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Where to Buy Modafinil in Slovenia in 2023

Modafinil is the world’s first safe “smart drug.” It is one of the most popular medications used among college students and professionals from all walks of life to enhance their cognitive abilities and ultimately improve productivity. Unlike in some other countries, it is a prescription-only medication in Slovenia. Fortunately, there is a way of getting it even without a doctor’s prescription, and it’s easy.

Buy Modafinil in Slovenia

This guide covers how to buy the pills hassle-free and where to get them at the lowest possible price. Read on.

About Modafinil

Modafinil is two things to two categories of people. To the individual suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, it is a medicine; to a healthy college student studying for exams or a professional, it is a “smart drug.”

Generally, modafinil is a medication formulated to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and several other sleep-related disorders. It is popularly known by the brand name Provigil in many countries worldwide. While the drug is commonly prescribed to patients because of its higher safety profile compared to other stimulants, it is more famous for its off-label use [1].

Some of the benefits associated with using the drug off-label include:

  • increased alertness;
  • increased creativity;
  • improved analytical skills;
  • 12+ hours of laser-life focus;
  • motivation to complete tasks.

It is worth noting that while modafinil offers these benefits, it also has side effects like every other drug. The associated reactions are often mild and are mostly experienced by people using the medicine for the first time. In most cases, the symptoms go away as the body gets used to the pill’s ingredients. Headache, nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, and runny nose are common adverse effects [2]. They typically go away on their own without any form of treatment. However, users are advised to seek urgent help from a medical practitioner if the negative effects persist.

Modafinil Smart Pills

One very puzzling thing about the drug is that the exact way it works is still unknown. What the best scientists know so far from multiple studies conducted in the past is that it regulates the levels of some brain chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). They are known to influence mood and the sleep-wake cycle [3].

To clear all doubts, modafinil is well-tolerated and generally considered safe even for long-term uses. However, it may not be safe for some people, such as those with certain underlying medical conditions and a history of addiction.

Provigil is available in 100 mg and 200 mg strengths. Here’s how to take it. For narcolepsy and OSA, take 1 tablet by mouth early in the morning. Note that taking it late in the day may make it difficult or impossible to sleep at night. For shift work disorder (SWD), take 1 tablet just before the commencement of the work shift. Never take more than a single dose to avoid complications. Seek urgent medical attention should any severe complications arise [4].

Consult a doctor before starting a treatment or changing the dosage of this drug.

Is It Legal in Slovenia?

Yes, the drug is legal in Slovenia. However, it is controlled to avoid misuse. Unlike in several other countries worldwide, in Slovenia, modafinil is approved only to treat narcolepsy. Thus, while it is legal, patients suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness caused by OSA and SWD cannot get a prescription. It is also not approved for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This makes it a tad challenging to get the drug over the counter within the country.

Can You Get Modafinil Without a Prescription in Slovenia?

Yes, it is possible to get the drug without a prescription, but there’s a catch. You cannot buy it over the counter at a local pharmacy or in any brick-and-mortar store. To get a prescription, you would need to visit a doctor who may carry out a test to determine what is wrong with you. The doctor will prescribe modafinil only if you are diagnosed with narcolepsy; otherwise, some other drug will be prescribed to you.

So how can you get the med without a prescription? Well, it involves buying it online from an overseas vendor. Some e-pharmacies sell drugs without an Rx. They typically ship out of countries with relaxed laws to Slovenia, as well as other countries.

Prescription Pills

But how about customs regulations? Let’s find out.

Customs Regulations in This Country

With the option of importing modafinil pills from overseas vendors open for consideration, customs regulations come to mind. What happens if customs officials discover the drug at the border? Will they track the parcel down to the buyer and make an arrest? Well, it is worth noting that no one has ever been arrested for importing modafinil into Slovenia.

While the drug is indicated to be sold only on a prescription basis in line with European Medicines Agency laws, which Slovenia has to follow as a member nation of the EU, customs officials do not arrest defaulters. Perhaps they’re too busy preventing hard drugs and serious contrabands from getting through the borders.

In most cases, customs agents forward a request for a prescription to a buyer upon discovering their parcel contains modafinil. They destroy the package if no prescription is forwarded to them.

But with this regulation in place, how do overseas vendors fulfill deliveries? Here’s how. They often label the parcel as dietary supplements that are hardly regulated. Regardless, sometimes even this method fails, and the package goes to ruin. This is why it is essential to always buy from vendors that bear the full risk of the delivery process. That is, those that offer free reshipping or a full refund if the parcel gets stuck at customs.

This brings us to the best places to get the tablets at an affordable price.

Where to Buy Generic Modafinil Tablets in Slovenia?

For those wondering where to buy modafinil in Slovenia, there are countless e-pharmacies sprawled over the Internet, and more are springing up every day. While it may seem that there are many options, it is advisable to tread with caution to avoid getting defrauded or sold counterfeit pills.

Choose an Online Pharmacy

After in-depth scrutiny, here are the two e-drugstores we recommend for guaranteed delivery of high-quality modafinil pills to Slovenia.


BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) is our top pick, as it has served several thousand customers for over 6 years without a single defaming case. It offers a wide range of generic modafinil pills as well as armodafinil alternatives at low cost.

It ships directly to its buyer’s doorstep via 4 shipping options: standard shipping, Express Mail Service (EMS), Royal Mail UK domestic shipping, and EU shipping. The standard shipping option is the basic shipping package; it costs $39 but is free on orders over $130. Parcels sent via this option are shipped from India, resulting in its lengthy delivery time of 10–18 business days.

EMS is a faster alternative, with parcels being delivered within 7–12 business days. It costs slightly more – $49, but parcels sent via it are trackable. This shipping option requires recipients to sign upon receiving the package. BMO offers free shipping via this option on orders worth $180.

Up next is the EU shipping. It has a considerably shorter shipping time compared to the options mentioned above. Parcels are shipped from Europe and typically get delivered within 3–7 days. It costs $49 plus 50% of the order value.

Royal Mail UK domestic shipping is the fastest shipping option available. It has a waiting period of 2–5 days. It costs $49 plus 20% of the order value.

Visit the delivery page of this site for more information on the listed shipping options.

Here are modafinil products available on BuyModafinilOnline.com and their prices.

Product Price Range per Tablet
Modvigil $0.79–$2.99
Modalert $0.89–$2.99
Generic Provigil $0.79–$2.99
Vilafinil $0.83–$2.99
Modafresh $0.83–$2.99
Modaheal $0.83–$2.99
Modafil MD $0.89–$2.99

BMO accepts multiple payment options, making transacting on the platform hassle-free. It accepts MasterCard, & American Express, PayPal, Zelle, Poli, and SEPA bank transfer.

Flexible Payment Methods

Some of the benefits of patronizing this vendor include a 23% discount on all payments made with Bitcoin. It also offers 10 free sublingual Modafil MD pills to returning customers, 20 extra sublingual Modafil MD pills to those who leave an honest review about their experience on the platform, and many other mouth-watering deals and discounts.


ModafinilXL (MXL) is a sister store to BuyModafinilOnline, and it maintains the same level of customer service that BMO is known for. A reassuring factor stems from the fact that most customer reviews on verified platforms like Yotpo and Trustpilot are positive. It equally provides excellent discounts, ultra-fast doorstep delivery, flexible payment methods, guaranteed delivery, and lots of profitable offers.

Like its sister store, it fulfills deliveries via either standard shipping, EMS, Royal Mail UK domestic shipping, or EU shipping, depending on the customer’s choice. However, it differs from BMO in terms of price.

Here are the products offered by this vendor and their respective prices for easy comparison.

Product Price Range per Tablet
Modaheal $0.99–$2.99
Modalert $0.89–$2.99
Modvigil $0.79–$2.99
Modafresh $0.99–$2.99
Generic Provigil $0.79–$2.99
Modafil MD $0.99–$2.99
Vilafinil $0.99–$2.99

One other benefit associated with patronizing this vendor includes free samples it offers. The trial modafinil and armodafinil pills are there for customers who would like to verify the drugs’ quality before buying to take advantage of. Thus, order the tablets free of charge, only paying for shipping, and test their efficacy before deciding whether or not to buy.

MXL is an excellent place to source modafinil, and many customers compare the site’s ease of use and functionality to those of Amazon.


Modafinil is second to none when it comes to promoting wakefulness and enhancing cognitive function with minimal side effects. Although it is legal and available on pharmacy shelves in Slovenia, only those with a valid doctor’s prescription can buy it. If you’re looking to take the drug off-label and can’t lay your hands on a prescription, you can get it from e-drugstores. Just be sure to buy from only tested and trusted vendors such as BuyModafinilOnline and ModafinilXL.


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