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10 Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety Treatment in 2024

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Networking bears a lot of energy, & it can be stressful & certainly exhausting. Maybe your job demands you to speak & interact with a lot of individuals, whether that’s speaking on stage to a large crowd, networking on occasions, discussing cutting-edge investigations, or handling hundreds of employees. And you have a lot of social anxiety. Thinking of meeting such a group of people, certainly, your insecurities would overwhelm you, & nervous thoughts would indeed crowd your mind.

Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety

Regardless, efficacious nootropics — aka “smart tabs” — can assist you to perform nicely in social situations, superbly lessening nervousness & ultimately giving you the cognitive & physical energy you remarkably need. The best nootropics for social anxiety are thoroughly examined in this best guide. Read on to uncover why these nootropics for social anxiety efficaciously work & the best online places to order them if you need to give them a shot.

What Is Social Anxiety?

The descriptive trait of a social anxiety condition, also dubbed social phobia, is extreme anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively assessed, or rejected in a social or performance standing. Individuals with a social anxiety disruption may fret about acting or seeming visibly anxious (i.e., blushing, struggling over phrases) or being regarded as awkward, stupid, or boring. As a consequence, they frequently bypass social or performance situations, & when a concern can’t be bypassed, they undergo substantial worry & distress.

Myriad individuals across the globe with a social anxiety condition also undergo intense physical symptoms, such as fear of failure, excessive quietness, nausea, hypersensitivity, fear of communicating in social settings, quivering, a rapid heart rate, & sweating and may undergo full-blown attacks when facing a feared situation. Although they acknowledge that their fear is extreme & unreasonable, individuals with social anxiety disturbance frequently feel helpless against their problem.

Undoubtedly, the social anxiety condition impacts approx. 15 million American grown-ups & is the second most typically diagnosed anxiety disturbance following specific phobia. In this regard, the average age of commencement for social anxiety disturbance is during the teenage years. Those diagnosed with social anxiety typically report intense shyness in childhood, although it’s essential to note that this disorder isn’t just shyness [1].

Social anxiety conditions can certainly wreak havoc on the lives of individuals suffering from it. For instance, they may decline a job possibility that mandates regular interaction with new individuals or bypass going out to dine with friends due to a worry that their hands will quiver when eating or drinking.

Manifestation may be so disproportionate that they disrupt everyday life & can significantly impede daily practices, occupational routine, or social life. Individuals diagnosed with social anxiety are indeed at an augmented peril of evolving major depressive disorder & even alcohol use conditions.

Talk therapy, nootropics, & antidepressants can assist upsurge confidence & enhance the capability to interact with others.

Do Nootropics Help for Social Anxiety?


GABA is periodically touted as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, & it undoubtedly plays a paramount role in controlling anxiety. However, it’s not everything when it comes to social anxiety. Low GABA action directs to nervousness, insomnia, depression, & mood disorders. Certainly, GABA is a genuine brain relaxant that causes us to feel fine. Other neurotransmitters such as glutamate, dopamine, serotonin, & norepinephrine also recreate a function in anxiety regulation. This means a treatment that considers all these neurotransmitters can help treat the condition very efficaciously.

Some nootropics are frequently administered for their stress-relieving effects. Many other great nootropics can certainly aid you with your needed performance & also well-being in social contexts via lessened anxiety & heightened cognitive proficiency.

Certainly, potent nootropics function on brain chemicals by either augmenting or reducing their activity. In this regard, GABA is chiefly liable for anxiety lessening. Heightened GABA levels direct to a drop in excitatory neurotransmitter levels.

Additionally, augmented norepinephrine levels certainly accentuate the “fight-or-flight” reaction, & high levels of it will direct beyond productive & preferred sleeplessness to anxiety & unexplainable worrying. Certainly, bursts of norepinephrine can guide to euphoria (extremely happy) feelings but are correspondingly linked to elevated blood pressure, panic attacks, & hyperactivity.

Serotonin also controls anxiety & other neurotransmitters, e.g., norepinephrine & dopamine. Excessive or too little serotonin leads to overall chemical inequality in the brain. In this case, dopamine foster confidence & self-esteem. An insufficiency of dopamine may initiate intense sensations of insecurity & agitation. Besides, imbalances may also be induced by an irregularity in glutamate levels, the major excitatory neurotransmitter that’s certainly entangled in every neural pathway.

That’s why we suggest certain nootropics to soothe your nerves & undoubtedly bring out your innate charisma.

Top 10 Nootropics for Social Anxiety Treatment

Impressively, nootropics are blends that can ameliorate brain function — augmenting your mental energy & indeed sharpening your mind. But which nootropics can you use?

Indeed, nootropics are a powerful alternative to considerable antianxiety meds nowadays prescribed by physicians. And encouraged by the giant pharmaceutical firms.

But a seriously strong word of warning – if you’re presently using any prescription antianxiety or antidepressant meds or any meds for that matter, take time to research each nootropic if it can be beneficial to you, including their negative effects & interactions, before administering them.

Certainly, you can eradicate social anxiety once-&-for-all with our suggested nootropics. You can experiment with each nootropic until you uncover the one or two that are suitable for you.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Pills

Mind Lab Pro (MLP) is a nootropic supplement with various ingredients that aid support a better relaxed, social mindset.

Certainly, MLP ingredients that may help with social anxiety include:

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS): It indeed aids soothe social anxiety by impressively neutralizing stress in the body. Particularly, PS has been established to lessen the impacts of exercise-induced stress caused by cortisone discharge in males [2]. In women, PS may direct to a reduction in symptoms of anxiety & certainly more inquisitiveness in socialization for the elderly. Remarkably, PS fulfills these two anxiety aid activities identically: by delaying the production of cortisol, which the body might be generating in surplus in response to stress factors. Besides, high cortisol levels can create blood pressure problems, which may indeed donate to social anxiety manifestation as well;
  • Bacopa monnieri (BM): This ingredient is an adaptogen herb that certainly aids counteract the mood in stressful conditions — pleasingly complementing the anti-stress consequences of PS. Indeed, BM can aid enhance the manifestation of anxiety with protracted use [3]. It also has been revealed to have little to no negative effects, creating it exceptionally safe. Nonetheless, more investigation should be accomplished to resolve whether ingesting it can particularly soothe any manifestation of social anxiety;
  • Vitamins B6, B9, & B12: Undoubtedly, B vitamins are fundamental nutrients essential to support a healthy body & correspondingly brain operations. One examination indicates that crucial B vitamins (+ fatty acids & zinc) may be indeed advantageous in lessening stress & anxiety linked to menopause & correspondingly premenstrual syndrome in women [4]. Additionally, B-Vitamins might function on stress by reducing the secretion of salivary cortisol. Expressly, vitamin B6 soothes the manifestation of anxiety in elderly women.

Now you know why MLP should be your ultimate choice for social anxiety. Precisely, MLP ingredients (including L-theanine & Rhodiola rosea discussed below) have demonstrated their potential to aid with anxiety, relaxation, & mood — which form an efficacious stack to you can consider buying for social anxiety support. MLP helps moderate cortisol levels linked with stress & anxiety. It also aids regulate certain neurotransmitters for more useful brain chemical balance, linked with calm relaxation. Besides, it helps turn your brain waves to a more calm & certainly relaxed state.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

This tree native to China is undoubtedly used to augment mental alertness, ameliorate cerebral circulation, & improve an overall brain operation. Many users have discovered ginkgo to be extremely efficacious in lessening symptoms of stress & anxiety and augmenting mood. Based on a study, individuals with a generalized anxiety disorder who took ginkgo experienced better S anxiety relief [5]. Another study shows that ginkgo biloba certainly heightens cognitive capabilities in impaired individuals & lessens anxiety under pathological disorders [6].

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain (AB) is indeed an exclusive brain supplement created to ameliorate every facet of the cognitive process on an everyday basis. It’s a type of nootropic suitable for social anxiety & depression that can undoubtedly heighten focus, memory, motivation, & alertness. Certainly, AB functions by heightening the alpha waves, & a proliferation in alpha waves might lessen anxiety & ultimately boost creativity.

AB efficaciously helps augment the flow of alpha waves in the brain, which remarkably lower stress levels & superbly make you feel calmer. How? The ingredient in Alpha Brain, L-theanine, aids in the discharge of feel-good hormones serotonin & dopamine. Besides, L-theanine decreases resting heart rate to make you invariant feel more relaxed. Bacopa monnieri is also a fundamental ingredient in AB that alleviates stress & lessens anxiety.

AB also comprises sufficient amounts of Vitamin B6, which aids enhance your mood & may ease symptoms of depression. With these blended ingredients, you can feel relaxed, have no anxiety, & be ready to network or take on complex tasks.


Certainly, ashwagandha may indeed ease anxiety beyond cortisol levels [7]. This nootropic seems efficacious at lowering the manifestation of stress & anxiety, with its most advantages related to dosages of 500 to 600 mg daily, taken for at least one month.

It’s a remarkably ideal nootropic you can use to combat the effects of aging, heighten your energy, & greatly lessen nervousness. The nootropic certainly exhibits a significant reduction in anxiety levels without inducing any negative effects [8]. It helps ease anxiety, certainly induces calmness, & has been demonstrated to be very beneficial in treating social phobias.


Modafinil Smart Drugs

Modafinil dubbed a “smart tab” has a combination of effects on anxiety in humans & anxiety-like demeanor in animal models. Some investigations show anxiety-generating (anxiogenic) impacts in humans, while others indicate anxiety-lessening (anxiolytic) consequences [9].

Consider that modafinil isn’t typically prescribed off-label for anxiety. Nonetheless, some individuals voice that it gives them more focus, motivation, calm, & great confidence in social or stressful situations. Due to this, modafinil may be carefully used after physician assessment for treating social anxiety or performance anxiety.

Why? Some individuals taking modafinil may induce more anxiety or worsened anxiety manifestation. If you have anxiety, converse with your physician about what therapy options might lessen your symptoms.

Furthermore, modafinil has general mood-elevating capabilities escorted by augmented negative affect (anxiety) [10].

Take note that the effect the “smart tab” has on dopamine is also liable for its capacity to lessen levels of anxiety. It certainly heightens serotonin activity. However, dopamine & serotonin can impact how we feel & undoubtedly aid to foster positive thoughts, confidence, & drive. Many enthusiasts depict that popping a small dosage of the “smart tab” stops anxiety for an entire day & aids them to encounter a calm, centered sense of heightened focus & motivation. It also heightens sociability, making it an efficacious therapy for those with social anxiety.

Remarkably, the “smart tab” is extremely useful in lessening anxiety before delivering a big speech, on social networking, or before even a job interview. The tab allows your brain to function without feeling the continued hesitation that nagging thoughts can generate. You feel more relaxed & outgoing, as well as keep your mental energy sharp. It remarkably permits you to turn off all the negative thought circuits in your brain, thus making you completely focused on whatever you are planning to do or doing at the moment.


Phenibut Drug

In the nootropic realms, many enthusiasts dub Phenibut “the happy drug,” & it’s prevalent among students & entrepreneurs just like modafinil. The nootropic has great benefits such as a decrease in anxiety (particularly in social settings as it impressively lowers inhibitions), heightened control over feelings & thoughts, remarkably heightened cognition, as well as ameliorated memory, attention, motivation, and concentration.

Phenibut is administered for anything from creating insanely great confidence in social settings (as a replacement for alcohol), enthusiasm in public speaking, ameliorated sleep (longer & deeper), superb exercise recovery, & also heightening the brain.

Certainly, this nootropic can be utilized to remedy anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, post-traumatic stress condition, & vestibular (balance) disorders, e.g., vertigo. The nootropic has been used recreationally in many countries across the globe, including the USA, the United Kingdom, as well as Australia to lessen social anxiety & ultimately induce feelings of euphoria [11]. Phenibut is utilized socially due to its capability to offer a feeling of ecstasy & heightened sociability. Many Phenibut enthusiasts depict the high as a euphoric sensation when administered in high doses or when administered with other meds as a stack.

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind (QM) is an anti-stress & efficacious anxiety nootropic supplement that comprises high-impact components. Certainly, its 28 components are clinically demonstrated to heighten cognitive function & ameliorate mental clarity, which thwarts any panic attack linked with social anxiety manifestation.

QM also targets individual overall mood by heightening neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin & dopamine. Certainly, it’s a high-performance, anti-stress, & remarkably antianxiety nootropic. It aids thwart panic attacks, which many individuals with stress & anxiety frequently suffer from. Popping it, you could notice an uptick in creativity & energy. It can correspondingly lift your mood with the aid of dopamine production.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri

As aforementioned earlier, BM aids the body in better dealing with the negative impacts of stress & also demonstrates anxiolytic effects in individuals suffering from the mild-to-moderate rank of anxiety. Certainly, it ameliorates individual memory, reduces anxiety, & impressively treats epilepsy. Indeed, it augments brain function & alleviates individual anxiety & stress, among other advantages. Bacopa has an influential anxiolytic (antianxiety) impact. It seems to modulate brain levels of serotonin, which has an impressive effect on mood regulation.


This is another great nootropic ingredient for social anxiety. It’s one of the central amino acids in green tea, & it’s indeed frequently utilized for relaxation & has demonstrated anti-stress consequences [12]. For instance, it may lessen stress in the brain plus the body by decreasing the arousal of cortisone as well as delaying the heart rate [13]. Additionally, L-Theanine activates Alpha waves in the brain, reinforcing broad-spectrum impacts all linked to relaxation & mood-boosting. It can also aid to lessen anxiety & certainly balance blood pressure in response to stressful problems.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea (RR) is indeed a helpful herbal adaptogen that may correspondingly aid soothe the manifestation of social anxiety. While it’s comprehended for lessening stress & augmenting performance under stress, it also has some great assurance for decreasing the manifestation of stress linked with generalized anxiety. Expressly, RR has been demonstrated to diminish self-assessed generalized anxiety scores, particularly when administered to individuals encountering symptoms [14]. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that general anxiety is relatively distinct from social anxiety.

It’s also fantastic to take in blend with ashwagandha. Both certainly lower cortisol – Rhodiola is additionally energizing, & ashwagandha is indeed more calming. However, both can lessen overall anxiety.

Those have been a review of the most useful nootropics obtainable online that help with social anxiety. Now, where can you purchase the desired nootropic?

Where to Buy Good Nootropics Without a Prescription?

Although other discussed nootropics are very efficacious in treating social anxiety, we believe modafinil should do the job very well. It helps with anxiety and offers an insanely great cognitive boost, unlike other discussed nootropics. You’ll find it more interactive in a social setting, having insanely great mental & physical energy you remarkably need to beat your social anxiety.

Choose an Online Pharmacy

Modafinil can be sourced from various online e-pharmacies, but we advise you to only rely on vendors that are legit, reliable, & extremely cost-effective. The best vendors include (a very remarkable vendor),,,, & All of these online pharmacies partners with India’s biggest nootropic manufacturers such as Healing Pharma, Centurion, Sun Pharma & Hab Pharma to offer its shoppers top-quality generic “smart tabs,” including Modvigil, Armod, Modalert, Modavinil, Armodavinil, Artvigil, Waklert, Modafil MD, etc.

These vendors have similar operations and provide generic modafinil at the drug manufacturing cost. Their parcel shipping is swift (even overnight delivery if you live in the USA) & offers reimbursement or a reshipment in case of any parcel failed delivery.

Indeed, said vendor allows you to buy modafinil at pocket-friendly prices, plus the use of discounts & coupon codes. Honestly, all are trustworthy & top-rated “smart tab” vendors with a higher number of satisfied shoppers. We strongly recommend selecting one of the vendors like ModafinilXl or BuyModafinilOnline for shoppers purchasing it from the US, Singapore, the UK, Australia, the European Union, & Hong Kong. Such vendor superbly guarantees 100% parcel delivery & secure checkout. Easily checkout with bitcoin and save a lot of money.

Although it’s relatively new to the nootropic scene, BuyArmodafinil (BA) operates as a low-cost “smart tab” e-drugstore. It indeed strives to furnish its shoppers with safe & efficacious meds. Like other said vendors, FreeModafinil focuses on speedy delivery of the “smart tab” at a low cost. Ultimately, has similar operations to the aforementioned e-drugstores. It’s undoubtedly the one-stop-shop digital pharmacy you can opt for authentic low-cost modafinil tabs.

How about the best online pharmacy to obtain the aforementioned nootropics for social anxiety? Although the aforesaid e-pharmacies offer modafinil, they don’t sell the nootropic supplements discussed above. If you need any of the discussed nootropics, we recommend you obtain them at You can also get Qualia Mind from its maker website —, Alpha Brain via, & Mind Lab Pro via its maker —

Final Thoughts

Anxiety could push us to feel down & low. It’s indeed a typical emotional state. At some point, we feel fear when communicating in front of individuals. We fear being judged, & we tend to overthink it, which can make us become stressed. This experience is natural, but some medicines can help treat it. Certainly, nootropics for social anxiety can be an efficacious alternative therapy to prescribed anxiolytic meds. Nonetheless, you must recognize that some nootropics aren’t intended to diagnose, therapy, cure, or even stop any illness. Negative effects may correspondingly vary, relying on the users & how the med has been used. This means a physician consultation is necessary.

Most of the discussed nootropic supplements in this guide don’t only target anxiety but also several other functions in your body, contributing to a healthier brain function. Some individuals experience anxiety, & it’s high time to battle its effects with nootropics. Impressively, the above list of most useful nootropics for anxiety may give you the essential ingredients & products you might require to aid you to take your stand against anxiety.


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