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Modavinil vs. Modvigil vs. Armodavinil vs. Artvigil

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Looking to shop for the most powerful nootropic online but not sure where to begin? Modavinil vs. Modvigil vs. Armodavinil vs. Artvigil are the most popular brands of modafinil and armodafinil, the greatest nootropics ever. Any major differences between them? Are all the “smart drugs” the same?

We’ve got you covered.

Having reviewed major nootropics based on our experience & research, we’ve put together this in-depth guide to assist you to buy the “smart drug” from a legit, safe, & reliable e-pharmacy — right now.

Modavinil vs. Modvigil vs. Armodavinil vs. Artvigil

Although these meds share the same active ingredient — either modafinil or armodafinil, there are some differences between them you should be aware of when purchasing from your favorite e-pharmacy. In this in-depth guide, we’ll primarily draw the comparisons between these popular nootropic products, find out what the pros & cons of each are & where you can source quality tabs for yourself.

Which Nootropic Should I Buy?

The most popular nootropic is modafinil. Indeed, scientists refer to it as the “world’s first safe ‘smart drug.’” However, there are numerous similar products, and choosing the one for your needs isn’t an easy task. With so many meds available for sale, each claiming to be the best, how do you fathom which one is most suitable for you?

We’ve researched the best “smart drug” brands on the market to assist you to find a product that perfectly fits your needs & budget. Each nootropic on the list below is evaluated on its ingredients, benefits, price, & customer reviews.

So, if you’re gearing up to unlock your brain’s potential, here are the best “smart drugs” on the market:

  • Modavinil: Although this med is new to the nootropic scene, it’s certainly worth mentioning. It is the top generic modafinil brand that is extremely potent & safe;
  • Modvigil: This is the cheapest option of generic modafinil. It’s believed to have a milder effect compared to other “smart drugs” in its class. If you’re a bargain shopper, Modvigil should be your choice;
  • Armodavinil: This is the recently launched generic armodafinil brand. It’s highly recommended for those taking nootropics several times a week;
  • Artvigil: This is a low-cost generic armodafinil “smart drug.” It’s popular among individuals seeking to take a nootropic & still get a good night’s sleep.

You’ve certainly discovered your favorite “smart drug” by now. If not, we have got a great recommendation for you: grab a combo pack (containing 2 or 3 of these products) offered by the most reputable vendors we recommend. A combo pack will help you determine which product works best for you.

Take note that each product is rigorously tested and is safe for use.

Compare Modafinil vs. Armodafinil

In this guide, we’re discussing in detail 4 different “smart drugs.” When it comes to the great battle of armodafinil vs. modafinil, which nootropic emerges as a clear winner?

The major thing that makes these meds differ is something known as “enantiomer.” Modafinil consists of R-(−)- and S-(+)-enantiomers. It’s like your left- and right-hand sides. Chemists call this a racemic mixture – having equal amounts of left- and right-handed enantiomers. On the other hand, armodafinil only has R-modafinil, which is the right-handed enantiomer of modafinil. Chemists refer to it as an enantiopure compound (enantiomerically pure). In this way, armodafinil medicine has a slightly different chemical structure compared to modafinil. Armodafinil (R-isomer of racemic modafinil) has a half-life of 10–14 hours, while S-isomer has a half-life of 3–4 hours [1].

In general, armodafinil has a longer-lasting effect than modafinil. Certain studies suggest the wakefulness effects are stronger in the former than the latter.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting drug manufactured by Cephalon Inc. under the brand name Provigil. It was approved in 1998 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of several sleep disorders: narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), & shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) [2]. However, today, most doctors often prescribe it off-label for the treatment of other health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), age-related memory decline, depression, cognitive impairment in schizophrenia, myotonic dystrophy, idiopathic hypersomnia, post-anesthesia grogginess, jet lag, etc.

Modafinil has helped millions of people globally combat fatigue and daytime sleepiness. However, it’s more commonly known for its ability to enhance cognition and boost productivity in healthy populations. Anyone who wishes to work late, stay awake, ameliorate their cognitive abilities, boost motivation, or brighten their mood can use this medication.

The nootropic has several significant effects on the brain:

  • it inhibits dopamine reuptake (ameliorating concentration);
  • it heightens orexin concentrations (fostering wakefulness & vigilance);
  • it inhibits norepinephrine reuptake (heightening mental energy);
  • it ameliorates histamine levels (fostering wakefulness).

Now that modafinil is so powerful in its effects, there is a rise in various global pharmaceutical companies in a race to produce their own generic modafinil versions. Modavinil and Modvigil are the two main generic options of modafinil available on the market today. These products contain the same dose of the active ingredient as Provigil® but cost notably less.

About Modafinil Generics

In this section, we’ll talk about the two most popular generic brands of modafinil. There can be several other versions of the “smart drug,” but we give you the best ones, which are best-sellers in most e-pharmacies.

Modavinil Review

Modavinil is the newest premier generic version of modafinil manufactured by Centurion Laboratories. This is a large multinational pharmaceutical company with millions of customers across the globe. The meds it offers are appreciated for their efficaciousness, composition, as well as long shelf life. The company provides the best quality meds at low prices, thus contributing to ameliorating the patient’s quality of life & creating a healthier society.

Modavinil 200mg Pills

Modavinil drug is available in the dose strength of 200 mg. Such dosage is advisable for both patients who want to treat a certain sleep disorder or healthy individuals looking to boost productivity at work or school. It’s safe and well-tolerated in most cases.

As with any modafinil drug, side effects can be expected when using Modavinil. The most common ones are headache, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia. However, they are usually mild and fade away after some time as the body adjusts to the medication. More serious negative reactions such as chest pain, rash, and anxiety may occur with Modavinil. However, they are rare and usually associated with the misuse of the medicine.

Also, never mix any modafinil product with drugs that are known to cause interactions like certain antifungals, antibiotics, and antidepressants. Some drug interactions can either heighten the risk of negative effects or render one of the meds ineffective. Before using any drug, seek help from a physician to determine if it can cause an interaction. Besides, never booze while on Modavinil. Alcohol can lead to the risk of experiencing adverse reactions. These substances have opposite effects on chemistry in the brain, so it’s safer not to combine them. Also, grapefruit juice & grapefruit may heighten the actions or negative effects of Modavinil.

Modvigil Review

Modvigil is one of the most popular generic modafinil drugs. It’s produced by the large pharmaceutical company HAB Pharmaceuticals. It is a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer that is really good at what it does. Its famous medication, Modvigil, is loved by many nootropic enthusiasts, and it is always a staple product sold by most e-pharmacies.

HAB Pharma produces Modvigil in two doses: 100 mg and 200 mg. The most frequent option is 200 mg because, if need be, the tab can easily be split into two equal halves – 100 mg each.

When using Modvigil, side effects, which may range from mild to severe, can be experienced. However, they don’t happen to every user. The most frequent negative reactions are nausea, headache, and dizziness, but they usually fade away on their own. On very rare occasions, some users may experience severe adverse reactions such as hallucinations, depression, tremors, & suicidal thoughts. If such symptoms, including severe rashes, are experienced, seek medical attention immediately.

Modvigil is generally safe, but each user may respond to it differently. Some negative effects can become more prevalent at higher doses. Note that drug-drug interactions can also exist. Don’t mix Modvigil with any med before letting a physician determine if the mix is safe.

Modvigil is the cheapest option within the family of generic modafinil drugs. It’s believed to have a milder effect compared to several other similar meds, which brings several advantages to various individuals looking to use the “smart drug” to foster their productivity. Modvigil is also a good option if the primary goal of using the “smart drug” is to keep you as awake & alert as possible.

Which is better? If comparing Modvigil vs. Modavinil, then Modavinil is just better overall. On the other hand, Modvigil is cheaper & offers similar benefits.

What Is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is also a popular medication originally designed to help patients suffering from certain sleep disorders promote wakefulness. It’s available under the trade name Nuvigil® made by Cephalon Inc. as well [3]. Note that the accepted armodafinil daily dose of this drug is 150 mg. It’s equivalent to 200 mg of modafinil, meaning that it is 1.33 times more potent than modafinil [4].

The mechanism of action of armodafinil isn’t fully understood. Nonetheless, it’s believed to work by heightening the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, & orexin, among other neurotransmitters, in the brain, thus heightening energy, improving executive functioning, ameliorating memory & focus, among other effects.

Armodafinil is popular with students, IT programmers, scientists, airline pilots, cellists, judges, etc., as an effective cognitive augmenter & productivity booster. It is known for its mood-brightening & memory-augmenting effects. Various people use it to help heighten the ability to pay attention and stay focused & concentrated on an activity. This nootropic also induces an experience that’s far less forceful, recreational, & euphoric, unlike the traditional stimulants such as amphetamine. For most users, armodafinil is, without doubt, considered a stronger pharmaceutical med with better wakefulness effects.

About Armodafinil Generics

Apart from the branded product, there exist a few high-quality generic options of armodafinil. The most popular ones we’ll be discussing are also made by Centurion Laboratories & HAB Pharma.

Armodavinil Review

Armodavinil is a premier generic armodafinil medicine produced by Centurion Laboratories. It’s new to the nootropic scene, but we believe this product is going to be the ultimate brand. There’s no surprise here since it’s made by a reputable company that’s certified to produce quality meds for different health conditions.

Armodavinil 150mg Pills

Whenever new meds are made, the maker must first put the drug through rigorous testing – especially through phase 3 clinical trials. This procedure can take several years to complete & often costs millions of dollars.

Whenever a company decides to make a generic drug, it applies for something known as an ANDA (abbreviated new drug application). If approved by the drug regulatory body, the pharmaceutical company attains the right to manufacture the med without having first performed the tedious & costly clinical trials. This is exactly what Centurion Laboratories did to bring its generic version of armodafinil to the market.

As part of the application process, Centurion Laboratories, like any pharma, must agree to produce the generic med in the same dose as the branded version. The only difference is the fillers and the packaging used. Therefore, whenever you order Armodavinil, you can be sure that it will be virtually identical to the original drug Nuvigil®.

The medication comes in the standard dose of 150 mg. These tabs are easily split in half if you’d like to ingest a lower 75 mg dose instead. The standard dosage is certainly enough for most users, but sometimes they may need to increase the dose. Be extremely cautious when ingesting double doses of Armodavinil. The effects can be too strong, especially if you are a first-time user.

Side effects, either mild or severe, can be experienced when using this med. The most frequent ones are headache, dizziness, dry mouth, and nausea. However, in most cases, they fade away after some time without any form of treatment. Rarely, some users may experience severe adverse reactions such as tremors, hallucinations, hyperactivity, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. Note that such symptoms require immediate medical attention. Besides, drug-drug interactions can also exist, so it’s better to consult a physician before taking Armodavinil to avoid any complications.

Artvigil Review

Artvigil is another generic armodafinil option offered by HAB Pharma. It has a long half-life, meaning that it takes longer for the active ingredient to clear out of the system. The med provides swift effects (about 1–2 hours until peak), which then slowly taper off over the remaining 12+ or so hours.

Artvigil is available in the 150 mg dose. However, depending on the user preference, the tab can be split in half to get a 75 mg dose instead. The lower dosage is also powerful and offers noticeable effects for most users.

Artvigil can cause some side effects depending on adherence to medication, body reactions, and several other factors. Some of the frequent negative effects include a stuffy or runny nose, indigestion, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, head pain, backache, nervousness, diarrhea, and nausea. Rare negative effects that might be severe include skin rash, hives, hyperactive behavior, abnormal heartbeat, bloody urine, suicidal thoughts, mental problems, trouble breathing, and others.

Drug-drug interactions can also exist. Your physician should assess all the meds you are using. Don’t mix Artvigil with other drugs without first letting your physician know. Always monitor your overall health when taking this med. In case of any strange symptoms, let a physician know immediately.

Overall, HAB Pharma’s Artvigil can be equated to Armodavinil. It also has strong cognitive and wakefulness effects and is well-tolerated and safe for most users.

Ultimately, all of these “smart drugs” are coming to augment productivity and cognitive abilities. The main thing is to take a step to test & play around with each product to determine which one offers you the most benefit without causing you to feel overstimulated or experience serious negative effects. We believe everyone is different. The drug of your choice may not be the best version for another person. So, the choice is up to you. Don’t forget that most e-pharmacies offer free trial samples as well as compo packs to test the meds!

Where to Buy Generic Modafinil and Armodafinil Online?

After discussing all the popular “smart drugs,” you may be eager to know where you can pick some for yourself. To some individuals, it can be a big challenge to get modafinil & armodafinil pills because they are technically prescription-only meds – in most parts of the world including Europe and Canada.

Modafinil & armodafinil are considered Schedule IV controlled substances in the USA & Australia. This classification means the drugs offer medicinal benefits but come with the low potential for abuse. Because of this, both ”smart drugs” require a physician’s prescription.

Prescription from a Doctor

However, if you don’t possess a prescription and need to use these meds for cognitive or productivity benefits, you can buy either of them online over the counter from a legit vendor that works on a prescription-free basis. Most such e-pharmacies operate out of areas with less stringent laws, thus making the “smart drugs” available for purchase over the Internet for personal use.

We certainly recommend using well-established vendors like those mentioned below.They all are legitimate, have the most experience, & offer the best discounts. Every vendor mentioned has been tried & tested by thousands of nootropic enthusiasts. Now let’s have a summary of each e-pharmacy we now recommend.

ModafinilXL (MXL) has been rated & reviewed as one of the most trusted, reliable, & reputable nootropic vendors on the global market, especially for those who live in the USA, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Singapore.

Other pointers that make MXL the most competitive “smart drug” vendor are as follows:

  • it sells only FDA-approved generic nootropics from the top Indian pharmaceutical companies: Healing Pharma, Centurion Laboratories, Intas Pharmaceuticals, and HAB Pharma;
  • it offers free sample pills of armodafinil & modafinil drugs;
  • it accepts various payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, PayPal, Zelle, bitcoin (20% off), and several other cryptos;
  • it provides free standard shipping on $80+ orders and free express shipping on $180+ purchases;
  • it offers a full refund or free reshipment;
  • it has insanely great coupon codes, discounts, & promos that allow shoppers to save some cash;
  • it sends out a tracking number within 24–72 hours after the shopper parcel is shipped;
  • it has great customer service + a Help Center section where a user can find answers to the most frequent questions.

Shopping at this pharmacy is easy and time-saving. Overall, MXL is a reliable source for all your “smart drug” needs.

Afinil e-pharmacy was created to deliver high-quality & genuine generic modafinil & armodafinil meds safely to your doorstep at a fair price. Its operations are similar to those of MXL, but it has varying customer-tailored offers.

Some of the benefits you can get from Afinil include the following:

  • free Modvigil & Artvigil meds – 10 tabs each;
  • various modes of payment: bitcoin (a 24% discount), major credit cards, Zelle, & PayPal;
  • free standard shipping on orders over $130 and free Express Mail Service (EMS) shipping on the purchases worth $180. A tracking number is given within 48 hours after order confirmation;
  • every shopper gets special coupons, offers, & promo codes to help lower the checkout cost;
  • returning shoppers get $25 off their next order;
  • 24/7 customer support​.

Certainly, Afinil satisfies every shopper’s needs. All orders shipped by this vendor arrive in discreet packaging, so you don’t need to worry about your safety and privacy when shopping at this drugstore.

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) offers quality generic “smart drugs.” The vendor deals with the largest modafinil & armodafinil manufacturers from India, like Healing Pharma, Centurion Laboratories, & HAB Pharma.

BuyModafinilOnline (BMO) Pharmacy

Some of the things we like about BMO are the following:

  • genuine generic “smart drugs” at the manufacturing cost;
  • 10 trial samples each of modafinil & armodafinil drugs;
  • payment is fulfilled using cryptocurrencies (23% off), MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, Zelle, & PayPal;
  • free standard shipping on purchases over $130 and free EMS shipping on all orders above $180;
  • 100% delivery guarantee on all orders;
  • same-day dispatch & 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • 10 extra sublingual Modafil MD tabs to the returning shoppers;
  • 20 extra sublingual Modafil MD tabs for those who write a review after purchase;
  • insanely great price-reducing experiences including coupon codes, discounts, & promos.

Overall, BMO offers more benefits compared to going to the local pharmacy; it’s notably cheaper, easier, and swifter to make purchases with this vendor. Besides, it doesn’t require a prescription for modafinil or armodafinil.

FreeModafinil (FM) focuses on the quick delivery of “smart drugs” from its pharmacy. Just like MXL e-pharmacy, it offers the convenience of online ordering and delivery. The vendor works hard to bring you first-rate quality in customer service.

FM makes it easy to receive generic “smart drugs” at a low price, delivered directly from India to your doorstep. The vendor keeps its drug prices low by cutting out the middleman – certainly no physician visit or pharmacy handling fees – and the added expense of retail settings, wholesalers, as well as fees for patents. Overall, FM is a first-rate e-pharmacy with the following benefits:

  • free trial samples of modafinil and armodafinil;
  • different payment options like PayPal, bitcoin (a 22% discount), Zelle, Poli, SEPA, a credit or debit card;
  • free shipping via EMS or Registered Mail depending on the order cost;
  • fantastic promo codes and coupon codes;
  • 10 sublingual Modafil MD tabs for returning customers;
  • 20 extra Modafil MD tabs for those who write a review after purchase;
  • all orders delivered in discreet packaging;
  • parcel reshipment or a full refund if a parcel fails to reach the buyer’s destination.

We certainly recommend this e-pharmacy since it exists to effectively serve its shoppers with all their queries. The vendor also has an informative section with FAQs, as well as shipping and payment sections.

BuyModa (BM) sets itself up as a unique, legit, & reliable e-pharmacy that guarantees successful “smart drug” delivery swiftly. As the only American-run nootropic vendor worldwide, it has the best shipping and first-class customer service.

BuyModa Website

BM only sells the high-quality generic versions of modafinil & armodafinil tabs sourced from reputable Indian manufacturers like HAB Pharma.

Notable benefits offered by BM are as follows:

  • orders worth $150+ get a bonus of 30 tabs;
  • numerous payment options like MasterCard, bitcoin, American Express, PayPal, & SWIFT transfers;
  • a 20% discount on bitcoin payment;
  • a bonus of 20 modafinil pills for returning customers;
  • 24/7 customer service;
  • if the order gets lost, BM will either reship or refund your money swiftly.

In essence, BM is certainly a great pharmaceutical provider for shoppers living in New Zealand, Canada, & Thailand, among other countries. It’s also great for individuals who value the high quality of the “smart drugs,” smooth customer service, & fair prices. BM has a history of successful deliveries, making it a highly reputable e-pharmacy.

FoxDose (FD) is also a great online vendor of modafinil and armodafinil products. Here are the pointers that make FD shine:

  • the e-pharmacy only offers high-quality FDA approved & certified brands;
  • it has a blog section covering helpful info about the products it offers;
  • FD only promotes 4 nootropics with slightly varying prices compared to other “smart drug” vendors;
  • it accepts Visa & MasterCard payments, SEPA, Zelle, bitcoin (20% off), and others;
  • 60 free tabs on orders consisting of 100+ pills;
  • every order comes in discreet packaging.

Certainly, FoxDose is a legit e-pharmacy that you can bank on for getting quality nootropic pills.

HighStreetPharma (HSP) is the best alternative “smart drug” vendor. Some of the pointers that make HSP a unique e-pharmacy are the following:

  • free EMS shipping on orders of $150+;
  • world-class customer service;
  • guaranteed parcel delivery;
  • 30% extra tabs for every nootropic order paid with crypto;
  • affordable “smart drug” prices;
  • a 20% returning shopper discount;
  • payment via bitcoin (20% off), PayPal, e-Check, credit cards, & Walmart/Amazon gift cards.

Overall, HSP offers the best pharmaceutical products for various health conditions & nootropics with excellent shopper satisfaction.

That has been an in-depth review of our recommended generic “smart drug” vendors. The choice is yours to determine which online drugstore to rely on. Take note that parcel shipping varies from vendor to vendor. Besides, your country’s customs regulations should be considered before making the purchase. However, it’s your right to inquire from the e-pharmacy if it ships to your country.

HighStreetPharma Website

If you reside in a country with stringent customs laws, you can use a reshipping service such as Skypax (from the UK). It accepts the shopper’s package from overseas to the UK address, repacks or even relabels the parcel “health products” (if there’s a need), & forwards the package to the shopper’s address from the UK.

Best Modafinil If You Are a Beginner

If you want to start using modafinil, you may be wondering what the ultimate options for healthy beginners are. We certainly recommend Modavinil if you’re just starting. The stimulating effects of the nootropic are well-tolerated. Because of this, the product is less likely to cause negative effects.

Another nootropic we recommend for beginners is Modvigil. For users looking to get a good night’s sleep, this med may be the best choice due to its half-life. Take note that there’s no super good nootropic. The effects depend on how you react to the drug and what you want from it. Generally, Modvigil is best for new modafinil users looking for a shorter half-life or those who have found Modavinil too strong.

The prime problem with beginners when taking the “smart drug” is that they’re oftentimes not well-equipped for managing some negative effects that may appear. That’s because modafinil is a stimulant & is quite powerful at that.

One of the main negative effects of stimulants is anxiety, which is manageable for experienced modafinil users but can be quite distressing for new users. However, you can try a half dose of the medication if using it for the first time & increase it once you have an idea of what the product feels like.

For additional help while taking the “smart drug” for the first time have a look at our guide to preventing or managing negative effects of modafinil.

Great Inexpensive Modafinil

Provigil® 200 mg can cost you as much as $2,054,49 for a month’s supply ($68.48 per pill) [5]. This is outrageous because the tablet of the generic version costs less than $1 for bulk orders. Generic modafinil can be safely bought at the extremely low cost of $0.89 (for 500 tabs) or $2.99 (for 10 tabs) per tab from reputable e-pharmacies like ModafinilXL, BuyModafinilOnline, & Overall, larger quantities of “smart tabs” come with more cost savings per tab, especially if coupled with the vendor’s coupons + discounts.

Of all the generic modafinil versions, Modvigil is the cheapest. As you order this “smart drug” in larger quantities, the total cost becomes even more economical. Although being very cheap, it’s of high quality.

Perfect Modafinil for Studying

One study shows that modafinil heightens learning possibly by ameliorating neural function in regions paramount for learning & cognitive control [6]. The drug ameliorates function in several cognitive domains, including working memory and episodic memory, & other processes dependent on the prefrontal cortex & cognitive control.

If you desire to use modafinil for studying, we have got a super guide – Beginners Guide to Modafinil for Studying. It covers excellent tips & tricks on using this med during study sessions.

The advisable dose of modafinil for studying is 200 mg. However, some users find it too stimulating & choose to use the 100 mg tab or cut the 200 mg pills in half.

We recommend using either Modavinil or Modvigil. Both drugs improve focus, concentration, energy, mental acuity, decision making, planning, alertness, and motivation to assist the student with, for instance, exam preparation.

Another option is to take armodafinil (a robust modafinil’s little cousin), either Armodavinil or Artvigil. It is slightly stronger in its effects, so the dose is usually 150 mg.

Depending on the type of “smart drug” you choose to power your brain function during a study session, take note that the mentioned meds have a stronger effect on dopamine levels in the brain than the other nootropic options.

Increased Brain Function

Certainly, dopamine is critical in the process of concentration & learning. You can easily remember things faster & longer when studying with modafinil. If your prime goal of taking the “smart drug” is to ameliorate your efficiency while studying for a big test, either Modavinil or Modvigil should be your best option.

Good Modafinil for Social Anxiety

Modafinil raises levels of hypothalamic histamine, which helps augment a state of mental wakefulness & vigilance without leading to unsafe stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS). Because of this, modafinil may turn out helpful for anxiety.

The effect that the “smart drug” has upon dopamine is answerable for its ability to lessen the levels of anxiety. Both dopamine & serotonin can have an impact on how we stabilize our mood, feelings of well-being & happiness. Many modafinil users report that taking low doses of modafinil eliminates disturbance for several hours & helps experience calm, centered desirability of focus, and motivation.

The “smart drug” seems to make the brain less susceptible to overexcitement, which leads to anxiousness & terrifying attacks. It has also been found to spread around sociability, making it an involved treatment for people with social anxiety.

Individuals take the “smart drug” in professional environments to enable them to become more relaxed & to keep their minds sharp. It allows them to twist off the negative thought circuits in their brain, making them entirely focused upon anything.

Overall, for social anxiety, we recommend that you take either Modvigil or Modavinil. Besides, ensure you meditate or perform breathing exercises. This helps turn down the anxiety-inducing sympathetic nervous system.

Best Modafinil for Experienced Users

All of the generic modafinil & armodafinil options discussed in this guide are going to assist you with your work & productivity. Some “smart drugs,” however, are slightly stronger in their effects than others. Experienced users are more familiar with the effects of modafinil. They fathom how to manage potential negative effects like headaches, anxiety, or insomnia associated with the use of the drug.

If you’re an experienced “smart drug” user who understands this field of modafinil & want something a little stronger & longer-lasting, we recommend Armodavinil.

This generic armodafinil med made by Centurion Laboratories is the strongest product in the lineup. Its effects reach a peak in about 1 to 2 hours after ingestion, remain for about 3 hours, & then taper off throughout the day depending on the user’s metabolism. On average, Armodavinil lasts about 2 or 3 hours longer than both Modavinil and Modvigil and about an hour longer than Artvigil.

So, Which Nootropic Is Better?

The truth is that every “smart drug” mentioned in this guide gets the job done. Nootropic enthusiasts will achieve an impressive cognitive augmentation with all of them.

Without a doubt, Modavinil is beginning to take root followed by Armodavinil when it comes to the best “smart drug” overall. That’s because these products are relatively new to the nootropic scene but work really great!

Take note that every one of us is different, and the effects of “smart drugs” in the body vary. You may want to test out all of these products before making the right decision on what to settle on. All the discussed products are similar & are really useful for studying, boosting productivity, & treating sleep disorders.

If used correctly, each drug is going to be slightly different for every individual.


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