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Where to Buy Modafinil in Finland in 2024

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Modafinil is known as a powerful nootropic dubbed as a “smart pill.” It’s the safest pharmaceutical product ever developed that has a great effect on our body once ingested. Get the facts about modafinil as well as everything you need to perceive about buying this drug in Finland right now.

Buy Modafinil in Finland

We’ll cover essential info, from legality of modafinil in Finland and how to get a prescription for it to customs regulations in this country, and, of course, help you discover our top-rated online modafinil vendors that ship to Finland with guaranteed delivery.

Modafinil Features

Modafinil was first introduced as a wakefulness-promoting medicine used to treat narcolepsy, a health problem that makes sufferers feel extremely drowsy during the day. It was first marketed under the trade name Modiodal in France in 1994. As it proved to be extremely efficacious, it was later introduced to almost every European Union country, including Finland, under various trade names including Modafinil Orion and Provigil [1].

Under the brand name Provigil®, modafinil’s usage significantly increased following the decision of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve it as a narcolepsy remedy in 1998 and as a drug for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) in 2003. However, today medical specialists often prescribe it off-label to treat other health conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, jet lag, multiple sclerosis-induced fatigue, myotonic dystrophy, age-related memory decline, Alzheimer’s disease, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [2] and even cocaine addiction [3].

Aside from its usage as a sleep disorder remedy, modafinil owes its efficacy to its dramatic influence on levels of the brain’s chemical substances – histamine & dopamine [4]. More intense levels of these two striking neurotransmitters bring about a feeling of bright mental acuity, extreme alertness, & loss of appetite, accompanied by the potential to keep a “laser-like” focus for 12+ hours [5]. A higher-than-normal concentration of dopamine in the brain also encourages a feeling of well-being & gives a massive boost to your short-term memory [6][7].

Regarding how modafinil rewards your brain function, it doesn’t take long for its off-label benefits. Most healthy people, from graduate students, factory workers, IT programmers to doctors, startup CEOs, business executives, and busy professionals, use this nootropic for its magnificent cognitive benefits coupled with heightened wakefulness.

Ignite Your Brain

Modafinil may be used by anyone and for any purpose. For instance, students mostly use it for studying. However, in some cases, this product is labeled as a banned substance, for example in sports. Modafinil may be identified during a drug test. So get to know where this medicine is legal to use, especially in professional competition.

In general, research-backed benefits of modafinil include:

  • over 12+ hours of fostered wakefulness [8];
  • enhanced mood & cognitive performance with a decrease in fatigue [9];
  • the potential to support extreme focus;
  • minimal side effects;
  • ameliorated non-verbal cognition & task enjoyment [10].

Without further ado, modafinil (as a “smart pill”) lets you work or study longer & more efficacious than you’d ever otherwise have been able to – only if you don’t overdose on it. Take the right dose as discussed in our other guide: Modafinil Dosage Guide: 50-400+ mg Doses.

This product does not make you experience high. It gives you a smooth, controlled burst of energy & focus. Get to know that as a pharmaceutical product, it won’t do your work on your behalf, but it will aid you push yourself further than normal & ameliorate your chances of meeting your goals or targets – when it comes to productivity and cognitive augmentation.

Is Modafinil Legal in Finland?

The answer is yes, as long as you possess a prescription, since modafinil is considered an Rx-only med in Finland. In legal terms, it is not listed as a controlled substance, meaning that while it is illegal to sell this “smart pill,” it is not illegal to own a small amount, on condition that it is for personal use only.

For a physician to prescribe you modafinil, you must be diagnosed with narcolepsy or a sleep-related disorder. Although you can convince your doctor you have a sleep problem, you’ll be referred to a sleep specialist who will perform some tests before making a diagnosis. At this juncture, the truth will come out: it’s very difficult to convince a genuine doctor that you have got a sleep disorder.

Finland Laws

So if you have a condition like narcolepsy, OSA, or SWSD, you can easily get a prescription for modafinil and purchase it legally in a local pharmacy.

Do You Need a Prescription to Order Modafinil in Finland?

For healthy people, the swiftest and effortless way of getting their hands on this nootropic in Finland, a country in Northern Europe, is to simply order some tablets from either of the online vendors given below that sell this drug over the counter. The government officials or the police cannot come to your house & arrest you for buying modafinil online without an Rx. If your imported nootropic is caught on its way while it’s being shipped, you are not going to be arrested & be sent to jail just for possessing it. The only thing that can happen is that the border security will ask for a prescription for it.

Modafinil isn’t an illicit substance in Finland. Out of the several shoppers who’ve received their “smart drug” parcels while living in this country, none have had any issues. The big secret is that most smart shoppers who understand Finland’s customs laws & regulations do purchase modafinil online from reputable vendors (as revealed below) that directly ship to this country with guaranteed delivery without any issues. But the real thing that can complicate your shipment is Finland’s customs. Here is the expected outcome.

Important About Customs Regulations in This Country

The problem is here. Finland’s customs regulations can prevent you from getting modafinil. Even if we voice that this drug is entirely legal with or without a prescription in this country or it is not a crime if you possess it without a prescription, imported goods crossing country borders have to be completely checked before being allowed to cross.

If Finland’s customs seizes your parcel containing modafinil, it may write you a notification letter requesting for a prescription. Experiencing such hurdles can be hurting. Although it can happen in rare cases, to be honest, that’s not bad at all. The best thing to do if this comes your way is to choose from these options:

  • either you can elect to do nothing in response to the customs notification. If you select this option, your confiscated modafinil will be considered forsaken & destroyed if it remains in customs after 30 days;
  • or you may consider engaging in a formal legal process to petition for the return of the modafinil package.

The second option can be the worst scenario if you decide to engage in it & you don’t have a prescription – you might end up being jailed! You always have the safest option of inaction – to select option #1: not to reply to the customs letter so that the border agency will automatically presume you picked that option & destroy it.

Finland Customs

Now you got the important tips on customs regulations in Finland. You are safe to order your “smart pill” online from a vendor that promises guaranteed delivery to this country. And when customs problems occur, it will follow up & either offer you a reshipment or a full refund.

Although we’ve discussed all these possibilities, the fact is that there has never been anyone jailed just because of buying Rx-only modafinil online. If you elect to order it from one of our recommended e-pharmacies, rest assured that a package will go smoothly through Finland’s customs. So let’s get to know the benefits of buying from these vendors.

How to Get Modafinil OTC in Finland?

Unlike the expensive route of buying modafinil from your local pharmacy with a prescription, getting it online from a reliable modafinil vendor is cheap and private. However, the Internet is full of rogue sellers. That is why it’s advisable to purchase your desired tabs from legitimate websites given below.

For any online platform you visited, confirm if it is safe or not recommended. However, why should you take the time to confirm? The following e-pharmacies save you time and reward your shopping experience with quality but low-cost drugs & 100% guaranteed delivery.

To start with, BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) gets its medications from top manufacturers in India like Healing Pharma, Sun Pharma, Intas Pharmaceuticals, and HAB Pharma. They are world-class pharmaceutical companies with a proven track record of meeting & even exceeding drug manufacturing standards.

BMO has a long-standing record of leaving shoppers completely satisfied. Don’t just take this word for it: the real fact is cemented by its customers’ reviews and testimonials.

On this platform, there are no fake modafinil meds. It only offers quality and genuine “smart tabs.” You can rest assured you’ll get nootropic pills that will do just what they’re meant to: either to treat sleepiness, foster productivity or ameliorate brainpower.

Order Modafinil at BuyModafinilOnline

BMO is also a low-cost online pharmacy. Products this vendor sells are usually offered at the manufacturing cost. It also has insanely great discounts & coupons helping you save more money during the shopping process.

Here’re prices for the BMO’s bestselling modafinil drugs:

Generic Drug Name Price for 100 Tabs Cost per Tab
Modalert 200 mg $169 $1.69
Modvigil 200 mg $129 $1.29
Modafil MD (sublingual) $169 $1.69

The list is long. Take note that the more pills you order, the lower the cost. BMO also has several other generic “smart drugs” available for sale. For any brand you need, perform a search. Aside from modafinil, this vendor also has bestselling armodafinil pills like Waklert and Artvigil. If you want to know more about modafinil vs. armodafinil, we have a superb guide: Modafinil vs. Armodafinil: What Exactly Is the Difference?

BMO also assists you to discover the quality of “smart pills” you might be interested in – just by sending you free trial samples where you only pay a small shipping fee. It provides 10 pills each of Modalert & Artvigil, which are produced by Indian pharmaceutical companies – Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma, respectively. The only thing you need to accomplish as requested by this vendor is to write an honest review about the drug benefits as well as its services.

Payment is simple and secure on this website. The vendor accepts credit/debit cards (MasterCard, American Express), Zelle, Poli, PayPal, SEPA bank transfer, and bitcoin (BTC). Checking out with BTC saves you 23% off.

Pay with Bitcoin

As for the other discounts, returning customers get 10 additional Modafil MD tabs for free. Those who write a review after the purchase get 20 free sublingual modafinil pills. Inclusive of discounts, it’s possible to save more money with available coupon codes. At the time of writing this guide, BMO’s best offers are as follows:

  • get $35 off all orders over $750 by using the “BMO-COUPONHUNTERREWARD” code;
  • use the “BMO-30BUCKS” code and get $30 off all purchases over $500;
  • apply the special code “BMO-YEP20OFF” and get $20 off when you spend $250 or more;
  • use the “BMO-HMM15USD” code if you spend $170 and get $15 off your cart total;
  • apply the coupon code “BMO-WHATEVERYOUWANT10” for $10 off your order (no minimum spending).

There can be other great product coupon codes available on the platform. We encourage you to visit it & discover more impressive price-reducing features to help you save more! We also have another special guide, BuyModafinilOnline Review: #1 Low-Cost Trusted Modafinil Vendor, where you can discover more benefits of BMO.

Parcel shipping from this vendor is swift to Finland. Guaranteed delivery from EU countries is swifter than its usual delivery time: it takes about 3–7 business days. Enjoy Fast Royal Mail domestic shipping option from the UK that’s available for its customers from the EU. Finland is part of the EU and enjoys the same privileges. By using these methods, there are no issues at customs, and the delivery is 100% guaranteed.

In very rare occurrences, a shopper parcel might get seized en route to Finland. If worried about your parcel seizure, an additional option is to order your “smart tabs” and have it shipped through Skypax in the UK. As usual, BMO offers a 100% modafinil delivery guarantee to Finland or full refunds if it’s held at customs.

The alternative shipping methods provided by BMO are Express Mail Service (EMS) & Registered Airmail. Parcels delivered to your Finland address via EMS take 7 to 12 workdays, while those dispatched with Airmail take 10 up to18 workdays. The EMS parcel shipping option costs $49 & Registered Airmail is priced at $39, but they can be free on every order worth $180 and $130, respectively.

ModafinilXL (MXL) is a famous nootropic vendor. Principally, it is the #1 “smart pills” vendor in the world! No risks if ordering from MXL. It has tons of positive reviews & testimonials as depicted on popular sites like Trustpilot, Yotpo, and Reddit.


MXL markets only FDA-approved generic modafinil & armodafinil products sourced from the said reliable Indian pharmaceutical companies. No doubt about the quality of meds it offers. Because you are looking for the best modafinil vendor with exceptional customer service & favorable prices, MXL is highly recommended.

Here’s the pricing of MXL’s modafinil bestsellers:

Generic Drug Name Price for 100 Tabs Cost per Tab
Modalert 200 mg $169 $1.69
Modaheal 200 mg $129 $1.29
Modvigil 200 mg $109 $1.09
Modafil MD (sublingual) $169 $1.69

At the MXL e-drugstore, you can find other versions of generic modafinil & armodafinil. Combo packs are also available (i.e., Modafinil/Armodafinil Combo Pack, Modalert/Waklert/Modafil MD Premium Combo Pack), and you can get them at the best prices.

In essence, we love MXL and recommend it because of several reasons:

  • world-class customer service;
  • low prices;
  • fast & free shipping;
  • several payment methods (credit cards, Bitcoin (BTC), eCheck, Zelle, ACH, FastDebit, Poli, and PayPal);
  • guaranteed delivery: If you don’t receive your parcel, you’ll get another reshipment or a full refund;
  • 20% BTC discount & other coupons, deals, and offers available.

Regarding the coupons to further cut the total cost of your order, MXL’s top ones include:

Coupon Code Details
MXLIMITLESS $35 off if spending $500+
USD10 $10 off sitewide – there’s no minimum order amount
N15USD $15 off when spending $170+
OFF20N $20 off if you spend $250+
USD25N $20 if you spend $350+
30BUCKS $30 off when spending $500+

Parcel shipping time to Finland varies depending on the shipping method you choose:

  • Royal Mail UK domestic shipping takes 2–5 workdays. It costs $49 plus a 20% charge of your order subtotal;
  • EU shipping from within the EU takes 3–7 days. It costs $49 plus 50% of your order subtotal. With this method, there are no issues at customs, and the delivery is 100% guaranteed;
  • EMS with tracking from India takes 7–12 workdays – $39 fee or free on orders over $180;
  • Registered Airmail from India takes 10–18 business days. It costs $29 but is free on purchases over $80.

An additional option is to order through Skypax in the UK if worried about Finland’s customs. For more details about MXL shipping, visit its website. This vendor has great info to educate its shoppers with, for example, shipping details, refund policy, payment options, etc. Every detail is a prime tip. If you need an additional review of MXL, read ModafinilXL Review: #1 Best Legit Modafinil Provider in 2021.

Consider that on, we recommend other legitimate nootropic vendors such as,,, and others. Fundamentally, MXL and BMO are the best ones in the industry. Whatever the cause of shopping for this medication, save more money by choosing either of these vendors.

In Summary

Buying modafinil in Finland is legal and easy. We’ve explored the legality of the “smart pill” in this country, and the facts are clear: it’s possible to get this nootropic with or without a prescription if you choose to get it from the said vendors. They offer genuine pills at low prices coupled with insanely great price-reducing experiences + swiftest shipping to Finland without any hurdles.

As a final note, one of the best ways to avoid purchasing fake modafinil tabs online is to ensure that you get them from reliable vendors. From this guide, MXL and BMO are the best, and there’s no negative tip to negate our recommendation. If you are looking to order authentic modafinil pills, choose these online pharmacies. Place an order and get your nootropic swiftly without any customs problems.


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