengths of 100 mg and 200 mg. It is safe for short- and long-term use; however, it is not approved for use by individuals younger than 17 years old [2][3].

Possible Side Effects & Warnings

Modafinil is safe. In fact, researchers at Oxford and Harvard universities termed it “the world’s first safe ‘smart drug’” because of its low potential for addiction. However, it has side effects like every other drug [4]. Some of the common ones include:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • upset stomach;
  • insomnia;
  • dry mouth;
  • flushing.

Note that these adverse effects mostly affect some people when they first start taking the drug. In most cases, the symptoms disappear within hours or a few days — if it is used correctly.

More serious side effects such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, rash, hives, confusion, and fast or irregular heartbeat, among others, may occur. However, most past cases have been linked to abuse or misuse.

Side Effects

Here’s what you need to know to get the best out of this drug with minimal risk of side effects:

  • never take more than a single dose within a 24-hour period to prevent overdosing;
  • because the drug’s duration of effects can last up to 12+ hours, it is advisable to take it early in the morning unless you intend to work a night shift. This will help prevent difficulty falling asleep at night;
  • do not share your medication;
  • do not split, crush or dissolve modafinil pill in water as such actions can alter the recommended dosage;
  • use the drug strictly as advised by your healthcare specialist;
  • first time user of modafinil? Avoid driving or operating machinery until you get familiar with how it affects you [5].

What’s more, modafinil can interact with alcohol and certain other drugs in a way that could water down its effects or put the user at higher risk of suffering adverse effects. Consequently, alcohol and drugs such as antifungals, blood thinners, some antidepressants, and HIV meds, among others, are to be avoided. Refer to information on drug leaflets to find a more comprehensive list of medications that pose a risk of a possible interaction.

Inform your doctor or healthcare provider of all the meds, supplements, or herbs you’re taking before starting treatment with modafinil.

Is It Legal in Puerto Rico?

Yes, modafinil is legal in Puerto Rico. As a country that falls under the jurisdiction of the United States, Puerto Rico adopts several US laws, even in the area of drug regulation. Consequently, it approves modafinil for treating narcolepsy, SWSD, and OSA. The drug can be purchased freely and used strictly for medical purposes.

Interestingly, unlike in countries like Paraguay and Belize, among others, modafinil is easy to come by as it can be found on the shelves of many local pharmacies.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Modafinil in Puerto Rico?

Yes, you certainly do. Unlike in Mexico, where drug laws are a bit lax, the case is different in Puerto Rico. Modafinil cannot be purchased at a pharmacy without first tendering a valid prescription from a state-licensed medical doctor, and getting one isn’t exactly a straightforward process. Here’s what it entails.

Prescription for Pills

To qualify for modafinil prescription, you must be suffering from narcolepsy or one of the other sleep disorders for which it is approved to treat. The first step to take involves paying a visit to your doctor or healthcare provider, who will ask you several questions regarding your sleep pattern. In certain cases, they may refer you to a sleep specialist to conduct sleep studies on you. The specialist may write you a prescription if you’re diagnosed with a sleep disorder, especially if they find you mature enough to use the drug correctly.

While this is the ideal process, most “smart drug” enthusiasts prefer buying modafinil online for two major reasons: the fact that it is hassle-free and requires no prescription.

Read on to find out the best places to order modafinil online.

Where to Order Modafinil Online in Puerto Rico?

You’ll find that there are probably over 100 online pharmacies or more selling modafinil if you search. However, don’t make the mistake of blindly patronizing one without being 100% sure of its reputability. Many intending buyers have in the past fallen victim to scams peddled by fake vendors. Some others have ended up buying fake generic pills. Consequently, the importance of buying from a tested and trusted vendor cannot be overemphasized.

If you’re not sure of where to buy modafinil online in Puerto Rico, here are some vendors you can trust:

ModafinilXL (MXL) is a reputable pharmacy that sells high-quality modafinil, armodafinil, and a wide range of other brands at an affordable price. It has several features that distinguish it from several other e-pharmacies in terms of quality of service. For starters, it provides ultra-fast shipping, stellar customer service, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Consequently, once a buyer makes a payment, they’re sure to get the parcel shipped in one piece or a complete refund. Refunds are made in the event that a parcel goes missing, gets damaged, or is seized by customers in the process of delivery.

The payment options accepted by the vendor include American Express (AmEx), MasterCard, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Zelle. It may interest you to know that customers who choose Bitcoin as their preferred payment option get rewarded with a special 20% discount.

ModafinilXL fulfills orders with Express Mail Service (EMS) and Registered Airmail. Note that delivery time may vary based on the shipping method a buyer chooses. However, on average, delivery to Puerto Rico via both methods typically takes between 14 and 30 days. Note that parcels shipped with EMS cost $49 and can be tracked every step of the way, while those shipped with Airmail cost $39 but are non-trackable.

Benefits customers stand to gain from patronizing this MXL include free shipping via Registered Airmail or EMS for purchases worth $80 or $180, respectively. Others include freebies such as 20 free Modafil MD tabs for customers who leave an honest review after buying and 10 extra sublingual modafinil pills for returning customers.

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) is another e-pharmacy you can bank on for genuine modafinil and armodafinil pills. It is a sister store to ModafinilXL; thus, it provides similar quality of service and strives for utmost customer satisfaction. The sheer number of positive reviews left by its customers on reputable review platforms such as Yotpo and Trustpilot is proof of that.

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) Pharmacy

BMO’s product quality is guaranteed to be standard, as it sources them directly from the best manufacturers in the business — those that possess all the necessary certifications and clearance to operate.

Just as MXL, it fulfills orders via either EMS or Airmail. Shipping time to Puerto Rico with both shipping methods is typically 14 to 30 days. It equally accepts payments through AmEx, PayPal, Master, and Visacard, and it provides a 23% discount for bitcoin payments. Other benefits associated with shopping on the platform include free Modafil MD tabs for customers who write an honest review after shopping, free shipping, and 10 extra sublingual modafinil pills for repeat buyers.

Not sure about what nootropic to use? BuyModafinilOnline offers free modafinil and armodafinil sample pills. This way, you can place an order, receive and try out both products before dipping into your pockets. And you only need to handle the shipping fee; this protects you against the risk of spending on a product that might not exactly give you results.

This is yet another reputable and trustworthy online pharmacy that deals only in “smart drugs” of the highest quality. Just like BMO and MXL, HighStreetPharma (HSP) sources its products only from trustworthy and reliable pharmacies. It also offers a wide range of other medications for treating varying health issues at one of the best possible prices.

The vendor provides ultra-fast shipping services via India Post/Swiss Post/DHL. Generally, the waiting period for deliveries is typically 5 to 14 days. However, as a result of the friction COVID-19 has caused to the hauling and logistics business as a whole, deliveries now take slightly longer to deliver — often 3 to 4 weeks.

Some of the benefits associated with shopping for nootropics in this pharmacy include:

  • free express shipping;
  • a special 10% discount for returning customers;
  • 30 extra tabs and 15% discount for individuals who make payments with crypto.

HSP provides a 100% money-back guarantee. Consequently, customers can rest assured they’d either have their parcel delivered or their money refunded. It does this to foster trust between it and its customers, and this could be part of the reason behind its 1 million + happy customers.

Payment options accepted on the platform include Walmart/Amazon gift cards, crypto, PayPal, credit cards, and e-Checks.

BMO, HSP, and MXL are all trustworthy and reliable pharmacies. Note that prices may differ slightly on each of the platforms; feel free to do your research to find out which will give you the best bang for your buck before buying.

Modafinil Brand Names in Puerto Rico

Modafinil Smart Drugs

As stated earlier, modafinil is marketed under varying brand names besides Provigil — the brand commonly sold in several walk-in pharmacies. Some of them include:

Some pharmacies may recommend armodafinil to you, especially if they don’t have Provigil and the aforementioned brands in stock. In case you’re wondering what this product is, it is a safe and effective wakefulness-promoting medication that is equally used off-label for its cognitive enhancing benefits.

Armodafinil is similar to modafinil in terms of benefits, performance, and side effects; however, it is about 1.33 times stronger. To put this in perspective, armodafinil 150 mg tablets produce the same effect as modafinil 200 mg tablets — the same effects at a lower dose. Note that a drug’s risk of side effects decreases as its dose is reduced. This quality makes armodafinil ideal for individuals who find modafinil overstimulating.

Armodafinil, commonly marketed under the brand name Nuvigil, is also available under other brand names. Some of them include Armodavinil, Artvigil, and Waklert, among others. Although these products are just as safe and effective as modafinil, it remains advisable to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before using them.

What Other Nootropics Can You Order in Puerto Rico?

Besides modafinil and armodafinil, there are a couple of other nootropics you can order in Puerto Rico. However, unlike both drugs, the nootropics aren’t prescription meds but dietary supplements that can be ordered easily without a prescription.

Familiarizing yourself with these sorts of products is important, as they can be taken on days of the week you consider modafinil off days. You probably already know that modafinil isn’t an everyday drug; taking it regularly can put the user at higher risk of experiencing side effects. This is why it is advisable to limit its use to 1 or 3 times per week. Now that this is out of the way, one of the dietary supplements we recommend is Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is not only super-effective but safe as well. It features a fine blend of 11 well-researched natural ingredients such as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, etc., that works in 6 bio-pathways to boost cognitive function [6]. It is definitely a great drug that can help increase alertness, boost memory, improve focus, and ultimately increase creativity at work. However, the downside is that it has a shorter duration of effects, which is 6 hours.

Gorilla Mind Rush and Qualia Mind are some other good nootropic supplements. However, they may be more difficult to directly import into Puerto Rico.

Final Thoughts: Modafinil in Puerto Rico

By now, you know that getting modafinil in Puerto Rico is a walk in the park. It is legal and, thus, can be purchased either online or in walk-in stores. However, because it is classified as a prescription medication, most walk-in pharmacies would require you to tender a valid prescription from a state-licensed physician.

If you don’t have a prescription and aren’t ready to go through due process to get a prescription, buying online is your best bet. However, as you proceed, be sure to patronize only reputable vendors such as and, among others, that guarantee the quick delivery of high-quality modafinil pills.

Always remember to seek advice from your healthcare provider before taking this drug, irrespective of where you buy it from. This will save you a lot of troubles in the long run, as well as help you get the best out of it.


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